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Hello in the Lockdown

Hello, I just joined here cos I am all alone in the lockdown and it is kind of scary.

I have three adult children but right now can't see them and it tears you up.

So I thought it would be good to find others in this strange time and chat.

I live in Kent and have lovely walks around me which go on but sadly both my doggies passed away last year and does anyone here walk alone and get funny looks?

Nevertheless, I do walk but have to be careful not to be social! Just a wave and a smile.

Created By on 03/04/2020

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10th May 2020 22:49:26
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its so good you joined Ellie as the lovely comments from folk will help keep you going and you know you are not alone
just joined today and am hoping to use this site to reach out to people too
you take care and keep smiling
2nd May 2020 23:40:28
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Hi Ellie...know what you mean it is scary when you are on your own but I am getting used to it.I am lucky that my daughter lives local but she is still working full time so only see her once week.

I have taken to baking easy cakes to pass the time and it's nice to share them with the neighbours ....still keeping the social distance though.

My dog Holly is a great comfort to me since I lost my husband. .have you thought about getting another dog?

I find when I go for my walk most people are quite friendly if you smile at them.
4th Apr 2020 19:38:16 (Last activity: 2nd May 2020 15:11:57)
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I'm alone too except for my husband who is a stroke survivor and therefore limited in what he can do. I imagine it's very difficult for people with family they can't see right now, because they're used to having people around them. We have no family and when we retired we moved from one end of the country to the other. He had his strokes within a few months of moving here, so we've made no strong friendships. For us, the lockdown is pretty much business as usual, except of course we can't go out as we used to. I'm very sympathetic to people who miss their families but, believe me, if we can manage alone, anyone can. And it's only temporary for you - for us, it's permanent until we pop our clogs. Don't despair, there's a lot in the world to be thankful for and masses to do at home, especially if you have a computer. Chin up, people.
Response from Geordiebaker31 made on 12th Apr 2020 01:18:06
Hi molly , liked your positive message ! I’m trying to make the best of this situation and agree that keeping busy is the key to managing your day . I’m a keen crafter and I sew every afternoon I’ve caught up on half finished projects that are in my “I’ll finish it later “ trunk , I cross stitch and bake .
If you want to chat that would be nice
Stay safe
Response from Brightandbreezy made on 2nd May 2020 15:11:57
Lovely upbeat comments Molly. I'm sure there must be people feeling bored. I watched a news report on India and Africa, my goodness they are so, so much less fortunate than ourselves. Keep well and keep safe both.
12th Apr 2020 11:20:55 (Last activity: 2nd May 2020 15:09:03)
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Hello, I am also alone in lockdown, unable to see my family and friends. There is only so much to do in my flat and after four weeks of this isolation I am becoming increasingly upset, bored and angry to think how the sheer ignorance of the Chinese and their filthy habits have caused this world wide destruction. I can't even go for a walk because I am in so much pain awaiting a new hip after a really bad fall. My operation [like many others] was cancelled.
Unless they live alone, people have no idea how lonely it can be. My flat is thankfully on the ground floor, at least I can lean out of my window and people watch. Some say hello to me, some ask if I am ok, some even ask if I need any shopping but most just glare at me and walk on - this I do not understand.
Looking at the positive side, we will get through this and hopefully our lives will get back to normal. Good luck to you all !
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor made on 12th Apr 2020 11:55:16
Hi jeanmanwaring13hotmailcouk,

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Response from Brightandbreezy made on 2nd May 2020 15:08:07
Hello Jean. Your unusual surname caught my eye. It was the surname of my Great, Great Grandfather late 1800C. He was as I understand from Bury originally. Do you have connections that way??
Response from Brightandbreezy made on 2nd May 2020 15:09:03 > @Sally - Silversurfer's Editor
Thank you Sally, let's see how this goes. I am looking forward to making lot's of new friends
2nd May 2020 15:04:54
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Hi Colin. Hope you are feeling much stronger. Keeping busy is hard.. At first it's like being on holiday and you do bits and bobs around the house and then you film binge... If I see a Netflix logo again it will be too soon!
2nd May 2020 15:02:15 (Last activity: 2nd May 2020 15:03:17)
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Hello Ellie, ditto. I have a beautiful family who all live nearby but we are doing as we are told and keeping our distance. I am looking at a thousand things to do in the house but can't get motivated!..... I am here to make new friends ready for the ' New Normal'
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor made on 2nd May 2020 15:03:17
Hi Brightandbreezy,

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24th Apr 2020 11:44:27
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I've been placed under a 12 week furlough as I've been classed as highly vulnerable due to heart problems, skiin cancer and DVT. The NHS, Acts Of Kindness charity and the Citizens Advice have all been very helpful regarding getting my needs and kindly bringing me groceries and helping with any other problems. My daughter is living elsewhere due to my lockdown which has also helped. I enjoy keeping in touch with other people in the same boat, or worse, as me
8th Apr 2020 09:10:12 (Last activity: 9th Apr 2020 13:41:50)
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I sympathize with you. Montreal, Canada is also in lockdown. Only grocery stores and pharmacists open. I haven't seen my son in over a month. I try to keep busy but run out of things to do.
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor made on 8th Apr 2020 09:14:27
Hi CarolB52,

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Response from welshlady47 made on 9th Apr 2020 13:41:50
Hi. I was s looking forward to seeing Montrealetc but my holiday has been cancelledStay safe !
Michele uk
8th Apr 2020 03:32:16
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Hi Ellie please provide chat again Escarg nor Carmflower Thanks
7th Apr 2020 18:30:36 (Last activity: 7th Apr 2020 18:59:39)
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Hi I'm new too and I walk outside by myself a couple times a week as well. Sorry to hear about your dogs. I have been trying to keep myself busy so I have been cooking a lot, walking in my neighbourhood a few times a week and finding free online zoom classes on eventbrite to try and be social. Did this one last week and was the best I've found so far.

Thanks for starting this forum.
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor made on 7th Apr 2020 18:59:39
Hi 50strong,

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7th Apr 2020 10:55:01 (Last activity: 7th Apr 2020 11:54:54)
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We're in lock down in New Zealand too (9th day). We live out of town on a couple of acres, no pets just 6 sheep (not pets) and four chooks, and two bee hives. Our walks are up or down the road no socializing - weird.
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor made on 7th Apr 2020 11:54:54
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6th Apr 2020 08:31:31 (Last activity: 6th Apr 2020 23:00:18)
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Response from PansyPuss made on 6th Apr 2020 21:02:42
Focussing on positive things can be a real help in fighting negativity so thats a good way to use your motto....I want positive feelings so thats what I am going to focus on no matter how hard. It can be awfully difficult but worth the effort.
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor made on 6th Apr 2020 23:00:18 > @PansyPuss
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6th Apr 2020 21:12:41
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So sorry about your doggies......I’m a mad cat lady but whether dogs or cats, the mental balm that they bring is unparalleled and can be a great help in the current madness. I don’t know what I would do without my beloved puss.
4th Apr 2020 09:02:46 (Last activity: 6th Apr 2020 12:49:08)
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Hi Ellie
I also live alone and I make sure I go for one walk a day as this really does help. I walk alone obviously and so do a lot of other people. I am new to the area I now live in so don’t know anybody but people smile or say hello. A lovely couple spoke to me yesterday, just general chit chat, I don’t think they realise how much that means to someone. Felt less alone. Make sure you get that walk in especially in the lovely weather we are expecting. I can’t understand ‘funny looks’ what is wrong with people. Maybe they will realise not everybody has somebody! Take care
Response from Wilf made on 6th Apr 2020 12:49:08
I think people are generally much more friendly than normal. We have a couple of dogs and its interesting as dog walkers generally seem to be on talking terms...just commenting on each others dogs starts conversations.
4th Apr 2020 00:21:24 (Last activity: 6th Apr 2020 12:47:32)
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Hello Ellie as a dog owner myself I feel for u losing urs but keep taking the walks think of the good times u had with ur canine friends
Response from Wilf made on 6th Apr 2020 12:47:32
Our dogs help keep us sane Zippo. Just a 30 minute walk with them makes all the difference, especially in this lovely weather.
4th Apr 2020 19:10:45 (Last activity: 6th Apr 2020 08:09:21)
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Me too! My two kids are far away and I'm feeling pretty isolated. I live in Montana. I am also a walker, my two dogs are still alive, but getting old. Thought I'd reply since you are describing my days, neighbors waving and all 🙂
Response from lktolman made on 6th Apr 2020 08:09:21
Hi neighbor, I am alone as well and live in Waitsburg Washington. I walk my dog everyday. She is so important to me. Neighbors do wave and that is at least something. I do volunteer for the food bank, so that is at least an outlet for me. I probably shouldn't say I am alone. The town flooded this February, not my house though, I am above the floodplain. Anyway I took in a couple who lost their home and are waiting on the insurance company. Now the contractors are not allowed to work so everything is on hold for them. I gave them my full basement until they can move back to their property. But they are a couple and I rarely see them. They are working on ripping up floors and walls themself. It would be nice to have a walking companion again. I miss my husband but at least I have my dog so not totally alone. Someday we will feel more normal again. Can't wait.
5th Apr 2020 16:55:31 (Last activity: 5th Apr 2020 18:44:16)
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Hi there, I too am alone and I know what you mean about walking alone. Sometimes it feels worse than being at home as it seems everyone is a couple. I am in Lancashire, and also have some lovely walks close by, but again often feel wary walking alone in quiet places. Whoever thought we would all have these problems! The scary thing is that we don't know how long it will go on for. The worse thing about being alone in this situation is not having anyone to talk to in person. Anyway, enough with the moaning at least we haven't got the virus!
Response from Wilf made on 5th Apr 2020 18:44:16
Carribelle-I think at least there are a lot of friendly folk on here to chat to and share all our experiences. I am lucky as we have a small garden and my wife and I get on well.(I do what I am told!!!) Our kids are not with us but with their other halves and they are going a bit stir crazy in London flats but at least the weather is decent. It really is living in an incredible situation-never been anything like it and hopefully never again! All the best-Wilf
5th Apr 2020 16:36:56 (Last activity: 5th Apr 2020 18:40:48)
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Hello I am new. Just joined to-day, so I am finding myself round .,
Response from Wilf made on 5th Apr 2020 18:40:48
Hi Nanna, I hope you are well. We are fine at the moment and finding our small garden a blessing and at least the weather is lovely. If it was like a month ago with perpetual rain this really would be unbearable-stay safe!-Wilf
4th Apr 2020 08:25:36
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Hi Ellie
I'm sorry for your current situation.Missing your children and also your dogs must ne lonely.You are not alone many Silver. Surfers who are alone and unable to see their families. We are all suffering a lack of social contact but with the death of two nurses it resllly does feel like a war with those on the NHS front line losing their lives.
I went for a walk as I don't take the cat I was alone and yes I did get some funny looks from tthe dog walkerd who.I wouuld please ask to keep their dogs on a lead.Rember Ellie this will pass

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