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4th Jun 2019 13:15:25
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Hi, looking for a few chats and laughs. I live in the North Hants area and also enjoy walking, love to hear from you
24th Mar 2019 21:30:19
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Hello all, just finished reading posts and could not find a "poster" close to my antique age - 84 years!
Would enjoy hearing from another octogenarian! Florida USA my home base, presently residing in a building of 72 residents, most of whom are younger, although this is a 55 and older residence. Brighten my existence - send a greeting or two or three!
Response from CaroleAH made on 24th Mar 2019 23:35:01
Hi Cyn1934 - I'm not an octogenarian but I'm sending you a big hello and welcome to Silversurfers. Hope you find lots of topics to interest you and, if you don't, you can always start one of your own. 🙂
Response from Yodama made on 26th Mar 2019 09:49:14
Hello Cyn1934, I also welcome you. I don't think age or distance matters all that much if you have something to say or converse about. I think everyone would love to hear what you have to say especially because you are in a different country. Please do enter into our discussions., humorous forums or your memories.
20th Sep 2018 16:18:31
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Anyone near Farnborough Hants?...seems a lot from Stateside/Canada...…..juts wondered if anyone was local to me.
Response from Artydave made on 1st Dec 2018 11:16:13
Hi Jan.
I’m 64 & live in Worthing. I love it here & im just a 5 min walk from the beach . I live on my own & looking for new friends. I Love painting & drawing ,reading .
Response from Nutty nanny made on 5th Mar 2019 21:34:45
Hi Jan
Just down the road from you in Ash
13th Jan 2019 17:33:41
Thanks for voting!

As many on this thread, I would like to make new friends and meet for coffee and a chat.

I am 64 and going through separation and divorce, which at my age seems quite late. Could do with some new friends! Sundays are quite challenging.

I am in North Hampshire, but close to West Berkshire and Berkshire too...

Would love to hear from someone interested in making new friends.
Response from Carolina made on 24th Jan 2019 17:03:12
How about joining there are loads of really nice groups that meet for Sunday walk and then pub lunch, check it out
Response from Nutty nanny made on 5th Mar 2019 21:33:23
Hi. I too am looking for friendship and conversation. Having just been thro a divorce finding im alone yet not lonely (yet) . I live on the border of northeast hants and surrey. Hope this finds you well.
28th Feb 2019 16:05:18
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Hi everyone. I am new and just wanting to meet new senior friends to chat with. Don't quite know my way around this site, but i will learn. Have a great day, and hope to make new friends her.
10th Feb 2019 04:29:07
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Good Eveing I just joined & I would like to meet some nice people to chat with as friends
1st Feb 2019 17:24:40
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This is so common now. I am in the same situation myself. Best thing is to keep active and join club/gym etc etc. Although its not that easy to make new friends as most rely on social media these days.
9th Nov 2018 21:07:48
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Two of my best friends have passed away in the last two years . One of them just 4 months ago, I feel lonely even though I have other friends but not like them . I just need somebody to talk to also
Response from Carolina made on 24th Jan 2019 17:05:31
Hi Nis, how are you these days?
19th Nov 2018 14:00:51
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Hi, I am Gordon 66 years of age, from Northumberland looking to chat with anyone? cheers.
Response from CaroleAH made on 19th Nov 2018 22:01:38
Hi Gordon. Welcome to Silversurfers. There are plenty of friendly people to chat with on this site so just dive into the Forum and find some subjects which interest you. You live in a beautiful part of the country. I love the fabulous beaches up there and the castles - so much to see and do and that amazing bookshop in Alnwick! I could sit in there all day 🙂
Response from Northumbrian65 made on 20th Nov 2018 06:22:55
Thank you, Carole, yes your right it is a wonderful bookshop which has visitors from all over the world.
18th Feb 2018 01:46:02
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Hi. I'm a California desert person looking to share experiences with new friends. I'm 63 and my Father's caregiver, so I have to keep close to home.
Response from Stayingzen made on 29th Oct 2018 17:45:56
Would love to chat with you. Im new on here.I live next door to you in Canada:) Im 63 as well and keep busy with learning new things and walking outside everyday.
20th Sep 2018 16:10:38
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Hi Paul, Janet here. I'm 67 retired looking after two grandchildren (grown up now) for the last twelve years. Live in Farnborough Hants. I attend Slimming World as I need to lose some weight, and am trying to walk my 10,000 steps Ha Ha! most days I only manage 5 - 7 thousand. I hope you are well.
15th Feb 2018 22:20:45
Thanks for voting!
I have just joined so if any one would like a chat let me know.
i m 63 years old and I live near to Oxford.
My name is Paul..
Thank you.
Response from sarahe17 made on 25th Apr 2018 17:37:14
Hello Paul,

My name is Sarah and I live in se London. I joined just over a week ago. Please message me if you would like to. Thanks Sarah
Response from SilverBlue made on 28th Apr 2018 16:05:31
Hi Paul,

New here too, I live in south Hertfordshire and happy to chat
Response from DeborahC6 made on 31st Aug 2018 23:28:21
Hi Paul

Happy to chat. I am not too far from you in Gloucestershire.

24th Aug 2018 19:41:52
Thanks for voting!

I've just joined the site. My husband passed away earlier this year, and although I'm slowly building a new life, I'd be grateful for some tips on how to survive the first year.

I would also like to chat to dog lovers and book worms!
Response from CaroleAH made on 25th Aug 2018 00:13:43
Hi Tulabelle,
Welcome to Silversurfers. Sorry to hear about the death of your husband - I think that the first year after a bereavement is especially hard as it's "the year of firsts" as you cope with birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas etc without your partner. I hope that you find many topics of interest in the Forum which you can join in with. I'm the leader of one of the Book Groups for my local U3A so am sometimes taken right out of my comfort zone having to read books which other members have recommended. I disliked "Elmet" by Fiona Mozley - too violent but have just finished "Ma'am Darling" by Craig Brown which is quite an informative book about Princess Margaret - lots of gossip and scandal 🙂
You might feel like joining your local U3A as they usually have lots of groups ranging from Antiques to Whist and everything in between. I'm in our Singing for Fun group which is great. We also have a Holiday group and it is nice going away with them as you usually know most of the people by sight at least so there's always a friendly face to chat to and quite a few people are single so you wouldn't feel alone in a crowd. Good Luck 🙂
Response from DeborahC6 made on 31st Aug 2018 23:24:44
Hello Tulabelle

I am so very sorry for your loss. I lost my husband 10 years ago this October. As Carole said, the year of firsts is tough as you navigate the first birthday, Christmas or other occasion on your own. I remember wishing I had a sign on my forehead saying "broken" because that's how I felt. It is that feeling of being lost all the time, or not knowing which way to go.

I joined my local book club, and although I didn't like every choice, it did give me something to think about. I also joined a local walking group and many of them do encourage dogs. You can find local groups via Meetup which is a good place to start.

Just remember you are not alone Tulabelle.

14th Jun 2018 16:18:10
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Hi everyone just moved house to Cornwall from the Midlands, although I am Welsh, I have loved lots of places but this is the final adventure or chapter. It's been hard work but enjoyable now ready to start exploring the beautiful countryside. Life's good the weather's great happy days. Happy to chat or email ,will post photos from my next day out of your interested, Let the good times roll, love BBC radio cornwall!!☺☺☺☺
Response from Lizzyann made on 11th Aug 2018 16:28:16
Hello Thewren, I have really not fathumed this site. I live in Wales. Would like to chat on Skype or messenger. Hope you are settling in your new home. My husband and I have been retired for a number of years. I like meeting and talking to people. We still play bowls indoors. Look forward to hearing from you.

27th Jul 2018 04:00:53
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Hi, I see this is an older post. Have you found anyone to chat with? How are you doing now..? Has your situation changed.? I assume by now you have made some friends in your new location. You can drop me a line if you are interested. I am 70+ , very mentally alert LOL and have lots of things to keep me busy. I am in Canada. Hope to hear from you.
14th May 2018 09:09:34
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Hello. I have been absent from the site for quite sometime. I would love to make new friends. I don’t go out very much and would love to chat online.
I do spend most of my time pottering around the garden.
I have two dogs. Lovely family but who are busy with their own lives.
Response from georgesmum made on 14th May 2018 21:25:27
Hi Lynn,
Like you I dip in and out of the site occasionally. I too have 2 dogs....feel free to drop me a line if you wish.
Response from kimberley made on 19th Jul 2018 21:23:48
Lynn im kimberley and i,ve just jojoined im from Dover,Kent where do you live?

12th Jul 2018 14:45:27
Thanks for voting!
Hi. New to this site. Are there any other retired ladies from Kent that would like to communicate? Especially dog-lovers?
Response from kimberley made on 19th Jul 2018 21:20:45
im from Dover Kent im not retired where do you live?

19th Apr 2018 21:38:37
Thanks for voting!
My name is karl,and i would like to chat also as I have just moved .
Response from sarahe17 made on 20th Apr 2018 11:47:00
Hello, were have moved to and from?
Response from SilverBlue made on 28th Apr 2018 16:06:13
Happy to chat Karl
6th Apr 2018 17:15:01
Thanks for voting!
Hello. I am 70= and because my wife still works and my children have their own lives to lead, I am left pretty much on my own most of the time. I used to be a computer programmer (well, none of us are perfect), but now I just like pottering about and cooking. (I also have to do cleaning and gardening and stuff, but I'd rather not talk about that.) So, I had this idea that instead of spending my day talking to myself, maybe I could find others to chat to. Anyone else out there feel the same way?
Response from Pita made on 22nd Apr 2018 22:06:42
Hi, I am 80, live in Winchester, Kentucky and my life is much like yours. Am alone most of the time my husband is on dyalisis and runs around most of the time when not on dyslisis. Would really like to chat about whatever is of interest to both of us. I am interested in politics, religion, football for beginners. Hope to hear from you, Gtrechen
15th Mar 2018 07:18:28
Thanks for voting!
hi there , ive just joined and im from kent . would anyone like a chat
Response from karlk made on 19th Apr 2018 22:20:17
Sure I would,Where is Kent? Please reply
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