Receive £500 off the cost of a Stiltz Homelift

Futureproof your home for the coming years.

None of us are getting any younger. But even if we might find the stairs a little more difficult these days should this prevent us from enjoying life in the home we’ve lived in for many years?

Stiltz Homelifts are the perfect answer to moving around the home in comfort and style. So, whether you are thinking about futureproofing to help you continue to live in the home you love (and get a helping hand moving heavy vacuum cleaners upstairs and down too), or you are starting to find the stairs a challenge; invest in a neat, discreet, compact and elegant homelift from Stiltz.

A Stiltz Homelift will install almost anywhere in your home and uses no more power than a kettle or toaster. It plugs into a domestic socket just like any other appliance too, and is surprisingly affordable when compared to the cost and upheaval of downsizing.  Our own installation teams will work quickly and with minimum of fuss and mess, so make the most of your home today by taking advantage of our special discount offer.

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