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Choir, choir, choir

Community choirs singing well loved and well known songs sometimes alongside real artists. We've all heard 'Hallelluiah' by Leonard Cohen, so check out the version by Choir, choir, choir on you tube. You'll be glad you did. Regards to all. Steve

Created By on 12/08/2020

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13th Aug 2020 14:45:20 (Last activity: 29th Sep 2020 19:13:04)
Thanks for voting!
Love choirs of any kind Steve. Is this the choir you are talking about.
Adding this link for everyone to enjoy. 🙂

Choir! Choir! Choir! sings Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah -

Choir! Choir! Choir! Epic! Nights: Rufus Wainwright + 1500 Singers sing HALLELUJAH! -

Fantastic that so many love the idea of community choir.
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made on 13th Aug 2020 16:38:52
This is the one!! Thank you for viewing it. Another one (which my daughter is on) was a virtual one, recorded during lockdown, with Rufus Wainwright leading the singing of the Beatles 'Across the Universe.. That one is also amazing and sends tingles down your whole body when you listen to it. Glad you enjoyed hearing Halleluiah.
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made on 13th Aug 2020 16:52:34
I'm lost. Only signed up a couple of days ago and still finding my way around. Need a little help, I think. I'm sure I just posted a reply, but it's whizzed off to some far flung corner of the Internet somewhere, along with many othets, no doubt. Must try harder, as my old school reports used to say.. So I will..
Response from Yodama made on 13th Aug 2020 17:10:57
Don't worry, as you are new it will seem hard to find your way around but those of us who have been on here a while find it pretty easy to navigate. could be the gremlins on the ether. oops, I meant in the ether. 😀 😀

Love all choirs, will be posting some when I find the links.
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made on 13th Aug 2020 17:38:45

Here it is..1500 people sang their bit and submitted it online, the clever people put them all together and this was the it!
Response from Beatrice27 made on 16th Aug 2020 08:48:29 > @SteveMilner
Enjoyed you Hallelujah video Steve. Its great choirs are so popular, Music is a great hobby of mine.
I am also having a great problem in navigating the forum , presumably due to the high level of entries. i have tried to trace my entries from history (under my own account)-there is still a lot to trawl through. I am open to all suggestions for a shortcut!
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made on 16th Aug 2020 12:21:44 > @Beatrice27
Hi Beatrice, thank you gor your message. The fact that I saw it, read it and am replyingng to it could suggest I'm becoming more familiar with this site, but maybe it was just good luck. I enjoy challenges and I think I have one here. I'm going to try logging in using a laptop instead of my phone, sometimes that can make things more obvious and I'm up for anything that makes something easier. No doubt we'll meet up again on here as the road opens up, so to speak and all is revealed. I'm sure it's going to be a good site, with a lot to offer, though at the moment it feels like I've opened up a new ordnance survey map and it's blowing about in the wind..all the information is there somewhere.
Response from Tr1sh made on 21st Aug 2020 21:37:50 > @SteveMilner
Just listening to Choir, Choir, Choir singing Hallelujah. Excellent 🙂
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made on 22nd Aug 2020 20:04:28 > @Tr1sh
So glad it caught your interest, Trish and more so that you enjoyed listening. I first discovered Rufus Wainwright whilst watching the Leonard Cohen tribute concert on TV 'I'm your Man'. I bought the cd and have been a fan ever since then. One of my favourite songs ever is on there, but that's another story . If you're even vaguely interested or curious about listening to different interpretations of LC's musihen it's one I'd recommend, too. It's nowhere as depressing as dome of hid non-fans ma
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made on 22nd Aug 2020 20:07:40 > @SteveMilner freeze!! Meant to say that the songs on that cd are nowhere near as depressing as LC's non-fans would have you believe.
Response from Tr1sh made on 22nd Aug 2020 22:36:20
Thanks Steve.
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made on 22nd Aug 2020 23:01:02 > @Tr1sh
Thanks for the link, Trish -greatly appreciated. As much as I've searched Rufus' music on there I'd missed that one. Good to hear him singing with his little Sis!
You might wish to try this one...
Response from Tr1sh made on 23rd Aug 2020 10:32:46
I hadn't heard of Teddy Thompson before but I like his voice, very nice tone. Thank you 🙂
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made on 23rd Aug 2020 11:12:25 > @Tr1sh
Morning. I'm sure you've heard of his mum and dad..Richard and Linda Thompson?
Response from Tr1sh made on 23rd Aug 2020 16:05:10 > @SteveMilner
Fairport Convention? Who Knows Where the Time Goes?
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made on 23rd Aug 2020 17:35:37 > @Tr1sh
That's unmistakably his dad on guitar with Fairport . Fine lyrics on that lovely song.. (almost showed my vintage by calling it a record )
I'm sure you'll have heard this one by Richard & Linda..happy memories of being a student in Leeds back in the 70's!
Response from Tr1sh made on 23rd Aug 2020 22:45:03
I have indeed heard it but always nice to hear it again.

Have you discovered Richard Thompson's live acoustic performance of the reco... oops ... song?
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made on 24th Aug 2020 15:38:10 > @Tr1sh
I hadn't .. but I have now. Made me smile when I heard how he's cleverly adapted the song for singing by a male lead, by simply missing part of the lyrics out! I enjoyed listening to this version though, thanks for posting.
Going back to Rufus W for a moment, here is
his cover of another Leonard Cohen song, with some typical LC lines, such as ...'you told me again, you preferred handsome men, but for me you would make an exception..' I've just finished reading Leonard's biography, a wonderful read and I recommend it to anyonto help understand his music, poetry and songs..(and therefore his records!)..
Response from Tr1sh made on 24th Aug 2020 21:05:11 > @SteveMilner
Chelsea Hotel! I love that song. As you probably know, it is about Janis Joplin. She was looking for Kris Kristofferson at the Chelsea Hotel.

I am a bit of a Kris Kristoffersen fan so I have to include a link to this song 🙂
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made on 25th Aug 2020 07:55:02 > @Tr1sh
I'm sure I remember watching that performance on the Old Grey Whistle Test back in 1972, (the year I did my O levels!! ) although I didn't aporeciate the song then as much as I do now..Thanks for sharing.
Yes, the 'Chelsea' attracted some interesting people in its heyday, and I'm sure it still does, in its new guise. I found this, which gives an insight into its more recent times..
Response from Tr1sh made on 25th Aug 2020 17:41:47
Yes, very likely the Old Grey Whistle Test.

Interesting article and looking at the photos, it is just as I had imagined it to be. What an interesting place and, in many ways, sad that much of it has been renovated but, I guess that's progress and all things change over time.

If you have not already seen this, you might like to check it out. Its a documentary which shows the Chelsea Hotel and some of the residents before it changed hands.
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made on 26th Aug 2020 17:57:49 > @Tr1sh
Just spent an enjoyable half hour watching that short film about the Chelsea.. what an eclectic bunch of people..I wonder if they are still living there? I warmed to the very laid-back receptionist, who came over as the kind of person who could cope with anything. I bet she has a few stories to tell :o)

There were all sorts of little gems in there, even down to the credits at the end which acknowledged 'the couple down the hall who are always arguing'..

The song by Nico reminded me of the film I watched a few weeks ago about the latter years of her career. It was either on Prime or Sky Cinema (can't remember which) and although I was never a fan of her music, her associations with Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, The Velvet Underground and Lou Reed drew me to it. Although they didn't feature in the film, it was a good couple of hours entertainment.

Which leads me on to this an old favourite :o) ........
Response from Tr1sh made on 26th Aug 2020 23:43:46
Loved how the receptionist didn't want to tell the caller that there is no heat. That building must have been freezing!

The lady who mentioned the crazy guy who wore wings and one day disappeared; she was undoubtedly referring to Andre "Angel" Melendez who was murdered by his room mates.

(there are several clips on YouTube but the link above is probably the least grisly).

YouTube is such a treasure trove, I just came across this video with some great shots of the interior of one of the resident's apartment.

Thanks for posting the Lou Reed clip. 🙂
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made on 27th Aug 2020 20:55:28 > @Tr1sh
Yes, YouTube is one of the gems for me. Along with Spotify they are probably my two most 'go to' sites in this crazy place they call the internet. I always did tune in to them quite a lot, as I love music, but it was mainly on my phone, maybe on a train journey,or sometimes on my laptop when I was working on other stuff and needed a welcome distraction, but then I bought a television with the internet and also SkyQ came along which meant they were both available on the big screen and in full stereo. What a difference!

This was a real game changer, especially in an era of mainstream blandness on the zillions of channels on Sky. Take this evening as an example. One minute I was watching the video of Pale Blue Eyes, by Velvet Underground (again!), which then went on to another by Rufus Wainwright, which, as if YouTube knew the mood needed lightening up, went into 'The End of The Line', by the Travelling Willburys.. a very happy song despite the title! This then took a really surprising turn by going into a full length documentary on the career of The Seekers (!!)..which was amazing. After that was a concert by Peter, Paul & Mary from 1965 (more of that later), then an intimate concert from the Abbey Rd studios by Paul McCartney and then I thought I'd pause the auto thing and decided to type something in myself and went for 'I get a kick Out of You'.. an old fave of mine from just after I left school .. and of course You Tube duly obliged. I bought it as a single in 1974 and still have it in the attic somewhere.

The vids you sent were soooo different to each other, despite their common denominator. Just goes to show the importance of the numerator (my maths teacher would be impressed!). Pure fantasy, of course, but I really wish I could have afforded to spend some time there when it was in its pomp and notoriety as a very bohemian hotel. I do enjoy meeting interesting and quirky people and they seem to have been in abundance over there. I'm sure there are similar places closer to home, but then they're not in New York :o).

Anyway, I saw this earlier and it reignited the debate over what it's really about, in view of what was going on in the swinging 60's :o))

Response from Tr1sh made on 28th Aug 2020 10:08:33 > @SteveMilner
I think the Chelsea is pretty unique in that it attracted not just the eccentrics and creatives but also those who would become (or were) so successful in their own fields. .

Puff the Magic Dragon! I loved this when I was a child and it reminded me of another song from all those years ago.

I must have been a very miserable child, if I wasn't singing about forgotten dragons it was runaway dogs. Actually, I was born on a Wednesday and Wednesday child is, apparently, full of woe 🙂
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made on 28th Aug 2020 21:35:40 > @Tr1sh
I watched another You Tube video by PP&M and the official line from them is that 'Puff' is a song about a child's loss of innocence and is nothing to do with the popular alternative interpretation. Here's an extract from Wikipedia which made me it was great to be in the audience when the verdict was announced.... :o))

'...In 1973, Peter Yarrow's bandmate, Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary, also upheld the song's innocence in a novel way. He recorded a version of the song at the Sydney Opera House in March 1973 where he set up a fictitious trial scene. The prosecutor of the trial claimed the song was about marijuana, but Puff and Jackie protested. The judge finally left the case to the "jury" (the Opera House audience) and said if they would sing along, the song would be acquitted. The audience joined in with Stookey and at the end of their sing-along the judge declared the "case dismissed."...'

'Smokie Blue's Away was fascinating. definitely a new one for me, but typical of a Yorkshireman, I tuned in to the melody and thought of the 'Hovis' bread tv advert from the 70's. I suppose someone with a bit more cultural awareness, i.e from further down the M1 and definitely south of Sheffield, would have thought of Dvorak's New World Symphony. I'm so proud of my roots :o))

I also picked up on the songwriter shown on the record label as 'Sutherland' and tied it in with the sound of the vocalist and wondered ......

Could it have been the same Sutherland from the Sutherland Brothers who had 'Arms of Mary' in the charts in the 70's?? I decided that it was.

And it was :o))

Here's their only other record, which didn't achieve the success it deserved..until a certain Scotsman got hold of it early in his solo career....and the rest is history.

and because it's one of my favourite records in my collection, here's their other one.. (with not as many scratches as my copy)

Response from Tr1sh made on 29th Aug 2020 10:16:31 > @SteveMilner
I knew the band denied it referred to marijuana but had not heard about the "trial" at the Opera House - ingenious way to settle the matter.

The melody of Smokey Blue's Away was indeed based on Dvorak's New World Symphony (2nd movement).

The Hovis advert, I believe, was filmed in Dorset but it reminds me of Keighley with those cobbled streets and little houses. It's been many years since I visited Yorkshire so it has probably all changed now.

Yes, Sutherland Brothers & Quiver.. I preferred their version of "Sailing" to the cover by Roddy.

Iain Sutherland died last year and I remember reading an article which told how Iain had moved to Stoke but missed Scotland so he wrote “Oh, how I wish I was walking in the Hills of Gamrie” which was changed to “Oh, how I wish I was lying in the arms of Mary” as the brothers decided it would have more appeal.

The article also mentioned that as children, Iain and Gavin taught themselves chords and harmonies by listening to the Everly Brothers. Years later they heard the Everly Brothers' version of "Arms of Mary".

I think the Sutherland Brothers were a great band and songwriters. Here they are on Top of the Pops, singing one of my favourites from that time.

Shake yourself up - you're not the big man anymore
Pick up the pieces you left lying on the floor
She's up and gone - you're on your own
Better act your age - you know by now, you ought to know
It's hard my friend, but it's easy come, easy go.
It seems so long since you last had to shed a tear
It seems so wrong - she's out and you're left sitting here
You can't believe but, oh yes, it's true
She found someone that she wanted more than you
It's hard my friend, but it's easy come and easy go.
You're out of luck - she won the hand
The best thing you can do is try to understand
It's hard my friend, but it's easy come and easy go.
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made on 29th Aug 2020 21:28:36 > @Tr1sh
Easy Come and Easy Go .. simple words that sum up how we all must have felt at various points in our lives when we wonder where our resilience is when we need it most. I loved hearing it again, last heard in the mid 70's and one that I'd forgotten about. deffo made me think of past times and times that might have been .. very poignant and thank you for sharing :o)

I often think about how many really good songs have been and are yet to be lost in the mists of time as society changes. I guess that's where the likes of YouTube come into their own, but even they depend on people having the desire to search for music from years gone by and that's my point. All of these wonderful songs that our generation treasure could at some point in time never see the light of day again unless the public want to hear them. I'm very disappointed with the blandness of mainstream radio, so you can't rely on the stations to play other than the most obvious 'hits' and pop songs from over the years. Even Radio 2 isn't the dependable station that it once was after the BBC made a strategic decision to make it more accessible to young listeners .. in other words make it sound more like radio 1..wrong move, I think.

Off topic, I know and I'm sure the avid forum readers on Choir, Choir, Choir will allow a brief diversion but I couldn't ignore the fact that you know Keighley! I spent 30 years of my career driving through it twice a day, as I used to work in the hospitals around there and around West Yorkshire and my daughter is doing her postgrad teaching experience there now. In so many ways Keighley is the same as it ever was, only more choked with HGVs, white vans and speeding motorists.

To get back on topic, well almost. I grew up in a town on the north east coast, where sea shanties and folk songs were popular in pubs and clubs. You may have heard of the Watersons..a folk group currently based in Robin Hood's Bay and regulars at the iconic festivals, who learnt their trade in the old town pubs of Hull back in the 70's. They have Martin Carthy as their father figure, ex Steeleye Span and Fairport, who married another folk singer from a very 'folk' family.. Norma Waterson. They had a daughter, Eliza Carthy. here she is with another one of my folk favourites..where trad folk meets New Orleans blues..

and from a few of their other associates .. after all, everyone knows everyone else in the folk world..try this a capella from Coope, Boyes and Simpson..the lyrics paint an all too familiar picture..

Response from Tr1sh made on 30th Aug 2020 10:49:47
You're welcome and I agree with your comments. Some songs are very evocative and Easy Come, Easy Go is one of them.

Often it is only through conversations like this that we remember songs which we once knew so well. I think a lot of younger generations are interested in earlier music and I hope they enjoy discovering all the songs that we may have forgotten.

I no longer listen to the radio. I much prefer choosing my own music or finding something on YouTube or Spotify.

The Choir, Choir, Choir topic seems to have taken a completely different journey anyways. Hope I have not hijacked it and, of course, if anyone is reading this, please join in the conversation. 🙂

Poor Keighley! I remember it being a quiet place. I have only been to West Yorkshire once many moons ago, we stayed in Shipley. I remember a nice walk along the River Aire and a trip to Roundhay Park where we took a ride in a glass bottomed helicopter.

I had not heard Eliza Carthy before; jazz with bluegrass undertones. Very nice listening. Thank you.

We Got Fooled Again! Absolutely and no doubt we will be again.

Let's pop back to 1991 for some bluegrass. 1991 doesn't seem so long ago until you look at this clip and then it seems a world away.
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made on 30th Aug 2020 21:49:20 > @Tr1sh
Yes, it's interesting to see how we're turning the Choir theme into a very an eclectic range of music spanning the years and I've no problem with that at all. It's part of the fun of forums like this. I guess,,so if the breeze changes direction then let's just go along with it and see where it takes us. I have no idea if anyone else is reading this thread, but I too hope they feel welcome to join in. I'm still a newcomer to the site so I'm still finding my way around it, but at the moment I'm not veering far from the Community Forums.

The bluegrass video you posted looks much older than 1991. maybe that's 'cos it's in black and white?? I smiled my way through it when I saw the double bass player was the double of Basil Fawlty, though I enjoyed the music, too.

It's a genre that I've got in my collection but haven't played much recently. During the late 80's /early 90's I discovered a channel on the old satellite tv called CMT: Country Music Television, which is when my interest for country/new country/cajun and bluegrass began. Artists such as The Mavericks, Alan Jackson, Dwight Yoakam, Rodney Crowell, Emmylou Harris and this very talented lady began to feature amongst my cds.

I've since discovered that this was her cover of the same song recorded previously by one of my favourite singers during the 70's, which I had never heard before.. good old Youtube!

Who'd have imagined that a brief comment about a choral rendition of a Leonard Cohen song could lead to such a journey of discovery :o)
Response from Tr1sh made on 31st Aug 2020 09:49:14 > @SteveMilner
I agree, I love how conversations just flow from one subject to another.

Silversurfers is confusing at first but once you find your way around it all seems to make sense.

Apparently the blue grass video was filmed at an awards ceremony in 1991. I was surprised too. Assuming the date is correct, it just shows how far technology has progressed in a relatively short time. The quality reminded me of when I was small and we had a tv with an indoor aerial - the picture was always grainy with several shadows.

Yes! Basil Fawlty! 🙂

Not familiar with most of those names you mentioned, I shall have to investigate. I have heard Alison Krauss before although I had no idea she had recorded "Oh Atlanta". Thank you for sharing that.

Bad Company, such a great band.

Who indeed and now for a u-turn back to Leonard Cohen and, much as I like his deep tones, my favourite version of Hallelujah is Jeff Buckley.
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made on 31st Aug 2020 23:02:55 > @Tr1sh
Another first for me, listening to Jeff Buckley's version, which despite its simplicity really captures the sentiments of the song as LC intended. Like many things in life, songs are better left uncomplicated and this version certainly puts a huge tick in that box.

I can't bring myself to listen to the Alexandra Burke version from 2009 after hearing this one, Rufus Wainwright;s and choir, choir, choir's version. I followed on and listened to the next Jeff Buckley song, Lover You Should've come Over and I was struck by the similarity to his voice with a singer called Antony, (just Antony.. nothing else). who also appears on the LC Tribute Concert cd, singing 'If it Be Your Will' and whose voice is particularly interesting and I thought unique, until I listened to Jeff Buckley.

Having put us nicely back on track with our original theme, I'll mischievously take us off in another uncharted and possibly unexpected direction, with a song I've been thinking of a lot recently, no idea why. I remember being introduced to it almost 20 years ago and wondering how I'd missed it for many years before then. It was released in 1991.

The lyrics are mysterious and I'm still not sure what they're all about, but the overall impact of the song is what I like about it.

Response from Tr1sh made on 1st Sep 2020 10:50:42
Bob Dylan is regularly on my playlist but here Jeff Buckley takes Dylan's song and delivers my favourite version of "I Shall Be Released".

I am not keen on those big performances which assault your ears, I much prefer the simpler delivery which draws you in. Leonard Cohen described Jeff's version as "near perfect".

The Choir, Choir, Choir version delivers the same gentle vibe which works so well with the powerful lyrics, it doesn't need to be overly

Very nice version here by Rufus Wainwright who, I think, has a similar quality to his voice as Jeff Buckley.

I remember Anohni (formerly known as Antony) with Lou Reed. I love this version of Lou Reed's "Candy Says". The way Lou Reed looks at Anohni in the latter part of the clip is so touching.

Maybe when I'm older
What do you think I'd see
If I could walk away from me
Response from Tr1sh made on 1st Sep 2020 11:49:02
Quote: "... it doesn't need to be overly"

Oops someone stole "dramatic" from my sentence - it should of course be "it doesn't need to be overly dramatic".

Don't you just hate not being able to go back and edit?:-)
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made on 1st Sep 2020 21:19:43 > @Tr1sh
Three of the best, there Trish! My daughter and I went to see Rufus W in concert in the Victorian grandeur of Leeds Town Hall one summer evening a couple of years ago and he captivated the audience playing his own compositions, but did indeed include halleluiah. It was a magical evening that neither of us will forget. This one was rather memorable, too..

He's recently released his latest album, available on YouTube and Spotify, of course, which is well worthy of an hour of your time if you're looking for something new and fresh to listen to.

I see what you mean by Lou R's approval of Antony's performance..showing amazement and recognition of the sheer quality of his voice, which coming from a legend is praise indeed.

Did you ever pick up a hint of Jimi Hendrix in the Jeff Buckley song? Not sure if it's the style of playing or just the chord changes, but very much Hendrix in one of his mellower moods. Dylan and Hendrix were linked in other songs, of course, so maybe, maybe not??

And following the french theme in the first video, here's another one..well almost. He's a french Algerian guitarist who I first heard on an internet radio station which was broadcasting from a research base in the antarctic, back in about 2003 (really!) Even then I was searching for better music than I could find on run-o- the-mill radio so I took to the internet in the hope of finding something new. This tune simply jumped out at me and I always associate it with cold, dark nights in an antarctic fact I love listening to it in the dark, volume up loud, even now. I've since bought an internet radio and often listen to music from very diverse places, such as Switzerland, Latin America, the Far East and even Madagascar. the world of music is a wonderful place.

And yes..I'm not criticising this forum, but I'm realising that an after-posting edit option would be useful on her- (!)
Response from Tr1sh made on 2nd Sep 2020 08:56:24
Hi Steve

Rufus W has such a nice quality to his voice. I had no idea Leeds Town Hall was so grand. I had to YouTube it. What a wonderful building,

Yep, Jimi apparently loved Bob Dylan's music although, I think they only met once. Jimi Hendrix's career spanned four years and yet, in such a short time he earned his place in music history.

Here's one of my favourites "Hey Joe".

First time I have heard Pierre Bensusan. Liked it so much that I searched for more and my journey took me here:

to here:

Thank you 🙂
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made on 2nd Sep 2020 21:06:35 > @Tr1sh
Hi Trish,

I love YouTube music.. it's like wandering through a huge maze which can take you to so many diverse places if you're in an adventurous and enquiring mood, that it's often hard to remember where you started from :o)

However, the weather's been pretty rubbish up here, so by late afternoon I'd seen so many different artists/concerts/performances that I felt YouTube fatigue setting in. This was the highlight of today's journey..another great artist who sadly left us far too soon..

I'm pleased I was able to introduce you to Pierre Bensusan. I was hooked by 4 a.m when I first heard it and ordered two of his albums the very next day. They're impressive.

And now for something completely different ......

I mentioned Martin Carthy the other day, (Eliza's dad) and it nudged me in the direction of some favourite early Steeleye Span stuff. I've seen them several times over the years and my daughter and I went to see Peter Knight's Gigspanner in concert last year up in the Yorkshire Dales. Many people will know them only for 'All Around my Hat', from 1975, but delving into their older recordings reveals some absolute gems.. many are their brand of electric folk, but here are a couple of covers of songs that everyone of our vintage should know, but have probably never heard Steeleye sing. I love these versions..Maddy Prior's voice is outstanding.

and this one..

Response from Tr1sh made on 3rd Sep 2020 10:24:08
YouTube is great for bad weather days.

I always thought that Nick Cave was a bit too self-absorbed but, I went to watch 20,000 Days on Earth. I wasn't sure at first but by the end I would have happily watched more. If you are lost for ways to spend another rainy day, perhaps give this a shot.

I had similar feelings about this Nick Cave cover (Suzanne).

I see what you did there - Mick Ronson worked with Bob Dylan and Lou Reed 🙂 He certainly did leave far too soon.

I have to admit my first thought would have been "All Round My Hat". I had heard that version of "Ragdoll" but not the "Rave On" track.
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made on 3rd Sep 2020 23:09:17 > @Tr1sh
Well, that's my next rainy day viewing sorted, with the bonus of improving my spanish too! I see that the full film is on YouTube in English with subtitles :o). I wasn't aware of it before you drew it to my attention, but now it's on my radar I'll certainly watch it. I presume it's a dramatised documentary of his life and career? Btw, with 'Suzanne' I wonder if his slight delay behind the backing singers was intentional? :o). Whatever, he succeeds in pulling off a novel arrangement of a classic, which can't be easy.

Talking of rainy days, here are some interesting sentiments..I even love the title of this one..

If you have Sky TV, this Saturday's viewing/listening on Sky Arts is looking good from late afternoon onwards..starting at 4.15 there's Deep Purple in concert in Melbourne; 6.45 The Story of Jethro Tull; 9.00 Metallica with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra (!!) and 11.00 the story of Lynyrd Skynyrd.. followed by square eyes on sunday morning :o)

If you manage to sit through that lot, here's one to soothe the after-the-event headache...

I went to see him with his then partner, Kate Rusby at the City Varieties Music Hall in Leeds many years ago. If you are ever in Leeds you must add it your 'go to' list of places to visit, it's such an atmospheric venue.

Hey, it's another weekend already!! Who knows where the time goes?? There should be a song written about it..

Response from Tr1sh made on 4th Sep 2020 08:52:20
it's a fictionlised 24 hours of what was calculated to be Nick Cave's 20,000th day on earth.. I think the film, like the song, shouldn't work but somehow does.

Capercaillie, new to me but very nice. Talking of rainy days:

Doubt I will watch the whole Sky Art's offering but Jethro Tulle story sounds a possibility.

John McCusker, another one I have not come across before.

On my long ago visit to Yorkshire, we went to Leeds, should have paid more attention.

Who knows indeed. You should write a song about it 🙂

Here's a YouTube gift to start the weekend off with. I never tire of watching this. Dexy singing Both Sides Now. Wouldn't it be lovely to be part of this gang? So cool. Filmed in London's Brick Lane.

Have a good weekend 🙂
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made on 4th Sep 2020 22:47:34 > @Tr1sh
I've not heard Both Sides Now' by Dexys before, but what an excellent arrangement of a fave old Joni Mitchell song. I've sometimes wondered why we didn't hear much more of them since they were knocking out stuff like C'mon Eileen 40 or so years ago, but their sound on this knocks the spots of the old Midnight Runners stuff. And yes, what an interesting and eclectic looking bunch :o) I've heard of Brick Lane, but never been down that way..

I'd already decided what I was going to send you as it's friday. This song still seems to capture the excitement and anticipation of it all when weekends were the high point of the week..

I'll be selective tomorrow afternoon, I'm not sure I could take it for all 8 hours. I've seen the Jethro Tull film before but that's the one I'll be watching again. I last saw them in concert in Harrogate in 2002, excellent while it lasted, but at 1 hr 15 mins and no encore they left me feeling disappointed. Still one of my fave bands ever though, especially this one..

And hey, you have a fab weekend, too

Response from Tr1sh made on 7th Sep 2020 08:35:46 > @SteveMilner
Joni Mitchell - yes, definitely.

I missed Jethro Tull on Saturday but enjoyed the link. Ian Anderson, such a showman, hard to believe that he is now in his seventies. I believe his daughter is married to Andrew Lincoln (Rick in The Walking Dead).

So, from Joni MItchell to Patti Smith and Joan Baez, now magnificent Silversurfers giving us "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall".

Apparently, the UK is going to sizzle from Tuesday evening so, here's a summer song, Mungo Jerry (Ray Dorset, incidentally is also now in his seventies so definitely another Silversurfer :-))
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made on 7th Sep 2020 22:33:14 > @Tr1sh
I wonder if there's a north south divide in the weather that you mentioned? They're keeping very quiet about it up here, just giving the catch all 'unsettled' forecast for the week. I hope yr right though :o).

Two classic old 70's songs there. The the two ladies singing much more how Dylan intended it than the version by Bryan Ferry, but as with every cover there's always room for interpretation and performing it in your own style. It'd be boring if they all sounded alike.

I remember 'In the Summertime' being released and taking the charts by storm, when being in the charts actually had meaning. I read 'Record Mirror' every week around then, much preferred it to NME.

I lapsed into 70's mode after hearing those two tracks, my mind wandered on to these two, released around the same time.

Turns out that 'Question' was the bringing together of two separate songs, which are both easily discernible in the final take, one slow, one fast. It's my favourite Moody's song.


another one hijacked very succesfully by Mr Stewart in the mid 70's.

Response from Tr1sh made on 8th Sep 2020 23:17:02
How's the weather up North? It has been great here today and definitely warming up - summer is on it's way back with temperatures in the 80's by the weekend apparently. 🙂

This is my favourite:

On the subject of favourite songs, Van Morrison - into the Mystic

or perhaps Queen of the Slipstream 🙂

Get ready for the late summer swelter 🙂
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made on 10th Sep 2020 23:05:27 > @Tr1sh
We've learnt to be patient up here, rain is forecast for friday, but we have been told to expect 23 degs and sunshine for monday..!!

It's been cloudy and unremarkable today, so I took to You Tube and watched 20,000 days. I see what you mean .. it did work and I enjoyed it (despite the subtitles).

Thanks so much for the VM tracks. I've not listened to him for many months, so I definitely need re-engage.

Hey, I've discovered this..

I was spellbound watching/listening. On so many levels it's an amazing clip. Imagine going out on stage and performing it in front of Paige and Plant .. and gaining their obvious and emotional approval!!

Which drew me to another one, again the late 70's, from the LP of the same name, which I remember borrowing and taping while I was a student in Leeds..still have the tape too!

Have a great weekend and don't forget the sunscreen..

Response from Tr1sh made on 11th Sep 2020 18:00:47
Oh wow! I went to see the screening of Stairway to Heaven in the cinema.

I have not seen Heart's version before but love it and wonderful to see the reactions from Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. Must have been extra emotional for them to see John Bonham's son (Jason) on drums.

The Song Remains the Same - I expect you have seen this but, if not, the full film is on YouTube.

Maybe the only way to follow Stairway to Heaven is something a little different from Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. How about Kashmir?

or perhaps Robert Plant's version of "Babe. I'm Gonna Leave You"

Suncream - tick.

Hope the sun shines up there 🙂
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made on 12th Sep 2020 21:12:20 > @Tr1sh
Sunshine for about 3 hours today, but just been outside and we're just catching the bottom edge of the heavy rain that's lashing N.I and Scotland tonight. All's well tomorrow and monday though..or so we're told.

Just watching Last Night of the Proms .. makes a change for BBC to have something on that's worth watching :o) 'Lark Ascending' is a winner every time, though its kinda strange with a virtual audience at the Royal Albert..

Kashmir .. in my opinion one of the most sinister sounding recordings ever made. Doesn't stop it being another favourite and the perfect follow up for Stairway to Heaven. I've got Song Remains the Same on my radar for the coming week.. don't ya just love YouTube?!

Good to have Wilf on board. btw.. hi Wilf!! I suppose the bar's been raised with having arguably one of the best rock songs of all time as my last link. It's hard to follow, but follow it we must .. so here's another one of the great artists of the 70's, although this track was much later on..

It's a secret wish of mine to dance to this song ..

Response from Tr1sh made on 14th Sep 2020 21:06:23 > @SteveMilner
Lovely day today.

I didn't watch the Last NIght of the Proms but I saw some snippets of it online and it certainly looked as if it went off well.

Kashmir is such a good track.

Harvest Moon, very nice. Go for it! Here's a few moves for you:

and a bit more of Neil

Another sunny day tomorrow 🙂
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made on 16th Sep 2020 18:29:44 > @Tr1sh
Well, 3 million viewers can't be wrong! That was a very listenable version of All along the watchtower..though for the first time it occurred to me that Neil Young looks a bit like Rick Wakeman..or do I need to visit Specsavers?

Talking of Hendrix, I'll never forget a night while staying at the Royal Trafalgar Hotel in Trafalgar Square (where else could it have been?!)..when a busker was outside playing 'The Wind Cries Mary' at midnight..he was excellent!

Here's one from way out left field..... I went to see them in concert in Burnley a few years ago..I'd never heard of them until then but they were advertised as playing a fusion of celtic and middle Eastern rhythms., so I had to go and find out....I'd never danced so much at a concert as I did that night!

Not sure where we go from that one..there's the challenge.
Response from Tr1sh made on 18th Sep 2020 17:01:32
No, you are right, I think perhaps it's the hair.

Love "The Wind Cries Mary". The busker must have been good if you still remember him.

So, your link. I have never heard of them but they look fun and I can see why you danced the night away.

I must admit I had to give your challenge a bit of thought but inspiration came from your mention of the busker.

I give you, the Breslev Brothers, one of my most watched YouTube videos.

This is the full length version if you don't mind adverts:

If you enjoyed the Breslev Brothers then you will appreciate some Dire Straits from the Gat Brothers.

Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made on 21st Sep 2020 19:44:29 > @Tr1sh
Wow!!!.. They're a new one for me, but those Breslev brothers were captivating. Note perfect throughout and modest with it! really pleased you posted that one, Trish.

Unsurprisingly, one of my favourite PF tracks and another one which transported me back to very happy years in a shared house in Headingley, Leeds. £25 per month rent (all inclusive) and a 20 minute walk from the University campus and all the the city centre could offer.. great days indeed.

OK.. I'm feeling in a bit of a mischievous mood so continuing the Pink Floyd theme, this one will either make you look elsewhere or it will have you wondering what happens next .. I wonder which one it will be?

Oddly, It just about works .. :o))

But before you begin to think that I've lost the plot, here's another fave to get us back on track. I went to see this lot in concert supported by John Ottway and Wild Willy Barrett in Bradford, where they played to an audience of about 50. Somehow the promoters got it all wrong and the event just didn't catch the public's imagination. St George's Hall was about 95% empty.. strange atmosphere but the artists gave their all.

Interesting that we began this thread discussing choirs :o))
Response from Tr1sh made 6 days ago
Just reminds us how music can cross the barriers and unite us regardless of all else.

Great days indeed but I Googled the worth of £25 in 1970 and, apparently, you were paying the equivalent of £364.28. Probably still a good deal with all bills included though.

It works! Love the video too. Do discos even exist anymore?

Dr Feelgood, so glad you posted that link. I haven't listened to them for years and now I am scouring YouTube for more. Weren't they great! I remember seeing them on the Old Grey Whistle Test.

Of course, Lee did a great version of this song but just to mix it up a bit, here's Wilko Johnson and Roger Daltry with Going Back Home: Whoever put the video clips together did a great job.

Yes, we have rather wandered away from the choirs so, how about this for these strange times we are living through:
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made 5 days ago > @Tr1sh
I don't think the word 'disco' is used in popular vocabulary anymore, other than by people of our generation. I did check it out and It still appears in the dictionary as 'an event where people dance to modern recorded music for entertainment, or a place where this often happens'. That doesn't even go halfway to capturing the excitement of a 70's saturday night, after the pubs closed, where coats were left in the cloakroom for 10p, where you could dance all night with someone and never even get to know their name, where the girls danced around their platform shoes and handbags, where relationships started and relationships ended, where you could buy chicken in a basket and chips for 50p and then queue for a taxi in the rain at midnight....(!!) But we loved them. I think the last one I went to was on my 25th birthday, at 'Le Phonographique' in central Leeds.

'Lean on me' .. always loved that song from when BIll Withers had it out as a single in the 70's and particularly appropriate for these crazy times. I also have it as a track on Barbara Dickson's first LP, from about 1977. I tried to find it for you on Youtube, but unfortunately that whole album is missing. As ever, thinking about that brought to mind other songs I was listening to at that time and although this is a later version, this is an album I loved listening to back then.. along with half the world..

(Hell Freezes over is an excellent album, btw)

Thank you for posting the Wilko/Daltrey track .. I remember them both being interviewed on tv at the time they had just released the album, which was after Wilko had made his remarkable recovery from illness. I had no idea that it was so long ago .. which brings us back to the Sandy Denny song we mentioned many weeks ago .. :o)

Thinking more about cover versions, here's one of the most memorable and one which I unashameably turn up the volume for every time I play it..

If ever there was an original which needed livening up it's the one by Bob Seger, who wrote and performed it. It's the most miserable version you can imagine, but this lot just knock it for six. TL are another one of my favourite bands, I saw them in concert a few times in the late 70's, never to be forgotten. I still go and see their tribute band 'Limehouse Lizzy' nowadays..

And yes, one of my bucket list ambitions is to be part of a flash mob

Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made 5 days ago > @Tr1sh
I just posted and for the first time I've seen a message pop up saying 'awaiting approval' in red..
Response from Tr1sh made 2 days ago > @SteveMilner
Platform heels! Long before the days of trainers were invented. Your Saturday night disco description made me want to turn the clock back and experience it all again. I hope your birthday celebrations include a bop around the kitchen to "Saturday Night Fever" to honour all those Saturday night discos.

Hotel California - such a lovely place - nice choice.

Yes, must have been such an emotional journey for him and his family.

First time I have heard of "Limehouse Lizzy" - sounds like a lady of ill-repute!

Great version by Thin Lizzy and puts Bob's version in the shade. I saw Bob Seger singing at St Paul's. Remember the days of Occupy London? I couldn't find Bob's performance but I did find this clip which takes us back to the choir theme:

So, Thin Lizzy takes us to Phil Lynott. I had forgotten he died so young.

Here's Thin Lizzy's version of an old Irish folk song - I like it - I bet you know which one even before you click the link:

Happy Sunday.

P.S. I think when there are multiple links in a message it automatically goes into the "Waiting for Approval" bin. I like to think Sally and her team enjoy our YouTube choices 🙂
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made 1 days ago > @Tr1sh
Hi Trish!

Whisky in the Jar.. a super song by TL. I bought the single when it came out, but my record player had a quirk of lifting the arm off the record about 15 secs before it finished playing and then dropping the next one in the stack (remember those?), so I rarely heard it play all the way through. I've sung and clapped to it many times at various folk clubs over the years since then, but it's hard not to think of their version above all the rest.

Now that we've had the Irish connection, let's give the Scots a turn, so here's someone who is rarely given any airplay these days. A Radio 2 producer might have a moment of inspiration and give it 3 mins of their programme, I guess, but there's absolutely no chance on any of the others, unfortunately.

I'm sure you remember it ..

I was impressed by your tenacity to keep the choir theme going for us. Did you notice that the St Paul's clip was uploaded 8 years ago and we are now two of the 33 views it has had since then.. it's obviously music for the discerning listener. Would you believe I have never been to St Paul's. I've been to London many times, mainly for a particular event such as working or to watch a game at Wembley, but I've rarely set myself loose and done the tourist bit.

So to keep the theme going from up north, here is a little gem which I stumbled across recently, more of an orchestra than a choir and not quite all in tune at times, but a piece that I never tire of hearing.

Like me, I bet you thought of a certain couple dancing their way across the ice as you were watching it.. it's hard not to :o))

Happy Tuesday

Response from Tr1sh made 10 hours ago
Oh goodness, you were posh - a vertical record player! I wanted one of those, I think it was an Amstrad upright player. I never did get it but was, for a time, the proud owner of a "music centre" complete with black ash cabinet with space at the bottom for your LP's.

The sensational Alex Harvey band indeed. I confess I had forgotten how good they were.

So, another Scottish band and one of my favourite Nazareth tracks:

I haven't been to St Paul's in a long while but have put it on my list of things to do, I like the wobbly bridge aka Millennium Bridge. I did notice that a lot of the Occupy London videos have disappeared from YouTube.

Oh yes! I like that video but where is Torvil & Dean when you need them 😉

In return, I give you one of my favourite YouTube street performances -
4th Sep 2020 08:57:19
Thanks for voting!
Yep, not only forgot the link but posted it in the wrong bit!
4th Sep 2020 08:55:35
Thanks for voting!
1st Sep 2020 10:55:26 (Last activity: 1st Sep 2020 21:24:44)
Thanks for voting!
Rain Tree Crow - Blackwater

I like it but not really sure why! 🙂
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made on 1st Sep 2020 21:18:50
Three of the best, there Trish! My daughter and I went to see Rufus W in concert in the Victorian grandeur of Leeds Town Hall one summer evening a couple of years ago and he captivated the audience playing his own compositions, but did indeed include halleluiah. It was a magical evening that neither of us will forget. This one was rather memorable, too..

He's recently released his latest album, available on YouTube and Spotify, of course, which is well worthy of an hour of your time if you're looking for something new and fresh to listen to.

I see what you mean by Lou R's approval of Antony's performance..showing amazement and recognition of the sheer quality of his voice, which coming from a legend is praise indeed.

Did you ever pick up a hint of Jimi Hendrix in the Jeff Buckley song? Not sure if it's the style of playing or just the chord changes, but very much Hendrix in one of his mellower moods. Dylan and Hendrix were linked in other songs, of course, so maybe, maybe not??

And following the french theme in the first video, here's another one..well almost. He's a french Algerian guitarist who I first heard on an internet radio station which was broadcasting from a research base in the antarctic, back in about 2003 (really!) Even then I was searching for better music than I could find on run-o- the-mill radio so I took to the internet in the hope of finding something new. This tune simply jumped out at me and I always associate it with cold, dark nights in an antarctic fact I love listening to it in the dark, volume up loud, even now. I've since bought an internet radio and often listen to music from very diverse places, such as Switzerland, Latin America, the Far East and even Madagascar. the world of music is a wonderful place.

And yes..I'm not criticising this forum, but I'm realising that an after-posting edit option would be useful on her- (!)
Response from SteveMilner Original Poster made on 1st Sep 2020 21:24:44
Not sure why my last post sent twice. What were we saying about an after-posting edit option??..

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