Miigen offers you a 30 day free trial and 10% discount on our Mii-VAULT Digital Inheritance Application

Never lose that important document in the event of a fire or flood and be confident that Mii-VAULT has your back. It is only when we lose important information and memories that we realise how valuable they are.

How many times have you found yourself searching for a Will, share certificate or a deed?  Now imagine how hard it will be for your family to find and collate all your documentation and assets in the event of an accident or your passing.  Mii-VAULT is the ideal library application to store the complex paperwork we gather over our lives.  It is saved in an encrypted and secure format easy to manage on any device.

  • 10% discount on monthly and annual subscriptions
  • 30 day free trial
  • Lifetime one off purchase option
  • Free Miigen Digital Time Capsule

None of us want to be a burden in later life to our family.  By collecting and centralising all your documentation and memories, now, into a single place; which is easily accessed by your family you are removing stress and worry for them in the future.

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