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12th Jan 2019 21:26:01
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I’m now on my 3rd iPad. Started off with an iPad 2. Gave it to my daughter when I acquired an iPad mini. Didn’t like that so cruised through a range of Androids (all 2nd hand) then was totally gobsmacked at an iPad Pro that she bought. The picture and the sound (4 speakers) were incredible! So. I had to have one too! Thank goodness for the Cex shop, 2nd hand dealers. We both use ours frequently for Netflix, where as I’ve said. Both picture and sound are brilliant. I also love the way it automatically transfers information, pictures etc. to my iPhone 6 Which was also a daughter hand me down.
21st Oct 2018 09:38:54
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How technology changes! We must all remember the time when just about everyone wanted a "home office" whether it was in the corner of the sitting room or under the stairs.

My computer is long gone as is the desk and all that other stuff that went with it, all replaced by a laptop which can be used anywhere without the need for desk or mouse.

I now use both laptop and tablet and they each have their strengths.

I would not edit and store all my photographs on a tablet. If I had the urge to write again, I would undoubtedly choose the laptop.

Tablets are great for portability and you can do most things on a tablet: check your email, browse the internet, you can load up your favourite music, take photos, watch tv. I often take my tablet into work and on holiday.
Response from Tr1sh made on 21st Oct 2018 12:11:28
There was a time when I read a lot but not so much these days unless it is related to one of my hobbies. I do agree though, it is a great way to take your favourite books away with you.

Since we all got tablets (including mum) we now have a family tradition of sending some pics and info of where we are staying, places we visit. I guess it is our version of Instagram 🙂

You are fortunate to tan easily, I would end up decidedly pink!!
Response from Tr1sh made on 21st Oct 2018 20:29:14
"... returned to the wrong beach ..." likely story 🙂

Many years ago a friend persuaded me to go with her to the local swimming baths where they had a tanning place set up right next to the showers and changing rooms. We were on the sun beds when some old guy walked in and nearly had a heart attack. I guess it must have looked like a scene from a horror movie - a roomful of bodies sandwiched in giant George Foreman grills, gently roasting!
Response from Tr1sh made on 22nd Oct 2018 19:03:53
Great days when we were too young to realise that it wouldn't last forever. I remember thinking it must be terrible to be sat at home watching tv on a Saturday night 🙂
1st Oct 2016 22:04:06
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I prefer using a laptop just because of the simple fact that the screen is bigger, but its easy to watch tv in bed on a tablet,
1st Oct 2016 20:20:05
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Having used computers for the last twenty odd years my view is that a desktop/laptop is the way to go. I am a keen photographer and I run my own website and this would be impossible on a tablet. I use a desktop at home and a windows combi laptop in my motorhome. From a productivity point of view a proper computer wins hands down. In my view a tablet is fine for e-mails, games and general web surfing but as soon as to need to undertake more complicated tasks a desktop/laptop wins hands down. I appreciate that many older people might not have got into computing had it not been for tablets but to me they have a very limited range.

30th Sep 2016 10:23:56
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My set up is an iMac desktop and an IPad plus I also have a laptop which I don't use very often since I bought the Mac.
The Mac is wonderful to use once you get used to the difference from Microsoft to Apple but they are very expensive to buy compared with your standard PC .
Robs sister
30th Sep 2016 09:41:29
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I also have a desktop, mine is now 11 years old so you can imagine that soon it will need replacing, it has served me well as it is doing now with a proper keyboard etc, loads of wires, what will be my next one, a desktop of course. I will have to get one before they become obsolete.
Freddo Frog
30th Sep 2016 08:00:24
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I have a desktop (which is out of sight under the stairs) with a wireless mouse and keyboard, which plays through the TV. This is used for "Catch-up" TV and backup. My main computer is a laptop. I also use a HP Mini Netbook with a 10" screen to drive a projector for when I give talks.
Tablets irritate me - I want a "real" keyboard, not a touchscreen with gestures.
And something with USB ports that I can connect devices to (external HardDrive for backup, Printer).
i don't need the unnecessary frustrations of using Wireless printers - wht complicate things?
28th Jul 2016 03:00:19
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The difference is what you cant use them for... until seperate or included keyboards came about.. a tablet was useless as a laptop or desktop writing device...

However, when it comes to portability .... and general web use and email and minor document work..a tablet is winner hands down... (good tablet not cheapies)
John Bailey
1st Dec 2015 21:27:29
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Laptop for me. I have a desktop as well but it is getting a little long in the tooth and the monitor in particular is not as good as my laptop screen. As a keen photographer I have to have a proper computer. I prefer a keyboard although I'm just as happy with a touchpad as with a mouse. IOS and Android are great operating systems for smartphones and small tablets but real computing needs Windows (or OS X or Linux....)

I've been a computer user since 1968 - yes, genuinely - and I was paid to look after them for 37 years from 1970 onwards. Consequently technology doesn't scare me !
Response from Loodt made on 13th May 2016 16:50:37
John, Hope you have discovered the pleasure of the new solid state drives. I only recently upgraded to these units and found the improved performance the biggest step change I have experienced in all my life since I started working with computers 26 years ago.
13th May 2016 16:43:24
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Just a general comment that applies to both desktops and laptops. Recently, that is like this year, I read an article in the Telegraph about the benefits of the solid state drives. The prices of the Solid State Drives have dropped dramatically in past couple of years and the capacities of these expanded to more than 1 terabyte. I did buy a replacement hard drive for my desktop, a Samsung, and installed it. The increase in performance was just astounding. The boot-up time have dropped to mere seconds. The desktop was so fast that I did the same on the relatively new laptop which I bought for my wife a year before she passed away. Again, the performance and start-up time improved dramatically.

I work on my desktop most of the time as I do enjoy the benefit of having a big screen, 24". Once you are used to that desktop real estate using a smaller screen just feels so cramped.
8th May 2016 15:11:48
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I prefer to use my laptop in front on the t.v. The laptop has a good size keyboard and being a fast typist I find this more convenient than using an IPad/'phone or Tablet. The laptop I use for internet research, the desktop for banking and shopping, as works with 2 partitions - one for mouse use and one partition for touchscreen - fabulous for uploading and viewing photos and playing games as it has such a large screen. However, the internet connection in my study is so very bad that working on the desktop is frustrating when it drops connection within 5 minutes of logging in. (BT say "no ISP will be any better as the connection is at the very end of the line..", and that "Fibre Optic is the only way to go". Financially being a pensioner, I find that I cannot afford the monthly cost and will need to put up with what I have now for the foreseeable future!
9th Mar 2016 11:49:07
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Have been using my laptop for years, smartphones and tablets with those terrible touch screens never appealed to me. Then I was the lucky winner of an iPad Air 2. I kept it unopened for a week ,thinking of selling it , but in the end I decided to keep it. I'm so glad I did, i do just about everything with it, great photos, very handy for Skype calls and web surfing, radio, films, then of course all the apps.
22nd Feb 2016 18:20:54
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Have a lap top but find the tablet much more versatile and use it almost daily whereas the lap to is gathering dust! Only wish it would find me a chat buddy grotrel
3rd Feb 2016 15:22:16
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Hello I am new to this group but I would like advice on buying a tablet.I have a desk top also a huddle which I love.I need a tablet which is simple to use .
1st Feb 2016 18:37:08
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Hi I have had an Apple iPad since Steve jobs
brought them to the market,
And to be honest I find my iPad quite indispensable
I use it all the time
I have friends in the states & South Africa
Who I am usually in contact with most days
These are great days for new technology
29th Jan 2016 10:24:02
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I ditched my laptop in favour of a Surface Pro 3 last year and haven't regretted it. The biggest advantage is that when using it as a tablet I still have access to all my 'desktop' software and Windows 10 is very clever at switching between the 2 modes. The docking station makes up for the lack of ports if I'm using it for serious work and for me personally the freedom of ripping off he keyboard and wandering around a classroom wireless presenting is great :-).
23rd Jan 2016 12:43:20
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Perhaps its me, but I do prefer using my laptop during the day, whilst at night I use my tablet.
7th Jan 2016 18:51:23
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I have an Asus laptop and found it fantastic to use, the only thing I don't like is when it changed from windows 8 to windows 10, I preferred 8. I also have a desktop as a standby
18th Nov 2015 17:28:38
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6th Nov 2015 13:15:55
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