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5th Dec 2016 22:53:05
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Hi Marley, I must say I agree with you it can go on and on and can become so expensive and have you dreading Christmas instead of enjoying it, I think when nieces and nephews reach 18 it's acceptable to stop buying as they are no longer children and probably don't expect it anyway it can be nicely explained to them that now they are adults it's getting more difficult to think of presents for them so you are going to just buy for the children I'm sure they will understand.
I had a chat a few years ago with mine and stopped buying and they were great about it.
Response from nagonthenet made on 31st Jan 2017 22:27:07
When they stop saying thank you!
5th Dec 2016 18:54:46
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I was reading today about the four present rule. What they want, what they need, something to wear and something to read. In principle this sounded quite good then I thought that's OK for parents to do but what about grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles etc. What if great request from one child is only a few pounds but an older sibling wants a games console for around £400. I think I will stick with my usual way. Make lists and I buy what I can afford
Joan Fraser
5th Dec 2016 14:30:44
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I was the 'baddie' who instigated this some years ago when numbers were approaching 40......Thankfully none of the 'kids' were neglected or poorly catered for, so this helped, and I would let them know which charities I was donating to in their name. Most were fine with this although one comical nephew did huff a bit and said "Oh thanks, I always wanted a share in a goat" 🙂 However, he is now one of the funniest and kindest young men I know. To be honest, all the parents were glad someone else suggested cutting back, and a lot of stress was removed - so no you are not being unreasonable
27th Nov 2016 20:18:34
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My siblings and I live in different countries therefore 20 - 30 something years ago when we all had our children, we all decided no Christmas or birthday presents. When we are able to meet as a "family" we all go out for a meal and a catch-up. No added expense, stress or hassle. We just enjoy each others company and have a good time.
Response from jeanmark made on 28th Nov 2016 13:25:14
That must be so much better.
20th Nov 2016 08:02:42
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I stopped buying them years ago, this Mum / Nan is not here just for xmas! or birthdays. The kids cant be bothered with me so Im just returning the favour! Funny thing was when I told my daughter I wasnt celebrating xmas anymore and there would be no more gifts she tried to guilt trip me saying ' what about your grandchildren' then she got nasty so I put the phone down on her.

My grandchildren both now adult in their 20s have never ever bought me a xmas or birthday gift!
Response from Athenagoddess made on 21st Nov 2016 20:43:50
I would have done the same.
20th Nov 2016 13:06:43
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I so agree with that sentiment ecarg, love is the best gift.

Marley444, you're not being unreasonable and I'm sure they would agree. I think 18 is a cut off point for Christmas and Birthdays presents for the extended family otherwise it gets out of control as each have their own children etc.
20th Nov 2016 09:01:36
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I think it's perfectly reasonable to stop buying presents for nieces and nephews at 18 especially if you belong to a large family,but I have very few relatives and continue to give small gifts.I feel lucky that my two nephews and their children keep in touch with me and also give me a small gift.The thing about Christmas it's basically just one day but all the build up and hype plays on people's emotions resulting in upset, such a pity when all we want is a bit of love the best gift of all and it's free.
19th Nov 2016 21:27:40
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You are definitely not being unreasonable. All my nieces and nephews have families of their own so I have got great-nephews and nieces to buy for but once they reach 18, that is it - for birthdays and Christmas. I don't see any of them very often and since I retired, it is an expense I can well do without! Don't get me wrong - I love Christmas (only 35 more sleeps!!!) but it is far too commercialised, starts in September and the true meaning of peace and goodwill to everyone has been lost in the mad dash round the shops with endless lists. No doubt there will be Easter eggs on sale on Boxing Day!
19th Nov 2016 20:23:45
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In theory I agree with you, and I've been trying to reduce my present list for several years mainly because I just don't know what to buy people. Times have changed and people buy what ever they want for themselves.
I just seem to get dragged into buying for more people every year because they start to buy me something, and its embarrassing if you have nothing to give them.
If you find the answer to this please let me know.
Response from Marley444 made on 19th Nov 2016 20:29:00
I am getting so fed up with the over commercialisation of Christmas - don't want to sound Bah Humbug, but I would love to just call a halt to presents and focus on family time as I value that so much more.

Also on a selfish note, I have all that I will ever want in terms of possessions. At some point, when I go to visit my maker, someone will have to chuck out all my belongings just like I had to do for my mother .. sad but true!
Response from Wilf made on 19th Nov 2016 20:35:40
I agree Jean-just my sentiments why buy all these presents. When I was a boy many many years ago my parents (Santa) got my brother and I a football. That was it . But it was the most the most fantastic present ever and we played for weeks with it. Keep it simple. Consumerism has gone mad and is destroying the planet
Response from jeanymay made on 19th Nov 2016 21:01:20
Quite by chance my 12 year old granddaughter was in pound land with her dad and they bought a bingo set. We had a fun afternoon playing that fir just a pound.
19th Nov 2016 20:51:19
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My family agreed that we would only buy presents for nieces and nephews up to the age of 18. We now only buy for our own spouses, children, grandchildren and parents. As nieces and nephews get older you don't seem to be so involved in their lives so I don't think it is necessary to buy them a gift. The other issue is the cost. If you are part of a large family the cost can get out of hand. You can't get much for under £20 nowadays.

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