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Does Bad Luck Come In Threes?

Hi, So it all started with being told to self isolate and not to go outside at all in a letter from the NHS and then a phone call from my doctors. I eventually got the food delivery situation sorted out but it was a close thing as my budgie was next on the menu, after that I had planned on eating my neighbours, not such a bad idea as it would cut down on the Christmas cards I have to buy later this year. The only problem is that when I moved here both the Gas and Electric meters were the type that have to be topped up by going to the shop, putting credit on the top up card and then putting the card in the meter. I know, I know, I can hear you all saying, “Are you communicating from the past, Is it 1964 where you live?” Look, the system works well for me, I top up credit more than I need to and come the cold weather I never have to worry about having the central heating on day and night. Because I could not go out to top up my card and had no one who could do it for me I rang the supplier who I paid over the phone and they sent me pre-credited cards with the warning not to put the card in till the Electricity or Gas actually ran out. Worked fine with the Electricity but on Friday the Gas ran out for the first time.

I put the card in and it registered the new £50 credit. All is Good in my World. Saturday morning no gas supply. I rang the supplier who sent round a man. The meter was faulty so he had to replace meter. Luckily he was able to transfer my credit onto the new meter. All is mostly OK in My world. Sunday morning no gas supply. Gas man came back. Apparently it was a refurbished meter so it had to be reset which was done. All in My World is looking a bit washed out grey now. The gas man said “Have you noticed that hole by the side of the meter, well it’s a live rat hole. A rat has dug down there, you can tell its live because there’s a couple of flies buzzing round the hole and you can see the marks in the soil where they run in and out” All in My World has just turned to dust and with the bitter tears of fear I am crying making little mud pies in My world. I am terrified of Rats from a bad episode when I was young. To this day I cannot read Wind In The Willows without fainting with fear. Monday morning, no gas supply. Rang supplier, man came, changed meter again this time with new meter. Could not transfer my £50 credit over from faulty meter so left me £10 emergency credit on new meter and I would have claim back the £50 from the supplier. All is..... pretty damn awful in My World. Thursday morning The Rat Man came. He told me it’s not that a rat has tried burrowed into my kitchen from the garden, but the hole is near my kitchen drain which must have broken underground so sewer rat(s) have dug up from the drain to find food. MY world now consists of me locking and barricading the kitchen door in case they break in, closing and locking all the widows so they cannot get in plus I’m contemplating going to live in my car till this gets sorted out. My ex wife number1 has a nice little hedgehog that lives in her garden, other people have cute bunnies or the occasional fox in the garden. Not me. My garden is a portal for sewer rats to make their way into the neighbourhood. I fully expect to find a Cross and the words Plague House painted in red on my front door.

I’ve now been told I have to have a camera put in the drain to assess the work required before they do anything about the drain or the rats - does bad luck come in threes or what?


Created By on 18/08/2020

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Alain Original Poster
19th Aug 2020 17:12:22 (Last activity: 20th Aug 2020 10:05:04)
Thanks for voting!
Update, Its been two weeks now since I was told the drain camera people have been informed. Im getting really stressed out about this as I feel like my small garden is a no go area for me. Also surely its a health hazard for my neighbours and I.
Im going to have to don a mask and gloves and start going out instead of waiting in listening to every noise and imagine its rats trying to get in the house.
I cannot even allow my visiting children and their dogs in the garden as I worry that someone will get bitten or the puppys will find the poison the rat man has put down.
Sorry I keep talking about this but its really getting me down.
Does anyone know where I can contact the Pied Piper?
Response from Alain Original Poster made on 20th Aug 2020 10:05:04
Hi Yodama. Thankyou for replying. I was warned that its difficult to get replies to your posts on this forum. I suppose I’m going on about my woes too much as people have far worse problems than I am having. The meter thing is just an inconvenience really probably more due to me not being able to fix it myself as I have done during my younger days.
The rat fear is different though as it brings back memories of when I was young being in old cellars that ran under the big buildings around the Pier Head in Liverpool. They were tunnels with lots of separate rooms that had lots of old paper files, that ran off the main passageways. I was down there when suddenly there was a power cut and I was in total darkness. That’s when the rats that lived down there came out. I could hear them all around me. I felt them running around and over my feet. I was petrified. Its left scars in my mind hence my fear of rats.
Thanks again for the reply. Alain
Alain Original Poster
18th Aug 2020 13:18:49
Thanks for voting!
No. Ive tried pusing lots of buttons. No luck.
Alain Original Poster
18th Aug 2020 13:16:39
Thanks for voting!
OMG. I ddnt realise I had written so much.
Then again I was told it had been published at 9:30 am this morning and its taken me this long to find it.
Im beginning to realise now how people complain they post items and no one replies also how the heck do I add the post to items I created?

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