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22nd Jul 2018 11:03:53
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I do not think she should be queen as that causes problems with her children, they should not be princes. I think she should be a consort. like the Duke of Edinburgh .
Response from jeanmark made on 23rd Jul 2018 14:52:58
Why would her children be princes, their father would not be king?
Response from Lionel made on 23rd Jul 2018 23:51:34
Charles will be crowned King whether we like it or not.

The succession is not governed by moral rectitude, nor by public opinion. It is not an election or a debate about the fittest person to serve the nation and Commonwealth as Head of State.

I can see only two reasons why he may not be crowned king.

First, he signed an abdication document at Christmas 2003 in exchange for being allowed to marry Camilla. Having repeatedly seen footage of his hasty, and very angry departure, from Christmas lunch at Sandringham that year it could be possible.

The other reason is if the Queen lives to 102 years old, like her mother, he may be regarded by the powers that be as too old. He appears not to be in great health and it may be thought by people much grander than us he be prevailed upon to give place to William.

But does William want the throne? Seems not!
13th Jul 2018 18:15:36
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No I don't think she should ever be Queen of England. That said, Camilla made a mistake in marrying her first husband, and Charles never should have married poor Diana. I was not her greatest fan, but I do think she was ill used and far too young.
Response from Margaret Hart made on 16th Jul 2018 18:06:18
No I don’t think for one minute she should be crowned Queen. when Charles was divorced the next in line should have passed to William and then this question would not have arisen.
8th Sep 2015 11:21:19
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Sorry no.
Response from Mousie made on 29th Jun 2018 23:45:03
Maybe they should have been allowed to marry all those years ago, it didn't happen though.
They both married others, it turned out Camilla married a serial adulterer, Charles and Diana were a disaster from the beginning, he just needed a baby factory who would shut up and live her own life, leaving him to live his life, as so many Princesses and Queens have had to do. Charles' behaviour in expecting a submissive wife and an accommodating mistress is not what people expect in this day and age. Charles and Camilla get on well because she indulges him like a child, she knows well how to keep him happy.
I would say good luck to them if they make each other happy, which they definately seem to, she seems to be a quite nice person, if a bit manipulatve but as to being King and Queen Consort, no I don't think that wil be acceptable. Make them duke and duchess of somewhere and let them enjoy their remaining years but not as reigning monarchs,.
As for Diana I think she was too young, vulnerable and naive and in love with an idea but I think she eventually learned to get what she wanted, even if it wasn't the love and admiration of Charles.
11th Jun 2018 15:38:28
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I wouldn't have a problem with her being Queen, if he had enjoyed the same freedom of choice that his sons had when choosing their wives she would have probably been Queen anyway, which in no way denigrates the contribution that Princess Diana made to the modernising of the Royal family but the facts are what they are.
24th Jan 2017 16:52:43
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Just how on earth can one accept a whore to be allowed to sit on the throne of England? As for the clown charlie same again if he ever became king that again i would never accept him as my king!
For me he is a utterly a bigger hypocrite than his fancy bit.Can you imagine a young bride to be marrying a prince who turns out to be a philandering nincompoop.
ALL i ask people is to put yourself in Dianna's shoes on her honeymoon with you man ,yet at the other end of the ship is a woman waiting for her share, I mean come on get real it just would not happen would it! So ok if people want to bow and scrape,and fawn at their feet then obviously they cannot be saved there is nothing left for them is there?
I know this opinion will not suit a lot of people will it ,but hey we are in a DEMOCRACY aren't WE!
Response from jeanmark made on 25th Jan 2017 11:11:05
You are right winky, we are entitled to our own opinion and mine is, why does everyone assume Princess Diane was lily white?

I think Camilla has taken to her role with dignity, no tantrums, no demands and just getting on with the job. I certainly do not think she deserves being called a 'whore'.

As for Prince Charles, unfortunately he is human and thus can not be a perfect being. I like them both and think they will do a good job regardless of title.
Response from CaroleAH made on 25th Feb 2017 00:44:29
I agree with you Jeanmark. Apparently, from what we saw and heard in the media, neither of them (Charles or Diana) were blameless in the failure of their relationship. But who are we to judge - nobody knows for certain what went on behind closed doors. Most of it is speculation. In my opinion, Prince Charles will make a good King and Camilla should be crowned as his Consort.
Response from AllyW made on 31st Dec 2017 03:58:41
lets all advertise adultery was committed and then become king such a good example to set. its not about being divorced
7th Jul 2017 16:41:55
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No she shouldn't He will be head of the Church of England which isn't happy with divorce and remarrying
Response from jeanmark made on 8th Jul 2017 12:58:42
Although the Church of England teaches that marriage is for life. It now also recognizes that some marriages sadly do fail and, thus, it seeks to be available for all involved. The Church accepts that, in exceptional circumstances, a divorced person may marry again in church during the lifetime of a former spouse. This is surely the way forward. If you have been abused by a husband (or wife) and seek divorce should you then be punished further by being prevented from remarrying in the sight of God?
Response from AllyW made on 31st Dec 2017 03:55:36
what does the church say about adultery
2nd Jul 2017 18:21:10
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In my humble opinion Camilla should NEVER be crowned Queen, Charles should be bypassed in favour of Prince William.
Response from jeanmark made on 6th Jul 2017 19:33:59
Why should he be bypassed, he is next in line?
Response from Marie63 made on 8th Jul 2017 04:57:26
everyone is entitled to their own opinion Jeanmark and that just happens to be mine, no offence meant.
Response from jeanmark made on 8th Jul 2017 13:01:54
None taken Marie63 but I am a staunch supporter of Prince Charles and I'm glad he has been able to reconnect and marry his soul mate. I believe she would make a good Queen, she has taken to her role with dignity.
Response from AllyW made on 31st Dec 2017 03:54:34
he should be bypassed because of the drama he caused and I have no problem with him being married to Camilla and don't care they are divorcees but Charles admitted committing adultery with Camilla so that is why. The royal family are supposed to be people we can look up too and to have morals that is immoral
24th Aug 2017 11:19:32
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When Charles becomes King I dought Camilla wants the title Queen. This for many people is a emotive subject and no one knows what really went on in the marriage of Charles and Diana. I do not thing either of them behaved in the right way. Sadly Diana is dead, life goes on . Sometimes I think people believe far too much off the stories so called friends of Diana put out.
Response from jeanmark made on 25th Aug 2017 14:55:45
Well put 1BA, my thoughts exactly and people often forget Camilla was his first love. Diana came later and after her sister!
22nd Jul 2017 23:28:46
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In my opinion never . but she probably will cause the way I look at it she got princess dianas man she got her boys and she got her home and she will get her crown what a shame ..
17th Jun 2017 08:09:22
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No she shouldnt be crowned queen. not ever.
16th Jun 2017 16:11:33
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To the Silversurfer's Editor,

Dear sir /madam, are yooo going completely out of your mind ? what medication are yooo on????
To ask some one as my good self " has she won over my heart" There is a saying a Leopard cannot change its spots, Well that apply's still to that Strumpet! I have seen recently that Diana's boy's are talking about the loss they had to endure and one revelation William supposedly revealed was that OUR DIANA had to address that chimpanzee of a husband AS """ SIR """ if it is true how revolting is that? Can you imagine this scenario ((( excuse me SIR is it ok to have some nuptuals tonight ,that is not all then later saying "" thank you SIR """ I feel like vomiting at the very thought.

You mention 10 years ago 7% should be queer/n sorry! now it is running at almost 50 % my reply is there is no accounting for people's stupidity , Whilst i'm on about these royals can some one out there explain to me " Why does the P.M. of the have to go and ask a doddery owd woman can she form a government ,? did we not lop a king's head off for interfering with our politics. Then all that malarkey of getting "dolled" up ,blokes with womens garter's getting the poor horse's pulling them hither and thither not on .
Response from Silversurfer's Editor made on 16th Jun 2017 16:31:41
All I did was pose the question winky 😉 thank you for your response 🙂
11th Dec 2016 15:56:50
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No no and no again, she behaved abominably, the question should be, is Charles fit to be King, he did not behave in any way honourably towards his wife Diana or to his mistress. No strength of character or backbone.I have no respect for them and will become an anti -royalist if he does become king and she be made queen.
Response from winky made on 16th Jun 2017 16:18:53
YO , very well put my dear friend i must be doing some thing right so what i normally say is Come the revolution !gave a nice day folks.
23rd May 2017 09:03:50
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Camilla is million light years better than that ghastly woman Diana, imo.
24th Feb 2017 14:39:35
Thanks for voting!
I would just like to wish all our silver -surfer's are keeping well during this cold spell and especially through this horrid storm DORIS sincerely hope no one has come to any harm, have a nice day folks.
Response from Yodama made on 24th Feb 2017 15:49:13
Thanks for your concerns Winky, Doris went through here like a.... well whirlwind, sent garden furniture and dustbins off on a journey again. It happened not so long ago. I ended up in the outer Hebrides and my sandwich I was holding was blown to Hong Kong. Otherwise all is well in this part of the country now. Sun is shining, still a bit windy.
What was it like in your neck of the woods? Hope nothing too bad.
You have a nice day too.
24th Feb 2017 14:40:35
Thanks for voting!
00000OOPS my last post was nothing to dod with the camilla subject sorry my error.
24th Feb 2017 10:16:49
Thanks for voting!
Camilla is married to our next possible King. Give the woman a title of sorts but I'm not sure she deserves to be called our Queen. (Although I feel she carries out more royal duties than Beatrice and Eugene! )

Diana was undoubtedly used by the Royal family, which lost the Royals a lot of public respect and left a bad taste. But Diana was hardly a saint, she did seem to court controversy. Sad, unnecessary ending to a young woman's life though.

There are always two sides to every story and we can only quote what we have read in the the papers at that time, but that doesn't make it fact.
Response from jeanmark made on 24th Feb 2017 12:38:48
So agree with what you have said Polly-Rae.
26th Jan 2017 20:13:20
Thanks for voting!
No no no no no no off with her head, off with both of their heads....
Both are vile, what they did to Diana was a crime of the people.
Both represent old school, its time to reach out to the new generations of our country
which would be to have Prince William as our king. Modern, right age, right attitude, time to carry on what our queen has done so far.... yet in light of an ever changing world.
Charles and Camilla will just time warp us all backwards.

Sorry but you did ask...
Response from winky made on 27th Jan 2017 16:21:41
Well how do you do ( cloudless13 At last or should i say my another member of our group who utterly despise the idea of HER ever being Queen!! As for old monkey ears he has gone well past his sell by date and should gently fade away into his garden to talk with his plants.
I have been having a discussion with one of our contemporaries and we have come to an end as we cannot agree hey no problems that's democracy right!

As for what they did together behind Diana's back was absolute Treachery. I mean they were seeing each other well before Diana emerged onto the scene. Then on his honeymoon he is at one of the boat YKW was at t he other end. NOT on.
Then after Diana was assassinated by as we all know who they were , bang after that they can come into the daylight , but i will never accept those two being King&Queen as long as i live.
Response from cloudless13 made on 31st Jan 2017 19:30:17
Dear Winky

Blimey you made me laugh... yet you are so right from my point of view. We should not just take what is thrust into our heads for the sake of being English opps sorry British.

Times have changed and we need new blood to stand as heads of our lovely country, young new thinking blood that will be in tune with the modern world. The two misfits monkey ears and his ashtray of a wife need to disappear and let someone else take the challenge..
25th Jan 2017 15:28:18
Thanks for voting!
This is a reply for "jeanmark" Hello Jean how are today thank you for your reply as i did say of which you accepted it is only my view so i think there's a saying ( we will have to agree to disagree)
Now then i have been reading almost all of our silversurfer's comments on this subject and there is one underlining theme i wish to challenge and that is for those who have remarked by saying
"" Do you know Diana was not cleaner than clean""
Well i always speak from the heart and my reply to all who made that comment i put this to you i partially agree with you ( steady on don't get overexcited) What i do disagree with you is the facts yes she did become a bit tasty after everything was exposed ,what and why i was remarking on was that when she was just a slip of of a thing at the nursery this when old stiff ears hand in pocket guy started the courtship whilst doing that he was already knocking the old hag off then!!!!
So as we all know he was doing it (her) before ,during ,and after that is what i cannot ,and will not stand of any future monarch . Though if one cares to read about our royal history you will find that it was rife back then ,nothing has changed today as some one keeps harping on about the 21st Century move on ! Garbage tradition is tradition and it should be upheld otherwise get shut of the whole lot ! So i believe again iv'e answered my critic's ,Have a nice day folks..
Response from jeanmark made on 26th Jan 2017 15:17:34
As your response was to me winky, I thought I would respond. Firstly, I apologise, I hadn't realised you were on intimate terms with the family and thus be aware of all the intricacies within the marriage.

I have to say I would not describe Princess Diana as a 'slip of a girl' when she started dating Prince Charles, I believe she was twenty, although she was from a privileged background. I will accept she may have been a little naive, as he first dated her sister in 1977 and didn't really take an interest in her until about 1980. However, he had started to date Camilla in 1970. That romance came to an end when Prince Charles entered the navy in 1971 and she subsequently married Andrew Parker Bowles (who had had a relationship with Princess Anne). It is reported that Prince Charles and Camilla started an affair in 1986 despite both being married. I doubt if he is the first or last man to be unfaithful, the same as Diana was not the first or last woman to also be unfaithful. Is it a chicken and egg thing? What I find difficult to understand is why does this make him unfit to be King?
18th Jan 2017 13:41:28
Thanks for voting!
First time I,be posted on here. I have NHS hearing aids, also eczema. The flakes get into the hearing aid and stop my hearing constantly. Any ideas anybody.
13th Dec 2016 11:32:20
Thanks for voting!
No, definitely not, but then I don't like Charles either.
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