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15th Feb 2019 20:52:16
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Hi Ruby,
I agree with you. Communication in person is slipping away. People now days aren't interested in talking face to face. So sad. How can you laugh together if you are looking at a screen. Sometimes people on the bus sit together and text each other!
15th Nov 2018 12:07:23
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Sitting alone in a cafe having a coffee, I watched people busy with their food orders and seating themselves.
I noticed they did not look at each other, set faces, no eye contact... little islands of privacy.
I cynically wondered why people don't interact with each other anymore.

Suddenly the cafe came alive, a pregnant lady collapsed at the food counter and people jumped up to rush to her assistance, all making suggestions putting her into recovery position, some calling for an ambulance.
One young mother left her child in his pushchair, saying she had nursing experience, the abandoned child cried loudly for his mother.
As she shouted to reassure him she would be back in a minute, another lady ran to help the child saying "I'll look after him."
Impressive how the human race will come together when there is a crisis, my faith in humanity restored, my cynical thoughts dispelled I continued on.

I will look at people in a different way now, a kindlier way!

The British are a funny lot but a lovely lot.
22nd Aug 2018 10:05:34
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If it's friendly chat and very reasonable prices why not try St Crux Parish Hall which is at the Coppergate end of The Shambles in York. The Hall was built using old stone from St Crux medieval church which had to be demolished in 1887-8 because it was unsafe. There are a few monuments from the church still in the hall. I popped in there last week and had a delicious bacon butty and a coffee, plus a chat with the ladies running the cafe, for the princely sum of £3. The cakes on display looked absolutely delicious.!
Response from jeanmark made on 22nd Aug 2018 13:59:14
I know the place Carole, every time my husband and I visit York, that is were we always go for coffee and cake - and the odd bacon butty.
Response from CaroleAH made on 22nd Aug 2018 14:03:06
It's certainly a super place as you have found out, Jeanmark, especially when a coffee would cost at least £3 in the "posh" coffee shops!
21st Aug 2018 07:03:52
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I totally agree with you. Mobile phone addiction has become a real problem, it is the first thing people reach for at any opportunity and threatens many friendships and marriages. People generally have no wish to speak to other real live people in person. The tragedy is that our young people are growing up unable to socialise and speak normally to others. Even parents with babies can be seen ignoring them completely while they are engrossed in their phones.
Response from jeanmark made on 21st Aug 2018 14:47:30
Am I the only person who is happy to sit alone drinking coffee and just people watch when in a coffee shop? If some one stops to chat, then I will respond but rarely encourage such an interaction.

However, my village does have a village cafe held one morning a week in the village hall. and I'm am more than happy to chat with other villages here. The whole purpose of the cafe (run by the church) is to encourage villages, young and old, to meet and socialise. Toys are provided for toddlers, to allows mothers to chat without worries and newspaper and magazines for the older folk if they want to be alone. No phones in evidence by choice and very popular.
Response from David46 made on 21st Aug 2018 14:52:23
Sounds a good place to be I wish there were more like that.
Response from jeanmark made on 21st Aug 2018 17:55:12
It is David, there is Free-trade tea and coffee and all the cakes are home made. Tea/coffee with a piece of cake is £1.20, who could ask for more.
Response from David46 made on 21st Aug 2018 17:57:55
Bargain! I hope you enjoy it often.
Response from jeanmark made on 22nd Aug 2018 14:00:40
I do and every week.
27th Jan 2017 22:53:59
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The secret is to not go to a large chain but a smaller coffee shop where the owner greets you, I have a new one near me where the owner encourages conversation.
Response from britishtea made on 9th Nov 2017 20:52:07
This the way to go
9th Nov 2017 20:47:04
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I think it is good. It is better that to be so techie
20th May 2017 03:19:30
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Awww I wish i could have a coffee date with ya'll. We would have a great time!
Response from Yodama made on 20th May 2017 11:20:22
If your flights venture over towards Uk, it may be possible.
Tea and scones with fresh cream and strawberry jam would be the very thing.
Afternoon tea with cucumber sandwiches and petit fours go down well with a nice Darjeeling.
7th Mar 2017 02:49:52
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I would love a friend to have coffee with, I live in Australia near Parramatta,
28th Feb 2017 17:01:40
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Yes I "Fancy a cuppa " to
Any info on how the group was formed would be great.
27th Feb 2017 17:42:41
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I've just joined a group called "Fancy a cuppa" We meet about once a month, anyone can turn up, and you can meet new people, and try out different cafes.
Response from Pilkie made on 28th Feb 2017 14:35:25
Where did you find that group, sounds like a great idea
28th Feb 2017 02:06:54
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People used to hide behind newspapers now it's staring at little screens.
However I can't remember a lot of chit chat going on prior to the tech age.
If you want a conversation smile and speak if no one answers their not worth talking to anyway.People watching is interesting guess who will look up from their phones first . Last time I was in a cafe' a man offered to sing me an Elvis song in exchange for my toastie .I said "no it has to be a Beatles number " I kept my toastie ,he left with his wife and I laughing and my granddaughter sitting looking thoughly perplexed .
27th Feb 2017 09:51:08
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same here you know that ur not getting peoples full attention cos they are afraid they are missing something usually on social media .
1st Feb 2017 10:48:01
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Dear Rubie

Don't give up being you. Its not you at all, its how people have become. They like to communicate by screen, as for the art of a good old chin wag its often down to where we live. If you are in London I would forget it, so many people don't speak English, and it can be dangerous. If out in more friendly areas of the country people will still say good morning and give a moment to exchange words.... I was a London born boy, back then it was so different everyone in a road talked to each other and looked out for each other.... I am now in Sussex and yes most people have a phone out in the situation you are talking about... yet I wont give in and hang onto the hope that people will start to talk again.. So should you. :>)
31st Jan 2017 16:09:12
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I have found that if I start talking to an empty chair, someone will have to ask who I am talking to - either that or take a photograph with their phone, you just have to remember to smile.

To be honest I am quite happy to sit and people-watch rather than try to engage in conversation.
Response from Yodama made on 31st Jan 2017 16:18:47
Really good one jm, gave me a good laugh, your visual images kill me. I see ambulances, white coats, maybe they are taking a photo to send around the world on Youtube, you could become a celebrity overnight,
Good job you are ok to just sit and watch. sometimes if you have the misfortune to engage in conversation, to extricate yourself from lengthy discussions on the woes of ingrown toenails is well nigh impossible.
31st Jan 2017 13:16:38
Thanks for voting!
The Brits have always been a nation known to keep themselves to themselves, no untoward showing of emotion. The may offer a quick smile in response to yours and seemingly afraid that it may have been too much, retreat again into a newspaper, stirring coffee, or gazing out of the cafe window.
Today, thankfully they have the shiny phone, pretend phone calls or screens to hide behind, thereby obviating all contact.

Not much has changed. You are indeed lucky if you get a return smile and conversation. it could go down in the history books as a singular revolutionary act

Don't be disheartened, I am working on a Phaser gun as we speak, not only will it be able to put all nearby electronic gadgets out of action, but could when used with discrimination, disintegrate the dour and unfriendly people who annoy you.
Response from twobikemike made on 31st Jan 2017 15:43:28
Save yourself the Phaser development costs - phone signal jammers are available on the Internet at pension friendly prices.
Even if you're enjoying a coffee alone at least you can have fun watching all those phone addicts wondering what that silence is.
Come the revolution. . . . .
Response from Yodama made on 31st Jan 2017 15:50:52
I don't know, the thought of Phaser mayhem appeals to me, pointing it one at a time and watching the puzzled looks. Revolution indeed, slowly they may lose the glazed expression and their eyes may meet yours in recognition of a fellow human.
I find if I turn my head and occasionally give a surreptitious dog bark, there are some who will look up, mainly dog lovers.
Response from twobikemike made on 31st Jan 2017 15:57:29
I guess the bark is a full moon activity?
Response from Yodama made on 31st Jan 2017 16:02:28
No that would be more of a howl, a short sharp yap is certain to bring about a startled reaction.
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