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Created By on 04/08/2015

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29th Apr 2020 12:01:45 (Last activity: 9th May 2020 09:07:37)
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Hi everyone, Hope you are all well during the lockdown. I am alone here but not lonely. I am staying busy with my Rock Choir contacts, art hobby, and exercising to ward off the dreaded lockdown belly! family live away but I have frequent contact from them. Would love to chat to others in a similar situation with similar hobbies - or not - who would just like a chat. I am 72, retired, very active and interested in the theatre, films, books, socialising normally with friends. Let’s chat if you feel like it. If not, stay safe, stay positive, be happy.
Response from islandPat made on 29th Apr 2020 18:30:53
I too like a lot of what you like. I was supposed to fly to UK today and was going to see The Mousetrap at Wolverhampton's Grand Theatre.

On recent trips have been to Albert Hall for classical music, Nottingham classical music, opera and Jersey Boys, Biirmingham for Rocky Horror and Woverhampton Cats,

Am in a book club and like hiding up my tree (family history).

Pat 🙂
Response from larraine made on 30th Apr 2020 09:49:35 > @islandPat
Hi Pat, Lovely to “meet” you. Intriguing that you were going to fly to UK. Has me wondering where you are but understand if you don’t want to share. Like “You’ve Hotmail.” I too prefer to keep personal details out of it.
I have seen The Mousetrap in London a few years ago. Interesting and when you’ve seen it you become part of the club to keep the ending secret.
Not particularly into classical music unless it is one of the popular ones but have seen the other three you mention and loved them all.
I am not in a book club but often toy with the idea. I’m reading Michael Faber’s The Crimson petal at the moment but finding it heavy going. I always need something to be on the go, though.
I’m just recovering from Joe Wick’s morning exercise - I do adapt them for me or else I’d probably drop dead through the effort needed but when I went into lockdown I set a goal for myself that I was not going to come out of it having to find myselfagainunderneathall the weight I’d put on.
How are you managing to keep occupied during lockdown?
Take care and stay safe. Kind regards.
Response from islandPat made on 30th Apr 2020 11:08:37
I live in Cyprus now, that's why I'm Island Pat 🙂

The book club I belong to is different to most. We don't have a book we must read each month. We read what we like then tell everyone at our monthly meetings our views on the books. It means that you hear about books you'd wouldn't normally, it can inspire you to try a new author. I'm the black sheep of the group. The others are all arts based and I'm science based so I veer away from their choices. I like who done it's but not gory, more Miss Marple type. At the moment I'm reading (I downloaded both of these months ago so they are not related to now) a Daniel Defoe - his take on living through the plague in 1665 and then a book by Rachel Rideal, 1666 Plague, War and Hellfire. I liked the idea of looking at the plague from someone present at the time with the knowledge of the era and afterwards a look back from a modern point of view.

History I love and I'm often up a tree - my family history tree 🙂 and I've done quite a bit during lock down.

I love all sorts of music which goes from the classics to Meatloaf and lots in between. 🙂 Good music is just that whatever category it has been placed in.

I walk our dog for my exercise, she walked in here an abandoned puppy at only a few weeks old and she'll be 5 the end of next month - estimate from the vet when we first had her. She's a blonde lab/pointer cross with a smaller breed in there as she's only about two thirds lab or pointer size. When we first got her think Andrex blonde pup with long ears and lots of spare skin.

I no longer play sport but watch quite a bit - my husband doesn't though :).

Best wishes

Response from larraine made on 9th May 2020 07:28:18 > @islandPat
Hi Pat, I thought I had replied to this last week but it turns out it went to Sally!!? Before I launch into another chat, can you let me know please if you get this? Many thanks
Response from islandPat made on 9th May 2020 09:07:37 > @larraine
I have seen it thank you
24th Apr 2020 15:07:36 (Last activity: 24th Apr 2020 15:44:38)
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Hi I’m new to this and fed up of talking to myself so thought I would give this a try.
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor Original Poster made on 24th Apr 2020 15:44:38
Hi Jinksy30,

Welcome and many thanks for your first comment in our Forum.

If you already know your way around, then we will leave you to it.

If you are looking for some lively discussions, head on over to the Forum homepage to see what's trending right now and feel free to join in the discussions, with all our friendly members, perhaps ask a question or even start your own post.

13th Mar 2020 22:35:08
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Hello I am new too so will have to learn. It is good to read experience of others. Looking forward to getting involved
29th Jan 2020 14:38:37
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I like a good debate but without being nasty
17th Jan 2020 11:46:37
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I'm new to silversurfers cant quite get my way round yet,but will master the site eventually
14th Jan 2020 22:37:03
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I am new to this and not very good with technology, I like to read, I am a fair weather walker and like the cinema. I enjoy a glass of wine and meals out with good friends.
14th Jan 2020 22:29:26
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10th Dec 2019 11:44:39
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Good day.
I am a new member and hoping for interesting conversation and people who may wish to share my company on my frequent visits to London and surrounding region .
I have my Freedom Pass in my pocket and membership of Kew Gardens,British Library,Palaces and Buckingham Palace exhibitions.A bonus is membership of Virgin Lounge in The Haymarket.
2nd Oct 2019 00:11:01 (Last activity: 17th Oct 2019 17:36:48)
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I love silver surfers, but I am not very good with technology, and finding this site difficult to navigate, I hope to get the hang of it soon .but i’m not doing to well at the moment. I have just submitted another poem .but not sure if it was posted or not. Confused .
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 17th Oct 2019 17:17:17
Good afternoon , Elaine , have a look on showcase , if you haven't had a email telling you its been accepted .
Response from ElaineL79 made on 17th Oct 2019 17:36:48
Thankyou, Patricia, I did manage to find it, I am slowly getting the hang of things. Thankyou for your help. Much appreciated.
16th Oct 2019 21:49:10 (Last activity: 17th Oct 2019 00:04:37)
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Apparently I have 40 unread Forum the heck do I get to read them? This is all so complicated to access...I assumed if I clicked on the box it would bring them up...but nothing. Help!
Response from CaroleAH made on 17th Oct 2019 00:04:37
If you look at the right-hand side of your screen you should see a small turquoise box with a white arrow in it. If you click on the white arrow a list of all your notifications and private chat messages will appear. Good luck 🙂
30th Sep 2019 10:59:06 (Last activity: 30th Sep 2019 11:01:50)
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Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor Original Poster made on 30th Sep 2019 11:01:50
Hello Jeffrey Luke Boswell ... I have replied to your emails and explained so perhaps you could check your inbox? Sally 🙂
29th Sep 2019 23:19:01 (Last activity: 30th Sep 2019 08:24:02)
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Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor Original Poster made on 30th Sep 2019 08:24:02
Hello Jeffrey ... Here is a link to our Community Guide which may be helpful - - we have a huge range of features of interest, as well as a very active Speakers Corner area ... feel free to join in with any topics of interest, or start a new topic if you would like to 🙂
22nd Sep 2019 17:29:11 (Last activity: 23rd Sep 2019 18:40:58)
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Well I have to start somewhere. It looks like there are a few of us newbies. I hope I have there are some suggestions on how to proceed
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 23rd Sep 2019 18:40:58
Good evening Leswenrob , welcome to the site , I hope you find people with similar interest as you , all you have to do is say hi , and some will answer sooner or later , it can be a bit slow , so good luck and enjoy .
6th Sep 2019 05:13:53 (Last activity: 6th Sep 2019 14:28:46)
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New here and would love to converse,
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 6th Sep 2019 14:15:26
Good afternoon , ladyM64 welcome to this site , I hope you make lots of new friends here x
Response from John7453 made on 6th Sep 2019 14:28:46
Hi LadyM64 and welcome, I hope that you find lots of people to talk with on here, John
13th Aug 2019 15:22:14 (Last activity: 13th Aug 2019 16:31:45)
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Response from PatriciaB96 made on 13th Aug 2019 16:31:45
Good afternoon jennieD1 welcome to an intellectual site , there are people who are from all over the world here , I hope you find some one who has the same interest as you.

4th Aug 2019 11:17:53
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Why cant I see any of the comments of my poems I posted
10th Jul 2019 21:53:18 (Last activity: 24th Jul 2019 11:25:56)
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Good evening , I would like to post my picture on my profile , but it wont go on , why is that .
Response from CaroleAH made on 23rd Jul 2019 22:19:02
I think that there are gremlins on the site for uploading your photo. I emailed Sally, the editor, and she did it for me so worth going down that route.
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 24th Jul 2019 11:25:56
Thank you caroleAH , I try that
23rd Jul 2019 12:25:20 (Last activity: 23rd Jul 2019 14:17:00)
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Hi, I'm new to this and just finding my way around so any tips would be great. Thanks
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 23rd Jul 2019 14:17:00
Good afternoon AnitaD18 , welcome to this site , its quite slow at times , for people to answer , little patient you may get lots of new friends .good luck
26th Mar 2019 21:01:43 (Last activity: 26th Jun 2019 21:05:42)
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Hello, just joined this site, I am a mature gent who is seeking companions for travel, perhaps a cruise or foreign travel abroad also the uk, any thing considered really
Response from Olsen made on 26th Jun 2019 21:05:42
Well I’m very mature, 78 to be precise recently widowed having looked after my lovely husband this past year. He died aged 96 and we had 37 happy years together.
I’m not looking for romance just a congenial travelling companion especially for cruising as it is hideously expensive for a single.
I’m into sunbathing, reading, gardening playing various games like rummycub, trionomy, skipbo having given up on scrabble as many play to different rules !!
I’ve been a naturist for the past 40 years so not shy, just like to feel the sun on my body, I like to dance a little, no good at card games or anything that need accurate throwing !
If you are interested let’s have a chat
18th Jun 2019 23:27:05 (Last activity: 25th Jun 2019 09:21:25)
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Hi flyingdreams, I’m still coping with the death of my partner three years ago. It has got easier but I have down days. I try and focus on the good times and fortunately there were many. Uplifting music and positive people help me but give yourself time to grieve. Don’t rush it, if you feel bad then say so don’t grin and bear it. You are human after all and there is no recipe or book telling us how to get over these things. I wish you the very best.
Response from flyingdreams made on 23rd Jun 2019 12:34:15
Hi Bikergran666 thank you for your reply , your loss 3 years ago certainly puts you further 'down the line' than me. No doubt you have learnt to cope more with your feelings, my losses' so recent' are so difficult to cope with. I am also trying to move within my local Authority to be nearer my Son for greater support. Mental health problems also come into the equation making things more stressful. Living in sheltered accommodation is a great benefit but too far away from my loved ones.

I hope you continue to progress with coping with your loss, I have the second funeral to go through yet ! Best wishes to you F.D.
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 23rd Jun 2019 13:03:04
Good afternoon bikergran666 , life can be hard when you lose a loved one , my own mother suffered a loss few years ago , when my father died , it take time to adjust , lots if emotions will follow for a time , but with the strength of friends and family you will feel better , I encourage my mum to talk to his photo , because it helped her exspress her feels of being left alone , all I can say never give up on life and in time your move forward , good luck .

Response from flyingdreams made on 23rd Jun 2019 18:57:10
Thank you for your support PatriciaB96
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 23rd Jun 2019 19:24:06
You are most welcome to you both .
Response from VegaLyra made on 25th Jun 2019 09:21:25
Good morning everyone !
Plenty of sunshine today.....
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