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Do you think Camilla should be crowned queen?

As the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary today, has Camilla won us all over with her style, substance and support?

Ten years ago 7% of the British public thought Camilla should be queen. In a similar poll 10 years later 50% of those polled said they now think Camilla should be queen when Prince Charles comes to the throne.

The past decade has seen perceptions of the former Camilla Parker Bowles transformed to a valued member of the royal “firm” whom half the nation would accept as queen.

It would appear that Prince Charles would like her to be crowned with him by his side and also that Prince William and Prince Harry have accepted her role.

What are your views? Has Camilla won over your heart?

Created By on 23/06/2015

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19th Dec 2015 17:56:24
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Never,never ,never should she be Queen,I agree with JulieO
When compared with our beloved Queen you could not get a greater difference.She is a ' hanger on' and has no qualities needed to be named Queen.She should be satisfied with the title she has been given
20th Jul 2021 21:51:10 (Last activity: 21st Jul 2021 14:29:38)
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NO Camilla should NOT be Queen Charles @camilla are bullies and SNEAKS His position was by birthright not merit the RESPECT he had to earn. He did not succeed What kind of people think it is OK to marry and use a young girl so he can keep a position They both emotionally abused Diana and they would both use William and his family if it suited them Charles has brought the monarchy into disrepute IF he becomes King
With Camila THEY will divide a nation and destroy all the Queen has built
Response from jeanmark made on 21st Jul 2021 14:29:38
Interesting respective lyndaredhead, I'm afraid I am not a member of Princes Charles household and thus have no evidence that he is a sneak and a bully. He did not have to marry a young girl to retain his position as heir to the throne, this his by right of birth. He was however expected to marry in order to produce heirs and, having been refused permission to marry Camilla when they were both young, he had to choose a wife.

He met Diana, a member of the aristocracy, when she was aged 16 and he was dating her older sister. She had some insight into the royal lifestyle as she was born and brought up in Park House, which is situated on the Sandringham estate. As the royal family frequently holidayed at the neighbouring Sandringham House, Diana played with the Queen's younger sons Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

I met Diana three times and she was charming, but there was the public princess and the private woman. It should not be assumed she was a young innocent used and abuse by her husband. Both Charles and Camilla work hard and have always and continue to support the Queen. Both he and Camilla adore both his sons and grandchildren and would never do anything to harm them.
20th Jul 2021 21:54:13
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Who pays for the security on the home Camilla kept when she married Charles
18th Apr 2021 21:47:22 (Last activity: 18th Apr 2021 22:56:46)
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I find Camilla really interesting. A while ago I read that she keeps a separate home where she visits with her family and grandchildren and that is where she is truly at home. I think she does all she can to support Charles and the royals and she has the maturity to do it. Diana and Meghan were young and probably didn't have a strong enough sense of self to put up with all it takes to marry into the royal family. I would be curious to hear from others who have an inside scoop on Camilla.
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor Original Poster made on 18th Apr 2021 22:56:46
Hi Royalwatcher,

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20th Mar 2021 12:59:53 (Last activity: 20th Mar 2021 18:52:27)
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I would not consider myself a Royalist, and it is difficult to judge anyone’s personal relationships as so much is unknown. However the details that are in the public domain show Charles and Camilla to be cynical, manipulative and cruel. These are traits that have been shown by many historical rulers, but surely the right thing to do if the Royal Family to retain any credibility in the 21st century is for the succession to pass straight to William and Kate .
Response from jeanmark made on 20th Mar 2021 18:52:27
Lordcobden, it would be interesting to know what information in the public domain has led you to this conclusion and how recent is this?
28th Feb 2021 01:13:00 (Last activity: 2nd Mar 2021 00:46:25)
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Hello...As a lifelong "Royal Watcher" with family ties to the U.K., I've long followed all of the news about the royal family...With regards to Charles and Camilla, it's always been very hard to feel positive about them as a couple. Like millions around the world, I adored Princess Diana and with my wedding anniversary matching hers and Charles, I had a special place in my heart for the "fairytale"...If Charles had met Camilla under different circumstances, it might be different. Any woman following Diana would have a hard time being in that shadow, and if it were any other woman, I would feel sympathy for her. All love and romance aside, the facts are that Camilla took Diana under her wing, offering "friendship" while staying firmly in the picture. I can't think of anything that would excuse her virtually setting up a separate household with Charles while Diana was trying to build a marriage. Forget discretion, the fact that she offered to be Charles' mistress at their first meeting shows her character. Even if the only sleazy information about the couple was the disgusting "Camillagate" audiotapes...How is anyone...other heads of state, politicians, etc., supposed to respect a couple with that kind of history?! I wouldn't be able to look at them, thinking about the adulterous activities that they expect people to forget about. Charles is an entitled...? and just because he loves Camilla and thinks she's been rehabilitated with the makeover and the passage of time doesn't make her suitable. For all those who say that Camilla never wanted to be queen and was happy staying in the background...My opinion is that this was her goal all along. She sure is enjoying her rewards. More than even the adultry, I think the most despicable actions by both Charles and Camilla were making Diana feel that she was just imagining the affair. Knowing she was emotionally fragile and pretending that she was the one with the problem. These are people that will represent the U.K. to the rest of the world? I can't imagine her sitting on the throne that Queen Elizabeth has spent a lifetime protecting. All of the respect that she's garnered will go out the window with those two being crowned. If King and Queen were regular jobs with clear job descriptions, neither Charles or Camilla would get past the initial screening. Let them stay at Highgrove and skip to William and Kate. I think they are the only hope of any respect for the crown in the future.
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor Original Poster made on 28th Feb 2021 07:53:37
Hi ellen426pink,

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Response from jeanmark made on 28th Feb 2021 14:27:38
Ellen426oink, I to am a staunch royalist and I believe it important to recognise Charles and Camilla reportedly met for the first time at a Polo match at Windsor Castle in 1970, setting the stage for an on-and-off relationship that would span the next five decades. It has been reported that Charles was not permitted to marry Camilla, as at the time she was not considered a suitable bride for the heir to the throne. She went on to marry someone else and have two children. This marriage ended in 1997.

He first met Diana in 1977 when she was 16 and he was introduced to her when dating her older sister Sarah. Diana was born into the British aristocracy and grew up close to the royals on their Sandringham Estate

It has been reported that he and Camilla started their affair in 1986 when his marriage to Diana had "irretrievably broken down" five years in. Diana was aware of it and confronted Camilla at a party telling her she was aware of the affair. However, it is important to note that both he and Diana had affairs throughout their marriage from 1981 to 1996

Many adored Princess Diana, I met her three times and she was a gracious and charming lady, but there was the public face of the princess and the private face of the woman.

I am happy that Charles has at last married the woman he always loved and who has given him the love and support he needs. She has taken to the role quietly and with dignity despite what she has had to endure from the public perception of her relationship, painting her as a "scarlet woman".
Response from Lionel made on 28th Feb 2021 16:25:56
Very well said. I agree.
Response from PurpleHat made on 28th Feb 2021 17:47:47
ellen426pink It seems to me that one should be sure of one's facts before expressing such negative views about any person, let alone those in the public view. Royal protocol prevented Charles from marrying his first love. He should have been stronger. It is not the same now .Every one knows the sad outcome. Let it be!!!.
Response from CaroleAH made on 2nd Mar 2021 00:46:25 > @jeanmark
Excellent response JeanMark.
10th Feb 2021 16:33:11 (Last activity: 14th Feb 2021 23:43:12)
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When all's said and done, what is allowable now in our society isn't really the point, because being a Queen is not the same as being a common forelock-tugger like you and me, because we are never going to be married to the Head of our country. However, one day (like his mother) Charles will be Head of the Church, which traditionally has not allowed Monarchs to marry divorcees. (Remember what happened to Edward & Mrs Simpson and, just lately, to Harry & Meghan? It's gullible to imagine that moving abroad was all their own idea - they didn't fit into the Firm, so they had to go.) It'll be interesting to see which way the Church falls when it comes to deciding about Charles and Camilla's status. What Camilla gets to wear on her head is hardly the point now - the heir's divorce and re-marriage have already been blessed by the Church. Our opinions on whether or not they should be "allowed" to be King & Queen are redundant, since the Church has clearly already caved in. The real question is "Just how much should the Royals be allowed to kick the backside out of the country that keeps them?"
Response from jeanmark made on 14th Feb 2021 15:10:26
MollyUk, we now live in the 21st century, a different world to that of Edward and Mrs Simpson, as to Harry and Meghan, the chances of him becoming king are so remote, it is a mute point as to the reasons they moved to Meghan's home country.

I believe it was right and proper for the Church of England to allow Charles and Camilla to marry. It also has to move with the times, particularly if it wants to survive and embrace the times we now live in. I would prefer it to move forward rather than try to hold us back.

I for one feel Camilla has taken to her role with quite dignity and fortitude, supporting Charles in all aspects of his life. They have earned their happiness.
Response from CaroleAH made on 14th Feb 2021 23:43:12 > @jeanmark
Well said, Jeanmark. Initially I had quite ambivalent feelings about Charles and Camilla getting married but you have only to see the body-language between this couple to appreciate how much in love they are. Camilla has carried out her role with great dignity and is a huge support for Prince Charles. Charles and Camilla had a civil service first followed by a blessing in the chapel at Windsor. The CofE is slowly moving forward (hence Harry and Meghan's marriage in the chapel) - it has a long way to go and like most changes, some will see them for the better and others for the worse. If young people are to be encouraged to attend church then some of the regulations will have to change to fit in with the 21st century, not forgetting that the CofE was invented by a divorcee - Henry v111.
19th Dec 2020 14:27:05 (Last activity: 18th Jan 2021 15:26:26)
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The past behaviour of both Camilla and Charles does not give rise to respect them as Monarchs. The media has been used to promote Camilla in a way that is intended to influence acceptance of her and unfortunately it seems to be working. The Royals are a business funded by tax payers and tourism. Royalty is outdated and as a Nation we should move away from this and stop providing lavish lifestyles for the Royal entourage and encouraging hypocrisy. I will cringe to see a crown on Camilla’s head!
Response from PurpleHat made on 19th Dec 2020 21:49:32
Your view seems to be a pretty jaundiced view of things and held without looking into the causes behind the present state of affairs. The Royal Family have had some hard lessons to learn over the recent years, and have done their best in my opinion to learn from past mistakes, hence William was allowed to marry his Kate and not some European Princess, and Harry, his Megan, and the children now have as normal an upbringing as the Press and paparazzi will allow.

I am no ardent Royalist, but looking around the world, it seems to me that the Presidents of various countries have done a pretty poor job, and honestly can you look around and say who you would choose to be President of the UK.???? The royal family pay a lot of their own bills from family wealth, and do not often meddle in politics. How many Presidents can claim true freedom from corruption? I think on the whole we are better off as we are, as we can at least see where our money goes, and often enjoy the shows it pays for!!!.
Response from CaroleAH made on 20th Dec 2020 11:13:24 > @PurpleHat
I agree with you, PurpleHat. If Charles had been allowed to marry Camilla in the first place, as he wished, then things would have been very different. Diana also had affairs whilst married to Charles so was no better or worse at keeping their marriage vows than he was. You have only to watch the body-language between Charles and Camilla to realise that they are devoted to each other and heaven forbid that we should ever have a President like Trump or Macron in this country.
Response from PurpleHat made on 21st Dec 2020 08:44:56
CarolAH, I appreciate your support!
Response from SoniaH1 made on 6th Jan 2021 00:25:40 > @PurpleHat
I totally agree that it is amazing how much ignorance there is! How can some people think it’s ok to spend all that money (taxes) to take care of all those people who have never worked in their life!!! It shocks me to see how they allowed that white to walk around like she didn’t cause any pain, and as far as the children accepting her!!! I don’t think they have a choice and that is why Harry was smart enough to get out! But hopefully when this guy Charles moves in he will be overthrown and all that money can be used for the citizens and not lazy, ungrateful heirs.
Response from lyndaredhead made on 18th Jan 2021 14:38:53 > @PurpleHat
I agree with Rited Their deceitful behaviour and scrounging on tax payer is not a good image to represent British people Let us support William and Kate and Edward and Sophie.
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor Original Poster made on 18th Jan 2021 15:26:26 > @lyndaredhead
Hi lyndaredhead,

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24th Jan 2017 16:52:43 (Last activity: 18th Jan 2021 14:34:41)
Thanks for voting!
Just how on earth can one accept a whore to be allowed to sit on the throne of England? As for the clown charlie same again if he ever became king that again i would never accept him as my king!
For me he is a utterly a bigger hypocrite than his fancy bit.Can you imagine a young bride to be marrying a prince who turns out to be a philandering nincompoop.
ALL i ask people is to put yourself in Dianna's shoes on her honeymoon with you man ,yet at the other end of the ship is a woman waiting for her share, I mean come on get real it just would not happen would it! So ok if people want to bow and scrape,and fawn at their feet then obviously they cannot be saved there is nothing left for them is there?
I know this opinion will not suit a lot of people will it ,but hey we are in a DEMOCRACY aren't WE!
Response from jeanmark made on 25th Jan 2017 11:11:05
You are right winky, we are entitled to our own opinion and mine is, why does everyone assume Princess Diane was lily white?

I think Camilla has taken to her role with dignity, no tantrums, no demands and just getting on with the job. I certainly do not think she deserves being called a 'whore'.

As for Prince Charles, unfortunately he is human and thus can not be a perfect being. I like them both and think they will do a good job regardless of title.
Response from CaroleAH made on 25th Feb 2017 00:44:29
I agree with you Jeanmark. Apparently, from what we saw and heard in the media, neither of them (Charles or Diana) were blameless in the failure of their relationship. But who are we to judge - nobody knows for certain what went on behind closed doors. Most of it is speculation. In my opinion, Prince Charles will make a good King and Camilla should be crowned as his Consort.
Response from AllyW made on 31st Dec 2017 03:58:41
lets all advertise adultery was committed and then become king such a good example to set. its not about being divorced
Response from lyndaredhead made on 18th Jan 2021 14:34:41 > @jeanmark
Yes she is and he is a fool both are deceitful What will they do next time they want to manipulate
A situation for their benefit starve the people they already scrounge on tax payer
18th Jan 2021 14:20:08
Thanks for voting!
No Camilla PB should not be crowned Queen She Charles and Andrew should just quitely disappear they deserve each other. They should have one house to live in that tax payer money funds they have no relevance to present day how many events can they open and their opinions are not valued William and Kate represent the British people well and represent family values better. Also Sophie Wessex and Edward
Present a distant image The Queen has done a good job but please don't foist Charles and Camilla on us
I don't know why Prince Harry left but that was his choice and let us not forget Charles was a bad husband and a rubbish father if it had not been for Charles and Camillas behaviour
Diana may still be alive today. who is the father of Laura P B
8th Jan 2021 10:42:59 (Last activity: 8th Jan 2021 22:15:04)
Thanks for voting!
Every one has a right to an opinion and to express it, It helps if you have a good knowledge of the subject under discussion which unfortunately SoniaH1 apparently does not, no idea how much the Royal family pay out of their own purses, No idea what a President would cost us either. Wholly out of the Public Purse!
Our amazing Queen is just that She dedicated her life to the job when it was thrust upon her at an early age after her father's death. I am old enough to remember him, and the Royal family's courage during the war years, when the two princesses were children themselves and she has carried out endless duties of all kinds since, as have many others in the family.
They are slowly moving into modern times, and I for one would far rather have a continuation of a Monarchy in this country than any Presidency, by observation of the general run of holders of that office in the last few decades. There are very few examples that I could give credence to. Tradition, Pomp and Ceremony are deeply rooted and valued in this country. I am not an ardent Royalist, but I am proud of our heritage. Don't Knock it!!!!
Response from CaroleAH made on 8th Jan 2021 14:16:50
Well said, PurpleHat. Our Queen has dedicated her life to the service of this country and is a wonderful example for all the "snowflake" youngsters of today. Yes, she and her family have a privileged lifestyle, but which one of us could honestly say that we would enjoy the downside of their lives - constantly being in the public eye and criticised for not smiling enough or smiling too much or not saying the right thing or wearing too many new clothes etc etc. When I see what is happening in America right now I think that we should be thankful that we don't have a President!
Response from PurpleHat made on 8th Jan 2021 22:15:04 > @CaroleAH
Thank you CaroleAH for your support. It is appreciated.
7th Jan 2021 14:33:09 (Last activity: 7th Jan 2021 17:05:47)
Thanks for voting!
No. But I don't think it can avoided.

Its terrible that they can get away with their destructive behaviour towards Diana and Charles' marriage.
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor Original Poster made on 7th Jan 2021 17:05:47
Hi MariaCB,

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6th Jan 2021 19:18:22
Thanks for voting!
I am sure as a Republican you will never see their worth but they are paid for the work they do for the country and the Queen voluntarily also pays tax. In 2018 it is estimated the Royals brought in £430 million more than they cost us that year. Do we mind paying them, no we do not as they earn that money.

Incidentally, Princess Diana did do charity work for people, her involvement with HIV and The National Aids Trust are well known, plus her work in supporting Centrepoint, The English National Ballet, Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital, The Leprosy Mission and The Royal Marsden Hospital NHS Trust! What makes you think she was instructed to only work for animal charities?
6th Jan 2021 00:42:50 (Last activity: 6th Jan 2021 08:29:14)
Thanks for voting!
They are all full of it, it is amazing how you all do not mind paying for these people to do nothing!!! The amazing queen even said to Diana to do animal charities instead of people!!! That’s the amazing queen of Uk
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor Original Poster made on 6th Jan 2021 08:29:14
Hi SoniaH1,

Welcome and many thanks for your first comment in our Forum.

If you already know your way around, then we will leave you to it.

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8th Sep 2015 11:21:19 (Last activity: 6th Jan 2021 00:36:42)
Thanks for voting!
Sorry no.
Response from Mousie made on 29th Jun 2018 23:45:03
Maybe they should have been allowed to marry all those years ago, it didn't happen though.
They both married others, it turned out Camilla married a serial adulterer, Charles and Diana were a disaster from the beginning, he just needed a baby factory who would shut up and live her own life, leaving him to live his life, as so many Princesses and Queens have had to do. Charles' behaviour in expecting a submissive wife and an accommodating mistress is not what people expect in this day and age. Charles and Camilla get on well because she indulges him like a child, she knows well how to keep him happy.
I would say good luck to them if they make each other happy, which they definately seem to, she seems to be a quite nice person, if a bit manipulatve but as to being King and Queen Consort, no I don't think that wil be acceptable. Make them duke and duchess of somewhere and let them enjoy their remaining years but not as reigning monarchs,.
As for Diana I think she was too young, vulnerable and naive and in love with an idea but I think she eventually learned to get what she wanted, even if it wasn't the love and admiration of Charles.
Response from SoniaH1 made on 6th Jan 2021 00:36:42 > @Mousie
Yes!!! Go be somewhere else! They do not deserve the title! I just think why pay so much for nothing? They do nothing!!!
22nd Jul 2018 11:03:53 (Last activity: 6th Jan 2021 00:34:09)
Thanks for voting!
I do not think she should be queen as that causes problems with her children, they should not be princes. I think she should be a consort. like the Duke of Edinburgh .
Response from jeanmark made on 23rd Jul 2018 14:52:58
Why would her children be princes, their father would not be king?
Response from Lionel made on 23rd Jul 2018 23:51:34
Charles will be crowned King whether we like it or not.

The succession is not governed by moral rectitude, nor by public opinion. It is not an election or a debate about the fittest person to serve the nation and Commonwealth as Head of State.

I can see only two reasons why he may not be crowned king.

First, he signed an abdication document at Christmas 2003 in exchange for being allowed to marry Camilla. Having repeatedly seen footage of his hasty, and very angry departure, from Christmas lunch at Sandringham that year it could be possible.

The other reason is if the Queen lives to 102 years old, like her mother, he may be regarded by the powers that be as too old. He appears not to be in great health and it may be thought by people much grander than us he be prevailed upon to give place to William.

But does William want the throne? Seems not!
Response from SoniaH1 made on 6th Jan 2021 00:34:09 > @Lionel
One doesn’t want it and one is not fit. Wake up UK! Get rid of this nonsense.
6th Jan 2021 00:31:46
Thanks for voting!
6th Jan 2021 00:27:49
Thanks for voting!
Yea!!! Exactly, so if they are removed all that money can be put into something good for a change, taxes can be reduced!!
8th Nov 2020 19:38:15
Thanks for voting!
I think after the Queen goes we should have a vote to decide who we want as our democratically Elected Head of State I am a republican and I think the monarchy serves no purpose. It doesn't bring in tourism they don't work hard and the Queen can't intervene if the government does wrong she can only do as the PM asks. So the monarchy is pointless we deserve better.
28th Oct 2020 07:39:35 (Last activity: 28th Oct 2020 08:09:43)
Thanks for voting!
I don't think she should as she was seeing Prince Charles when they were both married.
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor Original Poster made on 28th Oct 2020 08:09:43
Hi Addie1959,

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6th Aug 2020 18:49:01
Thanks for voting!
I so agree with you monzaV.
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