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9th Feb 2018 20:47:54
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Please could the gardening expert reply to my post of 19 th January ?
19th Jan 2018 16:02:33
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Please could you suggest something that will get rid of wild violets from my small back lawn . They first appeared last spring and I carefully rooted them all out but I notice now there are dozens of tiny plants appearing all over the lawn . The lawn is generally quite good apart from a bit of moss at the moment . Would a lawn weed killer deal with these.? Any suggestions would be welcome please.
8th Aug 2017 21:35:55
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I have found that, in general, the things that lawns need most is feeding.
A good balanced fertiliser will go a long way to improving the lawn and I would recommend searching out an online supplier. You can generally get a 20/25kg bag
for around £24 (plus delivery) which will cover 650 to 1000 sq mtrs depending on the
make up of the content.
Buying like this is way cheaper than from your garden centre and although the quantity purchased may seem large, proving you keep it dry and free from moisture, it would last until next season if you don't use it all.
As we are beginning to face the Autumn I would avoid a fertiliser with a high N (Nitrogen) content. This will make the grass grow like billy-o for the next six to twleve weeks. Go for something along the lines of a 10-10-10 which will give you winter colour and build up the root and overall plant health. You are probably familiar with the numbers used for fertilisers but the simple way to grasp these, as far as grass is concerned, is Up-Down-All Around. The first number is Nitrate - giving good top growth and a rich green colour. The second number is Phosphorous which gives good root develop, helping the plant to resists stress , drought and produce better stronger shoots. The final figure is Potassium which aids overall plant health and strength to resist disease and develop frost protection. So, Up, the first number for top growth, Down, the second number for root development and All Around, the third number for general plant help. Any number exceeding 10 packs a punch (as this is actually the percentage of that element of fertiliser by weight in the bag). Be sure to spread it evenly and in accordance with the manufacturers recommendation, often about 25 grams per square metre. All sounds a bit complicated but it fairly simple once you get your head round it. Once you have the grass in reasonable health you can look at the individual problems, dark patches (animal urine?) etc. Autumn is a good time to rip into the lawn if you feel re-seeding and top dressing will help - It will recover from quite serious abuse and most lawns need re-seeding at some stage as, after all, they are plants that die off and don't get opportunity to regenerate as we generally mow off the seed heads before they get a chance to spread..

For potential fertiliser suppliers see,, If you are buying a fertiliser go for a granular one rather than a liquid as these are easier to apply.

Hope this helps.
MA Bury
23rd Jun 2017 18:20:40
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Can anyone help with my problem. The lawn in general is good but there are a few very dark patches that have appeared and the grass is not growing well
Silversurfers Editor
18th Dec 2015 14:24:29
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Hello megs ... feel free to ask our Gardening Editor your question too ... here is the link to his latest blog: If you post him a question he should answer you directly 😉
Response from danielknight made on 17th May 2017 10:59:26
No, I don't think so. But if the lawn is totally messed up you can hire some people to clean it.
5th Jan 2017 14:48:14
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Any suggestions for stopping moles, we have loads and they just ruin the grass
Response from Yodama made on 5th Jan 2017 16:23:51
Don't know if this will help, I had a mole problem in Africa, my garden guy told me to put a stick in each hole with a glass coke bottle upside down over the stick. When the wind blows across the bottle mouth, it makes a weird noise and frightens the mole away. It was either that or me shouting down the hole like a mad woman that finally drove them away.
Hope it helps.
Response from Farm boy made on 5th Jan 2017 16:55:09
Best way use a mole easy to set and you can leave it there till jobs done , you can see wen it sprung without lifting it out . They aren't xpensive
Response from Farm boy made on 5th Jan 2017 17:26:54
Forgot to say trap
Farm boy
1st Dec 2016 09:45:16
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Not really wait till a period of frost free weather and just tidy it up don't cut it to low
5th Apr 2016 05:52:53
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My lawn looks a mess after its first cut, lots of moss. i have quite a lot of grass and wonder if putting slate down in place of the grass. I have cut out a circle and planted it with special roses and few plants, i want to edge it and keep some lawn. what do u think?
Response from Gandtea made on 4th May 2016 09:09:37
Hi Jen12. I had this problem last year. I bought a hollow tine tool and went over the whole lawn, took me about a week in short sessions. I then top dressed the whole lawn with an very gritty mix of loam and sharp sand, plus a slow release fertilizer, brushing it into all the holes. I gave it about a week for the existing grass to grow through the top dressing. I then over seeded with Suttons Rapid Green 2 Self-Repairing Lawn Seed (I could not find this locally and ordered from Suttons)

The lawn looked much better after about 6 weeks, and a year on looks great again.

It was a lot of work, but less than taking it up and replacing with stones etc.

I chose this seed mix after reading an article about repairing worn out lawns which recommended it.
21st Jan 2016 11:21:02
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If my lawn was not so saturated and it was warmer, we have frost at the moment, then I would give it a quick going over with the blades higher but otherwise no it can wait until later. I have been known to cut the lawn in February, but a little early yet.
14th Jan 2016 18:38:10
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No I dont think so its been so mild up to now that I have been cutting the grass every other week!
18th Dec 2015 18:03:01
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Depends on where you live, I am in Scotland we had hard frost last week but temp is fine now and predicted to stay fine for the next week at least. So in my opinion, sorry I hate scruffy grass, I would put the blades as high as they go and give it a quick trim. Grass is very durable no matter what it will come good no matter what. If you are in England cut, cut, cut away.
18th Dec 2015 14:52:54
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Leave it now in case we have frost, anyway think of all the wildlife that like a garden
that is not too manicured. Relax and enjoy the quiet time, there will be plenty to do
in the spring.

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