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Joan Fraser
3rd Jul 2016 11:35:41
Thanks for voting!
As I stated on SS Forum for months in the run up to the EU Referendum, I agonised and did so much changing from in to out and back again, that it felt like a 3 month hokey cokey!!!!!

I eventually voted out - and I am Scottish; my final reasoning was - why would we look for independence in 2014, and then desire to be shackled to a corrupt and ailing EU in 2016? Obviously I am one of the UK majority, but in the minority in Scotland - but that's okay, I was disappointed however, as with every vote I go with the majority decision because I believe in democracy, and will live with what prevailed.

However, to say I am disgusted at racist and harmful comments and threats since Brexit would be an understatement! My heart sank and is still sore about of Jo Cox's senseless and cruel murder, and I am also angered by the sensationalist media focus on political party bust ups-when the country is in turmoil and fear abounds on so many fronts!!!!!

One financial commentator tried to tell the world last week that "This is a political crisis; not a financial one", I just hope these well paid back stabbing politicians (of ALL parties) get over themselves before they drag us down even further to meet their own ends - not to benefit real people....................I worry about what comes next
26th Jun 2016 15:32:20
Thanks for voting!
Scotland want out of the union ,fine, but want to remain in the EU, wonder why,perhaps its because they know they can't survive on their own !

Be very careful Scotland, Krankie will destroy you !
Response from Andre made on 3rd Jul 2016 08:05:57
If Scotland were to remain in the EU it would be like Greece without the sunshine. Not at all sensible.
29th Jun 2016 15:41:48
Thanks for voting!
What is democracy one person one vote, each and everyone's vote is equal . For over forty years I've lived with the democratic outcome of 1975 referendum with grace. The people of this great United Kingdom have voted , to be great again we must work for the right to be called
Those that wish undermine our democracy should told accept the outcome .
It's time all of us from every part of Great Britain to work together.
There is a new dawn approaching embrace it.
29th Jun 2016 14:25:30
Thanks for voting!
How on earth can anyone turn round and say ( we want another try) it reminds me of my school days when playing "chuckie" if you lost you say best out of three3 i mean come on you people grow up this is the world of the 21st century not back at school days. Also does the word
DEMOCRACY mean anything do they know what it stands for? I am old enough to remember the vote to join i did not want to join ,and almost everybody one would speak to said "i voted not to join" guess what we joined. Now the loser's that day did not go crying and ranting we want
another vote ,second's please, no we were adults and were and still believe in democracy
really thats all .
But i will state this and i blame cameroon and his buddies for undermining the people by the way they never drew up a plan B,If they had of done perhaps things might not have been shall i say a bit hectic/tense / we now need to get ship shape invoke claus 50 and start the ball rolling .
29th Jun 2016 13:11:37
Thanks for voting!
I can't but help thinking that there is some underhanded business behind the EU. They are so keen to get us to sign this Section 50 clause quickly so as to cause panic in other Member states before they also ask to come out of the EU, particularly by Germany who failed Inthe two World wars to take control of the U.K. are we going to hand the UK over to them on a plate?
We sacrificed too many lives in those wars along with many other Alies/Countries. What where these wars about?
we have no control or contact with these faceless people who tell us what we can do and can't do.
Response from Wilf made on 29th Jun 2016 14:08:28
I agree we need to take our time and be careful. Why would the other states be in such a hurry to see the back of the UK when we have been such a huge friend to many of them over the years? Its a time for careful deliberation not rash decisions. The few people at the top like Juncker the President are just power mad and its people like him with his inflexible attitude that have caused the UK to leave. If he and others had been sensible regarding immigration and other issues we would still be in!
27th Jun 2016 12:37:03
Thanks for voting!
This just shows just how weak and stupid some of the population are !
27th Jun 2016 10:19:29
Thanks for voting!
Its ironic isn't it
It turns out that the bloke who started the petition (in May )
is in favour of Brexit (OUT) and he did so that they would get a second chance if their majority was low
I think it's called "it for tat
25th Jun 2016 22:17:13
Thanks for voting!
There is an awful modern tendency on the part of the Powers That Be to take the line "That's not the answer we wanted, try again".

Examples are:-

1) Three times treaty changes in the EU have been rejected in referenda. Ireland, Denmark and was it France?, come to mind.

2) Scotland didn't get the answer Nicola Sturgeon wanted so now she is talking about another referendum.

3) Now there's apparently ALREADY a petition to run the Brexit one again.

To me these are insane and not democratic.
Response from Wilf made on 25th Jun 2016 23:24:17
Totally agree with you. Its ridiculous.
Response from KEITH_WL made on 25th Jun 2016 23:41:07
I find the whole idea of early re-runs of votes dangerous to democracy.
Response from Craftyfox made on 26th Jun 2016 14:03:48
It's how civil wars can start. Taking away people's freedom is serious stuff.
25th Jun 2016 21:47:10
Thanks for voting!
cannot understand why Scotland wants to be independant but don,t mind taking orders from the E U ,l don,t call that independance xx
Response from Granny Searle made on 26th Jun 2016 09:23:38
They don't mind taking our English handouts neither. How come they don't pay for their prescriptions like we have to do, because we subsidise them along with a lot of other things. My Mum was Scottish and would have been disgusted with their attitude. Yes they are proud to be Scottish as I am to be English but they are part of the UK as we all are.
Response from MorrisandDoris made on 26th Jun 2016 13:01:06
Crackpot Krankie who will go like the last Scottish Queen but get to keep her head !
26th Jun 2016 12:58:58
Thanks for voting!
Krankie will make a fool of you all, she is a self obsessed power mad crackpot, think out of the box and don't be swayed by your dislike for England, both sides don't want a border built across on the English border like the Berlin Wall !
25th Jun 2016 22:44:19
Thanks for voting!
So, let me get this right, a bunch of whingers, lets call them remainers, want to bring in legislation, retrospectively, that says 75% of the population have to vote in a referendum and the winning side has to poll 20% more votes than the losers, so that last Thursday's losers can have another go at winning!

25th Jun 2016 18:10:07
Thanks for voting!
Why is Scotland on the fast track to Brussels to stay in the e-u if they had broken away from England when they had the chance they would not be kissing --s now would they.By the time we finally break away in 1to2years time you will still be with us
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