Made to Last offers you a 10% discount on an Adjustable Bed

Enjoy better sleep with an adjustable bed. Made to Last are offering a 10% discount on their full range of adjustable beds to Silversurfers members. These beds have been proven to support a number of common health complaints in addition to providing a better nights sleep, every night.

Sleeping well means we wake up pain free and feeling completely refreshed and helps to prevent ill health.  Unfortunately many of us, for varying reasons, struggle to achieve a solid night’s sleep every night.  This can be due to pain and discomfort related to health issues, insomnia or stress to name a few common causes.

One solution to a great night’s sleep was actually discovered by scientists at NASA and then has been implemented in modern hospital beds for a number of years.  Whilst  studying the impact of take off and landing in a spacecraft on the spines and bodies of their astronauts, NASA found that by perfectly distributing the bodies weight so that no particular joint is more stressed than any other we gain a feeling of weightlessness or zero gravity.  This technology was then adopted in hospital beds to help patients suffering discomfort to get better rest.

Now the same technology is available to all of us in the form of adjustable beds.

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