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26th Feb 2019 13:41:10
Thanks for voting!
Good to see that at last some common sense is beginning to make itself heard .The prospect of an honestly held and properly conducted Referendum is a must Perhaps those narrow minded introverted Brexiteers who have spouted so much rubbish over the last while will shut up and realise that May’s bungling incompetence has led the country up a blind alley ! Time she resigned and took her puppets with her .
30th Jan 2019 15:11:57
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Incredible how the politically blind Mrs Mayhem abetted by her bribe mates the DUP at last managed to win a vote in the Commons . The blind Brexiteers got her a mandate to go back to Brussels and restart negotiations on the controversial Irish backstop. No air miles this time Theresa - the response from the EU was with you in seven minutes – the Withdrawal Agreement struck last November was NOT up for renegotiation . We thought Thatcher was a disaster ! Poor woman was not in the same league!!
20th Jan 2019 21:33:00
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Thank you young Lochinvar for your response and that of your faithful minion ! Your apparent derision regarding the Herald Poll is a bit of a smokescreen . The paper has an independently chosen panel of 500 persons ( not necessarily readers ) . Scotland has a population of approximately 5.5 million Pollsters such as You Gov and Ipsos Mori covering the whole of the UK have panels of between 1200 and 1500 covering a population in excess of 50 million thus negating your facetious comment . Scotland will vote on UK issues until she ceases to be a partner in the present Union – quite obvious I would have thought . With regard to your somewhat tetchy “ Europe does not want you “ remark it is clear that you did not hear the speech by MEP Alyn Smith to the Parliament regarding Scotland’s future membership . A standing ovation with the exception of Farage and his morose mates ! In conclusion you commented that most English people would support Scottish independence . One of the biggest groups favouring independence is that of the English Scots who are prominent in their support at open days throughout the land . Surprised you did not throw in a retort about “ English subsidies “ but presumably you got the message when you read the McCrone Report ! A little concluding tip- Carole’s hammer has a shoogly head and doubt it ability to hit many nails on the head !
Response from CaroleAH made on 20th Jan 2019 23:09:32
First time I have ever been described as a "faithful minion" 🙂 🙂 Sticks and stones, Colin!!!
Response from CaroleAH made on 20th Jan 2019 23:30:55
Haha! That's the first time I've ever been called a "faithful minion" 🙂 🙂 Sticks and stones, Colin!!!
Response from ColinM1 made on 21st Jan 2019 06:04:53
Carole , thank you for your prompt response . Simply felt that you endorsed Lochinvar ‘s response quite blindly when it was so factually flawed .Things are changing at a rapid rate in the political sphere not necessarily for the good . Take care and wrap up well it is likely to be cold one .
20th Jan 2019 11:57:56
Thanks for voting!
Not surprised to see you swimming against the inevitable tide Lochinvar The Herald has a sound reputation for investigative journalism and quality output They publish regular polls using an independently selected panel of 500 persons . To cure your current DTs ( Doubting Thomas’s ) read the latest You Gov poll of last Wednesday .It is applicable to the whole of the UK . 56% wish to stay in the UK against 44% who want to leave ! The same proportion want a second Referendum – 3 points up on last month . If May- hem perchance fiddled a Brexit deal it is now obvious Scotland will wave bye bye and take her place with our fellow Europeans
Response from CaroleAH made on 20th Jan 2019 19:02:38
Bravo, Lochinvar! I think you have hit the nail squarely on its head 🙂 BTW did you notice that you had been re-names Lochness further down this post?
18th Jan 2019 13:01:58
Thanks for voting!
Our pal Lochinvar should come out o’ the west
To hear the words of our Nicola
Which are clearly the best !
So faithful to Brexit and dauntless in chat
There never was a Leaver like the Surfers wee p**t !
( apologies to Walter )
18th Jan 2019 10:17:26
Thanks for voting!
Further bad news for the Mrs May –hem , the woman who talks but does not listen. Scottish opinion in the Herald Poll shows 72.32 % felt Brexit should NOT now go ahead , just over 70% said it should be stopped , 66.17 % did not feel it should even be negotiated . Interestingly a majority of 56.55 % think Scotland should have a vote on whether to remain within the UK if Britain goes ahead and leaves the EU .
16th Jan 2019 11:34:30
Thanks for voting!
Well done gals ! Let us pile on the reddies and top the last effort we made against the dreaded Col ! Brexit may now be a bit of a “ no no “ and poor old Theresa took a right thumping last night but “we” will soldier on !
16th Jan 2019 07:25:26
Thanks for voting!
432- 202

“ Oh dear gals –this is not what our pal Lochness was warning us about ! It was about the Brexit ramblings and so called rude names ( ?? ) Looks as if the wee red markers are measures of approval ! O me miserum – all is lost ”
12th Jan 2019 10:00:38
Thanks for voting!
Great news – it seems that at long last sanity will prevail and the obnoxious Brexit proposals will be kicked into touch together with the narrow bigot Mayhem and her cronies . The flawed Referendum result was caused by the deluded mind-set of the voters of some of the English provinces especially the Midlands and North East .Sadly we, the pensioners of this realm , joined the misled in too high numbers ( some two to one ! ) Redemption is however nigh ! Common sense is returning !
Response from CaroleAH made on 15th Jan 2019 12:53:49
Well said, Northern and Lochinvar. Don't know about C's ramblings - more like vitriolic rants but best ignored. You would think that he would notice all the red thumbs down marks he gets and jigger off to Europe and leave us in peace! 🙂
Response from CaroleAH made on 16th Jan 2019 00:06:36
Thank-you, Northern! 🙂
14th Jan 2019 19:53:21
Thanks for voting!
Oh dear , Lochinvar has surprised more than a few with his wobbly observation about “rudeness “ ! Chuck us a tattie ! Guess you and the wee lassies have been reading too many ramblings – tacit defeat calls ! Guess a couple of sessions in Westminster might allow you to redefine rudeness .
As for Northern ( him or her ) usual Brexit confusion over which country she belongs to ! Britain aka England seems to have learned its lesson with Mayhem heading for the Cameron door ! Some of us belong to countries which voted substantially to remain . Democracy looks like winning .
8th Oct 2018 18:32:34
Thanks for voting!
Sad that the BBC continues its biased reporting of matters north of the Border .The succession of Independence marches have shown a remarkable turnout of many nationalities and indeed ages ! Good humoured and laid back it was an amazing turn out . The 20000 Beebers assessment of the Edinburgh march was laughable Numbers were in probablity between 80 000 and 100 000 !

The usual small band of what the Wee Ginger Dug would describe as “fleg-waving British nationalists” had brought their sound system along. It was loudly playing Rule Britannia for all to hear. This contrasted with the marchers who had, in addition to thousands of Saltires, flags from England, Wales, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, USA, Sri Lanka, India, Catalonia, Malaysia and many more. What a vivid comparison between what Yannis Varoufakis calls “cuddly Scottish nationalism” and the Brit Nat exceptionalism.
3rd Oct 2018 18:12:16
Thanks for voting!
Lochinvar methinks Lady Jane spent her time exchanging recipes ! SIR Anton Muscatelli is Principal of Glasgow University ! Anton was educated at The High School of Glasgow and the University of Glasgow, where he graduated M.A. (Hons) in Political Economy (1984) and took a Ph.D. in Economics (1989). He was a Lecturer and Senior Lecturer at the University of Glasgow from 1984 to 1992, and Daniel Jack Professor of Political Economy from 1992 until 2007. He was Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, 2000 to 2004, and Vice-Principal (Strategy, Budgeting and Advancement) from 2004 until 2007.[4]
Response from ColinM1 made on 4th Oct 2018 19:05:08
Was NOT is !:He has been (2007-10) a special adviser on monetary policy to the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee. He has previously acted as consultant to the European Commission and the World Bank. My local ice cream man was born in Italy SO what ?
4th Oct 2018 10:40:27
Thanks for voting!
I strongly object to being called a parrot, pet or otherwise. I am willing to have a civilised debate with anyone about Brexit. Theresa May was a Remainer but is doing her utmost best to negotiate a deal to leave the EU which is what this country voted for. Unfortunately, Colin, your posts on this subject have become extremely offensive as it seems to be your way or no way. Not once have you offered any alternative solutions for ensuring a good deal for the UK, which is what everyone in this country wants. And, by the way, I do not read the Daily Mail.
Response from Yodama made on 4th Oct 2018 12:18:01
Taking time out of your valuable day to answer an argumentum ad hominem fallacy is your time wasted Carole.

Sometimes silence can be the most eloquent of replies to toxic statements.

I think Parrot's are beautiful intelligent creatures, quite a compliment if I may say so!
Response from CaroleAH made on 4th Oct 2018 12:33:24
I'm sure that you are right, Yodama - "sticks and stones" etc! 🙂
3rd Oct 2018 18:00:42
Thanks for voting!
Quote : “As you so rightly say Carole, TM has handled this in a courageous and dignified manner. Bet she was seething underneath though. There would not be enough money on this earth to persuade me to do her job. She seems to have developed a rod of iron for a backbone.”
Have you ever heard such rubbish in all the Brexit “debate “! Maggie May is the worst ever PM these sacred isles have ever had – worse even than the hopelessly politically blind Maggie Thatcher ! May and her right wing numpties stagger from crisis to crisis which is more than simple incompetence .
Scarcely a day goes past without another report of crisis .Relentless pressure on your English court system due to underfunding . Some 1 000 English head teachers in London have protested against the damaging impact of government cuts on their schools . The BMA reports NHS ENGLAND is now facing a yearlong crisis Official data shows that waiting times, bed shortages and ambulance queues have hit record levels .Prisons in England are over crowded. Birmingham jail has thankfully been removed from private ownership it was so bad .Homelessness has risen in England by 169 % since 2010 .78 000 people last year had to be found temporary accommodation with the introduction of Universal Credit . More than 1.3 million families in England are dependent on FOOD BANKS !! I could go on it is in all probability water of a duck’s back ! The days of prosperity through slavery and colonial exploitation are thankfully over – be realistic and remain in a Union of like and progressive people and throw the stupidly contrived Brexit in the bucket !
Response from Yodama made on 3rd Oct 2018 21:12:56
More rubbish from me and arguably, the great "Brexit" debate.

Well.. thank you for your information... gleaned from where exactly?..Not Wikipedia I hope!

Incredible that Theresa May managed to wreck the whole of the United Kingdom in just two years of being Prime Minister...all on her own!! According to you, Maggie Thatcher was the same! You have cleverly cloned them into one person, MaggieMay.

References to Theresa May and Margaret Thatcher who caused the demise of the UK as a sisterhood seems to show a decided misogynistic slant on your part.....don't you think?

The parlous state of affairs you mention could perhaps be attributed to the outgoing Labour Government stating that "I'm afraid there is no money."

Tch, tch, tch! a red herring argument if ever I saw one.
This conversation is pointless, you have lost the argument and my interest.
Response from CaroleAH made on 3rd Oct 2018 23:05:35
Yodama, you have taken the words right out of my mouth!
Colin, your bully-boy tactics more than qualify you for a place in the "Salzburg Gang".
3rd Oct 2018 15:27:26
Thanks for voting!
Sadly the right wing loonies in British politics do not listen to the wisdom of its superior intellects ! The recent analysis by economist Anton Muscatelli requires repeating . “ Very few economies operate as stand alone World Trade Organisation members and there has been no comparable experience of a member of a regional trade association or free trade area crashing out of that area without agreement . In my view , a hard Brexit would represent the most unhinged example of national self sabotage in living memory .
30th Sep 2018 15:48:53
Thanks for voting!
Europe is in meltdown, the European Union is in existential crisis and can boast to having created two classes, the debtors and creditors. All thanks to rigid economic austerity measures enforced after the 2008 crash. All coming home to roost now.?

Struggling countries like Greece and Spain are indebted up the Kazoo, Italy alone to the tune of €2.1 trillion!
An indebted and weak EU structure cannot thrive!

♫ You owe trillions of Euros and whattaya get?
Another day older and deeper in debt
St. Peter don'cha call me, 'cause I can't go
I owe my soul to the company store (IMF/EU) ♫
( Apologies to Tennessee Ernie Ford )

Angela Merkel as one of the chief protagonists for a no-Brexit deal is being forced out of office.
Her chief acolyte Volker Klauder has also been given the boot.
She has overstayed her term and has become highly unpopular it seems.
Jean-Claude Junker is on his way out, Macron is also highly unpopular and will be ousted. Italy's Eurosceptic alliance is certain to win the election.

Taking these and other events into consideration, could cause a seismic shift in our negotiations? Better or worse for us remains to be seen.

If people really think that by remaining in the EU we would be hitching ourselves to a rising, bright and shining star...they are mistaken, we will be wearing the same concrete boots and go down with them ....when the brown stuff hits the fan.

The reason the EU club is hanging on to UK so tightly is because without us... they know the cracks in the EU that are widening day by day, will become the crevasses that eventually swallow them.
We are the 6th most powerful economy in the world....we will not only survive but thrive.

Denmark is on the verge of quitting so is
Czech Republic
France is skittish
Greece and Italy thinking about it.

All hail floundering rock solid EU, purporting to be successful in their delusional goal to create a "Superstate!" Smoke and Mirrors, just smoke and mirrors!

Oh! Latest scaremongering story, "Toyota factory will shut down because of Brexit"
Your friendly mischievous media forgot to mention it would be "temporarily" shut down.

Are you going to take the blue pill or the red pill?
I took the red pill!
Response from CaroleAH made on 30th Sep 2018 21:45:58
Well said, Yodama. You have hit the nail bang on the head. It is obvious that all the "hissy fits" which the EU have been having, moving the goal posts each time we have attempted to negotiate with them, are indicative that we are more valuable to them than they are to us. The latest bully boy tactics in Salzburg show how desperate they are and Theresa May has responded with dignity and fortitude.
Response from Yodama made on 30th Sep 2018 22:53:35
You would think that after Cameron was humiliated and sent packing and now Theresa May...The "light bulb" moment should be a clear signal that we need to punch these bloated, unelected, arrogant, bully boy lackeys of the Elite on the nose.

De Gaulle emphatically declared "Non" several times when UK wanted to join this unholy alliance or club. Now they are squeezing us dry like their very own cash cow. . When are our politicians going to 'grow a pair?' Cant they take a hint?

As you so rightly say Carole, TM has handled this in a courageous and dignified manner. Bet she was seething underneath though. There would not be enough money on this earth to persuade me to do her job. She seems to have developed a rod of iron for a backbone.

She was not a favourite of mine because she backed remain, but my admiration grows.What she needs is some decent advice and allies who will come up with a deal that benefits UK, Stop buckling under EU blackmail and sucking up to what the EU wants.
This is not the time to force her out, the disgraceful in-fighting and clawing for position leaves a bad taste in my mouth. She will be another sacrifice like Thatcher!!.

Lots and lots of new adverts for German cars and Aldi, they don't seem to be going anywhere!

Well I guess I am ranting... Yes indeed!!
Response from CaroleAH made on 1st Oct 2018 00:00:34
Not ranting, Yodama 🙂 just stating the truth. My fear is that if TM is forced out and there's a general election we could end up in an even worse position with Jeremy Corbyn not only leading the country as a Russian satellite but bankrupting us with all his ill-thought out schemes. Nobody likes or enjoys austerity but as Mr Micawber said in David Copperfield "Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen shillings and six pence, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds nought and six pence, result misery."
25th Sep 2018 17:41:30
Thanks for voting!
Not even marginally more with it than the incredibly introverted Maggie May ! How was Lady Jane ?
22nd Sep 2018 06:13:34
Thanks for voting!
If we are surprised by anything at Salzburg you have not been paying attention.

The intensity of your shock or anger is a mere register of your lack of knowledge and understanding.

UK will be treated as Third Country as it departs EU, and Chequers unacceptable and not viable.
21st Sep 2018 17:02:34
Thanks for voting!
All Tory spin of recent weeks is how well Chequers has been received, then this over the top snarling statement which will win over nobody. Utter stupidity following on from complete self delusion. Disastrous.
Michael R
19th Sep 2018 11:18:50
Thanks for voting!
The timely and stark warnings of the economic dangers ahead given by the IMF, the Governor of the Bank of England and the IFS must not be ignored no matter how much they are dismissed by Boris Johnson and his merry band of dangerous imperialists and Little Englanders who offer nothing by the way of alternatives other than a dream of a great deal of jam tomorrow ! Let sanity prevail and kick into touch the already divided and terminally hapless Tory Party .
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