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I feel very disturbed the Prime Minister has not condemned Trump for his terrible handling of the George Floyd murder protests. Adolf Eichmann famously said about the world & the holocaust, they approved by their silence. So does Johnson approve?

Created By on 05/06/2020

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14th Jan 2021 14:15:04
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No it shouldnt be all lives matter in this instance. You can choose the explanation you prefer here:-
28th Jul 2020 20:44:18 (Last activity: 7th Sep 2020 19:34:03)
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Here we are, racism is like covid 19 it just won't go away. As with covid we need a cure, it's been on the news today that a young black guy was purposely run down - the car mounted the pavement and hit him - the two people in the car got out and shouted some racist abuse at him and then ran off, they meant to kill him. As with covid 19 it might take some time to find a cure but there are high hopes that a vacine might be available in the near future the same can be said about racism, there might never be a time when racism is eliminated but there could be a vacine.
That being as I have said previously is the Royal family especially the queen, I watched the news the other night where Prince William was fronting the issue about mental health I thought it's ok for them to speak out about other issues but not one of them would think of being the voice against racism. This could be the vacine, what effect do you think that would have, it would be massive, people of this country and around the world would sit up and listen, what a difference it could make if the queen or one of the others (Charles for instance) stood up to denounce racism - people love this family - what a message that would send. But alas I think what I am saying will fall on deaf ears - so to say- and things will continue as they always have.
Response from HelenB862 made on 30th Jul 2020 14:24:35
I think the Queen has in effect "spoken out on racism" her whole life by setting an example in treating representatives of the Commonwealth with the absolute respect they deserve. She has been putting equality in practice for a long, long time.

The fact that Harry married Megan Markle, a lady of mixed race heritage, in St George's Chapel with a pastor of her choice, also speaks volumes on the attitude of the Queen.

How about giving the Queen a much deserved break on this one.
Response from Lionel made on 30th Jul 2020 16:37:11
I agree with you. She's set a fine example for us all. The pity of it is that the race issue has been hijacked for political and subversive purposes and, thanks to our media, blown out of all context.
Response from ebrown3441 made on 18th Aug 2020 08:26:29 > @HelenB862
If Megan and Harry have a truly black baby (and they can have as it is a metter of genetics not her present colour which is sort of white and she has white features)) what will the Queen think then.?
Response from yo made on 7th Sep 2020 19:34:03 > @ebrown3441
No they can't, a child can not be darker than its darkest parent.
7th Jun 2020 15:48:33 (Last activity: 30th Jul 2020 14:27:18)
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I am sure Johnson does not approve but I am equally mystified as to how Mr Floyd has become the cult figure he has given his fearsome history - he was hardly a shining light of humanity.
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor made on 7th Jun 2020 16:37:13
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Response from oldarse made on 22nd Jun 2020 13:35:09
So what are you saying, that because of his previous background it was ok for that racist police officer to murder him. I hope you are not anyone who has a position in law and order, if you are god help us all.
Response from HelenB862 made on 30th Jul 2020 14:27:18 > @oldarse
Good reply, Oldarse.
29th Jul 2020 09:09:47
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Just drop the black/white thing it's irrelevant is the most relevant statement in this debate.
9th Jul 2020 00:26:12
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Donald Trump should have learned years ago better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than open it and remove all doubt. If Boris Johnson hasn't yet comdemned Trump it will no doubt because he is waiting for Dominic Cumming to tell him what to say.
7th Jul 2020 13:26:20
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It should be "All Lives" matter.
Racism won't change until all racists are prosecuted with the full force of the law and there is a change in the culture of society. Quite how that is achieved I'm not sure. It seems that the police in many countries are indoctrinated with an attitude of egotistical arrogance and any noncompliance by people triggers an over the top response from them which soon gets out of hand.
It's a very complicated subject but as I say the culture needs to change, not just about racism but sexism, abuse, religion, and the hostility shown by a lot of groups of people to one another. Could write much more but I will close by saying that we are where we are and we need to be much more tolerant of one another.
All the best
21st Jun 2020 18:28:48 (Last activity: 21st Jun 2020 19:03:47)
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I am fed up of hearing white people saying black lives matter, I do however applaud the involvement by ordinaty folk in the demostrations that have been conducted around the country, what is needed now is for action not words by this I mean people who are famous such as sports people, actors, singers etc., if they are really sincere about fighting racism in this country and around the world they should make their voices heard by creating forums and the like instead of parrot phrasing. These people have a following and if their fans knew their views they might change people's attitudes and change will come (so instead of saying what they think is the popular slogan they need to act). There is someone else who should be using their voice and that is the queen she is after aII the head of the commonwealth which includes a number of African and Caribbean countries what a statement that would make if she stood up against racism, she should also aknowledge her own black ancestry instead of hiding it away (why is that ?) just think what a monumental change that could make. Things need to change and there are people who could bring it about.
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor made on 21st Jun 2020 19:03:47
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Llynfi Original Poster
12th Jun 2020 20:31:47
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It’s easy for white people to be dismissive of police brutality. As a young mother, my husband & l took some friends sightseeing in London. We were stopped and abused & terrorised by the police. My hard working doctor husband even had to prove the cat was his. He was Asian. It is true racism is not . confined to people of colour. I am Welsh & have been racially abused and certain people have been racially abusive & had people laugh at their remarks. A friends daughter nearly had a breakdown with her treatment & was told by HR when she complained, to develop a funny bone. But back to policeman, it’s unfortunate but all over the world l think the profession attracts a type, a bullying bigot
8th Jun 2020 16:34:32
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Racism is an outrage against humanity. The fact that it is endemic across most of the world demonstrates just how short a distance humanity has travelled from its roots. Just as the poor are always with us, so is racism. Mercifully, in my opinion, it is less prevalent than in the last century.

Racist outrage is too often exacerbated by the media taking sides, fringe political groups needing to boost a problem and get media time and/or just plain hate-motivated thugs rowing in to get their jollies. Nothing is quite as clear cut as it is made to look.

Before we condemn America and Trump so freely let's recall Rwanda and genocide. In 1994 in the space of 100 days about 1 million people were killed because of their race. That's racism. What Trump and Johnson say publicly is neither here nor there. Their actions, or lack of, will always be a political expedient and not a demonstration of their true thoughts.

As with any upset like this we all have to live with the outcome.
7th Jun 2020 21:21:36
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People should bear in mind the words of Martin Luther King, 'judge a man not by the colour of his skin, but by the content of his character.' If you're doing a socially distanced peaceful protest you're probably one of the good guys, if you're spitting in a policeman's face you're probably not.
Most disadvantaged group in Britain - white working class males. Highest suicide rate - white working class males. Our country is the most open and least racist in the world. Try being black in China!
Same people moaning about Dominic Cummings and his Durham trip now think mass demos in major cities are great. Hypocrites.
Just drop the black/white thing, it's irrelevant. Think in terms of individuals, it's more productive. Peace and love.
7th Jun 2020 18:17:15 (Last activity: 7th Jun 2020 20:59:44)
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Response from Wilf made on 7th Jun 2020 20:59:44
Yodama, I do not think the British Police are "thugs" I know many and they are perfectly normal family men trying to do their best in very difficult circumstances which I think have got even worse with drugs and rampant crime.

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