10% discount on package holidays from The Gambia Experience

The Gambia Experience would like to offer Silvercard+ members 10% off any of their package holidays.

The Gambia, where the beaches are sandy and uncrowded, temperatures hover around 30 degrees, the locals are English speaking and friendly and no time difference means no jetlag!

Relax in one of our many hotels located on an uncrowded stretch of golden sand, or enjoy stunning views over the ocean, meaning you are able to simply leave your room each day with a book and a towel knowing that everything you need for the day is close to hand!

Choose from a number of arranged excursions, from Four Wheel Drive days, an historic journey 200 years back to Alex Hayley’s “Roots” or even, Home Cooking with Ida and why not visit a local school, or one of the bustling markets?

Sorry, this offer is no longer available.