Enjoy 20% off a personalised bedtime story from Wonderbly

Wonderbly’s Bedtime for You is a cosy and cuddly bedtime countdown that helps lull babies and toddler to sleep. Save 20% on this bestselling personalised bedtime book and gain a happier and sleepier slumber!

Five woolly lambs, four fluffy chicks… and one very sleepy baby. In Wonderbly’s Bedtime for You, your little dreamer is lulled to sleep by the cutest, cuddliest animals. It’s what the sweetest of dreams are made of and an ideal Christmas gift that both kids – and parents – will love!

This isn’t any bedtime story. It’s a personalised bedtime story! Which means it works wonders when helping children learn a bedtime routine. For small children, seeing themselves in the story getting ready for bed alongside their favourite animals offers a comforting sense of familiarity. From the front cover to the final double page spread, and in each rhyming refrain, the child’s name is featured throughout this bedtime story – to give them (and you) a warm, snuggly feeling.

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