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Silly things people do

When I am in my car in a traffic queue and singing along to great music, I sing like a ventriloquist so that others can't see my lips moving. I have a morbid fear of being laughed at, so my songs are sung through clenched teeth.

Listening to Cat Stevens singing "Oh baby, baby it's a wild world." I was singing, "Oh gagy, gagy it's a riled gurled." I often wonder if everyone else is doing the same because I don't see their lips moving. I do lot's of strange things, like apologise to a door jamb that I bash my head against, and tell the cooker off for bleeping too much.

I'll bet everyone has a story to tell of the strange things that they do!

Created By on 24/09/2020

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26th Sep 2020 10:47:23 (Last activity: 28th Sep 2020 15:26:02)
Thanks for voting!
I quite often have 'rising hair on the back of my neck' experiences !!

I was driving back home after attending a cricket match at Worcester a couple of seasons ago and listening to the radio. It was a Sunday evening and the roads were extremely quiet. I could see a HGV several hundred yards in front of me, and caught up with it just as we reached traffic lights which changed to red. The surname on the HGV was McCartney, and right at that moment the DJ put on a Paul McCartney track. Weird or what ??

Yesterday morning I woke just after six and got up, made a cuppa and went back to bed for a read. For some reason Doug Scott's - the mountaineer - name came into my head (I was reading about mountains in S. Africa), which also got me thinking about Dougal Haston. Anyway I forgot all about it. Sitting down for brekkie at 8 ish I turned the TV on to catch up with the news. Straight away Chris Bonnington came on screen talking about the anniversary of Scott & Haston being the first 'British' climbers to conquer Everest. I had not realized or heard anything mentioned about this event for donkeys years, although I did know about it. Weird or what ??

Things, like these two events , happen to me a couple of times a year, and i just don't have an explanation !! I put it down to being 'just one of those things'.
Response from Yodama Original Poster made on 26th Sep 2020 10:57:33
Spooky shrew..
I think many people tap into their 6th sense and experience coincidences or as it is known, the synchronicity of the Universe.
Quite a natural thing.
Response from shrew1742 made on 26th Sep 2020 12:16:43 > @Yodama
Spooky indeed Yodama !!

I suppose the most common coincidence is when one is in a group discussion and you are waiting for a pause in conversation to add your opinion and low and behold another person in the group utters the 'EXACT' words that you were about to say. That's happened a lot of times but it still bemuses me !!
Response from Yodama Original Poster made on 27th Sep 2020 08:12:02
Similar things have happened to me, like buying exactly the same Christmas presents for a particular person. Happens all the time.
My son and I are telepathic and it is more than spooky, When he was little and out playing, I just have to think about him coming in for some lunch, and suddenly there he was, standing in the doorway, "yes mum" he would say.
These days, he lives far away, so it is the 'phone thing, I think of him and he phones.
I think physicists explain it as 'entanglement' or as Einstein said, "spooky action from a distance."
Response from shrew1742 made on 27th Sep 2020 10:55:51 > @Yodama
And then of course Yodama there is the unaccountable recurring dream !!

For somewhere around 50 years now I have had a dream of my two daughters and myself walking in a desert and the girls - in the dream aged about 9 & 11 - walk into some quicksand. I manage to get the youngest one out but the eldest is not quite reachable. She never, in any of the dreams goes under though and I have woken up sweating, screaming, crying and even fallen out of bed. It's very, very scary. Thankfully I've not had the dream for a few years now so I hope I'm not tempting providence !!
Response from shrew1742 made on 27th Sep 2020 10:59:40 > @Yodama
PS. I know that i have strayed off subject regarding your original comment, but I do like 'spooky' stories.
Response from Yodama Original Poster made on 28th Sep 2020 07:25:12 > @shrew1742
Not at all shrew, I love spooky stories too. As for the thread, I think it is spooky that objects in my house gang up to either injure or annoy me constantly. Now that is spooky.
Response from Yodama Original Poster made on 28th Sep 2020 15:26:02 > @shrew1742
Horrible to be plagued by nightmares shrew, on the upside, your daughter stays safe. Strange how the brain plays out what is bothering the subconcious isn't it?
Perhaps some hypnosis will help get to the bottom of it?
27th Sep 2020 20:56:00 (Last activity: 28th Sep 2020 12:04:40)
Thanks for voting!
Yes I get feeling about avoiding something which is wrong and puts me on the alert I stop and don’t do it it’s my minder
Response from Yodama Original Poster made on 28th Sep 2020 07:16:30
Welcome to this thread Pattybakes, I think our intuition is what gives us that first warning. I have often felt something was not quite right and ignored it only to wish I had listened in the first place.
Some scientists believe we hava a second brain ( enteric system) that is situated in the gut. This second brain runs independantly from the brain in the head.
Hence, the "gut feeling" which we shouldn't ignore.
You are sensible to listen to your intuition, keeps you out of trouble and mischeif. 😀 😀
Response from shrew1742 made on 28th Sep 2020 10:17:19 > @Yodama
Blimey !! Yodama your knowledge is endless. It must have been all those spare hours you had in the jungles of the Far East, with nothing to do but read, and keep an eye out for the snakes and other nasties !!

Never ever heard of a second brain in the gut though. If it's true no wonder I am all over the place. My body has enough difficulty obeying the commands of the brain in my head. I've a gut feeling that today I will read more about the 'enteric system'.
Response from Yodama Original Poster made on 28th Sep 2020 12:04:40
It's my parents fault shrew, my mother gave birth to a sponge. I hope my father wasn't Sponge Bob. :-O
True about the gut brain, it must be a kind of a schitzophrenic feeling when your two brains are arguing.

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