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26th May 2018 23:43:06
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I'm a book man too, always have been.

Downloaded Kindle to my iMac and tried to read but oh, what a sensual disappointment.

I missed feeling the paper. smelling that musty smell of an old book, missed turning pages. No ... Kindle is not for me. Yet another good idea lost.
26th May 2018 15:46:13
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I use the local library religiously every three weeks.......I have to say I’m an old fashioned “page turner”. My Kindle sits in the bedside drawer gathering cobwebs I’m afraid!
25th May 2018 18:59:27
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Reading is not just an adventure or an education for one's mind, but there is something completely satisfying about every page you turn. I also have a tablet to read on but I find it lacks the tactile feel I need. So it is books, books and more books for me.
23rd Mar 2018 18:35:15
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I have an ipad which I get Kindle on for holidays but otherwise its real books for me, some from the library if we stop using them we will lose them. If I buy a book I always pass it on to a charity shop that way I benefit both bookshop and charity.
2nd Jul 2017 18:37:40
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I love real books and always read them at home, but I also have a kindle which I use on holiday, it's so much easier to carry than lots of books, only downside is I used to leave my books in hotels for others to enjoy but obviously can't do that with ebooks.
12th Apr 2017 18:49:04
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I always said I would never use an eReader until I got one. Now I have >2000 books on my Kindle.

The best thing about it is that when I'm done with a book I don't have to get rid of it. We can't even give away paperbacks here (US) unless they are top sellers. I burned 8 large trash bags full of books last year. It felt HORRIBLE.
Response from Treehugger1 made on 12th Apr 2017 21:29:03
I am off to the local library tomorrow to register my kindle details with them so that I can borrow books electronically instead of boosting Amazon's profits. Like you Carol, my amount of books is running into the thousands and it's so much better than having to dispose of 'real' books. Does anyone know whether Kindles have a limit to the amount they can store?
Response from jeanmark made on 13th Apr 2017 14:49:27
I'm afraid I am still a book lover and don't enjoy reading eBooks. I rarely read a book more than once and thus do not need to keep all books I read. Those I no longer need I pass onto friends or to Charity Shops. My Doctors Surgery also has a book exchange and a small donation can be given which in turn is given to various charities.

My friends village has an old style red phone box that has been converted to house unwanted books that can be exchanged. This works very well as the mobile library no longer runs and gives an opportunity for people to share their love of reading. There is a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction and it is respected by the young in the village, ebooks are obviously not suitable but hearing books are also exchanged.
4th Mar 2017 17:31:47
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I have a Kindle and an iPad and have several hundred eBooks I guess. They are a great way of storing multiple books, and it is much easier to get a book published electronically rather than in print. My debut novel is to be published as an eBook but I doubt I would have got it accepted by a traditional publisher in paperback format.
C Birc
9th Dec 2016 22:43:40
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I love to read on a Kindle. It is so light weight and convenient. Especially handy if you have arthritic hands!
14th Nov 2016 18:29:14
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I love the feel and smell of books which I read at home. But as I travel quite frequently I use a kindle fire. This lets me download a couple of films to watch on flights and plenty of books to read so less weight on flights.
major red
2nd Sep 2016 15:59:36
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I use a e book as I can zoom in as my eyes tell me I getting older lol one thing I hate in getting old
Response from major red made on 2nd Sep 2016 16:01:12
but yes I would prefer a book as like the people say the pages and feel is far better
22nd Jun 2015 18:29:18
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I prefer to read a book. I like the feel of a book and I like turning pages.
Response from MazzieP made on 27th Aug 2016 06:07:51
Totally agree Greendorrie.
27th Aug 2016 06:05:14
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I can't see myself ever swapping from a book to an e-reader. I just love holding a book, turning the pages, dozing off with the book on my chest.

I read a lot - 3-4 books a week. My local library at Rosebud (Victoria Australia) is fantastic. I purchase the odd book too and as I don't have much storage space, I share them with my exercise class friends when I've read them. It's a win/win solution.
22nd Aug 2016 13:56:20
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We actually agree Celtwitch, part of the enjoyment of reading for me is holding the book, turning the pages etc. a Kindle just doesn't 'do it' for me.
22nd Aug 2016 12:37:27
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Nothing can supplant the feel, the texture and the smell of a new book. A book is a treasure to be held and loved for ever.
22nd Aug 2016 12:20:00
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I just love books. Have to admit I have never tried a Kindle but cannot see me giving up trips to the library, charity shops or bookshops. Just enjoy looking for books to read.
22nd Aug 2016 00:12:43
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Love my Kindle and don't know how I managed laying on my side in bed at night trying to turn pages for so many years before I was bought it. So easy to choose books on Amazon as well. Love it!
16th Jun 2016 17:33:36
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I do like my Kindle but the experience of reading a book cannot be surpassed by a digital device. Holding a real book, turning the pages, the smell of the ink on paper, the cover design, storing your old books on display in a bookcase, all add to the reading experience. But,...... digital is very convenient especially on holidays!!
Response from georgesmum made on 16th Jun 2016 22:16:50
I have to agree that nothing beats a proper book.....the Kindle has its place my case usually in the bedside drawer! I have always enjoyed the whole experience of visiting the library to choose my books and have been a regular library user since childhood. I have had a Kindle for several years now but rarely use it so of course when I do think about dragging it out of the drawer....the battery is flat!
15th Aug 2015 08:30:13
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I love my Kindle. It goes everywhere with me in my bag and is so convenient. I have, at the moment 600 books on it so no shortage of material to read. I download from Amazon but try not to pay more than £2.00 for a book but very often try the free ones as well. I have, until I purchased my Kindle, always been a library user. I order new books from our local library because they are usually quite expensive from Amazon. I must say that with the threat of local libraries closing I sometimes feel guilty about not using them as much as I used to but modern technology moves on.
Response from Marley444 made on 15th Aug 2015 08:42:59
I haven't got a Kindle yet but thinking about it ... is there a maximum number of books it holds .. I'm amazed you have 600!! Do you ever have to delete any?
Response from Chamberlains3 made on 15th Aug 2015 09:53:40
Yes, I have the Paperwhite and it holds approximately 1,100 books. When I have read one I can delete it from the device by using my computer or if it was so good I may want to read it again I save it on the Cloud where it doesn't take up any room. It can then be transferred back to the device at any time to be read again.

If you get one and need any help I would be only too willing to try and help.

Response from Marley444 made on 15th Aug 2015 10:22:21
Thank you for your helpful comments ... I will do a bit more research before I buy! Would love to have more time to read actually 😉
Response from caremama made on 31st May 2016 12:47:10
I have 2 kindle, the original keyboard type and a kindle fire, wouldn't be without them as I can't hold a conventional book for long due to arthritis in my hands. Kindle fire is great for reading, emails, games etc. I currently have about 450 books in my library on all sorts of themes and by syncing together I can read on either - useful when the battery on one needs charging - have also got kindle app on my phone which is also synched to my kindle so I'm never without reading material wherever I am. Kindle unlimited is great 10 books at a time held so happy reading.
Am I a kindle addict ? Yes
10th Feb 2016 13:38:04
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I really enjoying using the Kindle White because I can adjust the brightness according to the amount of available light and I can also adjust the font and size of font so it is easier for me to read. I insisted to my husband that I did not want a kindle because I like the feel of books and being able to turn the pages but he bought me one for Valentine's day a few years ago and I am so pleased that he did. I sill go to the library for books to save money but I use my kindle most of time.
5th Jan 2016 20:28:38
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I like the Audiobooks on my kindle. They are great when your driving or working around the home and it stops me feeling guilty about sitting down reading when I should be doing other things.
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