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11th Nov 2016 16:09:30
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10th Nov 2016 00:34:20
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13th Oct 2016 22:45:16
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No she shouldn't be queen
She an old bag lady keep
Her in the back ground
30th Sep 2016 17:24:40
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Well i am having to tread very carefully here as not to become censored! My views about a "female of the night" "A marriage wrecker" i could use a word starting with W and ending in E but i will keep it clean. She has never and will never win me over! I ask myself many,many, times just how has this person managed to hoodwink ,cajole,nay even win some people's favour ,especially for what she did in and in the way she did .
That was to have an Adulterous afffair with the future King of England. It was done so in an open manner that was flagrant and outrageous that everyone with a modicum of grey matter knew what was going on except for that poor lass DIANA . There are far to many to list but here are a few Whilst he was on official duty handing back HONGKONG to the CHINESE that excuse for a woman was on the boat as was Charlie & Diana when the party was over he toodled to bed not Diana's , guess?
There are numerous occasions back home when he would slink off , it's a well known fact ,to put it how i describe it is thus ( He was "at it " BEFORE DURING AND AFTER )" that is what drove Diana into the arms of other's because of the typical PHILANDERING that has been the norm since 1066 the royals of this country hold nothing special in life ,and never will ,as for the questioner he/she asked for people's views well these are mine ,Should there be any interest in the future ruling's of this great country i sincerley wish ,pray that the next King should be
WILLIAM not the womaniser charly and his moll i cant bring myself to say her name . Well i will cut this short as my dinner is calling .
23rd Sep 2016 11:13:49
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I don't think she should because she's his second wife and not the mother of his children.
3rd Mar 2016 22:59:39
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No, I don't think Camilla should ever be queen. The Duke of Windsor abdicated the throne to marry Mrs Simpson, a divorcee. Why should Charles be any differently? He spent the night before his wedding to Diana with Camilla on the Royal train, which says exactly what kind of man he is. William and Kate would be wonderful as King and Queen.
Response from ThatManViv made on 26th Aug 2016 15:43:53
must have been awful for the pair of them, being in love, and knowing Charles HAD to marry to satisfy protocol ... used to rip me apart when my ex used to go away to spend weekends with her bf ....
Response from jeanmark made on 30th Aug 2016 18:13:48
Lareine you ask "why should Charles be any different", because we live in the 21st century?
Response from KEITH_WL made on 30th Aug 2016 21:55:26
I don't agree, Laraine. The world has moved on, Camilla has moved on and most of us have - and it's not as if royal persons were saints at any time, or most of them at least. I know no reason why Camilla shouldn't make a good queen.
Response from Alan247 made on 31st Aug 2016 09:48:09
I really do hate that expression...We've move on, it's the 21st Century...what does it mean? same as....some people still live in the dark ages. Are people frightened of people who think for themselves and make their own choices. Expressions like that have no meaning, they are used when people don't know what to say, same as if you get into a bit of a heated conversation on forums, if people can't come up with a decent reply, they look to see if you put the comma in the right place or spelt every word correct
Response from jeanmark made on 31st Aug 2016 16:19:05
Oh dear Alan247, I assume you haven't 'moved on' to the '21st century'. It means things change over time. I was a nurse for 47 years, are you suggesting I shouldn't have 'moved on' from the practice used when I started my training?

I can assure you I am quite capable of thinking for myself and making my own choices, which is why I chose to 'move on' and live in the '21st century'.
30th Aug 2016 23:11:27
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This would easier to read if you used mixed case, not all upper case. It's as if you're shouting, for one thing.
4th Jun 2016 22:42:38
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Deffinately no It would decimate the meaning of being Royal for ever.
Response from Dollie made on 30th Jun 2016 11:07:47
thats already happened!!
Response from celtwitch made on 30th Aug 2016 10:48:42
What is 'Royal?'
Response from jeanmark made on 30th Aug 2016 13:48:37
Not sure what you mean Rytona. I understood 'Royal' to mean "belonging or connected to a king or queen or a member of their family" in which case Camilla fits that description and I believe deserves the title.
30th Jun 2016 10:48:15
Thanks for voting!
diana was not the saint you are all making out,she had not one but several affairs from very early in her marriage,and according to her most ardent admirer was in the habit of travelling around London in the middle of the night wearing only her fur coat and a big smile,then let it be known she was " visiting the dying"if anyone was a disgrace it was her as for Edward V11 and princess Margaret divorce was looked on totaltheyly differently in those days i had relations who wouldn't speak to an uncle of mine because he was divorced and as thereare more people in this country and the commonwealth who have no ties with the church of England than do that is nothing to do with it.and according to diana no one in the whole royal family had any affection for her so why anyone should think the Qeen is being forced to show it for Camilla I don't know.they are human and have the same right to be happy as every one else and Camilla will make a dignified and graceful queen she has never poked anyone up the backside with an umbrella,or hit prince Charles over the head with a dummy champagne bottle having said that I hope it will be many many years before the queation ever arises becauseif it does it means we will have lost ourbeloved queenand that is a thoubht almost to painful to even think about
Response from ThatManViv made on 26th Aug 2016 15:39:53
I gave up ...every heard of punctuation .... 😉
30th Jun 2016 11:19:03
Thanks for voting!
definetely no! If Charles became king make her a duchess! ( all I can picture in my head is the duchess in Alice and Wonderland)
Response from BungalowBel made on 5th Jul 2016 15:46:22
She is a Duchess (of Cornwall) already 🙂
Response from ThatManViv made on 26th Aug 2016 15:36:24
that good eh ..... 😉
5th Jul 2016 17:14:34
Thanks for voting!
She's rather non-descript isn't she, with the dress sense of a Roma gypsy and the voice of a 1920's radio presenter. I find it remarkable that he cheated on Diana with Mrs Parker Beige!
Response from ThatManViv made on 26th Aug 2016 15:35:37
no accounting for taste eh . . . and poor Diana, never stood a chance.
26th Aug 2016 15:34:05
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Why would she NEED to be declared Queen, we have a Duke of Edinburgh as the Queens husband now, give her a title, and let her be King Clarles' wife.
26th Aug 2016 09:40:58
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A better question would be should be should Prince Charles make a good King?
Response from art1935 made on 26th Aug 2016 10:27:53
he has not had a chance to show he could be King and after all,what sort of participation does Royalty have in running of this country
16th Nov 2015 01:23:21
Thanks for voting!
NO !!! and in fact I feel it is high time we ceased to have a monarchy; allow the present Queen to reach the end of her reign and that's be the end of that.
Response from art1935 made on 26th Aug 2016 08:58:30
So would you prefer a dictatorship or a presidency someone like Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton or maybe have the military takeover? The Royal family is part of our history which once upon a time we were proud of I would agree that there are hangers on in royalty and should be cast out, they are the ones which I'm sure you all know that are draining part of our taxes.
5th Jul 2016 15:45:41
Thanks for voting!
I always thought she was far better for Charles than Diana ever was. He will be a better King with her by his side.

Yes, let her be crowned.
1st Jul 2016 17:43:50
Thanks for voting!
I thought we would have moved on since 1937 and Edward VIII and Mrs Simpson. Good to remember that they were happily married for over 35 years. Princes have had mistresses since time began so that's nothing new. Diana was not snow white herself if truth be told but the marriage seemed wrong from the very first so it's a pity it ever took place. However,it did and time moves on so I think that as Camilla seems to make Charles so happy and fits in so well with the Family, then let it happen. It will be William and Kate's turn soon enough.
5th Jun 2016 09:42:02
Thanks for voting!
My view is this......50 odd years ago Charles and Camilla fell in love but at that time she was probably not deemed to be suitable for the heir to the throne so he was packed off somewhere for a while and on his return Camilla had made a suitable marriage! If the situation had occurred today Charles would no doubt have been allowed to marry Camilla and she would naturally have become our future queen.......... However, that doesn't mean I think she should eventually become fact I would like the reins handed over to William, thus missing a generation, but of course this will never happen. All I can hope for is that I'm around to see William and Catherine come to the throne, but by then I'll no doubt be "away with the fairies"
28th May 2016 13:19:33
Thanks for voting!
NOOO!!! That Camilla creature is proven to be a liar, unfaithful, deceitful & manipulative. She would as a divorcee be married to the HEAD OF THE CoE ! ...with those traits...who could say she's fit to be given that role? When she was married she sloped around behind her faithful husbands back to commit adultery with the equally untrustworthy, deceitful and manipulative Charles.
They are together a shame on the house of Windsor, at least Edward chose Mrs Simpson, Charles wants IT ALL, do you really think she is a lovely person? She has been very slowly and carefully brought into public life, she had to be, there would have been an uproar if she'd been brought straight in as Diana's replacement...slowly, slowly,catchy monkey...slowly so she was accepted.
I firmly believe that NEITHER Charles or his present wife are fit to reign, they set VERY LOW moral standards, he should for once in his life do the right thing and let succession go the his eldest son.
28th May 2016 07:30:44
Thanks for voting!
Yes she should be Queen,she comes across as a loving wife and a good stepmother to the boys .we all loved Diana and they were wrong for their affair but in the real world Charles would have married his first choice.they truly love each other..
Margaret Hart
27th May 2016 22:35:33
Thanks for voting!
I do not think Camilla should be crowned Queen as she has from the beginning she showed herself to be dishonourable.
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