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11 hours ago
Thanks for voting!
Response from Yodama made 10 hours ago
Hello your highness, nice to have you join us.
10th Mar 2019 20:50:26
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Hi. Just recently joined here, so thought I'd say hello. Anyone in from East Yorkshire?
Response from CaroleAH made on 10th Mar 2019 22:36:02
Hi Greg,
Welcome to Silversurfers - hope you find lots of topics to interest you on the site. Whereabouts in East Yorkshire are you from? I'm in North Yorkshire.
3rd Mar 2019 00:15:38
Thanks for voting!
70 y/o curmudgeon in Austin, TX looking to make friends, blab, explore ideas, share thoughts. Politically progressive if that matters to you.
Response from Tr1sh made on 3rd Mar 2019 10:03:20
Curmudgeon - what a wonderful word that is. I immediately thought of a Victor Meldrew character although as you are in America, you may not have heard of him so perhaps Walter Matthau?

I think Miriam Margolyes might be a female curmudgeon (if there is such a thing) although she probably is more eccentric than grumpy.
24th Feb 2019 18:18:52
Thanks for voting!
Hello everyone. I'm Brazilian, 65 years old, I'm in Liverpool for 2 months. I do not speak English, I communicate with the translator. Is there anyone who wants to talk to me? Thanks.
22nd Feb 2019 01:31:47
Thanks for voting!
I’m not very tech, enjoy lunching , gardening , theatre, love dogs . Just anyone to have a chat to , and be friends
Response from Northern made on 22nd Feb 2019 11:07:52
Hello and welcome Maureen. Hope you enjoy the site and make some nice friendships. I’m female, live in the North East and always happy to chat.
Response from SilverBlue made on 22nd Feb 2019 15:25:11
Welcome to Silversurfers Maureen, I hope you enjoy the site
22nd Feb 2019 09:24:18
Thanks for voting!
Oops I forgot to say I'm a Lady!
22nd Feb 2019 08:51:44
Thanks for voting!
Hi everyone I'm a newbie and hoping to find a traveling companion and meet new friends.. I'm based in Yorkshire about a 20minute drive from Harewood House

I'm open to new adventures and challenges.. Being single it's all a Do it on your own job as all my friends are coupled up and seem to forget about me!!

I'm 63 fun witty mobile.. Am owned by 3 Beautiful horses and a cat.
Sons have fledged years ago..
I would like to join the national trust and visit as many places as possible with someone rather than alone.
I love swimming sand Nordic walking for pleasure not to beat any speed reasonably fit but would like to be fitter, so if you're up for a walk out and coffee stop let me know

I'm in need of a break away.. Perhaps a cruise but not river cruising.. that doesn't really appeal for some reason but then I could be wrong it may be the greatest thing ever I won't know unless I've tried
Would love to see more of Italy Greece Turkey as I've not really seen much at all. Prefer the cooler times to visit rather than sweltering heat
Anyway looking forward to hearing from anybody who's interested or who has new ideas that would like to

Wishing everybody every success in finding a meeting new friends and having New Adventures
22nd Feb 2019 01:27:49
Thanks for voting!
Njoy gardening , a pet lover, love theatre
10th Feb 2019 23:32:05
Thanks for voting!
Just joined and I’m not very tech but can someone say hello
Response from CaroleAH made on 11th Feb 2019 09:27:40
Hello Skyelark! 🙂 Welcome to Silversurfers - hope you find lots of topics on the forum which you can join in with.
17th Sep 2018 11:37:33
Thanks for voting!
Hi, is there anyone else on here from the South East?
Response from Doodledee made on 1st Nov 2018 17:57:05
I'm Surrey.
Response from Jackiered made on 23rd Jan 2019 19:54:06
I’m Surrey
Response from John7453 made on 28th Jan 2019 19:10:58
Hi Jackiered, I am sending you a private message, John
22nd Dec 2018 18:11:01
Thanks for voting!
Hi, just joined, anyone out there living in or close to Menden, Germany ?
Response from CaroleAH made on 27th Dec 2018 13:35:37
Hallo, Taff! Wie geht's? Hope you had a good Christmas. I'm nowhere near Germany but happy to chat preferably in English as my German is very rusty! 🙂
26th Dec 2018 19:47:46
Thanks for voting!
Sorry, I'm in the US. New here though. Haven't chatted in a chat room in eons. Gonna take a while to get back in the swing again.
29th Sep 2018 13:41:11
Thanks for voting!
I am an attractive retired lady (66), living in south Somerset, interested in life’s opportunities. I am looking for a genuine, like minded, retired male companion, for friendship. I am very easy company, happy, fit and active, and love life. I like my independence, but miss the ‘sharing’ aspect of life, and wonder if there is a gentleman who occasionally would like the company of a joyous companion, for travel and other pursuits.
14th Aug 2018 23:00:27
Thanks for voting!
Englishman living in Glasgow needs to get out more...
Response from Yodama made on 15th Aug 2018 14:21:37
Welcome boson5. it would be nice to hear your views on the subjects on the forum and Speakers Corner.
My brother whimsically nicknamed me is Higgs, how did you arrive at naming yourself boson?
Response from TinaS4 made on 15th Aug 2018 21:23:46
Response from CaroleAH made on 15th Aug 2018 22:49:53
I had to Google it, Tina 🙂 and this is what Wikipaedia says : "The Higgs boson (or Higgs particle) is a particle in the Standard Model of physics. ... The Higgs boson is very massive compared to other particles". So now you know .......... or, if you are like me, the explanation has gone over the top of my head!!!!
Response from Yodama made on 15th Aug 2018 22:56:57
Question marks Tina?
Higgs ( me) and boson5 ( who is introducing himself) I find coincidental
Higgs boson is the so called God particle in physics, tricky little blighter to pin down as it seems to exist and not exist at the same time, it is very good at hiding and is the particle that is fundamental for the existence of mass.
The quantum field is magical.
If this seems obscure, my apologies.
Response from boson5 made on 6th Sep 2018 20:57:29
Sorry for not getting back to people. I could not find my way back to my own posts, let alone hold a conversation. Am I being thick or wot:)
Response from CaroleAH made on 7th Sep 2018 00:05:33
No not thick, Bosun 🙂 This site can be a bit difficult because unless someone responds to what you have posted, you can't always find your way back to what you have said - at least I have yet to find an easy way to do it. However, if someone responds to your comments you will see what they have said if you click on the white triangle in the turquoise box on the right-hand side of the screen. I automatically click on that to see if I have got chat messages or if there have been any comments on subjects which I'm interested in. You also need to tick the boxes in your profile (and save the changes) so that the site notifies you when messages have been added. Good Luck! 🙂
21st Aug 2018 21:07:08
Thanks for voting!
Hi Yodama, I chose "Boson5" because Higgs got taken. I used to teach physics, so CERN fascinates and bewilders me. Anyway, I live in Glasgow now near my family, having emerged from years of humanitarian aid in Doboj and Prishtine; living on a ketch in Andratx and then in Colmenarejo for many years. So I had not lived in an English speaking country for some sixteen years and Scotland twice that. I still have much catching up to do. Well, I have heard of Iron Maiden, which is more than they know on University Challenge... Enough of me!
11th Aug 2018 18:00:13
Thanks for voting!
Does anyone know what the number next to the word Reputation means on your profile?
Response from CaroleAH made on 11th Aug 2018 19:52:24
Hi Tina,
When people like the comments you have made or the photos, recipes, poems etc which you have submitted, they can click on the green thumbs up icon and your reputation score goes up a point ....... or if the red thumb is pressed, then you go down a point! 🙂
Response from TinaS4 made on 11th Aug 2018 20:08:23
Thank you Carole, no more mystery 🙂
5th Aug 2018 11:18:51
Thanks for voting!
why can't this site be like senior chatters, where you can see members profiles and then choose someone who has the same interests to chat to, I thought that was the idea of a chat room.. I find the instructions on this site far too long and boring to keep reading them, and they're not too clear either, and as for the instruction videos, I can't get sound or enlarge them so can't understand what they are showing.
Response from cuewell made on 5th Aug 2018 23:47:08
Hi Tina

I quite agree with you, I find this site hard to navigate around. If you open a notification, and click off by mistake, it gets deleted.

I am new to this chat thing, and thought this site was easy, but you have to play with it and click click click everything.

Keep plugging away like I do, you will get somewhere. I just use chat, that's is easy for me
Response from TinaS4 made on 7th Aug 2018 09:55:20
hi cuewill, how the hell do you communicate with people on here, its just a glorified forum as far as I can see, I remember the 'orange' chat rooms over ten years ago which were brilliant, loads of chat rooms for different ages and a quiz room, do they think the over fifties are incapable of using a key board or something :-/
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