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22nd Jul 2019 10:58:23
Thanks for voting!
I was a professional photographer for over 10 years and for what it is worth I believe that there is no such thing as a bad photograph. So get snapping and enjoy
Response from CaroleAH made on 22nd Jul 2019 11:14:33
You obviously haven't seen some of my rejects, LordoftheTeapot!!!! Perhaps we ought to have a Reject section on the Showcase to share our mishaps! 🙂
Response from LordoftheTeapot made on 25th Jul 2019 13:00:38
LOL I'm sure they are not as bad as you think
Response from CaroleAH made on 25th Jul 2019 15:43:03
At least with digital photos you can look at them (and delete them) straight away if necessary. In the "olden" days of films and trips to the pharmacy to have them developed there was occasionally that awful moment when something hadn't turned out as expected especially if the photos had been taken on holiday abroad and there was little chance of recapturing the moment.
Response from Tr1sh made on 26th Jul 2019 10:04:03
I love photography although I seem to have little time for hobbies these days.

Hi LordoftheTeapot. 🙂
14th Nov 2016 16:40:21
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Hi Everyone,
Why am I suddenly having problems uploading my photo's to the showcase page, only certain ones will upload and it seems to be the newer one's I've taken that won't upload as I have no trouble with older photos. Any help would be gratefully appreciated
Response from CaroleAH made on 28th Jan 2017 16:54:13
I have had problems too and when I looked at the specification, for the photos which wouldn't upload, on the Picasa website (which I use for editing my photos) they were all very colourful photos and were about 8.0MB and over so perhaps they were too "big".
Response from SnapperEddy made on 13th Mar 2019 09:38:32
You might need to keep your files below about 4mb for it go on the web.

30th Jan 2019 17:22:49
Thanks for voting!
Here's a strange thing, when I joined SS about 11 days ago, I was using my Windows 10 laptop,
I looked at a lot of peoples shots on photo page, I thought some of them lacked a bit of sparkle, including mine, so with software I put more sparkle into mine.
the last couple of days I have been using my MacBook Air to view the same pages, and there it was every body else's shots looked fine and sparkling, and mine were starting to look a bit over cooked. lucky enough I had put original photo's onto both lap tops, so for me All is not lost.

What I'm wondering is, is this the case with anyone else ??? or is it that somewhere I have my settings wrong on my windows ????

be interested if anyone else is lucky enough to have both laptops, and whether they have had the same experience ?
Response from Tr1sh made on 30th Jan 2019 21:43:24
Several things can affect how your photographs look on different screens .

Are you editing JPEGS or RAW files?
Response from LeonardM8 made on 30th Jan 2019 21:50:08
Hi Trish, JPEGS. had a word with son an hour ago, he said it's the quality and make up of the screen, he say's everything is so much clearer and brighter on apple stuff, and so it should be for the price LOL.... it sound similar to what your saying ….. but thanks for answering... Len
12th Feb 2017 08:17:53
Thanks for voting!
Hi,would like some advice,I own a four thirds Olympus camera,looking for a lens,that would cater for general walk about and cover lowlight as I am going overseas soon.Thanks
Response from ChrisJBSC made on 3rd Nov 2017 09:36:51
Tremendous choice available - all depending on what you want to spend!
My most used lens is the cheaper 40-150: It is very light weight for its focal length, so can stay on the camera (OM-D EM-1) all the time. I keep looking at the PRO range - but the money in the pot never gets up to that amount!
If you want a very low-light lens, then there are some f1.2 and f1.4 prime lenses available now.
10th Jun 2017 15:01:13
Thanks for voting!
Hi everyone, I 'm relatively new on this site and still finding my way around, but just came across the photography section. I am no expert but a keen amateur photographing anything and everything but particularly interested in re-enactments, architecture and landscape. Up until last year I rarely shot people but getting out of my comfort zone now and have done some model shoots as well as candid portraiture. For me it's an escape from work, email and telephone - when looking through the view finder I forget all that.
I shoot with Canon 6D and 600D and would love to hear from others with the same interest.
15th Jul 2016 20:29:40
Thanks for voting!
I too had some early experience of film photography in my early working life 50 years ago but gave up after five years as winter time I was going to work in the dark, spending all day in the darkroom and going home in the dark. I then went into a different career path but came back into photography as a hobby when I retired. I have joined a photographic society and had some success in club comps as well as making some good friends.
19th Mar 2016 14:25:32
Thanks for voting!
I too was a pro wedding photographer for many years. Strictly roll film. Way before digital became the norm. In the last few years of my career, I went over the video. I found the medium more satisfying for capturing the atmosphere of a wedding. I did all the editing and titling on a PC.
1st Mar 2016 14:40:54
Thanks for voting!
Wise words mike, please look on the gallery i have several there. Would value your opinion.
26th Feb 2016 10:56:53
Thanks for voting!
Me too. Hung my camera up since i retired and used my 15 million pixel mobile for my pics now.
Still use my G15 canon but very rarely.
How many of us use phone now for photography??
15th Dec 2015 22:11:59
Thanks for voting!
I have been an avid hobbyist of Photography for many years. I have worked with small and medium format photography equipment, and have also work professionally in the category of wedding photography. In the distant past I have had the opportunity to work briefly in the modelling photography field. Throughout my years of exposure to the different categories of photography, I have found that probably the single most important area of photography to become familiar with is "proper exposure", and "lighting". Weather you own a simple point and shoot camera, or a more sophisticated view camera, knowledge of lighting, and proper exposure techniques are critical. Many years ago I started out my hobbyist journey into photography with virtually no knowledge what so some books...took some classes, and studied all I could about photography. I studied about composition, the rule of thirds...subjects...I even studied about the best times of day to photograph my subjects, and much more. And this was all long before digital photography even came onto the scene. I even took several courses in film development thru photo lab courses. And these film development lab courses are what made me realize the importance of knowledge of "proper exposure", and "lighting". It doesn't matter what type of photography system your working it be a simple totally manual system, or a completely automatic system...or something in the middle..."proper exposure", and "lighting", are the single most important factors for a well exposed photograph. You can have the most interesting subject that you may have photographed, but it's not worth anything if the exposure or lighting isn't correct for the scene. My recommendation, no matter what type of camera system you own...start you photography journey by learning all you can about "proper exposure, and "lighting". Don't worry about composition, or what subject you choose, that will all come in time. I hope that my comments here are helpful, and have enlightened you journey into the world of Photography. Happy Shooting, Michael66

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