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I have not seen any evaluation of visor versus face mask for everyday public use. How effective are visors ?

Created By on 16/10/2020

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23rd Nov 2020 09:11:48
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A rather awful side to wearing masks has evolved .That of spots and rashes being brought on to parts of the face ,Namely ,bridge of the nose ,cheeks ,and lips .Ulcers, Oral Thrush ,and bad breathe .are also
causing problems . I stopped using masks ,and now use scarves ,a lot more comfortable, and ,,,,,,
no more spots ,!!
23rd Oct 2020 08:54:01
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What I don’t like about masks, apart from steamed up glasses and the feeling that one is being asphyxiated, is that you can’t see people smile. That seems quite sad. It must be particularly hard for little ones who read adult expressions as a means of interpreting the world.
I guess at my age the lines around my eyes must crinkle up when I grin, so maybe that’s yet another reason to embrace ageing cheerfully...our smiles work even when wearing a mask!
21st Oct 2020 12:34:46
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I think that face masks must be more effective, if worn correctly, simply because they are worn in hospitals, dental surgeries etc by the staff. Visors are better for people who need to lip read. When I put my mask on I seem to go deaf or daft - take your choice 🙂 and my specs steam up and slip off!!!
18th Oct 2020 13:43:17 (Last activity: 20th Oct 2020 22:25:58)
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I hate wearing a mask, I fully appreciate the need for them but everything becomes so difficult. my only real impediment is being slightly deaf, as a result of industrial noise. I could compensate for this quite well by lip reading, I never realised to what degree I used this as a 'backup' until face mask were imposed on us
Response from Lionel made on 18th Oct 2020 16:35:22
It's funny you should mention lip reading, Len. My hearing was damaged by working in pig houses particularly at feeding time where the noise level can reach 130 db I now learn. As you say, it's only since people have started to wear masks I realise I'd been relying on lip reading rather than keep on saying, 'What,' or 'Can you say that again please.'
Response from Len45 made on 19th Oct 2020 19:17:17
Lionel, I never associated high noise levels with other than industrial machinery. It never occurred to me you could get high noise levels in such an environment. Subsequently they found anything over 80 db could cause permanent damage. That is a high level, I think the highest I was subjected to was about 110db and that wasn't as consistent as you must have experienced.
Response from Lionel made on 19th Oct 2020 21:24:09
Hello Len, I'm going back forty odd years and maybe a little more, when farm work was hard graft and you worked up a good sweat before breakfast at seven. There were no ear defenders then and the job had to be done. I had a little Sheltie dog then, a Shetland Sheepdog; she was with me wherever I went including the pig houses. Poor little thing was well deaf before I was even partially deaf. It's odd, even in her deafness she could hear my voice.

These days my partial deafness has a good side. My worst side is the left and my wife's chair is on my left. She talks a lot, well, she used to ... I wouldn't know these days! Don't get me wrong here, she a great lady and a perfect foil for me but silence is something I treasure.

Perhaps Len we should swap ideas on hearing aids. What do you think?
Response from Len45 made on 20th Oct 2020 15:15:16
I did try hard to use a Hearing Aid, Lionel, I guess it was me, I found it uncomfortable. My wife always accused me of having 'selective deafness. I seem to handle it fairly we and it works great as a ploy with the grandkids to get them to speak up. Mind you, from what you're saying I may have got off lighter than yourself.
Response from Lionel made on 20th Oct 2020 22:25:58 > @Len45
No, I'm not keen either Len. My 85 year old neighbour, a former master carpenter, struggled for years with his aids. Eventually, gave up saying to me there wasn't much worth hearing anyway! Well, I suppose at his great age he's got a point.

As for me, well, I can hear what I need to, turn the telly up a little on the fairly rare occasion there's something to watch but otherwise I'm quite happy. It's made better for the fact I read a lot and that is a silent pass time.

I'm not so sure you got off so lightly. Pig feeding was twice a day whereas you must have been in industrial noise all the working day. For me farming was a steady job, if a little bit mad at times.
17th Oct 2020 23:08:38
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Allegedly welding masks are nowhere near as effective as a cloth face mask. However, for me, it's a case of breathing or dying of carbon dioxide poisoning. No contest really.

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