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Daily diaries of those who are self-isolating due to Coronavirus


A place where, if you are self-isolating due to worries about Coronavirus, or if indeed you have contracted the virus, you can stay in touch with our community, to tell us how you are coping, share your experience and perhaps lessen your feeling of isolation

Created By on 15/03/2020

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30th Mar 2020 12:55:38
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Response from Mabel06 made on 30th Mar 2020 17:09:41
Your culinary skills sound amazing Yodama! You've inspired me to put my apron on and experiment so thank you!
8th Oct 2021 21:44:10
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Well, it has been right at a year and a half since I posted here for the first and until now last time. Lost track of how to get here but found it again.
Made it through the first year but not without some rather serious health ramifications - but at least I did NOT get Covid. Prolonged isolation and lack of exercise, etc., is not particularly healthy, it would appear.
The vaccine was like magic - two weeks after the second shot I was able to return to some semblance of a normal life including Silver Sneakers classes at the gym, albeit with mask and social distancing as tools. The fact that we were off the first surge helped enormously.
Second surge came in July - end of gym for a while as too many of the locals abandoned all protocols as soon as it was not longer required. Back to mostly isolation with the excellent exception of patio dining.
Got my third shot this week and the second surge is dropping so hopefully I will get to return to the gym in another week.
Online shopping has gained great popularity with me for the first time in my life and after today with very poor service at the local pet store while shopping for my new dog's food, I think I will just have to abandon my love of shopping local and go online. Too bad, but the local business owners need to get a clue: you are not doing us a favor by being there, we are doing you the favor of our business. My attitude is I will conduct myself with courtesy and pay you money for yours wares. I expect you to conduct yourself with courtesy and at least acknowledge I am in your store.
After the death of my last dog, Angel Beagle, in July and the death of my last cat, Angle Kitty, in August, I had determined that being alone in my house for the very first time in my entire life was not a bad thing. For the first time ever I could clean my house and not have to do it again for a week. LOL, no more piles of pet hair in the corners and on the furniture. No one to feed but me, I could go and do as I pleased within reason considering the pandemic for as long as I liked. I was liking that but my sister conspired otherwise. She found a lab mix in desperate need of a good home and knew I would not say no. To her credit she paid for the initial vet visit because I could not.
So, I adopted a dog that I had been led to believe was older, smaller and SPAYED. LOL, ShellBee Bear is just a year, a good fifty pounds and I discovered beyond all doubt on Monday morning was certainly not spayed. We will do our very best to NOT get pregnant and then we will be spayed in December. Having rescued many dogs in my earlier life and found homes for 30 of them, I am a firm believer in having a non-reproductive household.
Well, I have rambled on and on.
Sorry for having lost this site for 18 months. I know I have missed many good conversations.
You all take care.
25th Apr 2020 10:56:53 (Last activity: 3rd Nov 2020 23:15:03)
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The times are hard and the grief, death and hardship around us are hard to accept, it gets overwhelming. Soo...., one escape is to focus on the restricted life I have left..., in other words, get selfish in the sense of focusing on self or the darkness will overwhelm me...
Well, was looking for some chat in Arkansas, USA and landed here, apparently in the UK.
Don't have a problem with that at all. Don't really fit in Arkansas any way.
Isolating. Due to my health issues - respiratory allergies and too many bouts of pneumonia - I have to isolate not only from the general population (evil of me to say this but not having to hang out with the Trumpies is not that great of a sacrifice) but also the environment - same allergies. Having lost my job due to the virus, I am really stuck in the house.
I do watch the news, love public television here in America (PBS - check them out, excellent line-up of documentaries and British drama and mysteries and the BBC report every night), Love to read books (have started reading Issac Asimov's books with I, Robot current and Foundation books next), cook and freeze food, wash dishes, do laundry, getting a bit nuts that my hair needed a good cut about six weeks ago, am seriously thinking about painting the inside of my house, on and on and just trying to stay busy.
The hardest part is no one to talk to. Dog and cat do the best they can but if it were not for my excellent chiropractor - a very fine young man with a real brain with whom I get to visit every two weeks - I think I would lose my mind. We do not always agree BUT he gives me a lot to think about and we always respect that the other has good reason behind the opinion.
SO - probably TMI.
BUT if anyone out there is as desperate as I am for a good chat...
Response from PurpleHat made on 28th Apr 2020 22:41:56
HI Ninky, I feel for you! Yes I am an elderly lady in the UK, Wales in fact though I am English born. I live in a very rural area in beautiful countryside of moorland and hills. Long ago now in 2005 after I lost my husband to cancer my daughter and I spent the money I had saved for our Golden wedding anniversary (which he did not make by 4 months unfortunately) on a self drive holiday to Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon. That was one of our experiences of a lifetime and we learnt a lot about the American way of life for the ordinary man and native American as we were off the beaten track for tourists.
I do not know much about life in Kansas
Luckily I am in pretty good health generally, but being 88, and my daughter Asthmatic we are keeping well away at home during these difficult times. By the way I cut my own hair, reverting back to my childhood - standard bob and fringe- since I was never a beauty it does not look at all bad!
We have two collies - sheep dogs- but pets not workers. I love the collie brain. They are out to please and fit themselves into your ways, thinking dogs finding their own solutions to situations. Mine is called Jill, she has become Auntie to my daughter's younger dog,and her body language and communicating skills are remarkable, so is her timekeeping as to when things should be happening! She wakes me up at 7am every morning!.
My main interest is gardening, though I paint a bit as well and take a lot of photos that I can paint from at home. I have travelled quite a bit, and spent the first years of my marriage in Rhodesia now Zimbabwe but we came back to the UK when things went bad out there and we could not see a future. Take care and keep safe and busy!
Response from WeaverLynne made on 2nd Aug 2020 17:16:21
Hi Ninky, not sure you are active still or commenting, but I am in the same boat! American and looking for some chat and landed here in the UK. Although, oddly enough, am actually living in Norway, but we have been self isolating due to my health issues. It has taken its toll too, and it is hard when others do not understand. I hope you are doing well though!
Response from WeaverLynne made on 2nd Aug 2020 17:26:10 > @PurpleHat
🙂 I landed here like Ninky, a bit by mistake, but looking for others who are self isolating. I have asthma and it is not so much fun some days, so it is starting to feel a bit odd me still isolating and folks opening up... anyway, I saw your response to Ninky and thought it was nice of you. I am not sure she is active, but I saw a bit where you were.

I am American, but living in Norway, married to a farmer. I also enjoy gardening, although mine is a sad state this year. I had some back issues during planting season and the weeds have taken over. I have decided to revamp my entire garden and take up some beds and put lawn back in, but make a garden room of sorts next to the house and greenhouse. Something bordered by one tall raised bed that I can use for vegetables and or flowers, with berry bushes on the outside, and a few roses here and there.

I saw that you and your daughter had been to the Grand Canyon on a self driving trip, and I wondered what you most enjoyed about that whole US trip? I have not spent much time in the SW, mostly we travelled a good deal when my father moved, as he was military, so we criss crossed the northern US and have been up and down the East coast, but he settled in Alaska, so that is where I ended up finishing school. My husband came to visit friends during a vacation once and that is how we met, although it took many years and the advent of Facebook before we actually got together.
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor Original Poster made on 2nd Aug 2020 20:15:09 > @WeaverLynne
Hi WeaverLynne,

Welcome and many thanks for your first comment in our Forum.

If you already know your way around, then we will leave you to it.

If you are looking for some lively discussions, head on over to the Forum homepage to see what's trending right now and feel free to join in the discussions, with all our friendly members, perhaps ask a question or even start your own post.

Response from WeaverLynne made on 2nd Aug 2020 22:54:51 > @Sally - Silversurfer's Editor
Thank you 🙂
Response from PurpleHat made on 3rd Nov 2020 23:15:03 > @WeaverLynne
HI WeaverLynne, I just found your post and apologise for not answering sooner.Our US trip started in Salt Lake and ended in Vegas. Travelled one day and stayed over the next arrived in Jackson for the shoot-out, went on to Yellowstone which was my favourite place, walking out on the boardwalks over simmering waters. Monument valley, Dinosaur valley, The Arches Brice and Zion my daughter went on a mule to the bottom of the Canyon-her favourite, but being off the tourist track, talking to ordinary people,, shopping in tiny out of town stores we learnt such a lot about American life in out of the way places. We met some great people from Harley Bikers, Ford Rally drivers, to Indian store keepers Vast Wyoming ranges with no cattle and wagon trails you could not walk on as you could be shot for trespassing! I am now not surprised at the wonder of American visitors over here at our Rights of Way and free access to the countryside!. It was an education as well as a very memorable trip. So glad we did it.
22nd Oct 2020 09:37:03 (Last activity: 23rd Oct 2020 11:14:45)
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Response from Lionel made on 22nd Oct 2020 17:47:01
Borrow an uncut Tom Mog and just let him roam around.

The home will smell awful for a while but it washes away.
Response from Lionel made on 23rd Oct 2020 08:15:37
Ah, these days of female emancipation. There I was, knight on a white charger riding furiously to the rescue of a damsel in distress and what do I find?

I've been replaced by some cheap plastic import. Too late to say you can't beat the real thing!
Response from Tr1sh made on 23rd Oct 2020 09:36:44
Mice rarely arrive alone though 🙁
Response from shrew1742 made on 23rd Oct 2020 11:14:45
I hope, for your sake Yodama, your next incumbent is not 'Mighty Mouse' !!! He might just trap you and take you 3 miles into the countryside before releasing you.
22nd Oct 2020 11:55:56 (Last activity: 23rd Oct 2020 11:06:50)
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Borrow a neighbour's cat for a few days !!!!!
Response from shrew1742 made on 23rd Oct 2020 11:06:50
Why - even before I clicked on to it - did I just know it
was going to be Tom and Jerry ?????

Didn't we all, "in the good old days," love these cartoons ?
I suppose when we look back they were extremely violent for young children to be watching !!! But also very funny.
3rd Jul 2020 08:27:28 (Last activity: 24th Aug 2020 08:52:49)
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Yes, like yourself Yodama, I went to the big shop yesterday. It was a Coop though. It was quiet and orderly. A couple of masks were being worn and there was a bit of twitchiness, especially rounding the corners, but overall people kept their distance. As for the floor arrows I don't think anybody knew they were there. I'm still doing click and collect at Tesco and getting regular spots now. It's convenient but sometimes the products aren't the best. I'm not one to complain, but dented pineapple tins? Really! I'm trying to weigh up whether I miss the social side of shopping enough to stop click and collect. I do like people watching, and I've probably watched the click and collect bloke enough.
Response from Valleyman made on 4th Jul 2020 16:54:45
I'm not keen on gyms or formal exercise, I find it all a bit boring. So when I need to get out of my chair I often do a gym session by walking the aisles of Tesco. 'Gaisling' as i call it. Sometimes I test the 'There must be something worth queuing for theory' which involves standing in front of some random shelves until quite rapidly a passing shopper will want to look at the products behind me. Never fails, even in an empty shop. It's not a coincidence. Try it. The Tesco spots have been murder. Especially when the internet said they released new spots just after midnight. Total jam at 11.55pm. In fact I always find mine in the afternoon, and apart from mistakenly ordering 5 kilos of carrots (I order packets now not loose) it's been great. And I live in a deliverance village, but only in the sense it's always full of DPD vans. Ha. But thinking about it we do have pigs...and banjos....and those people...hmmm.
Response from Jennymp made on 23rd Aug 2020 18:02:57
Hi Valleyman, sorry just being nosey, I tapped your picture to see which valley , if you are, from but I couldn't get it to enlarge, humor me and tell me
Response from Valleyman made on 24th Aug 2020 08:52:49
Hi Jenny I live in the Neath Valley, which is lovely, but the picture if I remember correctly is of Solva in Pembroke. If you don't know the area it's well worth a visit!
15th May 2020 12:29:35 (Last activity: 3rd Jul 2020 23:41:32)
Thanks for voting!
There are some super virtual garden visits on the National Garden Scheme website and they raise lots of money for charities during the year with the gardens which they do open. Not quite the same as being able to wander round at leisure and then have a nice afternoon tea which many of the owners provide, but the site might give you some ideas for when lockdown is over.
Response from PurpleHat made on 2nd Jun 2020 17:23:15
Thanks for the link.I had forgotten about NGS although I have made some visits while free to do so. Are you a keen gardener yourself? It has been my main escape in the last two months especially in the sunshine. My garden is no showpiece, but it pleases me to grow whatever succeeds with me!!!.
Response from CaroleAH made on 2nd Jun 2020 18:33:10 > @PurpleHat
I like the garden to look cared for but have to admit that I'm not too keen on the caring!!! Fortunately my garden is quite small and I enjoy cutting the grass but hate weeding. Everywhere is so dry at the moment so you can't even bend down to pull a weed out, you need to physically dig it out. I've been planting tubs up today and have got some perennial plants and a couple of roses to go in so, hopefully it will rain tomorrow and then I can go out on Thursday and do some digging. I love fuchsias and my Mum had one name after her (Joan Goy) and that needs re-potting so I've got plenty to do and I shall be happier out in the garden when it is much cooler - like my plants, I wilt in the hot sun! 🙂 I'm also quite excited because I've got some figs growing on my tree for the first time.
Response from PurpleHat made on 14th Jun 2020 21:01:15 > @CaroleAH
I know the feeling re your figs, I planted a Damson tree a few years ago, and had fruit for the first time last year. I have only seen a couple of small fruits today, lots of leaf though!. I have a greenhouse which is great when the weather is not so good. It is absolutely full of all sorts from tomatoes to Cacti. The first one when we moved here was flattened in a storm, so replaced it with plastic sheet glazing for safety.
As i live high up in the hills I have to start my plants off in trays and pots to plant out later which is what I have been doing these last few weeks! Sometimes watering the ground before being able to dig a hole!
Last night it rained so hard the guttering overflowed, and my rainwater tubs are full. Yay!
Response from CaroleAH made on 14th Jun 2020 22:16:47 > @PurpleHat
My rainwater butts are overflowing as well which is great. The plants much prefer the rainwater to my tap water which smells of chlorine and my small lawn is looking much greener. I’ve got some scabious to plant out tomorrow and a few petunias then it’s back to the weeding but hopefully that will be much easier now that it has rained. I’ve been told that birds like figs so I’m keeping a close eye on them and then I will have to Google how to prune the tree because it’s getting quite tall and wide. It was only about 3 ft tall when I moved here but now it must be 6 or 7ft tall.
Whereabouts in the hills do you live, Purplehat? Do you have wonderful views?
Carole 🙂
Response from PurpleHat made on 25th Jun 2020 00:00:42 > @CaroleAH
I have only just picked up your reply, Not too used to the site yet and the blue arrow!. I live in the Welsh hills and yes I do have great views, not vast spaces but bits of hill, trees, fields and moorland with sheep next to my garden which I notice have "pruned" the plants next to the fence! I picked some spinach a few broad beans and sugar snap peas today and made up a home grown Stir-fry, so pleased with myself! It was so hot in the greenhouse that I had to fill the trays with water and on the floor for dampness before everything curled up. My cacti are just beginning to flower and the heat takes the blooms over so quickly. No apples to speak of on my tree this year so I have given it a good going over and thinned it out. Grass needs cutting again, job for tomorrow!.
Response from CaroleAH made on 29th Jun 2020 11:50:01 > @PurpleHat
Have emerged from hibernation since it has got cooler! I can't cope with hot humid weather and last week was awful - well over 30C outside and higher than that in the conservatory. It must be lovely to look out of your window at fields and hills but I suppose it could be a bit bleak in the winter. Had a holiday last September exploring Pembrokeshire - so many beautiful beaches and I loved the cathedral in St David's. Hope your plants in the greenhouse survived the intense heat. It's dull and drizzly here in Yorkshire this morning so the gardens are looking much fresher. Take care, PurpleHat - love your photos on the Showcase! 🙂
Response from PurpleHat made on 3rd Jul 2020 23:41:32 > @CaroleAH
Back to grey skies wind and rain for the last two days! Back to woollie cardi! I can't cope with too much heat either and I burn in the sun. but our house walls are of stone and the house stays fairly cool. As for winter we can get cut off by snow for a few days, but that is still beautiful to see too, and even in the mist it has character. There is usually a farmer with a tractor on the move. and we have a woodburner and logs for extra warmth.
I love St David's too, my husband and I walked the Coastal path between Strumble Head and Pembroke many times over the years, especially around Whitsun when the thrift and bluebells were out along the cliffs. Nothing better!. We particularly loved Solva.
I like Yorkshire too, we took our small caravan to Edale one year But I could not bring myself to go down the Blue John mine I don't like caves, or heights for that matter! I do like stones and fossils among other things.
The greenhouse plants survived, I sprayed everything with the hosepipe, including the floor.
Stay well!
3rd Jul 2020 23:17:39
Thanks for voting!
I have not braved the shops yet, and as they have all been over the 5 mile limit in Wales for travel, not likely to, but have been lucky enough to find a delivery slot on a late Saturday. Tesco has been quite good with my orders and I have been happy with the items received and the delivery staff have been great putting it inside my porch- even in the pouring rain last week. Our nearest store is not doing click and collect or delivery, and the next is over 14 miles away. I have not been able to register with any other store. I may well stay with it for the foreseeable future while it is working for me. The biggest chore is having to book the next slot immediately and do another shop, or lose the opportunity as my cupboard is bare of reserves now!. I left it for a couple of days the first time and it was already fully booked for the week ahead!.
31st May 2020 13:57:52 (Last activity: 2nd Jun 2020 16:59:31)
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Response from PurpleHat made on 2nd Jun 2020 16:59:31
Try Uswitch, I found Bulb all good so far!
15th May 2020 08:38:15 (Last activity: 15th May 2020 10:28:54)
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Getting fed up now 9th week in my house and garden what are you all doing now
Response from islandPat made on 15th May 2020 10:28:54
Walking our dog twice a day and going up my tree (family history) or trying to find things on genealogy for my group.

Basic housekeeping and watching special events like opera from the Met being screened for those staying in.

Catching up on reading for book club and having virtual committee meetings 🙂

Pat 🙂
23rd Mar 2020 22:14:43 (Last activity: 15th May 2020 08:45:30)
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I guess we all knew the lock down was coming but none the less, something of a shock to one's system.
Response from Sue - Silversurfers Assistant Editor made on 24th Mar 2020 09:53:17
Hi Lionel, yes we did and it is a shock but it is the best decision to get rid of this situation quickly and to curb the people that are not listening so we can all get back to normality.
Keep safe
Best wishes
Response from Lionel made on 24th Mar 2020 11:13:40
Hello Sue, I think when we come out of this awful mess it will look and feel like the early years of so many Surfers, shops bare, little money and public services on their knees. The days of Clement Atlee's Cradle to Grave policy are well and truly finished.

None the less, it is the right course of action, without a doubt.
Response from Silvermite made on 24th Mar 2020 11:51:48
Hi Lionel. Yes it was definitely a shock to the system. I was really surprised at how down it made me feel and I have been in quarantine for a week! Still the sooner we face it the better. I really feel for people with no garden.
Response from Jo4 made on 8th Apr 2020 16:37:01 > @Silvermite
That’s kind of you,sadly like many people I have no garden & being enclosed for a long time will take its toll especially if you live on your own,isolation is the correct thing to do but it will be hard,best wishes.
Response from jettez made on 15th May 2020 08:45:30 > @Jo4
Pity we can't send virtual videos of walks round our gardens. Mine looks beautiful.
7th May 2020 21:52:41
Thanks for voting!
thank you for your response what do you expect after this is over with
the coronas hop[efullly this month worried about it allso just want other ideas how to cope shortarms or diane
7th May 2020 20:28:03 (Last activity: 7th May 2020 21:22:58)
Thanks for voting!
Just want new ways to keep in touch. I am 73 and sick of staying at home shortarms is my nickname - a person gave me due I could not reach across table for cards at apartment here we now have no activities so I'm getting bored ...

shortarms or diane
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor Original Poster made on 7th May 2020 21:22:58
Hi shortarms,

Welcome and many thanks for your first comment in our Forum.

If you already know your way around, then we will leave you to it.

If you are looking for some lively discussions, head on over to the Forum homepage to see what's trending right now and feel free to join in the discussions, with all our friendly members, perhaps ask a question or even start your own post.

28th Apr 2020 22:56:23
Thanks for voting!
Sorry I meant to say Arkansas not Kansas, Showing my ignorance of American geogrraphy in detail. My husband used to watch every cowboy film that was shown!!!
12th Apr 2020 11:00:01 (Last activity: 12th Apr 2020 11:44:17)
Thanks for voting!
Response from Lionel made on 12th Apr 2020 11:44:17
When truck driving my agency sent me to Chukky Chickens to take their truck to Scotland.

The transport manager produced a heavily padded chicken costume in green, complete with head gear and a placard hung around my neck advertising their products.

A recommendation to relocate said costume to a personal, very dark spot was not well received.

Had a much needed day off instead.
11th Apr 2020 19:49:37 (Last activity: 11th Apr 2020 21:24:55)
Thanks for voting!
Just today. only joking.
Response from Lionel made on 11th Apr 2020 21:24:55
Ha! Ha! Carnflower, it's any day for me but not everyday. Well, almost.
11th Apr 2020 18:44:28
Thanks for voting!
It's day whatever of lockdown. Lost count now and need to rely on my computer for the day and date.

Spent a few days repairing storm damage in our garden. An almost wrecked polytunnel looks like costing a lot, but mercifully we can't get out to spend.

Up to my ankles in wood and concrete trying to think of some more gags. Mmmm. Bit thick today.
10th Apr 2020 13:41:53 (Last activity: 10th Apr 2020 14:13:13)
Thanks for voting!
Going through F/B whilst lockdown is on I am astounded by the talent of people with their amazing voices, I just wish Tom Jones, Simon Cowell etc would look into these pages (maybe they do) I just think they are brilliant, I thank you for allowing me to join Silversurfer's
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor Original Poster made on 10th Apr 2020 14:13:13
Hi josiesurridge,

Welcome and many thanks for your first comment in our Forum.

If you already know your way around, then we will leave you to it.

If you are looking for some lively discussions, head on over to the Forum homepage to see what's trending right now and feel free to join in the discussions, with all our friendly members, perhaps ask a question or even start your own post.

7th Apr 2020 16:56:36 (Last activity: 8th Apr 2020 10:00:17)
Thanks for voting!
Just had a dreadful thought - is it possible that there have been so many deaths in America because a lot of people cannot afford health insurance? What happens to these people - are there doctors/hospitals which will treat patients who haven't got insurance?
Response from Lionel made on 7th Apr 2020 21:16:38
I hadn't thought about that Carole. There must be some emergency medical cover, surely.
Response from CaroleAH made on 7th Apr 2020 23:03:10 > @Lionel
I've Googled it, Lionel and it appears that if you are taken to an "emergency room" (presumably like our A&E) then you will be stabilized even if you have no insurance so things like heart attacks, road accidents etc will be treated but if you have cancer or diabetes they don't treat you because it's a pre-existing, long-term condition. Have a look at:
It's interesting and horrifying at the same time.
Response from Carnflower made on 8th Apr 2020 03:07:34 > @CaroleAH
Hi Carole
I expect you are right about the death rate in America...Gosh it really brings it home how lucky we are in Britain to.have the NHS.This must be the case in some other countries to...
Response from CaroleAH made on 8th Apr 2020 10:00:17
I'm surprised that the populace put up with it! We are so lucky to have our NHS and that's probably why we have so many "medical tourists" who take advantage of our system and disappear without paying their bills. Having worked in the NHS for many years initially in A&E reception and then latterly as a Practice Manager for a group of doctors, I have been on the receiving end of many abusive comments from tourists who want medical treatment but don't want to pay for it. After they had had their rant I would just say "Would you mind telling me if I would receive free treatment and medication if I came to your country?" They usually backed off then!
8th Apr 2020 05:06:13 (Last activity: 8th Apr 2020 08:24:34)
Thanks for voting!
Thanks for sharing the link. Sounds interesting!
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor Original Poster made on 8th Apr 2020 08:24:34
Hi satique,

Welcome to our forum! If you're finding yourself lost, why not start by looking at our current topics. We look forward to getting to know you better.
8th Apr 2020 05:04:09
Thanks for voting!
I know, too well, being alone during this time. Wish there were intelligent people to talk to about what’s going on, someone to play games with or make puzzles, SOMETHING! Just when I was hoping for improvement, they say maybe another month! Being a people person this isn’t fun at all.
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