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Hello - are there any leisure painters out there? In any medium - any skill level. It might be good to chat.

Created By on 14/08/2015

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AnnaL Original Poster
15th Aug 2015 20:23:45
Thanks for voting!
My idea here would be that we could chat on matters of interest to us - and share our paintings, but I don't know if it is possible to post pictures in the Forums.
Anyone know?
Response from Silversurfers Editor made on 15th Aug 2015 21:51:19
Hello Anna, We will soon have the facility to enable our members to post pictures. As soon as it is available we will let all our members know via email newsletter 🙂
Response from Greenglen made on 20th Nov 2015 08:49:18
A bit quiet here so far. I'd like to chat with painters but it would be nice if we could post images for discussion. I dabble in painting for pleasure, mainly acrylic on any suitable surface I have to hand (canvas, plywood, slate...). I've tried watercolour and I'd really like to get to grips with it but I get kind of nervous with the 'looseness' of the medium. I know this is regarded as one of its benefits but I can't help feeling kind of insecure with it. I can make my acrylic do what it's told...kind of thing. What do you think this signifies? Control freak?
22nd Oct 2020 22:27:38 (Last activity: 27th Dec 2020 18:53:43)
Thanks for voting!
hi any artists want to chat about painting ,drawing ,techniques, materials
Response from AnneW61 made on 27th Dec 2020 09:10:04
Hi, i found a few years ago i could draw cartoons. If anyone wants to chat about this i would be glad to. I sometimes colour them with coloured pencils and gel pens.
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor made on 27th Dec 2020 10:34:06 > @AnneW61
Hi AnneW61,

Welcome and many thanks for your first comment in our Forum.

If you already know your way around, then we will leave you to it.

If you are looking for some lively discussions, head on over to the Forum homepage to see what's trending right now and feel free to join in the discussions, with all our friendly members, perhaps ask a question or even start your own post.

Response from Hort made on 27th Dec 2020 16:32:28 > @AnneW61
Hi I have never tried cartoon, I mainly do landscape art using acrylic or graphite, Cartoon are interesting . Do you specialise in a particular type
Response from AnneW61 made on 27th Dec 2020 17:16:52 > @Hort
I had an ability to sketch and draw but could find nothing much to express myself with. Then i thought to myself what did other artists do and i realized they expressed and painted and drew the life around them, whether it was landscape like yourself or still life which surrounded them in their own homes.

So i drew my first cartoon of my life around me at that time and things i did on a regular basis. Ever since and what must be around 200 cartoons later i draw on everyday topics of the life around me.

Where do you live Hort and what landscapes do you paint? It takes a different perspective to do paint than to draw. AnneW61
Response from Hort made on 27th Dec 2020 18:04:20 > @AnneW61
hello I live in Norfolk not far from the East coast. I have painted and drawn off and on for years. Then about three years ago decided to take a diploma course in art and design part-time. since than been doing some form of art most weeks. I mainly paint remote Norfolk landscapes and skies. I live close to some meadows which provides me with subject matter, I am interested in light and shade and trying to capture the feel of the landscape. I also use graphite powder and pencils to create pictures, Recently I have started to try mixed media which is interesting.
Response from AnneW61 made on 27th Dec 2020 18:48:18 > @Hort
Wonderful stuff Hort and Norfolk is very beautiful. I use humour too in my cartoons of course and most people laugh at them. I wonder how i can send you some to take a look? There doesn't seem that option on these pages. I would like to see your work too. Would you like my email address or is that something that doesn't go on this website? Just so i can show you one or two of them.

anyhow here goes and here is my email address:

[email protected]

Response from Hort made on 27th Dec 2020 18:53:43 > @AnneW61
I think email or I often use whats app
7th Apr 2020 19:28:10 (Last activity: 22nd Nov 2020 05:12:22)
Thanks for voting!
Painting is something I'd like to try out. Anyone know of any online stores I could get some supplies from?
Response from NonnieK made on 22nd Nov 2020 05:12:22
Dick Blick is a good place to start. Good variety & prices.
13th Aug 2020 18:56:09 (Last activity: 14th Aug 2020 19:56:46)
Thanks for voting!
I’m very new here and still learning to navigate the site. I found your topic but not sure how I got to it so if I don’t reply back you’ll know why, lol
I love to get lost in n painting or sketching, I still consider myself a beginner self taught via watching lots of youtube videos. I used canvas and practiced Several different creative techniques I found fascinating. Eventually found ways to blend. I’ve only used acrylic’s, which I agree dry fast. Surprisingly I’ve found I enjoy painting on large flat faced rocks. My favorites are ocean landscapes. I’m not sure how to post pictures, but when I do I will post a few of my favorites
Response from Silver57 made on 14th Aug 2020 19:56:46
Ohhhhh those look like amazing fun. I want to try it
Thanks for sharing
13th Aug 2020 19:11:53
Thanks for voting!
Ooops I recently replied thinking this was a current post as I only saw the date but not the year of 2015 .
9th Apr 2020 19:03:41 (Last activity: 9th Aug 2020 23:34:06)
Thanks for voting!
One important thing to know about Acrylics is that they dry very quickly, more so in the heat, so don't attempt painting outdoors in hot weather, .Hints: only squeeze only a small amount at a time, , it's essential to thoroughly wash your brushes after use I use washing up liquid, In between uses place brush in a flat pan of water, flat, so as not to bend the bristles, If you still have paint you want to keep, cover it with a piece of plastic or cling film and put it in the fridge.
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor made on 9th Apr 2020 21:28:53
Hi Roobs,

Welcome and many thanks for your first comment in our Forum.

If you already know your way around, then we will leave you to it.

If you are looking for some lively discussions, head on over to the Forum homepage to see what's trending right now and feel free to join in the discussions, with all our friendly members, perhaps ask a question or even start your own post.

Response from Roobs made on 13th Apr 2020 09:27:14 > @Sally - Silversurfer's Editor
I find it very difficult to find my way around this site, I sa a couple of interesting things, commented , now can't find them .
Response from JimH2 made on 3rd Aug 2020 21:41:30 > @Roobs
All very sound advice. I prefer to paint with oils rather than acrylics which dry much slower, but have not used the modern water based oil paints yet. Something I need to try
Response from PurpleHat made on 9th Aug 2020 23:18:42 > @Roobs
Try the Blue arrow at the left hand side of the page where you will find notes of sites you have commented on and click on the cup of tea in blue to get there.
Response from PurpleHat made on 9th Aug 2020 23:31:10 > @JimH2
I switched to the water-based oils for ease of taking to Club nights with no nasty smells and easy to clean brushes. Also found that some of my watercolour techniques came in useful too. I really like them. I like painting wet-on-wet but I do not thin with water. They are great with a palette knife. Dried pictures may look a little dull, but fine with a coat of varnish. I have paintings now from a few years back which are still looking great.
Found myself with Artist's block since Covid so I am setting up to try Acrylic paint pouring for a change! Looks a very messy process Wish me luck!
Response from PurpleHat made on 9th Aug 2020 23:34:06 > @Roobs
Sorry ,Blue arrow is on the right hand side!!!
20th Jun 2020 22:47:56
Thanks for voting!
Look up the SAA, Society for all artists, they do a catalogue I am a member and found it very helpful to a beginner when I started to paint after retirement.
5th Jun 2020 11:23:36 (Last activity: 5th Jun 2020 11:44:53)
Thanks for voting! Jackson's Art Supplies might be worth checking out
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor made on 5th Jun 2020 11:44:53
Hi JimH2,

Welcome and many thanks for your first comment in our Forum.

If you already know your way around, then we will leave you to it.

If you are looking for some lively discussions, head on over to the Forum homepage to see what's trending right now and feel free to join in the discussions, with all our friendly members, perhaps ask a question or even start your own post.

2nd Aug 2019 15:44:36
Thanks for voting!
hi ya,anybody any thoughts ,on whats the most important technique,to learn first in acrylic painting.
8th Mar 2019 18:11:02
Thanks for voting!
I am mostly watercolour, not that good but get great pleasure from it
24th Feb 2019 01:51:15 (Last activity: 8th Mar 2019 18:09:14)
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Hello, I am very much an amateur painter but I enjoy it very much. I like to use watercolour but also use acrylics. I have used mixed media a few times and love to add effects using sand, tissue paper etc. in my paintings. Lovely to be here in this forum and meeting you all.
Response from classy made on 8th Mar 2019 18:09:14
I have painted for awhile, I know I’m not that good but get great pleasure from it, I mostly use watercolour or pencil
13th Feb 2019 09:04:12
Thanks for voting!

I have just started enjoying art so I am experimenting with different mediums and subjects.

I painted Van Gogh's Starry Night at a "Paint and Wine" event. A great way to get you going. It's a fun evening and no prior art experience is required! I love Van Gogh's brush stroke technique.

I joined our weekly local art club - a relaxed atmosphere to help people enjoy art. The members have a wide range of skills and are very helpful and friendly. Most months a demonstration is arranged where a guest artist is invited to give a demonstration.

I am also arranging an art painting holiday later this year.

Would love to hear more about what other artists are doing to inspire them.
8th Feb 2019 08:09:15
Thanks for voting!
Can anyone tell me how to access the gallery? I’m in London and paint watercolours also I attend an adult education class.
5th Jan 2019 15:45:49
Thanks for voting!
I am a pastel artist who is looking for other artists to share time with. .i love walking and painting en plein air ..oh yeah im 56 year young in north wales so plenty to see...
4th Aug 2016 01:04:10 (Last activity: 16th Nov 2018 12:38:57)
Thanks for voting!
Hello, I'm a painter, Painting about 2 paintings a week now. (quite prolific at the moment) being retired and more or less confined to the house. is it OK to show some of my mork for your perusal and comments? I love feedback. Hope to get to chat with you all and share in your work.
Response from Artydave made on 16th Nov 2018 12:38:57
Hi Brunhilde.
I love to paint too . I’m not as prolific as you are though as I’m still working and don’t have the time that you have .
I’m working on a portrait in pastel pencil at the moment for a friend at work & also a watercolour of poppies for my own collection . It’s a great pastime & hobby that I’ve been doing for years .
Have you & can you show photos of you work on this site ?
3rd Sep 2018 14:37:21 (Last activity: 5th Sep 2018 20:39:28)
Thanks for voting!
hello Annal.
glad you posted.

first of all where are you. ?

my elder sister who was very talented in painting but sadly has been diagnosed with dementia and has had to go into a home.

a mountain of her oils/canavases/ has been left with me.

maybe you could use ?

I would rather give to somone who genuinenly could use than get dumped in a charity shop.

look forward to more chat.

regards sarah
Response from LazyDayz made on 5th Sep 2018 20:39:28
Hello SuperSarah,
Could I just say that I'm so sorry that your sister has had to go into a home; so sad.
I don't know if Annal will reply to you, as it looks as if their post was posted back in 2015! I also enjoy art...I mainly do pet portraits...
I think it was very kind of you to offer your Sister's things to Annal ,
regards, LazyDayz x
5th Mar 2016 16:54:47
Thanks for voting!
Thanks for the advice. I will try to upload some photos of some of my artwork soon. Right now I am painting a watercolour of a wren and also one of a flower garden which I have been working on for over a month. It keeps me out of trouble.
1st Mar 2016 14:35:35
Thanks for voting!
Hi Terry,
Why not look up the gallery where you send your photographs then upload a photo of your painting......hope that helps.
26th Feb 2016 11:28:19 (Last activity: 26th Feb 2016 18:34:43)
Thanks for voting!
Hi, just like you Terry, got the painting bug on a cruise, started with watercolours then moved on to acrylics.I paint about 2 or3 times a week,send some to painters on line web site and get the appraised or not!.
Quite often i paint something then throw it away.if i feel it needs another attempt i will slow down and do it again...Biggest lesson i have learnt is "BUY QUALITY PAINTS". I have painting of bananas in the gallery. Cheers.patringto
Response from Terrysoldgal made on 26th Feb 2016 18:34:43
Hello, is there a way to view the gallery on this website? I can't seem to find it but I would like to view your painting and also upload a couple of mine. I used to use really inexpensive paints but then started using Winsor and Newton artist quality paints which make a huge difference. I recently tried Schminke horadam paints which are very pure and will probably buy more of those.
26th Feb 2016 11:39:26
Thanks for voting!
Hi, i paint in acrylics, an average painter but love it, see my bananas in the gallery.what do you paint??
9th Feb 2016 10:20:09
Thanks for voting!
Hello there, I enjoy water colouring but consider myself to be very much a beginner. I have found using books and researching different techniques very helpful. I also have been practicing my drawing which is important. I use YouTube for free tutorials and it's brilliant. I enjoy painting gardens, landscapes, flowers and birds.

Is there a way we can upload our artwork to share?
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