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Hoodies, what's the point?

I wonder why this hideous garment remains so popular, and why do they wear them indoors and on hot days?

Created By on 10/07/2016

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15th Feb 2020 00:00:11
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You would get a real kick to see hoodies being worn in South Florida--where temperatures hover in the eighties for much of the year. Maybe they think a hoodie offers protection from the sun? Maybe (which of course is to say maybe not). On local television news, we often see security footage of burglars, in the act of burgling, wearing hoodies. I'm beginning to think that hoodies are a brilliant invention, invented by good folks to let good folks know who the bad folks are.
10th Feb 2020 20:50:31 (Last activity: 11th Feb 2020 21:23:59)
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why do people buy and wear those jeans with holes and rips whats your opinion?
Response from Lionel made on 10th Feb 2020 23:16:28
Just fashun gone crazy.

We bought an expensive pair of jeans for my step granddaughter, then about 14. She immediately cut the knees and then not satisfied with wounding them, used my jigsaw to make a general mess of the cuts.

Don't ask, I dunno!
Response from Tr1sh made on 11th Feb 2020 19:39:42
Because they are young and want to be different although, of course, they all end up looking very alike! Not so different to when we were their age and bought Levis and frayed the hems. 🙂
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 11th Feb 2020 21:23:59
I love wearing my hoodies , nice and warm , also very good for summer
10th Feb 2020 21:05:17 (Last activity: 11th Feb 2020 19:17:35)
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New to this but wonder why younger people buy and spend a LOT on jeans with holes and rips in them. What do you think...........
Response from Wilf made on 10th Feb 2020 22:48:02
I remember wearing flairs with the bottoms all scuffed up so I guess its the same thing 40 years on!
Response from Lionel made on 10th Feb 2020 23:13:20
I tried flares but my legs are short so it looked like I'd got a pair of tree stumps in them.
Response from Helen1233 made on 11th Feb 2020 19:17:35
And the flares in wild colors....had gone back east to my very old home town and my daughter was wearing some......someone asked me if she was a foreign exchange student!Daah
29th Jul 2019 20:01:53
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Good evening hoodies is brilliant I myself use them , and you don't get over heated eather , pluss they can keep your head warm especially when its,very cold outside .
22nd Jul 2018 11:15:48
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Normal decent people do not wear their hoods up unless the weather is bad, they obviously do it so as not to be recognised on CCTV cameras and there's only one reason for that.
19th May 2017 19:32:58
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I have some hoodies and love them. Living at the beach if the wind kicks up you can hood up to keep the sand out of your hair and face.
I guess I have worn them so long I'm back in style! lol
10th Mar 2017 05:46:08 (Last activity: 16th Mar 2017 06:23:03)
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Isn't the saying hoodies no goodies a lot of teenager or adults love them stick the hood up look shady. But Ideal for camping lol Loads wear there band names or slogan on them I think just a fashion statement and a lot of teenagers are judge by their clothing and typecast
Response from gailyp63 made on 16th Mar 2017 06:23:03
And there are great for a lazy casual day I own a few good after swimming with wet hair pop hood up
20th Nov 2016 20:27:46 (Last activity: 25th Nov 2016 15:36:04)
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Oh dear. I have 2 hoodies. Must admit I don't have the hood up unless it's raining though! Useful, warm and comfortable!
Response from jeanymay made on 20th Nov 2016 21:33:18
Welcome to the site Felicity
Response from FelicityMarbles made on 21st Nov 2016 18:06:16
Many thanks jeanymay
Response from jeanmark made on 21st Nov 2016 19:12:10
But Felicity, I bet you don't wear trousers that always look like they are falling down!
Response from FelicityMarbles made on 22nd Nov 2016 22:21:31
No chance, my trousers are unfortunately very tight round the waist and have no chance of falling down. Having said that, after a meal out I sometimes sneakily undo that top button so I can breath whilst driving home!
Response from jeanymay made on 23rd Nov 2016 07:47:16
Your comment made me smile Felicity, and I'm sure is true for many of us.
Response from jeanmark made on 23rd Nov 2016 12:49:23
Well Felicity, you're not alone and it's just a matter of remembering to do the button up before getting out of the car!
Response from KEITH_WL made on 23rd Nov 2016 19:33:42
Unfortunately my hands have now become arthritic so doing buttons up is a problem!
Response from jeanmark made on 23rd Nov 2016 20:11:34
Well Keith, that could be interesting!
Response from FelicityMarbles made on 23rd Nov 2016 21:50:18
Elasticated waistbands must be the answer! (Oh my, I never thought I'd say that!)
Response from jeanmark made on 24th Nov 2016 14:45:34
My thoughts exactly Felicity but like you I wouldn't say it out loud!
Response from KEITH_WL made on 24th Nov 2016 23:04:51
Very interesting, Jean, and I'd better not go into some of the other problems caused by arthritic hands!
Response from jeanmark made on 25th Nov 2016 13:01:03
Big smile Keith......
Response from FelicityMarbles made on 25th Nov 2016 15:36:04
Oh my!
10th Jul 2016 20:35:40 (Last activity: 15th Jul 2016 10:07:36)
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I suppose all generations have their styles which their parents and grandparents have never understood. Id it any different from wearing a sweater or cardigan? That aside I remember about 15 years ago when my son attended the local comp his school uniform was designed by Paul Smith. Instead of a school jumper they had a hoodie. At a parents evening the Deputy Head was saying how many of the staff and pupils felt intimidated by gangs of lads wearing hoods in the playground. My response was a. A group of friends standing together does not mean they are in a gang and b. Why have a hoodie as part if try he uniform if you do not want them to out their hoods up. Regarding wearing them indoors maybe they are like me and feel the cold. I wear a jumper all year round
Response from celtwitch Original Poster made on 10th Jul 2016 20:51:50
No,sorry, I don't accept your explanation...'feel the cold' you say, what, on a hot summer day?
Response from Pam1960 made on 10th Jul 2016 21:00:13
You are obviously luckier than I am as you don't have to have your heating on all year round. There hasn't been a day this year that I've not had it on. You don't like hoodies but retail sales will show they are very popular. Each to their own as they say
Response from celtwitch Original Poster made on 15th Jul 2016 10:07:36
Pam, perhaps you ought to have yourself lagged, I'm sure there will be a government grant that you can claim.
14th Jul 2016 21:59:27
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What is it to do with us? We're old and out of touch, as we should be.

In our younger days we had the greasers, then the mods and rockers, I suppose the punks came after them.

It is a downward slide into some sort of moral morass, yes, but we started it and now cannot stop it.

Just live with the fruits our own lives - they learned from us. But wouldn't it be nice if the lads weren't mooning so often. Embarrassing!
11th Jul 2016 11:47:31 (Last activity: 14th Jul 2016 16:07:45)
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Maybe it's the same reason they wear their trousers half way down their legs, I can't understand that either.
Response from celtwitch Original Poster made on 11th Jul 2016 12:49:36
You may have noticed that gangs of feral youths who bring fear and intimidation to decent law abiding citizens, and protesters, burglars, robbers all love their hoodies.
Ban them I say, and fine heavily anyone who wears one in public.
Response from Pam1960 made on 11th Jul 2016 13:38:30
Maybe we should ban trainers, t-shirts or any other type of clothing that you are afraid of or intimidated by. It sounds like you are saying anyone who wears a hoodie is a criminal. There are more important things in life to worry about, it is no wonder that a lot of young people feel that they are being victimised
Response from jeanmark made on 11th Jul 2016 13:49:22
Have to agree with you Pam1960 and when you think of it pensioners with walking sticks can be scary!
Response from celtwitch Original Poster made on 11th Jul 2016 16:30:29
Young people feel 'victimised' these days very often for very good reasons, like hanging around in feral gangs, riding their bikes on the pavement, terrorising old folk, refusing to learn, staying out all night and sleeping all day, I could go on.
Response from Pam1960 made on 11th Jul 2016 17:02:05
I know lots of young people, none of them are in gangs. They all work, some of them have 2 jobs so they can save for homes or holidays. I've only encountered one person over the age of 7 cycling on a pavement and that was an adult who was cycling at 4am with no lights. As far as refusing to learn, more people attend university now than before. They must have learnt something in order to get entry. You must have had a pretty boring youth if you never stayed out all night and slept all day. I've enjoyed many a great holiday in Ibiza in my younger days doing just that. I wish I could still do it now. Life is for living not being miserable
Response from jeanmark made on 11th Jul 2016 18:19:59
Well Celtwitch, I'm sure you are talking with tongue in cheek otherwise you have a very warped sense of the youth of today and must dread going outside of your house. You see 'gangs' I see 'groups' although I do remember Mods and Rockers!
Response from celtwitch Original Poster made on 14th Jul 2016 09:36:09
I think the police should be empowered to cut the hoods off these horrible tops when they encounter gangs of anti-social youths hanging around late at night/early morning.
I always wonder, where do the parents think their little horror is at that time of night/morning?
There should be a curfew for the under 30's, they should be off the streets by 11pm, no exceptions, no excuses.
I lived in an area plagued by kids playing out at all hours, we retaliated by setting up trip wires, booby traps, electrified fences and snipers to pick-off the little loves. It was quite successful and quite a few of them were rushed to hospital with life threatening injuries!
Response from jeanmark made on 14th Jul 2016 12:44:06
Curfew for the under 30's? That will include most of the police as well!
Response from celtwitch Original Poster made on 14th Jul 2016 15:06:11
Nope, the police will make sure the little darlings are off the streets.
Response from jeanmark made on 14th Jul 2016 16:07:45
Don't know how old the police are where you live but I'm not convinced half are old enough to have left school where I am!
11th Jul 2016 16:39:37 (Last activity: 14th Jul 2016 11:35:11)
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With some people fashion rules over all.
Response from celtwitch Original Poster made on 14th Jul 2016 09:37:16
Says he in his cowboy hat!
Response from KEITH_WL made on 14th Jul 2016 11:35:11
Wrong hat, CeltWitch. I have another hat, bought in Denver, and worn when I got off the plane back home. A chap came up to me. He made the 'reach for your gun' gesture and asked "Where's the horse?"

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