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1 days ago
Thanks for voting!
So very new. And confused I guess.
4th Jan 2019 21:07:06
Thanks for voting!
Hi everyone I am new to this so don’t know where to start or what to do
Response from Tr1sh made on 5th Jan 2019 10:43:29
Hi Bobo

Look to the right of your screen where you should see a turquoise-ish tab with a white arrow head in it, the tab moves up and down when you navigate so it is always visible at the side. Click on it and you will see notifications of replies, chat etc.

Chat is not a chatroom. Chat is where you can post private messages to another member.

It takes a bit of time to work out the site but once you work it out, it's easy peasy 🙂

Response from Bobo5361 made on 5th Jan 2019 13:38:31
Thank you trish
20th Dec 2018 16:21:35
Thanks for voting!
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor made on 20th Dec 2018 16:23:47
Is it your profile photo you are trying to upload? ... you have to be patient as it takes a while to process ... if you are still having trouble, email me your photo - [email protected] and I will upload it for you 🙂 Sally 🙂
Response from NorthernChris made on 2nd Jan 2019 00:04:13
Hi Sally
I deleted my account and rejoined to see if that worked - but it didn't! I will give it another go and leave it running overnight...!
Response from hydro62 made on 3rd Jan 2019 20:11:43
I vant get a profile pic to upload either
Response from NorthernChris made on 3rd Jan 2019 20:28:24
Hi. I messaged you about the uploading issue 🙂
Response from NorthernChris made on 3rd Jan 2019 20:32:49
You just need to email your photo to Sally 🙂
Response from hydro62 made on 3rd Jan 2019 20:59:41
Cheers Chris
1st Jan 2019 23:32:27
Thanks for voting!
Hi and Happy New Year to all. Im a newbie here looking to pass the lonely evenings. I like a good chat.
This year I plan to continue my weight loss plan - 11lbs gone already!!! - probably put a few on though, will face the dreaded black square on Thursday eeeeek.
I also plan to make some new friends - help me out please.
Im 56 and still working full time - grrrrrr
I have 2 grown up children and 3 adorable grandchildren.
Been single for quite a long time and have lots of friends who are not single so that kind of limits my socialising
Just starting to feel a bit lonely and socially isolated.
Anyone else feel like this?
Response from NorthernChris made on 2nd Jan 2019 00:02:41
Hi. I am new here too. Always up for a chat,and also on a weightloss plan! I need to lose some of the pounds that I mysteriously gained over Christmas! Catch you soon.
Response from hydro62 made on 2nd Jan 2019 10:17:23
Hi Thanks for the response. I'm on SW plan and find it easy enough to follow but avoiding temptation is a challenge .... chocoholic here
Response from NorthernChris made on 2nd Jan 2019 10:40:38
Cheese is my enemy! Why oh why do they make it so tasty? Ha ha!
Response from hydro62 made on 2nd Jan 2019 11:39:40
I do love cheese too .... with crackers lol
Response from Northern made on 2nd Jan 2019 11:50:05
Hello. Welcome to the site. I’m in my 40s, live in the North East, always happy to chat.
Response from NorthernChris made on 2nd Jan 2019 12:01:10
My top cheese tip is: buy good quality strong cheese so that I only need a thin sliver 🙂
Response from hydro62 made on 2nd Jan 2019 15:54:45
Hi Northern thanks for your response. NorthernChris ... top tip!!!
Response from NorthernChris made on 3rd Jan 2019 17:13:29
Hmmm, having lost almost two stone in the last year I seem to have gained 4lbs in the last fortnight. I wonder how THAT happened? Curse you, Christmas cake, cheese and mince pies!

Okay... sensible eating here I come.
Response from hydro62 made on 3rd Jan 2019 20:08:49
Oh dear Chris hope you can get back on your plan.
The scales were kind to me ..... 1lb gain .... i will take that. Cheat night tonight .... frerraro rocher im coming to get you.
25th Dec 2018 08:30:50
Thanks for voting!
Hi Dave 57 merry Christmas allxx
Response from Tr1sh made on 25th Dec 2018 16:40:05
Merry Christmas 🙂
24th Dec 2018 12:50:52
Thanks for voting!
I am new to this site. I live in Surrey and would like to make new friends on this site. I feel quiet lonely at times as I am home during the day.
Response from Northern made on 24th Dec 2018 14:05:49
Hi Pinky. I’m fairly new on this site. I live in the North East of England and always happy to chat with whoever wants to.
Response from DaveB54 made on 25th Dec 2018 08:33:21
Hi pinky I'm new to this .I'm in Kent and at home allday . So happy to chat xx
11th Dec 2018 03:11:14
Thanks for voting!
Well I'm very new here I'm a senior citizen lady and I don't know if I can understand how to do this or not so bear with me
Response from CaroleAH made on 11th Dec 2018 09:41:32
Hi Barbara, welcome to Silversurfers. I have replied to your chat message and if you have ticked all the boxes on your profile page you will be able to see if anyone has posted on a subject you are interested in by clicking on the white triangle in a turquoise box on the right hand side of your screen. Good luck with navigating round the site - practise makes perfect! 🙂
1st Aug 2018 23:45:26
Thanks for voting!
Hi Everyone, looking forward to navigating this site....anyone from Virginia USA?
Response from BarbaraP35 made on 11th Dec 2018 03:20:16
I am in the United States in Indiana and I really don't know how to maneuver myself around here at all I just wonder what's going on and how to work this thing I'm 79 and of sound mind I just can't figure this thing out
20th Nov 2018 00:32:13
Thanks for voting!
Haven't been in a chat room for years, hello to all!
6th Nov 2018 22:33:31
Thanks for voting!
Hi everyone, I've just joined from Scotland. I seem to be the oldest at 70! Not too sure how this works but it will be fun finding out.
Response from CaroleAH made on 7th Nov 2018 09:02:34
Hi, you are definitely not the oldest person on this site 🙂 and, even if you were, age is only a number so just jump in and join in with the banter! Whereabouts in Scotland do you live? Grandparents on both sides of my family came from Scotland, mainly in the Dumfries and Galloway area but I believe that one great-great grandmother came from Barra.
22nd Jul 2018 19:30:16
Thanks for voting!
Hi I'm trying to find my way round suversurfers. I just lost my husband 5 weeks ago .in a you g at heart 62 year old. Never been on this before today
Response from SilverBlue made on 22nd Jul 2018 21:40:16
Hi Edin, sorry to hear of your loss, welcome to Silversurfers, suggest you look at the forums and join in a conversation that interest you
Response from Edin made on 22nd Jul 2018 21:56:43
Thank you for your message I will do that
Response from JJJane made on 7th Aug 2018 10:51:43
I am 61 years old and I lost my husband in 2006 but it feels like yesterday. I am also new and trying to see how this works.
Response from Pat2 made on 12th Oct 2018 21:57:17
Hi, I am new here too. I am 62 years old. I lost my husband in 1990 and have joined to see how things go
Ginnie 123
12th Sep 2018 15:53:02
Thanks for voting!
I'm new here as well. Hello everyone!
Response from Lochinvar made on 12th Sep 2018 18:01:10
Hi Ginnie
Welcome to the party love a nice Gin. 🙂
8th Sep 2018 12:33:26
Thanks for voting!
Hi Live on a Narrowboat and loving it .Own A log cabin in Snowdonia & enjoying it still working part time look forward to chatting
8th Sep 2018 05:47:53
Thanks for voting!
Newbie from Oregon.....wanting to start a conversation for making friends and possible travel buddies. I am still working full time, hopefully can connect when possible. Thanks for any responses.

Le5lie 🙂
23rd May 2018 19:04:07
Thanks for voting!
I am not new to this site exactly. I have been on it for over a year and am still trying to figure it all out. I think the problem is that I am on and off it. I am still working, so my time is not yet my own. The times that I tend to log in are when I really want to talk to someone about life and the meaning of it all. I have quite a few people at work I can chat and laugh with, but no one to discuss the bigger picture. Two women with whom I worked and then continued to have a friendship with outside of work for over 20 years never really new me. I have noticed that a lot of first time posts are just looking to talk to someone. Is it because the things we want to say or the questions we want to ask cannot be said to those closest to us? I am closest to my youngest child. Probably because he is of like mind. I don't feel as though I can share what is going on in my life or my head at present. I am also concerned that what I have to say, or need to, would be freeing for me, but a burden to him. C'est la vie. Maybe a post every once in a while is all I really need, or anyone really needs, to get rid of the karmic schmutz.
Response from SylviaA3 made on 19th Aug 2018 17:19:51
Hi Calli. I am new too, although I have been a member for over a year. I know exactly what you are talking about, I feel the same. You put it so much better than I can. I am still working too, and part caring for my Dad, which I am finding difficult at the moment. Hope you are ok.
Response from Calli made on 19th Aug 2018 19:04:06
Working and looking after a parent makes for a very full plate, so to speak. I hope you have a support system in place for when you need time for you. I am always ok or should I say fine.
Freaked out
I have a mantra that I say daily, "It is what it is". If that does not work...I go for carbs. I also find on the days I need to say something, anything, I find myself in Articles (speakers corner). I generally pick topics based on my mood, the more complex the day, the more controversial the topic. Hope you are ok.
19th Aug 2018 17:14:14
Thanks for voting!
Am new to this.Trying to find my way around, like a lot of people. Am now taking the plunge. I am from Cheshire Uk. I am trying to find my feet at the moment.
18th Jul 2018 18:42:21
Thanks for voting!
Hello from New Orleans ! Looking for new friends and adventure. Check out my profile for more !
Patti XO
26th Jun 2018 12:27:33
Thanks for voting!
HI Ladyfirst72!

i just join in!

I am going to NY for a week in August. There is a lot of information in the internet about NY obviously, but that only makes everything more difficult to know what to do in 5 days.
Maybe you have some sugestions!
Response from Ladyfirst72 made on 18th Jul 2018 02:30:38
Hello Gabs,
So you're coming to NY in august for 5 days? well in five days you will only
be able to see/do a very limited amount of things. But make the most of that
time you will have. We have zoos, parks, amusement parks, theaters, and
Broadway shows. That's just to name a very small amount of things that we have.
Actually the list goes on and on. So you will have to make choices that suit you best.
Hope you enjoy your stay. Looking forward to hearing from you again.
11th Jun 2018 22:47:05
Thanks for voting!
My first time ever trying this. I joined yesterday (6/10/18). Hoping to find friends.
I live in NYC. Anyone who wishes to respond, I would really appreciate. Thanks.
Response from Milkmaid71 made on 16th Jun 2018 11:07:24
Hi to you from NYC , I have just joined silvers today so hoping to make friends. I have been to NYC two years ago and found it amazing and not as over powering as they make it seem on television plan to go back sometime. How long have you lived there and where you from originally. perhaps we can chat sometime, if that's ok with you, good to make new friends. bye for now from wales.
Response from Ladyfirst72 made on 18th Jul 2018 02:18:15
Sorry it took so long to respond, but I just logged on for the first time since I made
my original post. So you've visited New York before? Yes it is amazing. I've lived in
New York since the age of seventeen. I love it, don't think that I would be happy any
place else. Nice to visit other places, but not to stay in other places. Sure we can chat
when ever you want to. Hope to hear from you soon.
16th May 2018 03:36:49
Thanks for voting!
New to this site and also new to being on my own after 40 years. I am looking for a site just to air feelings about being newly divorced and seeing how others cope with a variety of "obstacles". I am not looking to date at this time so I am staying away from those sites! One of the problems or something I need to get used to is doing some social stuff on my own. I am very independent but going to weddings or social gatherings has been a bit overwhelming. I think chatting about these topics will give me insight in how others react to certain situations.
Response from SilverBlue made on 16th May 2018 22:41:50
Welcome to the site, I think going to any social event on your own can be quite daunting and I haven’t found it getting any easier over the years. I’m off to a wedding on Saturday and I am not looking forward to it
Response from CaroleAH made on 17th May 2018 14:44:33
Is it THE wedding, SilverBlue? 🙂 I know precisely how you and Malibu23 feel about going to weddings or any social meetings when you are alone. It's very easy to feel lonely in a crowd. I'm an introvert so going to the theatre, cinema or for a walk is no problem but ask me to walk into a crowded room on my own - that's a different matter. There isn't an easy answer - I have tried getting there early so that I can watch who comes in and if they are alone or are a few women in a group, then I will go and say "hello"; it doesn't always work but at least no-one has told me to push off - yet!!! I have joined my local U3A and that is great for meeting other people and joining various interest groups such as languages, wine-tasting, gardening, holidays etc. Some of our groups, especially the book groups and wine-tasting groups meet in each other's houses so, unless some-one has an enormous house with loads of chairs, each group only has 10 to 12 members . I take a lot of photos so when I attended a wedding recently, I wandered round taking photos so that I had something to do and didn't feel like a spare part.
Good luck at the wedding SilverBlue - try and enjoy it and Malibu23 why don't you investigate the U3A. If that doesn't appeal how about volunteering in a local charity shop - you would soon get chatting with other volunteers and customers. Remember, it's baby steps to start with not great leaps 🙂
Response from SilverBlue made on 18th May 2018 20:17:01
Fraud not caroleAH but think it would be even more stressful than the wedding I’m going to
Response from CaroleAH made on 18th May 2018 21:53:32
Ah well, never mind. Hope you enjoy yourself- pin a smile on your face, make eye contact with people and if it's a sit-down meal chat to the people either side of you and those opposite and you will be fine 🙂
Response from Kilmanorth made on 11th Jun 2018 08:19:50
Hi there, I'm also newly separated, my husband left me just leaving a note saying "goodbye"! we'd been married for 35 years. It's not easy because you've been used to having someone to go on holiday with and out for meals. I've joined lots of things and generally I'm out and about but the mornings are difficult and days when I have nothing planned. If you would like to chat I'd be pleased to hear from you.
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