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12th Jul 2019 18:06:01
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I was glutened in a Didsbury, Manchester cafe last week and had dreadful symptoms afterwards. It's taken me a week to recover as I then had an IBS reaction; have just been to the osteopath as my muscles had tightened up so much and hurt. I've been told to buy some enzyme supplements called Gluterase by Biotics Research for eating out to prevent accidental gluten attacks. The toast I ate was supposed to be gluten free but obviously wasn't. The supplements are pretty expensive, though they're not for use with every meal, only where you might get caught out. Does anyone else have this problem?
Response from CaroB4 made on 28th Oct 2019 16:57:46
I hope you reported this to local Food is very important to let them know! Negligence on the part of the Cafe.. If nothing else let Coeliac UK know....
Response from CaroB4 made on 28th Oct 2019 17:05:11
"I've been told to buy some enzyme supplements called Gluterase by Biotics Research for eating out to prevent accidental gluten attacks."

I would very interested to hear what Coeliac UK have to say about this.....!! I should check with them or your GP before you buy any more of this enzyme...I have been a diagnosed coeliac for nearly 40 years and never heard of this supplement.. I don't see how it can prevent an accidental attack as you will have already consumed gluten...and your gut will have been reacting to it supposed to help settle that down or what? Prevent inflammation...and help restore the villi? I would ask the questions.
Response from DianePianolady made on 2nd Nov 2019 22:51:20
Coeliac Society is following the story. I'm told the café has, as a result of my glutening, trained its staff about allergies. Despite that, they are now intending not to serve anyone with allergies, so not sure why they did the training. I've been invited back to eat free of charge but I won't be going there again. It took me 9 weeks to clear the symptoms in the end and IBS. I'm feeling much more human now.
It's also interesting that the week before I went to buy some GF fish and chips from our local fish and chip shop where they serve GF f&c on Sundays. As they were wrapping it up, I asked once again if they were sure it was gluten free. The man said 'the chips are'. Apparently the fish wasn't and they'd wrapped them in the same package. The problem is the person who took the order was chatting all the time to several other young people making the food and not concentrating on what they were doing. So they had to begin all over again. The week before when I got my order home, the chips were missing and I had to go back. I think people don't listen nowadays.
Also went to a friend's birthday dinner at a local Italian restaurant round about the same time. Everyone got their food except me. Where was mine? The chef suddenly remembered it was supposed to be GF. He'd forgotten and had to begin all over again.
I really do think there should be a big public awareness campaign about these issues and coeliac/ gluten intolerance in particular. I don't think many people know about it and think it's a fad.
2nd Nov 2019 21:59:53
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"When challenged, the manufacturers of these supplements have not been able to show us any conclusive evidence of their benefit, to recommend their use.

Not following the gluten free diet can lead to symptoms in the short term, and further complications in the long term. If you are diagnosed with coeliac disease it is important to follow a strict gluten free diet."
28th Oct 2019 17:19:31
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24th Aug 2015 10:58:59
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Thank you for creating this discussion group, I'd love to share ideas, recipes and tips on here. Coeliac UK do a great job and things have improved tremendously even in the last three years since diagnosis. I'd especially like your opinion of the new labelling regulations, are they helpful to you or not?
Response from Silversurfers Editor made on 24th Aug 2015 11:57:28
Thanks Laura-Yes please feel free to share your ideas and recipes on Silversurfers new Gluten Free discussion group. Our view of the new labels is that they are helpful but with all food labelling they are still confusing and the print is too small for a lot of people who are 50+
Response from CaroB4 made on 28th Oct 2019 16:52:41
I preferred it when we had the Crossed Grain symbol on Gluten Free products as that told us the ingredients were all gluten free and they had been prepared in a gluten free environment with no danger of contamination. Since the change to emboldened ingredients that has let many producers off the hook...and the danger of contamination is far greater. When I have made enquiries with ...for example,,.Chocolate Companies ..I have discovered that whilst the ingredients all look ok they are produced on a line with normal products...and they admit this is wrong but say they are working on it! In fact they are getting away with it and anyone who has been glutened will tell you the appalling effects this can have. Uncontrollable vomiting until the stomach is totally empty...and the unseen damage to the gut once again as the villi withdraw into it when glutened and this prevents absorption of vitamins and minerals. Long term this has serious health repercussions so it is important to avoid gluten at all times. For the first few years after diagnosis there is a greater risk of cancer but if a consistent gluten free diet is maintained that gradually reduces. Hopefully one day soon the Crossed Grain can be returned!
The importance of this is not publicised enough...and of course those who choose to go on a gluten free diet ,, even when not diagnosed with Coeliac disease ... will likely never suffer these ill affects even if they do accidentally eat gluten containing food.. As a result some restaurants and cafes take the auto-immune condition less seriously than they should.,
20th Nov 2016 12:18:02
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Although I don't need gluten free food we have a relative that does. I came across tiger nuts recently and they can come ground as a flour. Has anybody tried using it in baking?

Link here to product There is also a recipe book.
15th Oct 2015 10:17:00
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I've always loved cooking and when it was discovered that my husband was wheat/gluten intolerant, I started cooking him meals accordingly. He hated the gluten free bread sold in supermarkets so I found some recipes such as Almond Bread and Courgette Bread which he loves and I keep a stock in the freezer.
Quite a few friends ask for recipes so I started a recipe blog at if anyone would like to see how we cope.
We also eat no refined sugar, no processed food and everything make is from fresh and the benefits are enormous.

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