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What gets your goat?

What gets my goat is the man in the bright orange shirt constantly reminding me that my demise is not far off and that I should take his good deal with his Funeral plan because all the other Funeral plans are a ripoff.

While I am happily listening to great music on Youtube, suddenly, there he is, rudely interrupting, in his orange shirt and stentorian tone, ( in case any of us of the older persuasion are hard of hearing I should think!.) My instinctive reaction is to clench my teeth and rush to click on SKIP to stop him, (this could result in an accident, or a visit to the now rarer than hen's teeth Dentist.)

Grrrrrr! There is a way to stop adverts on of course!

Highway robbery of a different kind, held to ransom by annoying Adverts.

Created By on 15/08/2020

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Yodama Original Poster
25th Oct 2020 11:55:12
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Nearly all the ads have people grinning and jumping around far too much, too much activity for my liking and too many white teeth jumping out from my 52" screen, quite frightening!
25th Oct 2020 09:17:08 (Last activity: 25th Oct 2020 10:26:10)
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Echoed! And as for the man visiting his neighbour with a box of parsnips! ! an ulterior motive perhaps! . We are nearly in our 70’s and go along to hear new bands etc - every time the ad. Comes on I want to tell him to put his parsnips where the sun don’t shine!
Response from Yodama Original Poster made on 25th Oct 2020 09:26:53
Now you know- the way to a woman's heart is...parsnips seaking!
Response from Happy Hippie made on 25th Oct 2020 10:26:10
My pet one maybe not being left alone when cooking lol 🙂 🙂
2nd Oct 2020 16:43:57
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I've got a feeling that the people who fall for these funeral plans are the people who can least afford to, but who don't want to leave their children with a big bill. I have no idea why funerals are so expensive. When my husband's grandmother died, she was kept at home until the funeral and then taken to the graveyard on a cart. She was the lady from the manor! Yes, these ads are very annoying!!!
24th Sep 2020 07:35:27 (Last activity: 24th Sep 2020 15:07:21)
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What "gets my goat" is when talking to another and the person will not make eye contact. It's always been a pet peeve of mine and I immediately notice it when meeting someone.
Response from Wilf made on 24th Sep 2020 09:25:49
Same here and lots of people do it. I always said to my kids-look people in the eye when you talk to them
Response from Yodama Original Poster made on 24th Sep 2020 15:07:21
In defence of some steam- train drivers, it's hard to look them in the eye when they are so far apart isn't it? 😀 😀
15th Aug 2020 14:29:50 (Last activity: 21st Sep 2020 21:39:15)
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What gets my goat is this and it sounds ridiculous and probably very easily solveable.
I live close to the border in Dumfries and Galloway and have the british obsession with the weather forecasts.Well frequently there is a line directly going through my area in a mulitude. . of directions .Do I know whether I will have the weather to the right or left of this line?
Generally looking out of the window solves the problem but sometimes one likes to plan ahead.

Another thing that gets my goat and this is more serious is the fact that people seem unable to indicate especially at roundabouts.
Response from Yodama Original Poster made on 15th Aug 2020 18:32:55
I empathise with you on both points, I live in a kind of not-spot, storms and weather rage all around and seem to miss us most of the time. We did however get a good thunderstorm yesterday.
Well it is UK, going out for the day means, take a cardi, raincoat and umbrella...just in case!

Don't get me started on indicating, not just on roundabouts, I was behind a range rover the other day that didn't signal once. I think not indicating is the new disease.
On the upside, it does keep your brain alert to the game of "guess where I'm going now!"
Response from ecarg made on 16th Aug 2020 05:15:54
Plus side to everything keeping my brain alert to guess where their going now ? Can also be played at home in the form of what have I come to this cupboard for !
Response from redboots made on 21st Sep 2020 10:56:42 > @Yodama
A woman passenger who constantly reminds you to indicate !!
Response from ecarg made on 21st Sep 2020 15:32:18
Pity you need reminding LOL
Response from redboots made on 21st Sep 2020 21:39:15 > @ecarg
Ouch !!
16th Aug 2020 09:11:02
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What annoys me (or gets up my goat) are people who find fault in a lot of things in life,who nit-pick on trivia and not the real problems of living.

I am just happy with my lot
Yodama Original Poster
16th Aug 2020 09:10:41
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The pigeon...he/she sits just above my open bedroom window early in the morning (EVERY morning,)
too early for me!
It's loud "take two cows taffy" conversation with the whole of the pigeon population makes me want to buy a shotgun! Blasted bird!
Yodama Original Poster
15th Aug 2020 12:33:04
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And yes, Gremmerly can say pronounces. 😀 😀
Yodama Original Poster
15th Aug 2020 11:59:47
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And Grammerly, she prounces it Gremmerly. Grrrr. clench, clench!

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