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Veganism - what are your views?

I have been vegan for 22 yrs my reasons are :-

1 I dislike of how animals are treated and killed.

2 Concern for the Environment

3 Concern for the hungry

4 My health

What are your opinions about vegans and veganism?

Created By on 04/11/2016

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granny 24
10th May 2019 16:31:21
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The current trend seems to be to persuade people to become vegan. I have absolutely no problem with this and in fact before I retired I ran a restaurant that served vegetarian and vegan meals. My main concern is, however, that many will not understand that to be a healthy vegan they need to know how to get all the essential amino acids without eating meat. It’s a balance that many will know nothing about so maybe being vegetarian would be a safer start
Response from Little3 made on 13th May 2019 17:47:31
Not sure that I'm scientific about it. I generally include lentils, brown bread, olive oil and broccoli in my shopping, because I always hear they're good for you. And I try to 'eat the rainbow' as far as vegetables go that I cook with. Six years into veganism, I seem to be pretty healthy, but no more so than previously, when I was vegetarian 🙂
10th Aug 2020 12:08:12
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Hello. This seems a old post
Yes I agree. With your post
When we were all called
Odd balls.
Now we leaders xxxx
23rd May 2020 19:13:32
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I agree that diet plays a part in certain diseases but by no means all, certainly not solely from a western diet as many people from around the world, who having different diets, are affected by the same diseases. Diet is only one factor that has to be considered, but there are many other factors that also pay a part regardless of whether you eat meat or not.
23rd May 2020 01:18:07
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all protein comes from plants and the animals eat the plants and that is where people get the idea that meat is protein. I do like chicken and fish and will probably continue as well as some dairy. Organic is the way to go as commercial meat has so many chemicals in it and hormones, let alone the GMO's in the feed. Wild or organic is a good way to go in my opinion. do we have like minded people out there that believe all of our disease is from our western diet???
16th Feb 2020 11:36:51 (Last activity: 16th Feb 2020 13:59:05)
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After seeing the cruelty that goes with factory farming and the state of the environment, to me going Vegan is the only way to stop such cruelty and help the environment. Anyone who wants a healthy planet for the future, for their grandchildren, should consider going Vegan. It's healthy way to live too but it is the stopping cruelty that done it for me. There are many documentaries out there like Conspiracy that prove this point.
Response from Lionel made on 16th Feb 2020 13:59:05
Where did you witness first hand such animal cruelty? And when? Please be clear about your experiences.

I was in farming for twenty five years, mostly with live stock, and animal cruelty was an absolute no-no. Most stockmen I've known we more kind to their animals than they were their kids!
5th Jan 2020 15:56:42
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I don't eat as much red meat as I used to...hardly any in fact...I do eat chicken, but I'm finding that I could quite easily give it up. I've tried a few vegetarian meals in restaurants and I do enjoy them. I don't think I could be vegan as I like cream and eggs too much.
I bought some vegan Greek soft cheese and it's really good.
I think everyone should eat what they liked ...without being made to feel different,
22nd Nov 2019 14:55:25
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Diet is a truly individual thing, I did a 'Keto' diet for a year and lost the 20kg that I needed to, but the real gain was becoming more aware of what I ate in general, just do 'Low carb' now and feel much more alive than I did.
22nd Nov 2019 10:40:34
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My motto is that everyone should be able to eat what they wish, but be kindly guided by other views rather than be bashed about the ears by rabid 'believers'. Cooking up a tasty meal which also fully matches your beliefs is the best way to get others thinking about vegetarianism / veganism and including them in their own diet. Lots of people don't probably realise that a lot of food that they already eat comes under both categories.
1st Nov 2019 17:31:08
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I must admit we are eating less meat
1st Aug 2019 20:01:13
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There was a programme on TV only this morning about Vegan food. The main thing to come out of it was to check the ingredients list as it was found that many processed vegan foods have far more salt in them than there should be! Some even had more salt than a jar of sea water! Unfortunately the food did not taste salty so it was not immediately apparent.

This was in reply to an old posting...just in case anyone still reading it today. 1.8.2019
2nd Jun 2019 16:36:34 (Last activity: 22nd Jun 2019 21:32:51)
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I appreciate there are various degrees of Vegan and vegetarian diets and equally numerous reasons for following these. I have been vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic and mixture of these over the last 45 years. Mostly due to health reasons and a number of food intolerances. Now however, I have a lung condition that causes a build up of CO2, this can lead to respiratory failure if not kept within certain levels. It appears carbohydrates produce more of this gas during digestion. I was advised, as I am severely underweight, eat lots of cheese, milk, eggs, meat etc. More fat, less carbs and starchy vegetables. Much as I would like to continue with the sweet potatoes, beans, dried fruit and oatmeal. It seems it’s no longer advisable. Ironically due to other health issues, I am not supposed to eat fats so sometimes our diet choices are not fully within our control. There are no definitives regarding diet, I suppose each person must follow what they enjoy and feel is best for them.
Response from Shazzan made on 22nd Jun 2019 21:32:51
Callistra I also have a lung disease but have never heard of the dietary rules you outline above. Could you direct me to something on the internet I could read.
22nd Jun 2019 21:31:52
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I have just returned from a four day Vegan Spa which I had dreaded, but left feeling wonderful. The food was colourful. amazing in taste and even though the portions seemed small I was never hungry. My feedback was that I am simply not disciplined enough to prepare food that takes thought and time. I could only become vegan if I could afford for someone to prepare the food for me each day!!!!
12th Apr 2019 17:17:34 (Last activity: 13th Apr 2019 18:13:01)
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I'm also a vegan, but only since 2011. Before that I was a vegatarian for longer than I can remember. Your reasons for being a vegan are the same as mine.

Also, once you are a vegan for a while you realize you never have that sick feeling when overeating.. you no longer feel poisoned like you might if you ate too much pizza.
Response from Little3 made on 13th Apr 2019 18:13:01
Hi Oshunrose - you're trajectory is remarkably similar to mine (veggie for decades, then vegan since 2012). Not sure though that I have any less propensity to overeat as a vegan. So many things are appetite stimulants: alcohol, salt, sugar, chilli, baked goods .. :-\
Goodeone Original Poster
26th Mar 2019 06:43:45
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The idea behind veganism is to do the least harm possible not be 100% perfect. Sadly during havesting some animals die. But they die regardless if one is vegan or not. Non vegans complain of vegans being agressive yet l could complain ofthere habit of pointing out vegan diets are not free of causing animal suffering. It is surely better too do as much as l can then do nothing beccause l cannot do so 100%
10th Feb 2019 15:13:58 (Last activity: 25th Mar 2019 17:55:27)
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I respect Vegan's choice of food.However I'm afraid to say the feeling is'nt mutual.Most vegans I've come across seem quite aggressive in their views.I feel to encourage people to change,let the food do the talking!If you're a vegan,invite someone over for dinner.Don't even tell them the food is vegan and allow them to make up their own minds,in a more gentler way.
Can vegans guarantee that during the harvest of any food,grains,veg etc that NO animal was harmed?No.Lets not forget too that animals natural habitat has and still is being destroyed by intentional farming of crops.
I don't understand why if you're a vegan,you try and coerce other people to turn vegan.Its YOUR choice to be a vegan,its also OUR choice to eat meat.
Response from Little3 made on 24th Mar 2019 15:47:40
Sadly, vegans DO come across too often as aggressive. And being vegan can't guarantee you avoid all harm to animals; Piers Morgan made a clever point recently when, like you, he highlighted that crop farming generally treats insects as enemies - 'so you don't care about the little guys', he said.

I try to be vegan, myself, and constantly fall short: I choose to turn a blind eye to the inhumane treatment of farm animals, just because I fancy some 'treat'. Still ..
Response from Yogafan made on 24th Mar 2019 18:49:59
Thankyou Little3.I think we all do the best we can,with whatever choices we make.I respect yours x
Response from Lionel made on 24th Mar 2019 22:14:00
Why do vegans all assume farm animals are inhumanely treated? It doesn't serve their case well at all. In fact for some of us it displays gross ignorance of the facts.
Response from Little3 made on 25th Mar 2019 17:32:41
Thanks for your contribution Lionel. I recognise that is possible to get overexcited about a 'cause'.
Response from Lionel made on 25th Mar 2019 17:55:27
Little3, over excited I can easily accept and understand. But, as my post way below records, I was in British farming a long time, mostly dealing with livestock. There are two very relevant factors at play here:

The quality of the animals carcass determines it's market price to the farmer. Any signs of abuse will quickly be picked up by the vet examining it. Livestock is very frequently inspected on the farm by a vet - it's the law. Therefore care of one's animals equates to keeping one's job.

In dealing with pigs, sheep and cattle one must exercise kindness and compassion as well as being firm with them. Pigs and cattle have long memories. Hurt a ton of breeding bull and he will get his own back sooner or later.

On the point of being firm with animals behaviour, it is something current mothers would do well to practice with their children instead of bleating on TV how we are so cruel.
24th Nov 2018 11:15:43 (Last activity: 25th Jan 2019 16:27:23)
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All living creatures have to eat something else to survive, whether they are carnivores, omnivores or vegans. Plants are just as much living things as animals, so why vegans seem to think they don't matter I don't understand. Without plants of one sort or another the world would die. All living things should be treated properly and it is as important that the crops we eat should also be grown in a humane manner not sprayed with weedkiller that kills everything, no GM crops. How vegans can think it is fine to eat plants as food but not animals I do not understand.

I appreciate that some animals are not grown and kept in a humane manner but neither are much of the plants we and vegans choose to eat. I cannot take the idea that it is wrong to eat meat as animals are sentient creatures but plants are not. Plants fully understand what is happening, although maybe not in a way we human animals understand. It is no better to eat plants than animals. We need food, and all things grown for food should be farmed humanely.
Response from DeeAnnJ made on 25th Jan 2019 10:42:34
Animals are somewhat different to plants. Plants can respond or react to their environment, to a point; however, they are not sentient. They have no brain. They cannot feel emotions or pain. Most animals can feel pain and do experience emotions, some more than others.
Response from Boots made on 25th Jan 2019 16:27:23
How can you say a plant doesn't have a brain. They may not have a brain that looks like ours, but they certainly are well aware of life around them. Some know if they are about to be attacked by dangerous insects for instance. It has been proved that trees can "talk" to each other. Some tests have shown plants reacting when another has been damaged by a human being. They have been on this earth far longer than animals in general never mind human beings who have only been on the earth for a relatively short period of time and during that time have done a lot of damage to the earth and the beings, both animal and plant, that live on it too. They are vital to the health of this planet and should not be dismissed as less important than animals.
25th Jan 2019 11:15:09
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I'm with you, though I don't call myself a vegan. I tend towards sentientism.

"The question is not, Can they reason? nor, Can they talk? but, Can they suffer?" Jeremy Bentham
22nd Jul 2018 10:33:34 (Last activity: 25th Jan 2019 10:52:23)
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I can understand vegans not wanting to kill animals, I don't like it either , but if they really believe that it's wrong then they should also petition for all predator type animals to be killed off or else what's the point. It's no good saying that it's natural for predators to kill for food because if that's the case then it's natural for us as well as after all we're animals too whether they like it or not. We are all part of the food chain nature doesn't give a damn about feelings , it's survival of the fittest so that only the healthy breed.
Response from DeeAnnJ made on 25th Jan 2019 10:52:23
We've evolved differently to all other animals. We have large brains, a sense of right and wrong, and we can show compassion. Also, we are not obligate carnivores, so we can survive without meat. Many animals have to hunt and kill. They have no choice. We do have a choice.
21st Jan 2019 11:50:42 (Last activity: 25th Jan 2019 10:33:39)
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I think the funniest thing I know about veganism is the possibility of it being totally unhealthy. your diet can just be chips and beer ! I always assumed they were healthy !
Response from DeeAnnJ made on 25th Jan 2019 10:33:39
Indeed. A vegan diet must be carefully planned to include all essential nutrients. Then again, every diet has to planned to include enough of all the essential nutrients.
23rd Nov 2018 20:48:29 (Last activity: 25th Jan 2019 10:31:54)
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Response from MarieT2 made on 23rd Dec 2018 13:59:02
Not if you eat organic only.
Response from Lionel made on 23rd Dec 2018 15:06:41
After half a lifetime in British agriculture I came to the conclusion most organic, not all, is anything but.

My wife and I have a tenth acre organic garden here, for our own use only. The methods I use would be very familiar to gardener in the twenties and thirties. But the amount of labour required is such that if we were to sell our produce at a small profit few but the rich could afford it.

Therefore, something ain't right with shop bought organic produce.
Response from jeanmark made on 24th Dec 2018 13:57:04
MarieT2, how does organic mean that no animal is killed or plant destroyed even if raised/grown organically?
Response from DeeAnnJ made on 25th Jan 2019 10:31:54
Obviously, it's not possible to live without killing anything. Vegans try to live as kindly as possible.
20th Jul 2018 08:54:29
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I'm 53 and been a Veggie since I was 8, won't touch meat fish or poultry because of animal abuse/environment etc. then in March 2018 I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes so immediately went Vegan and I actually feel a lot better and several people have told me I look it too! Also lost about 2 stone in 3 months by going Vegan!
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