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Dave Harbud
11th Jan 2019 10:33:25
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I know some people who for one reason or other don't get out much, who find social media a lifeline. As far as using it as a substitute for day to day life.... you don't need modern tech for that - I've always been fond of losing myself in a book. My major concern about mobile technology is not with particular things such as but that I think it does impair your concentration. I'm a programmer and part of my job description is thinking about the same thing for long periods of time. Loss of concentration affects my ability to work.
30th Sep 2016 11:55:09
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The tablet is taking over the home it is now so quite no one talks any moor whatis the world coming to help !!!!!
Response from ecarg made on 2nd Nov 2016 15:56:04
No wonder it's quiet if the tablet has taken over everyone will have their mouths full sugar is the enemy now.
28th Oct 2016 06:21:48
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I don't own an I-pad and only have a basic mobile phone - hate texting in fact even find the house phone an intrusion with all these cold calls, but I've had my laptop a couple of years and it's great for information and communication, how else would I have read all these interesting, strange and funny comments from Silver Surfers. I like putting pen to paper and love to receive a letter with news not previously imparted elsewhere.
Yesterday whilst at a supermarket checkout the checkout operator was communicating via some kind of intercom system whilst serving me and gave me no attention whatsoever accept to say cash or card. Surely staff should be encouraged to focus on the customer not be expected to multi task whilst operating the till. Grumpy old woman I may be but new technology does not need to take presidence over politeness.
Response from jeanmark made on 28th Oct 2016 11:49:27
As a grumpy old woman I have to agree with you ecarg but don't think it is modern technology that's the problem, basic good manners no longer appear to be taught to some people or maybe it's being at a checkout all day!
Response from ecarg made on 29th Oct 2016 04:09:48
I agree good manners are in decline but drop the technology a bit and speak to each other one to one and also lets practise another dying art and actually listen to each other properly.
Response from jeanmark made on 29th Oct 2016 13:18:24
I won't argue with that sentiment ecarg. Recently a good friend of mine in her eighties and a retired schoolteacher noted that the vicar, whilst she was speaking, kept looking at his watch. She smiled and asked him if he would like her to teach him to tell the time as he appeared to be having problems. She thought that more polite than saying "Am I boring you"!
Response from ecarg made on 29th Oct 2016 15:44:24
Vicar was probably to polite to say he was in a hurry to be somewhere else and was relying on body language. Mixed messages - the British certainly have a wealth of communication methods and speaking of this it's a pity sign language is not more widely taught . I used to be able to use some Makaton but have forgotten most of what I knew.
Response from jeanmark made on 29th Oct 2016 18:39:11
I think my friend was aware of his workload but felt he shouldn't have visited her if he did't have the time!

As a nurse it was necessary to acquire the skill of reading body language particularly when working with 'challenging' patients. I have always found it a fascinating subject.

My step-granddaughter is special needs and has been taught a variation of Makaton to help with communication. Interestingly she now has an iPad with a special programme that allows her to communicate in an easier fashion.

I used to teach communication to student nurses, particularly the art of listening and was able to give some really good examples of when health care workers did not communicate their message adequately. Sadly, I continue to fail in reading my husbands body language when I'm talking!!
22nd Aug 2016 13:27:38
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Yes and it's definitely ok .... (What does he want you to do instead, fill out your Pools coupon?!)

I don't know whether ipads/tablets were originally aimed at females, but my experience is that we take to them like ducks to water...we thought the laptop was great - but.... I know a lot of ladies of all ages that use one and carry them around with them.

All good - digital freedom - keep hold of it!

5th Jan 2016 15:39:39
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Were one to closely scrutinize the effect of technology on one's ability to socialize,they will see where many "doors" have open through the evolution of socializing via the field of technology.Technology has greatly enhanced our abilities to communicate with individuals throughout the world whom we would not have been able too before.
Response from ThatManViv made on 27th Jul 2016 23:39:36
this is true, I now get emails and skype messages from loads of nigerian and ghanaians people I never would have heard of .... and I bet you didnt know .... age doesnt matter ... 😀
Response from jeanmark made on 21st Aug 2016 15:59:58
A friend mine (92 year old) has recently suggested that when considering evolution, future babies may well be born with mobile phones attached to their hand!
27th Jul 2016 23:36:41
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My New App will be available soon ... its a bit like PokemonGo except it searches out the nearest real live human being who wants to have a real live conversation with another real live human being ..... ya never know it could revolutionise communication as we now know it .... 😀
Response from happyhacker made on 19th Aug 2016 07:28:22
My app for that is in my brain! So I don't need tech., just start up a conv. When the situation is right and away we go! I call them all tech. Zombies!
Response from ThatManViv made on 21st Aug 2016 09:49:42
please dont tell me you took what I said seriously ... heheheh
19th Jun 2016 14:29:50
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I think most young people see the mobile phone and iPad as a life support machine, switch off all the networks and most of society would go into meltdown without texting and Facebook.

Perhaps though if the technology was available when most of us were young we probably have been the same.
16th Nov 2014 09:32:25
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Mo Moor said

Are you becoming boring to other members of the household, with your attention given to your phone, tablet or other. Is technology controlling us like "the tail wagging the dog"? I have invested in an i-pad air, and my dear ol' hubby says I'm using it too much.....especially when the footie is on; that's for sure! Anyone suffering i-paditus?

Since acquiring my iPad very recently, and still learning the ropes , I find that I converse (albeit on screen) more with my children and grandchildren than I did previously - so to me it is a boon.
Response from Wilf made on 25th Aug 2015 10:36:21
I think ipads are fantastic. just so easy to connect to and look at details when watching TV etc. We always have ours when we are relaxing watching TV and there may be a fact we look up say when seeing a wildlife programme or even when I am watching football!
15th Aug 2015 17:48:27
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modern technology has its place but I found it very hurtful and bad mannered when I was informed of 2 family deaths by text. That should be done face to face or by a telephone call.
I don't like trying to talk to someone who takes a call in the middle of a face to face conversation and feel sorry for anyone dealing with the public in shops etc who is on the phone. It is the height of bad manners. What effort does it take to say 'I'm busy at the moment, i'll call you back.'
To have a phone switched on in the cinema or theatre is a definite no no. Really disgraceful manners to interrupt other people's enjoyment or an actors performance
Response from Wilf made on 25th Aug 2015 10:34:39
Yes I agree there is nothing more annoying than phones going off in the cinema. I also hate it when people are speaking loudly on public transport!
17th Mar 2015 18:33:09
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Hi All
I don't mind the use of mobiles in public (even though I sometimes reply when someone says "hello" from just a foot or so away) but I must say I don't like it when family start playing games on them when we are all in the sitting room! I suppose I feel isolated by it. They have plenty of time when I am not around (truly!) I do my contacts on my pc in my bedroom so I suppose my family are not dealing with a change in my behaviour as I am with theirs. I guess it is early days and we do not have a protocol for acceptable behaviour ingrained in us as yet. I think it probably needs to be more widely discussed. I like restaurants to be free of phone chatter (especially the loud type) but I don't mind a bit of quiet texting, particularly if people are alone. My most irritating encounter with mobile phone use was at my daughter's degree ceremony when the chap in the row in front of me was on his phone during the entire ceremony with the exception of when his son was actually on the dais! Despite, of course, very large signs telling you to switch off and me asking him too! I don't believe anyone is so important that they cant switch off for an hour or so! Rude and inconsiderate.
16th Mar 2015 18:00:32
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As a widow living on my own I really enjoy using my tablet or phone to play games etc, and sometimes forget when I'm staying away with relatives who are not interested in such things, not to use them. I've been told very firmly by my twin sister that when staying with our much older sister I am not to contemplate using my tablet when in the sitting room, even though they might be reading their newspapers. I am allowed, though, to read my e-book. My three daughters all say that I'm more savvy about the internet than they are.
26th Dec 2014 11:15:55
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i used to be a Digital Engineer I work in that Technology for quite some time so I still love its out come but I do feel we are becoming dependent on it far to much, When I see children play on computers all day long and not going out or making things how I did as a lad, When I was a young boy I had Meccano and Steam Engines and all Mechanical toys, by this time I was seventeen I was striping my Motor bikes apart to see how it worked, then cars washing machines tumble driers hoovers anything in the end hence I ended up an Engineer and from that went in to Electro Mechanics and Electronics.
Young kids today only seen to play with computers they are good but other things are need it life, for the skills of life, it is also a sad fact that you can see kids standing next to each other not talking to each other but to someone on a phone by text they seem to ignore the people they are standing with for the one's that are not there but on there mobile, to me they are losing life time skills being interactive with each other.
Is it just an age thing women too were skilled in dress making and other jobs and it all seems to be la lost world now or is it me am I wrong, to me all young people should be apprenticed to some one who is working to teach them a trade
Mo Moor
28th Oct 2014 19:21:21
Thanks for voting!
I agree, Robbinn, you have to find a balance. I too could not now be without my ipad, but I very mush like a good ol' conversation too with family and friends. Overall, I suppose we get more from the technology than that which we may lose. I just hate the fact that for a lot of people it is an extension of their being, like losing a leg or arm if they misplace the item........ more so with the younger folk. We have got to "go with it" in this fast moving and ever changing world....Enjoy your ipad!
28th Oct 2014 08:59:03
Thanks for voting!
I think we have to be very careful with all this 'new' technology. I love my iPad, iPhone, etc and they are broadening my horizon tremendously. My husband and I started Geocaching this summer and the iPhone and iPad are wonderful tools taking us to places we would never have discovered. On long walks/cycle rides I can find out exactly where we are and the easiest route back. I can do my banking wherever I am with either my iPhone or my iPad; I can read a book; order train tickets etc etc.
I do believe there are times and places to use them and also to NOT use them. Good conversation cannot be beaten. No phone or iPad anywhere near the dining table; when friends call everything is put down or turned off; when we want to have a chat or just a comfortable time together. When my husband wants to watch something on television which I don't particularly like, then my iPad comes into its own. I can be in the same room as him and watch something else (using earphones) so we are together but I don't have to watch football, which I unfortunately dislike.
My luxury is first-thing in the morning with a cup of hot lemon reading the newspapers on my iPad. Both my husband and I like our 'own' time first thing in the mornings so this works well. Last thing at night, I usually play a few hands of cards - again on my iPad - whilst my husband is downstairs listening to his jazz which he loves to do last thing at night. The social media sites keep my friends and family much nearer even though some are a long way away.
I believe the important thing is to have quality time together and use the new technology as and when suitable. I for one, would hate to be without it.

Edited to add: I do believe, however, that the younger generation do seem far too attached to their phones and that includes my own family. There is nothing more annoying than having a lovely chat with family members when you get the 'oooh I must reply to this'.....
Silversurfers Editor
27th Oct 2014 21:40:27
Thanks for voting!
I think you make a very good point Mo! I sometimes feel that one of our daughters thinks her phone is the most important thing in her life! It will be interesting to see what others think" alt=";)" class="spSmiley" />
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