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16th Jun 2019 09:44:17
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I play table tennis and do yoga as well as walking 2/3 miles every day.
However over the last three years I have had a number of falls and medics can’t find a reason so not sure how long I’ll be able to continue
23rd Jan 2018 01:48:32
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CrossFit? Over the past 10 years of being a CrossFit gym owner and coach. I have seen amazing results from the over 50 demographic doing CrossFit. I am 54 years young and I attribute my good health to the CrossFit methodology of training. That being said, you need to find a CrossFit gym that is welcoming to the "Masters" athlete. I have been scaling and modifying my workouts for the past 2 years and I don't get hurt, just real sore. I actually coach our "Legends Fitness" group which is made up of 65+ in the classes. I have to scale and modify but the results are amazing with increased functional fitness and wellness.

If you are looking for something different, visit a few CrossFit gyms in your area to see if you can find one that is friendly to the over 50 crowd.

Good Luck!

Coach Ray
Active Aging Institute
30th Sep 2017 06:22:09
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Although I do drive I have recently got my bus pass and I'm having great fun exploring possibilites for walking. i.e. catching a bus from A to B. Walking to C and catching bus home from C to A.
1st Oct 2015 19:24:47
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You could try Tai Chi. It taxes the brain to learn and is natural as well healthy. I certainly know when I have done a class, which could be social. People in the East have been doing it for thousands of years. I can recommend it.
Response from Ms P made on 29th Jun 2017 05:16:36
Hi, I'm very new to the forum and silver surfers, I only joined 10 minutes ago. But I'm going to pop along to a local Tai Chi class in a few days, I'm a complete beginner. But I think it may well suited me. I'm so glad I've read something positive about it..
7th May 2016 08:28:17
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Have a look at ChiFusion at its a combination of Tai Chi & Qigong doing less than 30 min per day is more benefitial than any other keep fit class or sport. Obviously if you have plenty of spare time you could do it for as long as you like in your home or on the rare good weather days in the garden. Have a look and see whet you think.
14th Aug 2015 10:37:28
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I tried a local zumba class but felt very self conscious, so I invested in the CDs, my grandson was at home and said he would do it with me. We didn't get passed the warm up! He was as red as a beetroot, I thought I would have an asthma attack . shows how unfit I am. I have tried my daughter's Wi that is another toughie I am useless my coordination is non existent! I look as if I have a strange nervous affliction. I am safer walking my dog.
Response from louloo26 made on 1st Apr 2016 10:48:16
You made me smile because I feel exactly the same LOL. I need gentle exercise and walking on your own isn't fun but I suffer with emphysema and chronic pain so I have to be careful what I undertake.
1st Apr 2016 10:41:29
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what about Badminton? Its as easy or as hard as you make it. usually available quite reasonably at your local sports centre? I have not played for years as in such pain, but recently thought this would be a good idea for me too on my 'good days' lol
11th Mar 2016 20:51:54
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It depends whether you want food, I have a fantastic 'Muffins' but now I make it in the loaf tin to make it easier to cut, and I keep it in the freezer and pop it into a convection oven of the microwave for 15 mins. They are fabulous!
If you want something super, for me, it's Pilates, or Zumba or Zumba Gold, or an art class, or yoga, or massage.
Hope that helps.
Silversurfers Editor
14th Aug 2015 10:46:03
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Have you ever heard of an electric mountain bike? I hadn't until recently ... I took one out for a spin, and I am a total convert. It is a bicycle with a battery pack, so if you need an little extra help, you can adjust the setting and get an extra boost of power. It opens up a whole new world! Take a look at this feature:

The initial investment is quite high, although there may be finance options, but I can honestly say I have never had so much fun on a bike! 🙂
Response from Loodt made on 15th Feb 2016 22:44:12
I got my pedelec bike last year in August. It made a big difference to my life. Reading the comments on the electric bike reviews opened my eyes and I was happy to realise that I am not alone. Unless you kept on cycling your whole life you cannot expect to jump on a bike when you retire and start cycling again. Reading comments like: the e-bike brought back the pleasure of cycling and I thought I would never be able to do that again, made me realise lots of guys feel like me.

I watched and did a lot of pricing comparisons before I bought my e-bike in a sale.
15th Jan 2016 23:27:44
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Try joining a choir..I joined Feb 2014..I'm 82 and love it I'm addicted
cheeky monkey
30th Nov 2015 16:46:30
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Hi crep
If you live near to a bus stop, tram or train station,
then plan a short trip out to a nearby beauty spot.
lots of deals on pensioner pass /travel.
pick up a second hand bike.
renovate it then take it to the park where it is safer to ride. also stop at a café or pub for a spot of lunch.
If you advertise on other forums for a car driver who is willing to share the ride, you can contribute to the petrol or take a pack lunch for two as payment.
good luck.
15th Oct 2015 10:23:04
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Have you tried Geocaching? My husband and I are hooked. Look at We walk miles but with the excitement of finding hidden caches (or not finding them, as the case may be) in the most unexpected places. There are 'millions' of caches worldwide and so many within a short distance of most places. We regularly plan days out specifically to do a series. It's a very healthy hobby and you can, if you want, become quite involved.
17th Sep 2015 12:15:22
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I'm in the process of setting up a social enterprise to provide access to sports that don't make over 50s feel that they have one foot in the grave.
First off we have martial arts classes in Taekwon-do and Eskrima over 50s only train - with your peer at YOUR age/fitness rate. No need to worry about keeping up with youngsters, but still having to push yourself.
Our organisation is called 2Score+ the first website is at
Let me know what you think.
Response from Silversurfers Editor made on 17th Sep 2015 12:28:06
Looks interesting David! Where are your classes based? Good luck!
Response from 2scoreplus made on 17th Sep 2015 13:06:36
Initially in the Glasgow area. Hopefully beyond as we get going.
7th Jul 2015 08:06:11
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Do net place for passing time... I love to hang out with internet every time..8-) 😉 😀

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