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Crafting at home

How many of you craft at home?

Created By on 17/11/2015

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31st Jan 2020 11:52:50
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would anyone be interested in hot foil crafting at home on card , leather etc if so please let me know and I will send info [email protected]
27th Aug 2019 19:34:38
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I love patchwork, both hand and machine made. Currently making cushion covers for my brothers and sisters from pieces going back to childhood which we found in our late mothers bungalow.
20th Apr 2019 09:55:09 (Last activity: 27th Aug 2019 19:31:46)
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My wife is looking for some old knitting patterns, 1940/1950,s era as she would like to knit some of the old syle garments of the time.
Where do you think the best place is to start?
Response from SilverBlue made on 20th Apr 2019 10:26:30
Hi ArchieUK

Have you tried Ebay they have a good selection of knitting patterns and I have also found quite a few in the charity shop locally.
Response from jeanmark made on 20th Apr 2019 14:00:51
You can get a small number for free on the V&A museum website. Mind you they are in 2, 3 and 4 ply yarn. Also Pinterest is a good source for finding things, just type in your search and see what they find.
Response from CraftyScribbler made on 27th Aug 2019 19:31:46
They are available on a lot of knitting websites, I have quite a few.
6th May 2019 16:20:30 (Last activity: 27th Aug 2019 19:30:39)
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I've just joined and waiting to see if a photo of my hobby will be accepted in Showcase. My main hobby is tatting, which is a form of lace. I love it and find it very relaxing. It's an old craft, very popular and thriving (thanks to the internet). A very easy and portable craft, using crochet thread and a shuttle. Ring of Tatters website has lots of information. I make all sorts of things with my tatting - jewellery, cards, little baskets, Christmas tree decorations, mats etc. I particularly like combing tatting with sewing and in the past have made a cot quilt with 12 tatted animals sewn onto the squares, a needlecase with a piece of square tatting sewn onto the front, a children's pencil case with a tatted clown or animal on the front, a baby dress with a tatted collar and sleeve edging and a mouse with tatting round the edge of the dress and holding a tatted basket filled with small artificial flowers. I'm just finishing tatting round a handkerchief, then I will be starting some bigger projects for my lounge. I've recently had some new curtains made and will be making a tatted edging for the scalloped shape pelmets. I also plan to make a peacock with feathers down and a large round doily. Both will be made with thread to match the colours of my lounge and will be framed as pictures.
Response from CraftyScribbler made on 27th Aug 2019 19:30:39
My grandmother taught me how to do this, but all I can do is the simple edging, I think it's called Josephine's Knots?
6th May 2019 16:23:39
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Whoops! I've just re-read my post and noticed a typo. I should have typed "combining"! Not good for a former secretary, but I am getting older!
7th Apr 2019 13:27:29
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You can always take photos and put them on the Showcase. If you're on Facebook, try joining Handmade cards, drawings, painting, paper craft and general crafts and/or Handmade Card Making ideas/discussion where you can also post photos of your work. I assume you already use Pinterest for ideas and techniques.
7th Apr 2019 09:19:43
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Make your cards.
Take your photographs of them,
and put them up on showcase and see what happens.
27th Mar 2019 09:45:28 (Last activity: 27th Mar 2019 18:32:12)
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My wife calles in it in the oldfashioned way, just knitting or sewing, not the overinflated way suggesting it is crafting.
Response from jeanmark made on 27th Mar 2019 18:32:12
Well AchieUK, maybe you both have a limited idea of what crafting actual is. The Oxford dictionary defines it as "an activity involving skill in making things by hand", that would include knitting and sewing so maybe your wife doesn't realise she has a crafting skill!
27th Mar 2019 06:51:07
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Hello all, I love to travel to Europe, SE Asia and across US. Always interested in communing with other adventurous souls! Cheers!
26th Mar 2019 22:03:52
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I do knitting,crochet, cardmaking, longstitch, i make tiaras and bridal accessories so a big crafter
1st Mar 2019 14:58:02 (Last activity: 1st Mar 2019 17:44:08)
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I do! I knit, I sew (not very well) and I do cross stitch. I like nothing more than having something good on the telly while I sew or knit. I'm not very good at any of it - I've only recently started sewing - but hope that I will improve. I'm trying to make a Roman blind at the moment but just haven't got the courage to do it! Sounds stupid but I just don't really know what I'm doing.
Response from Happychops made on 1st Mar 2019 17:44:08
Hi wobbles I have sent you a private chat
24th Feb 2019 18:30:52 (Last activity: 25th Feb 2019 21:01:41)
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I am about to start sewing again. I used to try and have made a few things using easy patterns, but I always felt that proper tuition would help. I have signed up for a course and am so excited. Does anyone else sew.?
Response from Tr1sh made on 25th Feb 2019 10:36:13
I sew. I think there are several other members that do. I haven't had much time to sew this winter but I am hoping to get back into it soon. Are you watching the Sewing Bee?
Response from Happychops made on 25th Feb 2019 19:24:25
Thanks for the response Trish, I am recording the sewing bee,as I usually forget when things are on. I am really looking forward to having projects on the go again, as this last couple of years I either haven’t had time or when I have had time there was no inclination. The enthusiasm is back. I’m new to the site so still get lost a little when trying to chat, so have probably missed lots of things people have said about their hobbies. I am hoping that I can message and get advise when I’ve gone wrong.
Keep reading as I’m sure in the future you will hear my shout lol
Response from Tr1sh made on 25th Feb 2019 21:01:41
No worries. 🙂
3rd Feb 2019 13:55:28 (Last activity: 24th Feb 2019 15:38:31)
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Response from soupernan made on 17th Feb 2019 16:06:59
Hi Eliose365, this is my first day as a Silversurfer and you are my first posting so I hope I get it right! I've been a card maker for many years now and I still love it. You have to try different aspects of it though to see what you are comfy with. For instance, I adore diecutting but dislike stamping. I also like to experiment with different textures on my cards. You will make mistakes and some things won't turn out as you pictured them in your head - so what, it's just card and paper, move on. If you're doing embossing I assume you have a good die cutting/embossing machine? I have 3 now, my trusty ancient Bigshot, a pink thing I'm not fond of and a new electronic one which I adore as it takes all the hard work away and saves my suffering shoulders from hand cranking.
If you need any advice I would be happy to try and help you, but please just enjoy yourself, it's a good and gratifying hobby. All the best.
Response from jeanmark made on 24th Feb 2019 15:38:31
You can always type various sentiments and print these out on the right size insert ready for when you want to use them. I keep a supply of various sizes and sentiments ready for use, however, I also keep some cards with the insert blank to write the most appropriate sentiment when needed.

Also, you can never make a mistake with cards, just an alternative result than that expected!
10th Nov 2018 15:17:35 (Last activity: 16th Feb 2019 09:27:40)
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I have always loved sewing, but had very little time when I was working, however I am now retired and have recently bought a new sewing machine, I have converted a spare bedroom into a sewing room and am now enjoying sewing when I want to. I would like to make some useful handmade gifts for friends and family, however I am struggling for inspiration ……. any ideas please?
Response from SilverBlue made on 10th Nov 2018 16:36:11
I bought a new sewing machine when I retired and love using it. Thought I would make bags to hold the presents rather than wrap them up, trying to help save the planet from paper that can’t be recycled. Presents are more difficult it depends who you need presents for. I make dolls clothes usually knitted as they stretch to dress up the dolls but like you would be interested in an inspirational ideas.
Response from Clio made on 10th Nov 2018 17:31:22
Thank you SilverBlue, that's a good idea making bags for presents, I hate wrapping gifts anyway and am not to good at it! I too have started knitting again, I have managed a couple of bobble hats so far, but not got any further! Hopefully somebody will be able to give us both inspiration regarding handmade gifts.
Response from Clio made on 8th Feb 2019 18:38:48
Thank you Eliose365 fabulous ideas! I have a dog and strangely have not long finished knitting a jumper for her. Both my daughters have pets - 1 cat and 1 dog. You have given me some inspiration..

thank you once again!
Response from ArchieUK made on 16th Feb 2019 09:27:40
I have recently Re-started making small posters for a couple of local shops,one, where my wife buys her knitting wool from and her hairdresser.
It is tough getting back into a hobby I liked The one thing I have problems with is my memory, but it will get better with time.
If you want to make cards you need a good printer and the right paper and a good memory.
If you want to make bookmarks you will need a laminater otherwise they will just fall apart.
Keep going with you hobby, but you will never make a fortune.
27th Jan 2019 21:34:47 (Last activity: 29th Jan 2019 22:26:05)
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Well I do woodturning, it's hobby but it focuses the mind
Response from Tr1sh made on 28th Jan 2019 18:24:11
Hi Jerome

Welcome to the forum.

Woodturning - I always think of pottery but with wood! Perhaps because of the lathe and people often make those lovely wooden bowls.

Trish 🙂
Response from Jeromewj made on 28th Jan 2019 22:05:29
Thanks for the welcome, I'm quietly slipping in.
Yes, I understand where you are coming from, I did try some pottery but I was a bit impatient waiting for results. I know if you start with a tree you have to wait for it dry etc, but every step shows results
Response from Tr1sh made on 29th Jan 2019 19:56:46
Hi Jerome

Perhaps you might put some photos in the Showcase? It would be good to see what you make.

There use to be a pottery in the local market, they made terracotta flower pots. It was fascinating watching the potters but I never had a go myself.

Trish 🙂
Response from Jeromewj made on 29th Jan 2019 22:26:05
I haven't done much for the last 12 months, due to life, but I'll have a look at some pictures I've taken and see if I can work out how to post them
10th Nov 2018 07:53:19 (Last activity: 15th Dec 2018 02:04:51)
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I can knit but I get distracted and don't generally get far. I managed some hats, a scarf and fingerless gloves last year though so, who knows, I might have another try. I might try crochet too,

I really like the sound of diamond art and jewellery though.

Response from Daisycat4 made on 15th Dec 2018 02:04:51
I like crocheting and embroidery but haven't done any this year as my eyesight is failing! I have been making toys for the charity I'm involved with. I take a charity that helps animals that are abused and cruelly treated! We are on Facebook under the initials P.A.N.C.stands for
Protection of animals from neglect and cruelty.
9th Nov 2018 21:35:39
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I craft at home . I try all kinds card making, knitting , crochet ( my newest hobby ) diamond art and jewellery.
15th Oct 2018 22:31:30
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At one time, I had an easel at home and use to paint but I replaced it with a sewing machine and now I sew 🙂
15th Sep 2018 11:39:33 (Last activity: 15th Oct 2018 18:01:52)
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I am into crochet ,not very good at it though. My daughter tried to teach me but she is right handed and I am left handed, it got quite comical and she said it looked like I was knitting with a crochet hook , I did manage in the end but more like trial and error. At the minute I am just doing granny squares to make a throw. It’s a good way to stash bust yarn. Trouble is I get bored and I start another project.. I live in bucks with three cats and a small dog.
Response from Muffin1 made on 23rd Sep 2018 21:28:57
I am a left-handed crocheter and never, despite my best intentions, ever get out of my granny-square comfort zone. I attended a local workshop to learn and it was a battle with myself every week not to give up as I was lagging behind everyone else. However, I now happily make granny squares boring as they are because they go to a local group who make them into blankets. I find there are some fab tutorials on YouTube aimed at us lefties but sadly my brain to hand coordination goes AWOL a lot
Response from John7453 made on 15th Oct 2018 18:01:52
Hi Julie, you sent me a private message on 17th September but I did not realise until the other day, I have sent you a private message back, John
10th Feb 2018 14:34:21 (Last activity: 10th Feb 2018 14:55:09)
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I make hatpins, I started after buying a beautiful 1920’s style hat, I searched online but couldn’t find one I liked.
I’ve made them with feathers, diamond dust and semi precious stones and they get commented one and requests to make them for friends and friends of friends
Response from jeanmark made on 10th Feb 2018 14:55:09
What an interesting hobby.
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