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How are you finding your iPad?

Do you love it, feel indifferent, or are you even outright disappointed with your iPad?

Created By on 19/10/2012

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9th Mar 2016 09:58:56
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I have had my iPad for about 6 years and love it . Just waiting for the new one to come out
Silversurfers Editor Original Poster
13th Oct 2013 08:38:11 (Last activity: 10th May 2019 19:49:59)
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From my experience the iPad battery is not great either. Takes a long time to charge and runs low very quickly. Most Apple products seem to be the same.
Response from rc47 made on 7th Nov 2016 13:59:37
Early ones were poor at battery life but are much improved now.
Response from LeonardM8 made on 26th Jan 2019 16:43:01
I have an iPad mini, I find it handy for emails, card games, crossword. and straightforward stuff, but when it come to working on anything like my photo's etc, I can never remember all the different finger stroke to cut copy etc etc . I find working on a laptop much easier, but then I'm not very savvy with pads, although I like most modern technology , I struggle with the finer points.....
Response from CoffeeCake made on 10th May 2019 19:49:59
I have two and love them! So much quicker to access information than using a laptop or pc and the mini one is great for putting in my hand luggage.
A tip for charging your iPad quickly: Go to settings and put it into „Airplane Mode“ before switching it off and plugging it in.
8th Feb 2018 19:43:26
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How am I finding my iPad? Well, I just look on my nightstand, and there it is!
5th Oct 2017 16:59:42
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Best move I made changing over to Apple iPad 12.9” Pro always had Acer laptops after researching on so many different types I am glad I did no problem with battery in fact it’s great bought my pad last year.
Molls C
11th Nov 2016 09:54:04 (Last activity: 21st Apr 2017 10:13:14)
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I'm a dedicated Apple iPad user now on my second mini, I renewed because the original couldn't update enough. Its given me a new lease of life, apple users meet locally at our local branch of Tesco in their free community room which of course has WiFi and we share updates and new tips and tricks, we're all aware of what takes more space how to charge quicker , how to use the new makeup in photos, and then collect the shopping from click as we leave
Thank you Apple and thank you Tesco I'm fighting back at Dementia hopefully
Response from dsr25 made on 21st Apr 2017 10:13:14
Glad you have local support in using your chosen product. I am an IT Trainer and although I train MS Products, I use Apple products at home, because I like them. It took me a while to be convinced however, and if you are used to using PC and move over to an Apple product, it at first can all seem very strange!
21st May 2016 16:28:59 (Last activity: 7th Nov 2016 13:55:54)
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Response from Kes made on 21st May 2016 22:19:07
That's the thing with iPads and iPhones etc., they are purely Apple products and their operating systems are unique and different to Android systems. Apple does have iCloud for extra accessible storage space and you can also buy extra space which I believe doesn't cost very much. Maybe you should investigate with Apple on their website or if you bought your iPad from an Apple shop they are always there to help. I bought mine from one of their shops and have always found them to be really helpful.
Response from rc47 made on 7th Nov 2016 13:55:54
I pay 79p a month for 50gb of cloud storage - now I no longer have to store my music and photos on my hard drive.
8th Jun 2016 19:32:46
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Persevere with it Dottilind I'm sure you'll get used to it. I haven't got a keyboard attachment but find it easier using a stylus rather than my finger on the screen....they're really cheap on eBay ( the stylus that is).
8th Jun 2016 17:08:55
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My son bought me one for Xmas with windows 10. also had keyboard attachment. I am still trying to get to terms with it. I cannot use windows 10 on my pc so had to revert back to 7. Phoned WHICH for the booklet they were advertising on the tv but never turned up. That was over two months ago. I feel like throwing it away but do not want to upset my son.
4th Jun 2016 08:14:39 (Last activity: 5th Jun 2016 09:29:38)
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Response from georgesmum made on 4th Jun 2016 10:11:48
You're a few steps ahead of me then....but then that's not difficult! Mine is an iPad Air if that means anything. Quite like the camera facility on it but haven't yet worked out how to download them.....and where best to store them.....technophobe or what?
Response from georgesmum made on 5th Jun 2016 09:29:38
And where would we all be without the's not just the kids who can't manage without it..... we wrinklies are as bad!
3rd Jun 2016 17:37:45 (Last activity: 4th Jun 2016 08:59:40)
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I treated myself to an IPad a few months ago.....I know.... I'm always the last in the queue when it comes to technology! My laptop was getting slower and slower so I took the plunge and I love it. I have to recharge it regularly but it's absolutely fine for my needs, being what my provider calls a "light user"
I feel sure that I will probably invest in a replacement laptop when my existing one dies but at the moment my little technological world is ticking over nicely!
Response from annptf made on 4th Jun 2016 07:47:47
Ipads are great, easy to find your way around as you get used to it.
Laptops are verh good, but the Ipad will become indispensible - enjoy!
Response from georgesmum made on 4th Jun 2016 08:59:40
Thank you.....must admit I rarely log onto the laptop these days, I just reach for the IPad, it's so convenient isn't it!
8th Jan 2016 12:32:33 (Last activity: 21st May 2016 15:18:17)
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I actually retired from my job as. GP's receptionist when we were going to have to go computerised.I had been on two courses but could not make top nor tale of it all.I then happily carried on uxsing pen and paper,dictionaries maps etc until one day it dawned on me I was being left behind so I asked my son to get me an I pad and he was very surprised how quickly I learned to use it.Now it seems the most useful thing I have ever owned and I keep it close all the time.I live alone and don't go out much so I love to hear the ding telling me I have an e mail.Even advertising ones can be of interest and is a bit of contact.I do my grocery shopping on line and get it delivered saving me struggling with heavy bags and did most of my Xmas shopping the same way.How did I ever manage without it.I have to sign myself in to my doctors and order my prescription on line too.I feel I have come full circle and should have persevered more years ago.
Response from annptf made on 21st May 2016 15:18:17
Love the iPad - I think that it has encouraged a lot of people who weren't completely comfortable with a pc or laptop (or hadn't had the chance to use them at all) to become more 'techie' - it's so user-friendly don't you think? "intuitive" in marketing-speak?

I have a few (particularly female) friends who now won't be parted from theirs and use it for emails, Googling, photos, Facebook and who knows what else, because it's so convenient, and they are much more comfortable with it than with their pc or laptop.

Thankfully it fits in a handbag and takes very good photos!
31st Jan 2016 22:16:47 (Last activity: 18th Mar 2016 18:48:54)
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I love my ipad but find that its power goes very quickly-does anyone else have this issue??
Response from Kes made on 11th Mar 2016 15:41:09
I guess it depends on usage, but like mobile phones, eventually the batteries just don't hold the charge. I work full time in the week but use my iPad Mini in the mornings and evenings, but a lot on weekends. I've had it about 3 years but now find that I need to charge it every other day. I'm ok with that.
Response from swanseajack62 made on 18th Mar 2016 18:48:54
Check what you have running and regularly check. Is Bluetooth on ? Double click home button and swipe away things you are not using
Silversurfers Editor Original Poster
11th Jan 2014 16:56:18 (Last activity: 13th Jan 2016 18:01:07)
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Who got a new iPad for Christmas? How are you enjoying it?
Response from petesline9 made on 13th Jan 2016 18:01:07
Hi ED" I bought the iPad-pro for Christmas
And I must say that it truly is a great piece
Of tech kit
I hope that you got what you wanted for Christmas
13th Jan 2016 17:54:24
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iPads are fantastic I have just bought the iPad pro and
It has proved every thing you could want in a pc ,
I can't wait for the next large iPad to come out
Though I have a feeling it will be early next year
2nd Jan 2016 12:11:38
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My husband and I share a Desktop PC and a laptop. I have my own Apple iPad Mini, and he has his own Android Tablet (he likes to be different). I love and use them all for very different things (yes, including my husband, haha) The Desktop is upstairs in a small room (now called the office) my Laptop is downstairs, usually on the dining table, and my iPad is wherever I want it to be. I don't find anything difficult about using the iPad. Practice makes perfect as they say. I download and read books, listen to my music, listen to streamed music, get the news and weather reports, use Facebook and Messenger to keep in contact with family and friends. I use the calendar, create useful notes and reminders, I browse shopping websites, take photographs, and use a multitude of Apps. It fits in my bag and I can take it anywhere. I can sit and enjoy a coffee of glass of wine as it's the perfect gadget the relax with. Never want to be without it. It's affectionately called Paddy.
21st Oct 2012 10:05:02 (Last activity: 27th Oct 2015 21:35:05)
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I have an Ipad 2, which I got from my 80th birthday.
Unlike that amusing video at I do not use it as a chopping board ! But, after using PCs for so long I have found it quite difficult to master. In some ways it is more 'intuitive' than a PC and my wife has certainly taken to it, whereas she couldn't be bothered with a PC. Certainly, when it comes to displaying photos and 'swiping' across news pages, it is so natural that even a baby can do it, as can be seen on Youtube, where several proud fathers show their offspring stabbing at icons on the home page or daubing colourful pictures with their finger. But when it comes to delving a little deeper things are a little less obvious. As an Age UK Internet Champion I may spend my time developing my site at and training other oldies how to get started on a PC but sometimes I am unable to find my way through the less intuitive maze that has been designed by Apple. I found setting up iTunes difficult and synchronising seems to have a mind of its own, adding pictures to the iPad (or deleting them) at a whim. I have printed the full Apple iPad User Guide and also have an idiots guide but still have to ask friends around the world how to do certain things. Imagine trying to tell a newby how to add a shortcut to the Home page.
"Touch (don't press) Safari" (what's a Safari? ) ... "well, it is a way to search the internet. Now enter the site name in the top right corner. Try and press Search. Now click on the link (underlined in blue) on the page which shows. When the site is displayed click that little reverse arrow at the top of the page - yes, that one. Now touch "Add to Home Screen". Now name it something and press Add. An icon will appear on one of the Home Pages.
You want to delete that ? Press (not touch) the icon. ALL the icons begin to 'jiggle'. Why ? Never mind why just touch the x in the corner. Won't that delete all the ones with an x ? No, just that one. But they are still jiggling ! How do I stop them ? Well just press the Home button, that one.
Intuitive? I don't think so.
With my memory I have to write such things down. So far,I am up to three pages of iPad notes. Anyone want a copy ? 🙂
Response from duke made on 27th Oct 2015 21:35:05
I disagree. I think the iPad is VERY intuitive. That is why it is so popular.
25th Sep 2015 14:36:04
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Hi I love my I pad my daughter purchased it around 3 years ago. I also have a laptop. Which I seldom use now.
One Sunday my son came and wanted to look for something on my laptop, to give you a smile as I got it going I started to swipe the screen, my son started to laugh and said mom your not on your I pad now, it just goes to show how much I use it. Even more now I'm on silver surfers.
11th Sep 2015 21:54:26
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I use my iPad a lot. Also, have a two windows desktops and a laptop.
Am really interested in the just announced iPad pro. iPad is very convenient to use, quick boot up, and great for travelling.
10th Sep 2015 16:41:46
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I have 4 tablets in including the IPad mini2 the rest being Android, I much prefer Android , much less restrictive and hyped.

The only app I regularly use on the I Pad is Face time which I find very good to use, but Skype on Android is good, not that far behind face time.
6th Feb 2014 17:18:00
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I have the iPad 2 which I have had for about 10 month and I love it. Easy to use, compact and very fast. I still like to use my PC. I do a lot of photography and find that processing my pics are better done on the PC, especially with Photoshop.
I am not long retired from social work and would have loved to be able to use this when I was working. However, now retirement has kicked in, I find the convenience of the iPad is amazing. I can upload my pics to various sites very quickly and take my work around with me, so easily. Wonderful.
18th Sep 2013 21:20:49
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Don't have a Ipad as i use the computer and my ipod touch (plus i have a kindle)....but i'm thinking of getting something with a bigger screen either a lap top or an ipad...the only thing that concerns me is the 'shelf life' of the battery,my ipod is around 3 years old and the battery is now only holding 80% of the charge i suspect i'll need to buy a new battery soon, is the ipad the same?
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