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22nd Jul 2016 19:54:39
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We have always had sheepdogs - an Old English, a Welsh Blue Collie and two Border Collie bitches in succession. All good dogs but I have a soft spot for Border Collies.
Response from Lionel made on 22nd Jul 2016 22:55:18
Keith, agreed. I've been a shepherd in North Yorkshire working Borders, and kept them as house dogs for very many years. In my opinion, they're the best!
Response from KEITH_WL made on 22nd Jul 2016 23:13:53
Though I'm not a full Welsh speaker or even Welsh (and also not a shepherd), I issue most commands to our dog in Welsh. Living where we do it seems appropriate.

She's remarkably good about staying when I tell her to sit and I walk away, or tell her to sit when she's some distance away. This works to her advantage when we walk on the local lanes because I know it's safe to walk her off the lead.
Response from Lionel made on 22nd Jul 2016 23:23:28
Keith, that's lovely, truly lovely, man and his dog, or is that dog and his man? The latter is the case here, but three collies.

I'm not a Yorkshireman, but lived and worked on farms there for almost twenty years. Learned how to handle sheep dogs from what was then old shepherds. My present collies know the usual commands of a shepherd, cumbye, howay ... and so on, and they respond in an instant.

Very sadly, collies are being replaced by quad bikes. How does one have a lasting relationship with a quad bike?
Response from celtwitch made on 23rd Jul 2016 11:52:40
Leo the Lion has been many things in his life, and now he has added North Yorkshire shepherd to his extensive CV! I wouldn't be surprised to learn that he was also a helicopter gunship pilot during the Vietnam war, a deep sea diver, treasure hunter, Canadian lumberjack, brain surgeon and a McDonalds burger flipper! Variety is the spice of life I suppose.
Response from shyrapper made on 23rd Jul 2016 21:10:49
What are you talking about?

don't be a hater, write something positive.
22nd Jul 2016 17:36:35
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We have a border collie, Ben,or should I say he has us. He is ten years old and the best dog I have ever owned, I doubt we will ever find another dog so well behaved and loyal as he is with us, he is a joy to have round the house, and I can honestly take him anywhere with me he is so good. Im just hoping he will be with us for a good few years yet... Thing is when he is out on field he shows no signs of age ,he dashes about jumps up into the air, generally acting like a dog of 3, then a few hours later he finds it hard to jump on the couch and rise off his back legs from lying down, sometimes he limps a bit then the following day he walking normally, all the symptoms of old age seem to hit him for a few hours, I'm not sure if the vet should examine him or it's just old age,I have started taking him out every other day to slow him down a little,as I have never lived with the same pet for 10 years I am unsure, I would hate to think of him being in constant pain, though he shows no sign of discomfort before our walks/runs, I have noticed he is slowing down and it takes him longer to get up, but only in the house, he is like a pup when he is out on field . Yes, collies are much better friends than people are.
Response from Lionel made on 22nd Jul 2016 23:17:52
Yes, Shy, they are much better friends than most people. There's no guile in them. Mine stare us in the eye without looking away.

The Merle I have is thirteen now and behaves as yours does, like a puppy. We're the best of friends. I give all the dogs 500mg of Glucosamine in their food every night, along with a joint health vitamin compound from (They're nothing to do with me). They are fed raw butcher's scraps which I sort over before feeding the dogs, and a little rough biscuit. When the two grand children are here I have no idea what they eat, but a couple of packets of Jaffa Cakes disappear, along with chocolate digestives!

These years there has been no health problems with our dogs. They live in a very rural part of Suffolk and have never been in a town. They roam over fields and meadows when we take them out, I get in a beck with them and swim.

My wife is now chronically ill but the dogs are so attentive to her. It's a wonder to see it.

I'd swap collies for grand kids, given the chance, but I won't be given that chance.
Response from shyrapper made on 23rd Jul 2016 21:02:13
Thank you for the dietary and supplement tips, I will be sure to try them out and see if there is an improvement... I'll update you Lionel.
I hope that your dogs continue to enjoy good health for a long time to come. I am unsure of how I will react when Ben leaves us.but I think I will have a broken heart.
Yes dogs generally have always been a preference over children especially those aged 5 to 21, no I definitely would swap too haha .

I am sorry to hear about your wife's illness Lionel, it must be very hard for you, but I can imagine how the dogs are with her, they have a genuine "I love you " look in their fixed gaze that can't be denied and I know from personal experience that it is very comforting and relaxing to stroke them, the affection can be felt radiating from them.... I love collies..... Xx
22nd Jul 2016 18:39:42
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Those beautiful dogs must keep you very active Lionel!
Although I've had dogs for all of my adult life I've never had a Border Collie.....the closest I got was my beloved Springer who died 4 years ago at the grand old age of 15, and was bonkers 'til the end.
As I've got older my dogs and my gardens have got smaller so I think it may be too late now to cope with such a beautiful , intelligent high energy breed.
Response from Lionel made on 22nd Jul 2016 23:01:50
Georgesmum, yes, I'm busy all the time. I have a very large b]vegetable garden, a chronically sick wife and three Border Collies to exercise every day.

The practice nurse at our local doctor's surgery told me about three years ago to take more exercise. Now, given she's an absolute dragon, I invited her to spend a day with me, digging, nursing, exercising dogs. Even promised her a pint of home brew at the end of the day!

She wimped out. It's easy to give advice, it seems, but not so easy to take it.

My lead dog is a blue merle, supremely intelligent. But all three are past ten years old now. Some years ago in the nearby town a lady had a blue merle who went to twenty five years old, so I guess I'll be fir for some years to come!
21st Jul 2016 08:25:03
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Do you mean collie-flower, grown in borders?
Response from Lionel made on 21st Jul 2016 22:49:01

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