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How has your life been affected by arthritis?

Many of our Silversurfers suffer from various forms of arthritis. This impacts day to day lives in many ways in addition to the pain it brings.  How do you cope with arthritis?  How do you get relief from pain? Have you discovered any gadgets which help you adapt and manage every day tasks which have now become a challenge?  Feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions and feelings here ....

Created By on 12/08/2015

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14th Aug 2015 16:34:18
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My earliest memories are of pain - I was eventually diagnosed at the age of 4 with Still's Disease (Junior Rheumatoid Arthritis). My legs were put in plaster of paris to keep them straight - and my first surgery was when I was 13 to remove a toe which had been made very crooked by RH.
Since then I have had a further 7 surgeries on my feet, 2 knee replacements, and a trochanteric bursectomy. This last has left me with a limp and continued pain.
In addition to RA I have also OA.
The rheumatologists have tried every treatment available - and I have also tried alternative remedies. Still the disease continues.
I am now receiving biological therapy, which does keep the pain at bay most of the time, but has its own side effects, one of them being the suppression of the immune system.
As others have said, arthritis sufferers don't always look as though they have a problem - in many respects it is a hidden disease. I long for the day when it might be conquered - too late for me perhaps, but a cure would rescue others from a lifetime of misery.
13th Jun 2017 19:14:20 (Last activity: 7th Jul 2017 16:19:00)
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Hi everyone, It has been a while since I posted before. Housebound at the minute following more surgery on both feet - so have time to catch up with SS.

If you've read my posts before then you'll know I've had RA since a child - diagnosed at the age of 4 - and now OA also.

This latest op on June 2nd is the 8th or 9th on my feet, and at my age, it will certainly be the last!
What really gets me this time is that for the first time I've had to go privately for the surgery, because of the long NHS waiting lists! 2 more years on top of the months I've already waited.

This is costing £6000 after a lifetime of paying health insurance etc. And, yes, I know that I've had good service from the NHS in the past, but I'm afraid the service is now in dire straits.

Anyway, gripe over. All best wishes to my fellow sufferers - I hope each and every one of you gets a good sleep tonight and wakens without too much stiffness in the morning,
Response from harann made on 7th Jul 2017 16:19:00
Has anyone found something to give relief from constant head & neck pain? I know I have extensive Osteoarthritis, but the head pain really makes me feel low. I realise that there people a lot worse off, but any suggestions would be appreciated. Had Physiotherapy in the past with only short term ease of pain.
16th Jun 2017 09:25:56
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The waiting lists are because the NHS is not a National health service anymore it has become an International service ,and we fail to collect the money from these other country's.
It's the same with schools and GPs they just can't cope with the strain of the huge population explosion from outside our borders and we are now having another huge influx taking place !
Oh,dear we must not talk about it must we ,let's keep quiet and not tell the tax payer.
Plus Blair built Polly hospitals all over the county through private enterprise (plus schools) and the share holders want their profits on their investments in those hospitals and schools !This means we will never finish paying for these hospitals and schools as we are only ever touching the interest on those payments.
The man has saddled us and future generations with huge debt which is something we never hear spoken about!
We all have one of his hospitals around us and we have no hope of ever managing to pay for them and becoming the owners of our investments.
It is all sickening but that's labours way ,spend what we haven't got!
That money could have gone on patient care ,but we have to pay for the hospitals before we get top class treatment .
11th Mar 2017 08:18:29
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It's a while since I posted on the subject of Osteoarthritis, so this is a little update. I had a total knee replacement in January 2016, to anyone contemplating this operation do go ahead, I have been delighted with the outcome. However, I have got the Arthritis just about all over, went back to see the Surgeon recently because of pain in bottom of my back & right hip, he says the pain is not from the hip it's from my spine. I get Co codamol from my GP but limit it as much as possible because of the side effects ie Constipation. Has anyone been prescribed anything for pain that works without this effect? I get Acupuncture every 6 weeks at the pain clinic which helps for a little while. I do keep as active as possible but the pain does take the pleasure out of walking,but I realise that I am lucky compared with many other people.
29th Jun 2016 18:10:54
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Two years ago I was diagnosed with arthritis in my wrist and fingers, exactly the same time I also got dry eye syndrome ....apparently these two ailments are connected.
All GP could advise me was painkillers and physio.
I heard of acupuncture being an option so decided to try this as trying to cook (which I love) was becoming dangerous .......
So went for intensive acupuncture every week for 3months (privately) and cannot believe how much better I feel.
It won't be a cure but so improved it i hardly need the painkillers at all AND get a full night's sleep. I now go twice a month for the acupuncture and thank goodness I tried it.
I would recommend anyone to TRY may work for you.
15th Mar 2016 19:10:29 (Last activity: 28th Jun 2016 16:14:17)
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Iam a male of 62 have had 2 knee replacements also have arthritis in my back and hips which is affecting everything i do cannot sleep with the pain taking co codemol 30 500 now ì been told by my doctor i got it in my neck help i need a new spine under 2 surgeons just getting worse never expected this not even retired yet any solutions would be appreciated
Response from MrsH. made on 28th Jun 2016 16:14:17
At 10 years your junior I was forced into "early retirement" for want of a better description, solely due to this crippling ailment. It truly gets to grips with you, once it starts. So, if you hear of any 'spines' being given away, please let me know, too. And, I'll return the favour. I've become immune to morphine & next step is The Knackers Yard, for me!
14th Aug 2015 19:16:16 (Last activity: 19th Jun 2016 07:37:44)
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I contributed to this thread a couple of hours ago - and would just like to add that in spite of RA + OA life is good.
There are so many worse illnesses one could have, so I am just thankful to be as well as I am.
To me losing my sight would be just the worst thing! I get so much pleasure from looking at lovely scenery, lovely paintings, reading books, seeing a baby's smile - so many, many things!
And being able to look and see certainly helps in forgetting any ailments.
Research is showing also that having a positive attitude helps with pain - and indeed, helps in most situations. So I try to always have my glass half-full / not half-empty! There IS a difference!
Response from LesleyPaula made on 19th Jun 2016 07:37:44
So nice to hear positive comments. It's always best not to dwell on the pain otherwise it takes over your life.
31st Mar 2016 18:58:50
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I have suffered from Osteoarthritis for many years, it started in my neck, but it's now in my spine & hips. I had a total knee replacement 8 weeks ago which is progressing well after a very painful time in the early weeks, medication only took the edge off & sleep was difficult, however sleeping a bit better now. Sometime in the not too distant future I will need a new hip, which I am told is not such a painful recovery period. I am starting to be able to walk quite reasonable distances, so overall very pleased with my new knee. Anyone facing such an operation go ahead, you will not regret it, but you must do the exercises as instructed.
27th Aug 2015 22:05:23 (Last activity: 18th Mar 2016 19:42:14)
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I've suffered with arthritis for over five year now but basically just took care of it myself with paracetamol. But a few weeks ago I had x-rays taken of my knees as they seem to be getting a lot worse, after speaking to the doctor to day he has basically informed me my knees are goosed for a better word. He has suggested having a needle and some form of solution injected into the knees to relieve the pain I just wondered if anybody has had this done and what is their opinion on the treatment? At the minute I have simply opted for stronger painkillers until I can do some research so any help and information would be appreciated.
Response from seashore girl made on 3rd Sep 2015 12:23:47
I assume it's steroid the same as I have had in my hip. It always has worked for me. I go away in 2 weeks and regret not booking one in beforehand as I'm struggling & it's a 6 week waiting list at the hospital. Give it a go, if it works fantastic, if not, well you've tried. Good Luck x
Response from Matron999 made on 11th Sep 2015 12:01:01
I had a steroid injection in my shoulder in March and I am just starting to feel the pain again after almost 6 months of relief. So it is well worth a try. I know they don't work for everyone but I don't think you have anything to lose. Good luck.
Response from shirleyann made on 27th Sep 2015 11:50:39
I suffered with arthritis especially in my knees from my late twenties,in my fifties I started having 6 monthly steroid injections, which gave me years of pain relief, until my mid sixties when I had to have replacements done. Long term taking of painkiller tablets can cause other problems, so I would give the injections a go. Good Luck.
Response from deefletch made on 29th Jan 2016 15:20:03
Hello my hubby has these shots in his knee every three or four months, it does relieve it but only for about six weeks. A great relief though, whilst it lasts. Very painful injection, but it doesn't last very long. He needs a new knee, but won't do it until he really has to.
Response from Moleman made on 18th Mar 2016 19:42:14
Hi, Ive had 3 cortisone injections in my knees. The relief is only temporary but now, I need more or some surgery as nothing seems to help. I take 2 x 500mg paracetamols which helps, but Ive been given 30 mg codeine but they block me up terribly.
Good luck, neil
20th Nov 2015 18:37:30
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Six weeks ago I had to have a hip replacement, due to Arthritis 'eating away my left hip'. Would never have thought that could happen, but it did, and extremely painful it was too. Had to retire from my work earlier than planned, but just could not walk to work anymore.

Anyway all good now, amazing that straight after the op. all pain gone, amazing......Just a big thanks to my surgeon......hopefully I have gained my life back. Anyone not sure whether to have this done, I say go for it, you will not regret it.
21st Oct 2015 04:46:45
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I've just come across this topic, and can fully identify with anyone experiencing the pain of this. I have Lupus (SLE) as an Extra to being riddled with Osteoarthritis. Mine began at the top of the spine, worked downwards slowly and gradually gaining strength, it took over my life. Stopped me working, made it impossible to run or rush. Changing my life and my personality completely. I roar like a lion sometimes when a simple task is beyond me. If I drop something it can be several hours until I can physically pick it up. Drives me around the bend, which brings me to saying, it prevents me from driving, too! Say something positive about getting it, mmm,.... I know..... It has enabled me to see the world from the view of a disabled person & I get a blue badge for parking!!!
12th Aug 2015 19:26:18 (Last activity: 17th Aug 2015 11:02:35)
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Rheumatoid arthritis aged 40 and osteoarthritis aged 54. I can no longer do impact exercising but still work out at the gym and swim. Have had to give up hiking as my feet can no longer cope. I take mediciation every day. Recently my hands have stared to become very painful and as I use a computer and write every day this is not good. My employer is a small company and nothing is done to offer me any assistance. I just struggle on. I claim no benefits and probably would not be entitled to any as my husband is on a very good wage. Indo have a disabled badge but because I do not look disabled I have over the years had comments addressed to me saying why did I park in a disabled bay when there is nothing wrong with me. Little donthey know. I just shrugnit off as I am not about to discuss my medical history with a stranger. I find that heat helps a lot which is one of the reasons I like to travel. Off to Spain next week andnjustmknow I will ache less.
Response from windyweather made on 17th Aug 2015 11:02:35
Hi EP..have a look at the Access to Work scheme. There may be something that can be done to help support your use of the computer.
regards windyweather x
14th Aug 2015 16:40:47
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I have suffered with arthritis for about five plus years. For two years I couldn't walk but kept going back to Dr who changed my tablets until we found a combination that works for me. I now walk as much as I can and before I take the tablets I am in a lot of pain after twenty minutes I am ready I now walk two dogs twice a day and shop on my own two feet. When I couldn't walk I got very depressed as I have a very active lifestyle. I find now that if pain starts I continue to walk but change my stride etc to see if I can find a more comfortable position
14th Aug 2015 12:02:26
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I have osteo arthritis in knees and hips but was also diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 9 years ago.In March this year I got up in the morning and couldn't put any weight on my left leg because of excruciating pain in my left knee.I had to use crutches to get around the house but didn't go to G.P. For 2weeks because I thought the pain would ease,as it usually did.After 2 weeks I phoned the doctor to see if I could have a steroid injection which he gave me.after another 2 weeks of pain he referred me to an orthopaedic surgeon.After having x rays and ct scan I was stunned to hear I had a fractured tibia,just below the knee!It was too late to put the leg in pot because by this time it was almost 10 weeks since I had broken it and it had started healing.I am due to hava another scan any time now to see if it has fully healed and am not in so much pain now but still relying on crutches.I try to remain positive and self reliant but it is very hard when you are in constant pain.Sorry about the epistle!
14th Aug 2015 10:20:24
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I too have rheumatoid and osteo arthritis and had to give up a very much loved job of needle work due to painful and swollen ffinger,s and wrists, that was a few years ago now, things have only got worse!! I can not runaround with my Grandchildren, but they do understand and when they were younger we would spend a lot of time reading, colouring in, painting, even slow walking, and lots of questions and answers, on both sides, now they tell me it,s one thing they always liked, Nanna had time to play and listen! Children are so very adaptable and as long as you show an interest in them ,they,ll show an interest in you. As for coping with everyday life, I do not iron anything that isn't needed,ie, duvet covers, tea towels, you get the picture,peeling of potatoes and other veg is out,unfortunately so is gardening,I have a lady that comes in once a week to vacuum and wash floors and a chairlift. so that I can use my upper rooms. One thing I have noticed down the years is how much money l have to spend just to keep a clean home and reasonable garden, having Arthritis isn't cheap, neither is the damage that,s done to the body every day by taking drugs, from the Doc, just so you can cope with getting through the day. One day they will find a cure and l thank God for that and hope it comes before any of my Grandchildren get it.
Susie Q
12th Aug 2015 19:12:00
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Osteo & rheumatoid arthritis has affected my life in lots of ways. I had too leave my job as a carer for the elderly a few years before retirement age because my consultant said the lifting of residents & pushing wheelchairs was putting too much pressure on my joints. My husband has too chop the vegetables & lift pans off the cooker. I cannot get in the bath. I am in pain when going up the stairs, I cannot walk as much as I loved too & I cannot run around with my beautiful Grandaughter.
I don't let it get me down as there are thousands of people a lot worse off than me. And I am so lucky too have a fantastic husband & family.

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