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3rd Aug 2018 13:05:47
Thanks for voting!
I know what you mean Lionel, to be honest I have given up. Just hope the roots survive ready to come again in the Spirind
Response from Lionel made on 8th Aug 2018 22:32:04
Sorry about the delay in replying, we've had some unusual family stuff here.

I've had to give up on my veggie garden, and that after 40 years and more of gardening. Arthritis has got me.

In a sense this hot spell has done me a favour as many of the weeds are now dead. It will be so much easier to lay the land to grass now.

But I'll miss growing veggies and fruit.
7th Aug 2016 15:05:38
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I live in Wales. Tomatoes do not have many fruits, I have not seen so many bees or butterflies so perhaps pollination is the problem. Beans also very
15th Jul 2016 22:02:07
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My garden here in bucks is not as good as last year my French beans have not got a lot of flowers but saying that I will be picking my first beans this weekend .but my sweet peas have done very well.
Response from Lionel made on 15th Jul 2016 23:42:14
Dave, you're doing better than me. Well done!
Response from Lionel made on 16th Jul 2016 23:35:34
Dave, I'm in Suffolk. The veggie garden is not doing well, due to the weather, But the fruit cage ... well that's another story. We have so much strawberry jam I already stuffed with it, and black currant and red currant. My near neighbours in this hamlet put up their hands in horror as I walk past, they don't want any more jam!
Response from celtwitch made on 19th Jul 2016 20:25:38
My coconuts are thriving!
Response from Lionel made on 20th Jul 2016 22:40:41
Here in Suffolk the weather this last two weeks has been very hot, way above Met Office predictions. The heat has been just standing above us and pushing down on us.

This evening a storm broke. Oh, what a storm, lightning, thunder and lashings of wonderful rain, except I'd watered the veggies. Now the air is clear, cool and very nice.

So much for summer 2016!
16th Jul 2016 17:57:52
Thanks for voting!
It’s been dreadful year so far!!!!
Have been gardening for over 60 years and not has it as bad ~ my tomatoes in the greenhouse have hardly Any fruit ~(4 different varieties)~ but that’s maybe because I changed the brand of grow-bags this year?
Slugs and snails have eaten nearly All my French marigolds, And we have A ^&%£@&* Mole doing his worst all over the garde ~ (never had one of Those before)~ is that something to do with the wet weather???? We are on pure sand.
Response from Lionel made on 16th Jul 2016 23:26:25
You beat me by twenty years Lily. But pure sand? I once had an allotment on pure sand and could do nothing with it. How do you manage?
16th Jul 2016 10:18:52
Thanks for voting!
WE live is Sussex and its been very wet this summer. All the plants have been growing like crazy. We have already had beetroot and potatoes from our veg patch
Response from celtwitch made on 16th Jul 2016 11:39:14
I'm always a bit suspicious of people who live in a county with the word in its name!
Response from celtwitch made on 16th Jul 2016 14:18:52
The censor has removed the 3 letter word that your county ends in, it should have been between 'word' and 'in.'
It seems that Silvers is really quite parochial.
16th Jul 2016 11:43:42
Thanks for voting!
I'm in Lancashire and this year I'm having little success with my bananas and coconuts, I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but my pineapple are coming on a treat.
Response from Phoenix122 made on 16th Jul 2016 11:48:43
Further north west Scotland, exotic plants thrive, supposed to be because of the Gulf Stream. Pineapples were very popular here in Victorian times although they were glass house grown. If you've grown bananas and coconuts before, any idea what the difference is. Your weather will be just a shade warmer than ours but not a lot.
Roof Top Crow
13th Jul 2016 14:46:58
Thanks for voting!
I live in a very polluted and busy city centre and our Hydrangea plants and Lobelia plants are having a very good year and the late spring Wisteria was spectacular. The local park has a vegetable patch which the local schools look after and they seem to be having a good year as well.

Maybe it is just too quiet for them. There is a theory that plants like human companionship and movement around them, it makes them feel loved and cared for. Lionel, have you tried chatting with them, just informally of course and nothing too serious. Let me know if it helps.
Response from Lionel made on 13th Jul 2016 14:54:13
A few years ago we acquired half a dozen point of lay hens. After about three weeks they were still on the point of lay. Walked into the chicken run and said to them, 'Where's my clucking eggs, then?'

Next morning there was the first egg!

I'll go schmooze the veggies now. Keep you posted.
Response from celtwitch made on 16th Jul 2016 11:47:30
You could read them a story, something like Jack and the Beanstalk might inspire your plants to reach for the sky. I would avoid anything heavy though, you don't want to depress them, do you?
15th Jul 2016 10:12:56
Thanks for voting!
I'm in South West Scotland and suffer summers of being frequently cooler and damper than anywhere else. My tomatoes have gone a big strange, I bring them on from seed and they were doing fine until we had a spell of hot dry weather and they became quite leggy and developed side branches. Although I removed the shoots as usual I kept the branches otherwise I wouldn't have any tomatoes. I've heard other growers say the same.
I grow some toms in pots and some in a hydroponic tank, two identical plants, one in a pot and one in the tank and now the potted one is tall and leggy and the one in the tank is like a tree trunk and laden with toms. The only difference I see other than the growing medium, is the fertiliser. The tank gets nutrients added with the water.
My courgettes were abysmal but I was advised to feed them more so now I have them outside and they are thriving. So my lesson is to be more generous with feeding them.
My garden is tiny so I have to grow in containers. I haven't harvested any potatoes yet, but they are usually robust anyway. I am growing sweet potatoes which are apparently difficult to grow in cooler climates and they are still alive. Kale and Lettuce are healthy. I have been trying other veg. this year, because of the constraints of container growing. Beans were slow to start, not many of the peas came to anything. I do have a lot of less popular or maybe less known vegetables which seem to be doing ok. My plants are not lonely though and I have some bee and insect plants to keep them company as well.
I paid a visit to the Tibetan Monestary in Dumfriesshire last year and was very impressed with their veg. They had the healthiest courgettes I've seen, companion planted with pot marigolds and nasturtium with the tomatoes
Response from Wilf made on 15th Jul 2016 10:17:39
We have already had new potatoes and also beetroot which are large this year maybe because of the constant rain. We also have a few raspberry bushes and have had fruit but again as its been raining a lot some of it is going mouldy on the plant
Response from Phoenix122 made on 16th Jul 2016 10:06:18
What area are you in Wilf?
Response from Wilf made on 16th Jul 2016 10:21:04
We live in Sussex..nice part of the UK
Response from Phoenix122 made on 16th Jul 2016 11:43:28
A bit sunnier than up here and a few degrees warmer 🙂
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