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2nd Sep 2016 13:59:07
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I may think he's lost the plot in his personal life, but I've still booked tickets to see the movie of the RS's Cuba stadium gig on 23rd September! oh well....
19th Jul 2016 12:30:36
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kids are very good at adapting to situations.... however i bet the child will not want him picking him up from school !! ha
17th Jul 2016 23:11:22
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There's always been something wrong with Jagger. Can't abide him.
Response from Wilf made on 18th Jul 2016 07:19:30
I think he is a musical genius and one of a few people who started the 60s culture revolution. An amazing band the Rolling Stones that still is going strong today
Response from KEITH_WL made on 18th Jul 2016 12:17:00
Well Lionel we can agree on this. I only ever quite liked one Rolling Stones song and I can't remember now which it was. I admit that my preferences lie with classical music but I'm not a complete square - I do like the Beatles and Elvis.
Response from Lionel made on 18th Jul 2016 12:31:50
Yes Keith, we agree on classical music. But I'll admit the music of Paul Simon has a significant appeal. His father was a classical musician and seeming passed it on to Paul. Art Garfunkel's counter tenor is just beautiful.

As far as Jagger is concerned he may be bordering on the condition of genius, but so often genius tends to madness.
Response from anf1408 made on 18th Jul 2016 14:02:56
I'm with you Lionel when it comes to the music of Simon and Garfunkel. It takes true genius to write a song as evocative as "Homeward Bound" whilst sitting at Widnes station (allegedly).

The lyrics are, for me, what really sets their music apart from others of that era. Simon and Garfunkel's emergence coincided with the countercultural movement which grew during the second half of the 60s and the messages within their songs refelected the disaffection of many of the young people of that time. Among my favourite films is The Graduate and one of the main reasons for this is the use of "The Sound of Silence" and "Mrs Robinson" to perfectly verbalise Benjamin Braddock's thoughts and feelings.

When it comes to the Mick Jagger, I'm more of an admirer of his longevity than a fan of his music. Whilst it's true the Rolling Stones were a major influence on 60s culture, many of their earliest songs were re-workings of old American Blues music so their main contribution was to introduce that style of music to the UK. The Beatles, on the other hand, played a major role in introducing British 60s culture to the rest of the world by being at the forefront of the 'British Invasion'.
Response from Lionel made on 18th Jul 2016 15:55:35
I've been convinced for a very long time the fact Paul Simon was schooled in music and composition by his father (he said that in a Letterman interview) is the reason he always writes material that falls into the category of music, rather than the soul assaulting, tuneless four chords of most others on the music scene, even today.

To watch him and his brother Ed play Davey Graham's superb guitar instrumental, Anji (it's on YouTube), one realises these Simon boys are close to guitar virtuosos!

Simon is a poet from the heart. The voice of a protest generation, my generation, many of whom were terrified the West was headed into another World War, the third in a century. I was at the Grosvenor Square protest in August 1968, against the Vietnam War.

The finest interpreter of Simon's music and lyrics is Art Garfunkel. My wife and I travelled to Hyde Park for their re-union concert in, I think, 2005. A beautifully warm summer's evening; five thousand people in an enclosure and one hundred and fifty thousand outside it. At the end ten of thousand strolled across Hyde Park to Knightsbridge Tube station. There were police everywhere, just standing around looking bored. We were all just too good natured to cause trouble.

For me an early song became the definitive S & G. Emily's Song. Garfunkel's soaring counter tenor with Simon's discrete accompaniment set's the tone for much of their later work. But, also, it reminds me of an early girl friend from school, a leggy blonde. Warm, affectionate and very intelligent. We met in 1963 and are still friends to this day!
Response from Fruitcake13 made on 18th Jul 2016 20:43:21
No, Lionel, there's nothing 'wrong' with Mick Jagger, you just happen to strongly dislike him. I completely agree with anf1408's opinion of the Stones as I developed a deep love of American blues music in my early teens that has lasted all my life, and I owe that almost totally to Mick Jagger and the Stones. I've seen the Stones live several times. I also love classical music, and Simon and Garfunkel, and all sorts of other music. Not liking a particular band, singer, or a particular genre of music doesn't make it 'bad', it's simply a matter of personal taste.
Response from Lionel made on 18th Jul 2016 21:47:43
Fruitcake, between the two of us we have reached an impasse. I've read widely about another genius, Einstein. His life choices and personal habits, well according to his official biographer, were similar to Jagger's. Quite distasteful really and nothing I'd like to indulge in.

If Jagger is a genius, well he's not a musical genius. But he does give a quite riveting performance. I saw him and the Stones in Hyde Park in the middle Sixties; Jagger was in a lacy nightie! Whilst his performance must be said to be galvanising, the sounds certainly were not what I would call music. It's the usual four chord stuff, so common then and now.

Forty years ago I was the lighting and sound man at an amateur theatre in Norwich, The Maddermarket Theatre. I'd had some background in this and when the job became vacant they hired me, on a spare time basis. At that time a friend had given me a Stones LP saying there's something wrong with this. Everytime I listen to it I get violent and full of hate for my wife. I could kill her. Can you take a look at this LP, tell me what you find.

Now, the Maddermarket theatre had a very sophisticated light/sound box, well, sophisticated for the time. Tape decks, turn tables and an array of lighting to make the eyes water. During rehearsal of Coriolanus one evening, when I wasn't needed, I put this LP on a deck and played it backwards. There was a clear subliminal track which I recorded on tape. It was vile, unbelievably disgusting. I won't now go further.

The LP sleeve was called His Satanic Majesty.

I leave it to you.
Response from Fruitcake13 made on 18th Jul 2016 22:28:42
I think you must be referring to the album 'Their Satanic Majesties Request', I don't own that particular album, but I think you might be referring to the track 'Cosmic Christmas' where the subliminal phrase was 'We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year'.....not quite sure how that would disgust anyone. 🙂
Response from Lionel made on 18th Jul 2016 22:31:50
Not I am not, absolutely not!! The entire LP has sublime tracks. And why would anyone want to put subliminal tracks n an LP? Not nice, not what people bought into.
18th Jul 2016 20:21:27
Thanks for voting!
I wouldn't say Mick Jagger has lost the plot, but it seems to me to be a rather selfish act as his age means he may not be around for this child as he/she grows up.
Response from Wilf made on 18th Jul 2016 20:41:02
Well I guess he could live to be 100 so it may be ok. I cannot image many other guys of 72 doing what he does on stage! Good luck to him!
Response from Fruitcake13 made on 18th Jul 2016 20:46:26
Indeed, Wilf, he may well do. At least the child will be well provided for as Mick's an extremely wealthy man.
Response from Lionel made on 18th Jul 2016 22:06:37
But, he will be seventy three before the child is born, and that to a much younger woman. At his age, how may he be an adequate, let alone good, father? It's not just a matter of provision - I'm a child of that - but it's surely about being a father to he child, getting down where the child is, playing, empathising, hurting when the child hurts. Isn't it about rearing a child to become a citizen of the world, their world? To become secure within themselves, confident.

To carry the name Jagger might not, one day, be the best advert!

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