£150 discount on a Corkscrew ‘Silverpreneur’ Retreat

Retired with unfinished business? ‘Screw Retirement’ and become your own boss. Learn how to start a business on this alternative holiday package from Corkscrew Startup School.

Corkscrew have an offer exclusively for Silvercard+ members, join the next retreat and receive a £150 discount on an all-inclusive 7-night learning experience.

They say that retirement is a time to slow down and stop working for good. But that’s boring… We say *Screw Retirement!

We’ve all heard it. Keeping your mind active is essential, so let us introduce an alternative holiday package based entirely around learning – a laid-back retreat packed with challenges and adventures. One day you’ll be designing a new product and the next you’ll be mastering social media, forging a logo or crafting a website, with new activities every day. This is a unique break for business beginners and ordinary folk who aren’t ready to slow down, but instead ready to discover new skills for their best years.

Do something different this holiday. Learn how to start a business. Create that ‘million-dollar’ idea. Turn your hobby into a cash cow. Get creative and a find a fulfilling pastime, or just have some fun and learn some things you never knew about.


Sorry, this offer is no longer available.