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Cycling on pavements and in parks

Why don’t the powers that be ensure that cyclists are given health and safety awareness training as some seem to think they can bomb around at speed where pedestrians are using pavements and toe paths that were never meant for cyclists. Sensory impairment is an invisible disability and cyclists seem to assume if you are able to walk you’re fully aware of what’s going on around you. I don’t have eyes in the back of my head and don’t see why I should have to give way to speeding cyclists half my age when I’m walking in pedestrian areas. Why don’t they have bells to warn us and number plates on their bikes? Cars and vans are now taking over pavements? What next? Electric bikes are a new source of danger. I wonder who will accept liability when one of us gets knocked over and potentially lose our mobility - No objection to cyclists or other mode of transport, but if we have to share a space then priority must be given to pedestrians when using pedestrianised areas.

Created By on 14/09/2020

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6th Apr 2021 20:55:44
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I am a 68 years old lady, with a little e bike. I have baskets front and rear, in which I take my two tiny dogs.
Please don't think us all inconsiderate. I am always giving way to pedesrtians, and always thank them if they do the same for me. I am saddened by the treatment you all seem to have had.
But if these safe places to ride were taken away, then I would lose my hobby, and source of excersise, and the little old dogs their bit of fresh air. No, they cant walk, having various health problems before you assume I am not doing right by them.
Many many people stop me for a chat, remarking how the dogs enjoy the ride. As most of my friends have now passed on, it is a wonderful way to have a little chat with passers by.
Please don't think us all the same, we are not.
If you ever go to Rother valley, look out for me, and the dogs. Say hello, or wave. Don't be angry with me just because I am a cyclist.
15th Mar 2021 08:21:01 (Last activity: 1st Apr 2021 15:55:20)
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Having recently early retired at 59, I have taken up liesure cycling to gain some exercise. I cycle on the roads, paths and local pathways for cyclists and pedestrians. The main people I come across are dog walkers of a similar age. Although I have a bell that I use, I find most cant hear it, I always slow and approach with an "excuse me" or two and proceed slowly. I use footpaths instead of roads where I feel the road conditions are unsafe, again using the same tactics towards pedestrians. I think it really boils down to a little mutual respect by all and using common sense.

I've had varying reactions, one of my first encounters was with a similarly age couple of walkers, that I approached from behind. After first using my bell I got no response, I called out "excuse me" and the gent turned around in such surprise I thought he was going to have a heart attack. I passed with an apology. I think I just caught him by surprise but he did give me a little wave. Other reactions have been as though I had no right to invade their pathway, which is clearly marked for cycles as well.
Response from RobinD made on 1st Apr 2021 15:55:20
Agreed. Where I live we have combined walking and cycling paths, separated by a kerb down the centre but it's virtually safer to use roads for cycling as the number of walkers using the cycle path is driving me crazy, especially dog walkers who seem to think the cycle path is solely for them. At times I feel I'm a magnet as they keep walking towards me, having seen me! Sorry to say, with the warmer weather coming, it will only get worse!
29th Mar 2021 10:37:36
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The problem I have with those that ride their vehicles on pavements, are what I call 'The silent menace'.. In which e-scooters and cyclists silently approach and overtake pedestrians from behind at some speed. This can be especially alarming walkers, Especially the elderly.
29th Mar 2021 09:51:10
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I am neither a cyclist or a dog walker but consideration for others seems as in any walk of life (no pun intended)is to be the best way forward.
People getting out for exercise is great sharing public space is surely possible without causing problems for each other.
28th Mar 2021 15:29:29 (Last activity: 28th Mar 2021 15:54:19)
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I have a couple of dogs and the path where I walk them has just been turned into a cycle route and is the main route into Exeter city centre. They closed off a busy road for 11 months to build a bridge over the road so that the cyclist didn't have to take a 40m detour to a crossing and back. It used to be a nice safe dog walk but now you have cyclists flying past at speed with no warning, and it's usually the ones with the racing bikes and all the gear on, the same inconsiderate ones that cycle in the middle of a traffic lane probably. One of my dogs is 16 and can only see about 2m and is also almost completely deaf, so what used to be a nice relaxing dog walk is now quite stressful as I need to have eyes in the back of my head looking for cyclists. He has already been struck by a young girl on a bike who was not going fast, luckily he just got a fright. There is a registered blind lady who walks her dog there and they go past her at speed. I looked up the law online and it seems because it's a shared path dogs are meant to be kept on a short lead. So where do people who have no access to maybe a field or waste ground exercise their dogs off the lead. I should add I cycle to work and back every day but slow right down to almost walking pace when I pass people with dogs or kids as even if you think they are aware of your presence they may not be.
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor made on 28th Mar 2021 15:54:19
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24th Sep 2020 21:08:48
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Annie, I love cycling and unfortunately i have to agree with you, I don't use a bell, preferring to stop for pedestrians and dogs, Id rather slow to walking pace and greet them than use a bell, as this can startle the more infirm. All too often i do see cyclists treating pedestrian, dogs and horses with utter contempt in a dangerous manner and it does upset me.
15th Sep 2020 12:38:47 (Last activity: 15th Sep 2020 14:19:50)
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Absolutely dangerous letting them cycle on FOOT paths and RIVER paths.
I walk quite a lot and the amount of times i have nearly been 'taken out' by these selfish individuals goes in to double figures. It's the local authorities who are at
fault for allowing it. What makes my mind boggle is even where there are proper
cycle lanes some cyclists still ride on the FOOT path so as to avoid traffic. Having
said all that the majority are careful, but a GOOD LOUD bell should be mandatory.
Response from Lionel made on 15th Sep 2020 14:19:50
I live in the backwoods of Suffolk on a single track road. Cars and the odd truck/tractor aren't a problem, we may hear them approaching, but a huddle of speeding cyclists come flying around a bend at speed and blast all before them.

One day there's going to be a tragedy here - several pedal-artists are going to be killed and maimed. Arousing sympathy will be difficult indeed.

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