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Are we alone in the universe?

Two questions that I hope will bring in some interesting perspectives about life, the universe, and everything.

1. Is there intelligent life out in the universe (other than here...and yes, I get the joke about there being not a lot of it here on earth)

2. Has the earth been visited by intelligent beings from elsewhere in the universe

As curious as I am about the answer to these questions, I am also interested in how others think about this topic.

Created By on 25/08/2021

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5th Oct 2021 09:06:11
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What’s not to say.... that we are the aliens.
Watched a Sunday morning programme, about this very subject.
They reckon that aliens would be more insect liken not bipedal like us.

Personally.... I believe, why in all the trillions acres of the universe, what makes us so special

As for spaceships.... I have seen something, very close up that can’t be explained.
A few years ago, a large ‘cigar shaped’ / small airship was hovering virtually just above some houses near me.
I thought it was actually landing, I observed it & suddenly it was gone
Note: Daytime, lovely clear sky & no drugs or alcohol involved.

I have only told a few people.... but you can imagine their response
15th Sep 2021 19:46:52 (Last activity: 15th Sep 2021 23:21:43)
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I am positive you already know the answers to our questions.

Q1) No evidence
Q2) Again, no evidence.
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29th Aug 2021 17:29:31 (Last activity: 29th Aug 2021 19:17:59)
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Looking at the size of the universe as we currently know it, as has been posted below I believe that
there must be other planets with Intelligent life on, some may be more advanced than our world others may not. i think that they have visited our world. They probably did not want to make contact with us after they have seen the mess that we have made of our world with global warming, wars etc.
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor made on 29th Aug 2021 19:17:01
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Response from Wilf made on 29th Aug 2021 19:17:59
I think the main problem is the distance between stars. So even travel within our galaxy would be very difficult as its at least 100,000 light years accross
29th Aug 2021 18:31:27
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There is a theory that there have been many other civilisations in the universe but they reach a certain level of technology make one mistake which destroys them completely, thus nobody ever reaches the technological ability to visit other solar systems.

Nuclear war or accident for example or the road we seem to be treading now runaway climate change, perhaps humanity has reached the point of no return already.

When you think about it dinosaurs roamed the earth for millions of years we seem to have messed up the planet in just a few thousand years.

Super nova’s could be a civilisation many light years away that not satisfied with splitting the atom decides to split one more fundamental particle, oops what was that flash.

I remember reading during the Manhattan project (building of the first atomic bomb) no one was sure that splitting the atom would not cause a chain reaction and vaporise the Earth but they did it anyway, I guess no one would be here to tell them off.
26th Aug 2021 17:08:13 (Last activity: 27th Aug 2021 18:54:43)
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I cannot see how we can be alone in the universe. But we are separated by time and space from others. The interesting thing for me is we probably live in a Multiverse with 1 followed by 500 o's other universes-ie infinitesimal numbers of other universes.
Response from Passenger Original Poster made on 27th Aug 2021 18:54:43
Is this the existence of other universes in other dimensions? This extradimensional stuff really stretches my mind to the end. I only understand about half of it when reading or hearing discussions on the addition of dimensions to the model of existence.
26th Aug 2021 10:13:52 (Last activity: 26th Aug 2021 21:30:21)
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Just a few things to consider the Milky way galaxy contains 100 billion planets (guesstimate)
if it were possible to visit one planet every second it would take 32000 years to visit them all.

With approximately 2 trillion galaxies in the observable universe so guestimate 63 million years at one galaxy a second, that's just to visit each galaxy each of which contains many billions of planets.

So at a realistic rate of travel for even a far advanced race you are talking many times the age of our planet just to visit all the galaxies.
Just to travel from one side of the observable universe to the other would take 93 billion years at the speed of light (186,000 miles in 1 second).

Personally I would think many more planets have life some much more advanced than ours, we will probably never know of them, the numbers are just far too vast.

The old saying more stars in the universe than grains of sand on earth is probably true, so try to imagine each grain of sand on earth has 10 planets around it and you are trying to find the one with a tiny person on it.

Have we been visited my guess is yes, when you look at all the creatures on earth only humans have advanced at such an astounding rate I think we had help with our genetics.

Why have we not been contacted, have you ever tied talking to an ant, if others in the universe are so far advanced to be able to travel the vast distances involved we are ants in comparison.
Response from Passenger Original Poster made on 26th Aug 2021 15:19:18
I find myself much aligned with your thinking, cris1117. I think the universe is likely teeming with intelligent life. I believe that the vastness of the universe is such that the likelihood of meaningful contact is small. Any intelligent life that has conquered the space and time constraints of such travels would likely look upon us a nuisances to be controlled rather than beings to be engaged with overt kindness or malice.
It is interesting to ponder while witnessing humankind's current endeavors to make our species multi-planetary.
Response from cris1117 made on 26th Aug 2021 16:27:24

You might find this interesting.
Response from cris1117 made on 26th Aug 2021 16:36:21
Is it me or are these threads impossible to follow the time lines seem to be all over the place.
Other forums just place each comment in order of time.
I visit a lot of different sites and it never ceases to amaze me how counter intuitive some are almost deliberately designed to confuse.
Rant over.
Response from Passenger Original Poster made on 26th Aug 2021 21:30:21 > @cris1117
I agree this site is anything but intuitive. I think the chronology of messages might be affected differently depending on whether you use *Comment* or *Reply to…* when adding your thoughts.
26th Aug 2021 17:09:01
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I think they are placed according to a timeline

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