25% discount on Essential Health Passport from CAB- independent Health Consultancy Ltd

The Essential Health Passport is a small compact book for people to carry around with them. It contains all the information a Dr may need for a preliminary examination.

Hospital and Drs appointments can be daunting; especially if you are on your own. This little book is a reminder of those medical histories, current diagnosis, medications and essential contacts. It is compact and succinct; handbag or back pocket sized and takes the pressure off people having to remember some of those details. I know for sure that I would not recall my medical history and dates at time of challenge or crisis.
This little book offers peace of mind to those people who face appointments and hospital admissions on their own. Once it has been filled out it can be stored in a safe place for use as and when. You may never need to use it but it will be peace of mind having it available.
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The book has been produced by CAB-IHC ltd and has been protected REF NUMBER: 11839270920S037 I would ask that all books are sold as complete pieces of work and a polite notice of copywrite has been added to the back page along with business logo. This way the book can be identified as a stand-alone piece of work.
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