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30th Sep 2019 03:40:29
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Without doubt African game parks. The serenity is unreal and the excitement of big 5 game viewing fills one with awe. It doesn't have to be expensive and South Africa has some excellent game parks at modest prices. It can even be done independent of tour operators. .
19th Jun 2019 15:07:13
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Malaysia, lovely, friendly and warm people; the most exciting and vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur and the tranquil beautiful island of Langkawi.
Couldn't ask for more.
11th May 2019 16:41:31
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Singapore and Malaysia. Colourful, wonderful food and cultural diversity. Tiger Balm Gardens one of the attractions.
Lovely people.
2nd Apr 2019 13:43:56
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just returned from India Golden triangle Delhi ,jaipur and Agra stayed in Novotel aero city in Delhi Hilton Agra and a Heritage hotel in Jaipur Had a driver who was excellent and stopped at all the interesting sights well worth the money not expensive ,also just paid a Tuc Tuc driver in Delhi to take us around. When I told people I was going to India many said that it was not a place they would like to go how wrong they are it was a wonderful experience met lovely people some very poor but all had a smile
Response from CoffeeCake made on 11th May 2019 16:26:30
I went to Northern India for three weeks last October and would agree that it is an experience but I preferred Thailand.
13th Jun 2018 14:06:44
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Hi al
Just returned from Asia, for the fourth time and loved it. This time I visited China, Thailand and Cambodia. All three have lots of things to see and do and the opportunity to try the local food, I travel alone and enjoy the planning almost as much as the holiday itself.
Since I am retired I can chose the best and most cost effective time to go, using one of the many flight comparison web sites and booking the first night in the country, then deciding where to go next. Never had a problem with the different languages, and felt safe as long as I used common sense when there.
My next trip will be vietnam in jan 19 and I am looking forward to spending some time there.
I find annual travel insurance more cost effective, even though I have had a hip replacement, have type two diabetes and partially deaf. lol there are a number of companies that provide pre existing medical insurance at a reasonable price.

Response from Yogafan made on 20th Feb 2019 07:02:12
How was Vietnam?I'd love to hear of your trip.
6th Oct 2017 22:26:22
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Due to my soon to be ex husband's job, I've travelled to, and lived in, lots of different places both in the UK and abroad.
My favourite place is San Francisco. It was the only place where I always wanted to get up early in the morning and just wander about, which amazed me as I'm not a 'morning person'. The locals are very friendly, and the coffee shops and bookshops are everything you'd want coffee shops and bookshops to be, sometimes even combined......which is heaven on earth to me!
It's a wonderful city, almost more European than American, and small enough to get to know it really well. There are various areas in the city that have their own distinct feel and character and it's very much a stroll around on foot kind of place. If you get tired of climbing the steep hilly bits, you can just jump on a trolley bus or a cable car (iconic ways to get where you want to go) and then walk back downhill afterwards. You can also have the unique experience of driving down the crazy zigzag Lombard Street!
6th Oct 2017 16:14:02
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There are so many wonderful places to see around the world!

Coming from Kenya and having done most of Europe, toured Australia, NewZealand, Malysia, India and Sri Lanka camped in California, toured Cuba, dived in the Maldives, skiied in Canada and visited Florida, HongKong, Singapore, Dubai, Oman, Barbados, St Lucia amongst other places, my favourite still remains Mauritius. This December will be my fifth chill-out time at The Residence Hotel

Still, there remains lots more places to visit so perhaps one in future may top Mauritius !
14th Sep 2017 15:48:40
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I've travelled most of England and still it remains one of the most pleasant places on earth.

Having a dim and distant Polish ancestry that country, and it's southern neighbour Czech, have long fascinated me. I was in both places in the 90's, not long after the Wall came down and have returned many times since. The different styles of architecture framing clean streets has a strong appeal. Places like Ostrava, Brno, Prague, Warsaw etc., are truly magnificent cites. Sadly, since the invasion of westerners they're in danger of becoming the same cess pit many western cities have become.

Those Slavs are a friendly, hospitable people far from the more hostile and war-like Russian Slavs. To observe them climb away from a horribly repressive form of communism and build a new society has been an amazing experience.
14th Sep 2017 07:53:06
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I enjoy the Uk , having been abroad via HM Forces etc, its great to see the greenness of these islands.
my favourite parts are in the countryside , but like Yorkshire mainly North Yorkshire and bits of West Yorkshire.
Favourite destination is Harrogate.
I now enjoy going on coach trips to parts of the UK, Some of which the organiser does Mystery one or two night stopovers going to all points of the compass based on Banbury , but I live across the border in South Northants, which he caters for.
11th Jul 2017 13:15:37
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Hello: I am interested in an easy adventure motorcycling group holiday, Ideally somewhere warm in Europe, say France, Spain or Italy, for 1 week or maybe 2. I dont want to buy a bike, just hire one for the trip, ideally a classic bike such as I rode in the 60's/70's. The wife might want to come too, but is not interesteed in pillion riding maybe she could follow on in a hire car. Not interested in camping or roughing it, Does anyone know of anyone that does this. Thanks R
11th Mar 2017 23:51:58
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I love Asia. Truly enjoyed Malaysia. Warm people, warm temperature (I'm from Florida) and lots of unusual places to visit. I have also been to Papua New Guinea but pics I have seen recently make it look like a totally different land. There, too, the people are warm and caring. Any takers? Or, anyone with my experiences and feelings on that area?
12th Feb 2016 23:52:19
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My Husband and I are thinking of going to Croatia this summer. Has anyone been and have you any recommendations?
Response from Pandamummy made on 27th Aug 2016 22:47:43
I love Croatia, it's one of the only countries that I've been to more than once. I go to a different place each time and have loved them all.
Response from DJandJ Travel made on 9th Dec 2016 01:51:56
Hi, so did you make it to Croatia? How was it?
Response from Kes made on 9th Jan 2017 23:38:17
Went to Riva on Lake Garda instead. We will do Croatia another time. Kx.
6th Jan 2017 21:39:35
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Vienna <3 the architecture, the music, the culture , a beautiful, magical and amazing city - There was so much to see and photograph that I kept falling over because I was looking up left right ahead and behind me and not paying attention to where I was walking 🙂
19th Dec 2016 06:54:46
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I love Protaras Cyprus my daughter got married there last year thirty of us attended very friendly people and laid back attitude to life -I have also visited Paphos -hope to re- visit Cyprus soon.....
9th Dec 2016 11:08:38
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Even though it is a bit pie-in -the-sky, I dream of the Amazon Rainforest. In a boat slowly making my way up river. The variety of plants and trees would be of special interest to me. Meeting some of the inhabitants who in their isolation live completely on what the forest provides. Maybe I will stay if invited.
DJandJ Travel
9th Dec 2016 01:48:59
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Hello everyone, I am new to the community and excited about meeting new people. I don't really know how to navigate through this site so I'll sit back and wait on someone to introduce me.
3rd Jul 2015 15:06:04
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suffolknan said

Some friends of mine recently told me in disgust that they are not able to sell up here in England and buy a motorhome to tour the USA. Apparently too old to stay for longer than a few weeks. Sad!

Most peoples initial thoughts would be shrouded in negativity after hearing this. However, England has a lot more to offer than you think. I Lived in Greece for 18 months and then moved to Westlake (Next to Los Angeles) for just short of a year. Bigger doesn't always mean better. What I love about England is that it has such a diverse culture but yet so close, its easily accessible and provide opportunities next to neighbouring counties at a stone throw away.
Here are just some of the things to do that can be travel related, just not abroad 😉

If it the people, your in a new demographic within 2 hours
Greenary, well there plenty of that
Cities, there's a few of those two
Beaches, go south-west or even nip over to the French med
I am a big fan of England as you can tell, travel doesn't always have to be abroad

If your not convinced, its going to be a tough adjustment regardless of where you reside.
Response from Jinny1 made on 12th Sep 2015 11:40:53
I think England is beautiful ! I feel very lucky to have been born here and live here!! Our stunning small Island has so much to offer.
Response from maryb made on 6th Nov 2015 15:18:50
I agree England is beautiful I am lucky enough to live in the southwest near to dorset/devon boarder one of my favourites is westbay in dorset also north devon braunton/croyde
Response from ArchieUK made on 28th Aug 2016 07:26:00
I am not convinced that England is the only answer, I am ArchieUK and have been north to the Shetland isles where life is so tranquil, I have been to the Isles of Scilly very calm, I have been to a very lot of places and all have been fantastic.
I like to think of myself as a holiday maker in the UK and the RoI and have seen and experienced so many things that my mind whirls.
Response from ThatManViv made on 29th Aug 2016 14:42:13
4 yrs ago I bought a 20 yr old transit converted into a campervan with very low mileage and this van has taken me from somerset right across the south coast and up the east coast to Ramsgate, from somerset thru wales to north wales, thru wales following the south coastal road, and several other journeys. I avoid all motorways, use a satnav at times, I criss-cross thru villages and small towns, where I stop off to speak to locals of varying ages, explore signposted places of interest ... and I have to say this island is beautiful ... those who just dash from place to place on the motorways have no idea the beauty hidden from them, and whilst I have been to quite a few countries I have not found one like this one, although, Colombia also has spectacular scenary, but you wouldn't want to wander around there without a very trustworthy guide.
Response from Waikikigirl made on 16th Sep 2016 17:13:03
England is a great country but it has one big problem - THE WEATHER - and there is nothing worse than being on holiday and it's pouring with rain all or most of the time. When I think of a holiday I look for sunshine and warm weather so I can too up my vitamin D !
2nd Sep 2016 21:50:30
Thanks for voting!
My favourite places are Aitutaki in Cook Islands' so so beautiful, the most beautiful lagoon in the world, and Hawaii - in particular Molokai - Hawaii as it used to be - but Big Island is also fantastic, seeing Pele erupting is awesome. I adore Hawaiian music and dance. Also I love the USA mainland - Arizona was our last trip, the desert is superb, the people so friendly.
Response from Wilf made on 2nd Sep 2016 22:27:08
We went to Arizona back in 1997 and really enjoyed the desert outside of Scottsdale at Sedona national park. We also went to Flagstaff and the meterorite crater there. An amazing state. I drove myself without the family up to Monument Valley in Utah which was also unforgettable but a very long drive!
21st Jul 2016 18:25:54
Thanks for voting!
I think my favourite country has to be India - it is everything you imagine it to be - crazy, frustrating, colourful, noisy/quiet, peaceful/chaotic and yet everything works in its own way. I have been several times and I am sure I will go again - North/South, East/West are so different that it is like visiting a different country. I absolutely love the foothills of the Himalayas - friendly people, amazing views, tranquil temples - the list goes on. It helps if you like spicy food!
Response from Wamba made on 30th Jul 2016 00:12:01
Hi. Thinking of traveling to India, would welcome suggestions, which part would be interesting, like things to see, as well as relaxing.
Response from moondreamer made on 30th Jul 2016 13:54:06
It really depends what you like, what time of year you plan to go (very important to avoid the extremes of climate) and how long you plan to stay. For me the north would be the place for a first time visit - foothills of Himalayas (especially around the Kumaon region which is unspoiled and very tranquil and in villages you will only get Indian vegetarian food in that area and no alcohol) - I did a walking holiday in that area with a company that specialises in community tourism. Also the holy areas around Haridwar and Rishikesh are a good introduction to the north and Hinduism (also no meat or alcohol) You'd probably want to go to Taj Mahal as well although I think Fatepur Sikri is more atmospheric. Rajasthan is also an incredible place although I last went there as a backpacker more than 35 years ago so no doubt it has all changed. Despite what many people say Delhi is worth a few days as there is a lot to see and do there - easier to hire a car and driver than battle public transport or rickshaws. The south is totally different - tropical beaches, palm trees and so on - I have only been to Tamil Nadu and Goa (again more than 35 years ago). Ladakh (Little Tibet) is another place - totally different from the rest of India but you need to factor in acclimatisation time to adjust to altitude. Wherever you go you have to be prepared for the fact that things do not always work in the same way they do in Europe so patience and tolerance is the key but it is definitely worth it. I will go again but am trying to visit other places before I go back.
Response from ThatManViv made on 29th Aug 2016 15:06:19
ahhhhhh Goa ... I visited 12 times. I'm just lazy. I like to rent an apartment, or flat, stay for couple of months, cook myself, and eat out in the popular cheap cafe's and restaurants, find local bars with live music, use local buses when I can, or if pushed, hire a tuk tuk, have clothes made locally, laze on beaches wearing as little as possible, supping cool drinks and dining on spicy veg rice or fish dishes, chill out in the beach restaurant as the sun drops with a honeybee or a hot ginger tea ... and give away a small fortune to locals who need it ...
30th Mar 2015 22:09:56
Thanks for voting!
Some friends of mine recently told me in disgust that they are not able to sell up here in England and buy a motorhome to tour the USA. Apparently too old to stay for longer than a few weeks. Sad!
Response from JohnHerb made on 6th Aug 2015 15:06:55
I don't think I would sell up but just rent a motor home in the USA. We had a motor home for a few weeks in New Zealand years ago and it was cheap and great fun
Response from Kapparis made on 2nd May 2016 09:15:28
Seems very ageist?
Response from ThatManViv made on 29th Aug 2016 14:55:25
NZ is ageist too ... my last gf, a few years after our relationship ended, emigrated to NZ. I think she was 52 when she moved there, then after a couple of years she suggested I visit with a thought we might enjoy each others company enough for me to also move there, but alas, NZ had a 55 age barrier and I was a little older than that. They would, however waive the age barrier if Ihad about £2.2million. I had to admit to being a little short, and I have, so far, not visited.
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