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Women In Music

Who are your favourite women musicians? How have they influenced you? Who has inspired you most?

Created By on 17/05/2020

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The_bees_knees Original Poster
1 days ago (Last activity: 13th Jul 2020 22:34:58)
Thanks for voting!
Feeling a little serene and thoughtful.
The moment deserves a beautiful song..

I played this today...I ended up thinking of my maternal Great Grandmother and how she lived to 104.
What were her thoughts on life?
What was she like?

Both sides now. - Joni Mitchell.

"It really doesn't matter at all"

It doesn't get much better than this.
Response from Dinabob4 made 1 days ago
A lovely song. Wow, your great grandmother lived to a good age! Some relatives on my dad's side lived to over 100. It is quite amazing.

Music can provoke all sorts of memories and emotions. It depends on how you want to feel. Nowadays I like music to uplift.

This is not a woman but I like 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams, it will get you swaying or moving.
Response from The_bees_knees Original Poster made 1 days ago
Hi Dinabob4,

No worries....we can bend the rules as we like.....

This gives me a chance to post this link......Did you know you can dance Northern Soul style to Pharell's 'Happy'

I am interested in Northern Soul but it passed me by even though I was living in the Midlands at the time...(too young for all-nighters 12am 'til dawn anyway!

Love this for her enjoyment factor of dancing freely... particularly when the old-time Northern-Souler joins in.....makes the heart swell with a community spirit!
("Keep The Faith!")

Pharrell Williams versus Northern Soul
Response from The_bees_knees Original Poster made 1 days ago
Might help if I posted the correct link!!!
1 days ago
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A lovely song. Wow, your great grandmother lived to a good age! Some relatives on my dad's side lived to over 100. It is quite amazing.

Music can provoke all sorts of memories and emotions. It depends on how you want to feel. Nowadays I like music to uplift.

This is not a woman but I like 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams, it will get you swaying or moving.
3rd Jul 2020 16:30:39 (Last activity: 4th Jul 2020 15:54:18)
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Helen Shapiro had an amazing voice considering how young she was when she released these two great tunes.
Response from spica made on 4th Jul 2020 00:55:29
Couldn't agree more Stephen ... if I could add one
Little miss lonely ...
Response from SnapperStephen made on 4th Jul 2020 15:54:18 > @spica
Another great song beautifully sang
The_bees_knees Original Poster
4th Jun 2020 09:41:34 (Last activity: 3rd Jul 2020 16:19:16)
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Thea Gilmore/Sandy Denny

I wish I was in London
Response from SnapperStephen made on 3rd Jul 2020 16:19:16
This is a great song from a great album. Thea has done a superb job with Sandy's music.
3rd Jul 2020 16:11:35
Thanks for voting!
I love Thea Gilmore. Her albums 'Don't stop singing', an amazing tribute to Sandy Denny and Regardless are a great listen. Sandy was a wonderful musician and still missed. Who knows where the time goes has to be one of her finest.
Fionnuala Sherry of Secret Garden is a wonderful musician. She really makes the violin sing. One moment your heartstrings are being tugged and the next you are dancing. Haunting and joyful melodies make superb listening.
23rd Jun 2020 10:32:23 (Last activity: 23rd Jun 2020 13:15:24)
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I'm a big fan of Amy Winehouse, my favorite one is
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor made on 23rd Jun 2020 12:20:10
Hi Castano,

Welcome and many thanks for your first comment in our Forum.

If you already know your way around, then we will leave you to it.

If you are looking for some lively discussions, head on over to the Forum homepage to see what's trending right now and feel free to join in the discussions, with all our friendly members, perhaps ask a question or even start your own post.

Response from The_bees_knees Original Poster made on 23rd Jun 2020 13:15:24
I think you are the 100th post (or perhaps Sally's greeting is to you....on this 'Women In Music' post......)

101......this will be this

Tears Dry On their Own

I don't pick 'favourites' because to choose just one of anything is an impossibility...for me...but I will say I just love to sing along to this....(God help anyone in earshot!)
The_bees_knees Original Poster
23rd Jun 2020 11:19:59 (Last activity: 23rd Jun 2020 11:58:41)
Thanks for voting!
This is the choice of the plumber that cuts my hair.

Walkinstickboogie, you might like these also....

Petula Clarke

but I prefer this one......

Don't Sleep In the Subway
Response from spica made on 23rd Jun 2020 11:58:41
and a favourite here ...
I couldn't live without your love -
Uumm.. should try my luck with the scissors 🙂 … careful
21st Jun 2020 08:27:57 (Last activity: 23rd Jun 2020 11:19:51)
Thanks for voting!
Recognized this but could not recall the group ... and of course it's the Paper Dolls.
Something here in my Heart ...
They're Northhampton girls. What happened to the Paper Dolls ... much too good to disappear without a trace !
plus - Someday ... ... don't remember this.
Response from The_bees_knees Original Poster made on 23rd Jun 2020 10:31:33
Spica......I wasn't aware you were on here for the last 2 days!!! (I wasn't notified or has it mysteriously appeared after winging it's way on some detour from Australia......remember one of your posts took several hours to 'show')

The Shangrilas

Leader of the Pack....

I don't know who the wazzock is on the bike....and try as I might I can't say what the bike is but I know it wouldn't be one that makes the 'recorded bike' sounds.
(For the purposes of 'health and safety' is not running anyway!)

I used to sing this growing up....(although I was but a tiny baby when it was released!)
Response from The_bees_knees Original Poster made on 23rd Jun 2020 10:33:23
Forgot to mention....I thought Northamptonshire only produced shoes!
Response from spica made on 23rd Jun 2020 11:19:51 > @The_bees_knees
The Leader: "I'm still trying to figure out what a biker was doing at a candy store?" ... you may well ask ??

... and yes Bees, likely Paper Dolls had a more literal meaning to you in 1968 🙂 .
23rd Jun 2020 07:45:34 (Last activity: 23rd Jun 2020 11:07:39)
Thanks for voting!
Wouldn't say they were a great influence on me...but I'm sure they have inspired and influenced many many female (and male) artists,I just enjoy listening to them.
Petula Clark, Suzi Quattro, Etta James, Jackie Abbot, Joan Jett, Doris Day,Joan Baez, Diana Ross, Sandi ,Thom, Annie Lennox, Billie Holiday, Debbie Harry,Aretha Franklin...
To name but just a few of my favourite female artists.
Response from The_bees_knees Original Poster made on 23rd Jun 2020 11:07:39

...... excellent choices. We've got some of those you mention on here already (for your perusal) I would gladly play them again....bit for now....

Whenever this comes on in the car on the radio.... we....whoever happens to be a passenger (for their sins) always sing/yell along to cannot be helped (another that has this very same affect is Carly Simon's 'You're So Vain'...different kind of song but same happens!!!)

Suzi Quatro - If You Can't Give Me Love this one withe the guy from Smokie....

Love the seventies!!!!
4th Jun 2020 10:52:04 (Last activity: 5th Jun 2020 09:41:56)
Thanks for voting!
The all-time greats in blues, rhythmn and blues. Paved the way todays blues and rock chicks.

The Best of Bessie Smith -

Billie Holiday-Solitude -

Janis Joplin Turtle Blues -

Big Mama Thornton 1970 -

Aretha Franklin - Today I Sing The Blues (1969) -

Ana Popovic - Wrong Woman -

Larkin Poe - Black Betty -

So many, many more great women making music.
Response from The_bees_knees Original Poster made on 4th Jun 2020 20:39:26
Oh.... I am with you here Yodama!

The Duchess of blues i(n the Jazz age).......

My favourite Bessie Smith

Down In the Dumps

I've posted this elsewhere but what the heck.....I found this in a collection.of Larkin's Jazz CD's I purchased in a music shop in Haverfordwest.
(.....He and I used to be Librarians)
Response from Yodama made on 5th Jun 2020 07:09:43 > @The_bees_knees
Love Bessie.
I had vinyls of her music but through all the moving and packing over the years...lost forever.
Anyway, I do have a CD with all the greats and thankfully she is on it.
There was one particular song she sang and I can't remember the name of it.
"Mr Jailman, stop ticklin' me under my chin, my chin." It bugs me that I can't remember it.
I will wait for the universe to send it to me.
Response from The_bees_knees Original Poster made on 5th Jun 2020 09:41:56 > @Yodama
I woke very early had my morning tea and then zonked out completely for another 2 hours.... what's happening.

Well you new I would find it for you.....
I haven't heard this one you've mentioned....but it is similar to Down In the I like it very much.....

Jailhouse Blues......
(1923 I think) I read Evelyn Waugh books....I like to think this was going on at the same time as that period of 'wild young things'.....despite the greater divide of white aristocracy.....but this was happening too.!

Sorry you lost your vinyls....can you imagine having this in Shellac tho'? (I used to have a few from my parents and junk yard sales in the 198Os...but they go brittle and shatter easily!)
3rd Jun 2020 19:12:28 (Last activity: 3rd Jun 2020 19:33:11)
Thanks for voting!
Its time we dealt witht he elephant in the room...
Grace Slick- Manhole
Response from The_bees_knees Original Poster made on 3rd Jun 2020 19:33:11
You'll guess this was coming.....

3rd Jun 2020 02:40:59
Thanks for voting!
Charlotte Church: Charlotte made a move across the music spectrum.
... did she lose her way ... or maybe, find it ?
Charlotte Church - Men of Harlech ...
Charlotte Church, Josh Groban - The Prayer ...
Charlotte Church - Call My Name ...
The_bees_knees Original Poster
1st Jun 2020 22:53:31 (Last activity: 2nd Jun 2020 09:58:24)
Thanks for voting!
Response from elgin52 made on 2nd Jun 2020 09:39:13
Such a beautiful voice.

Here`s another classic song featuring a milky white steed...
Cara Dillon (and Paul Brady, but we`ll ignore him for the purposes of this thread)- Streets Of Derry
Response from The_bees_knees Original Poster made on 2nd Jun 2020 09:58:24 > @elgin52
Pretty, pretty voice......... eligin52

Joan Baez again..

Diamonds and Rust
28th May 2020 02:15:20 (Last activity: 29th May 2020 14:07:39)
Thanks for voting!
... and Freda has still got it !!
Freda Payne - Band of Gold...
Response from The_bees_knees Original Poster made on 28th May 2020 07:36:01
Glad you're back Spica....
Love the song..... here's one with some dancing put on by 'the dancing troll.' I can see I haven't developed the right moves on my dance regime!
This same clip is used for so many times....

Band Of Gold

And another....
Edison Lighthouse

Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes

Are you up for dancing?
Response from spica made on 28th May 2020 14:50:26 > @The_bees_knees
Sure Bees, but some might say it's:
Murder On The Dance Floor ...
Response from The_bees_knees Original Poster made on 28th May 2020 15:36:40
Loved the murder on the dance floor!

Sophie Ellis Bexter, D.J Spiller

Groovejet (If this Ain't Love)

My favourite with Sophie E. B
I used to watch her Mother Janet in Blue Peter.....and more recently dance with my daughter, who was only 2 years old when this was released......20 years ago!
Response from spica made on 29th May 2020 04:05:45 > @The_bees_knees
and a worthwhile sentiment !
'I hope you dance' - (Lee Ann Womack) ...
Response from The_bees_knees Original Poster made on 29th May 2020 14:07:39
Not on a dance theme....but if you just go to Womack &Womack link I have just sent to is one of my upbeat sad favourites......
I was without the internet for awhile earlier today (my 18yr old son was up earlier than usual trying to cope!!!)
Sorry for the later than usual reply!

Here. I am celebrating life....

And so of course ...queue
Nina Simone!
29th May 2020 12:07:58 (Last activity: 29th May 2020 13:03:54)
Thanks for voting!
The African women.

Pumeza Matshikiza sings 'Měsíčku na nebi hlubokém' (Song to the Moon) from Dvořák's RUSALKA-

Pumeza Matshikiza - O Mio Babbino Caro -

Mimi Coertse sings Lucia in Lucia Di Lammermoor -

The world famous "Mama Africa."
Miriam Makeba - Pata Pata -

Miriam Makeba, Zulu Song -

Miriam Makeba - Click Song Number One -

Number 1 pop artist who died young, drugs and high life....

Brenda Fassie - Mama I'm Sorry -
Response from The_bees_knees Original Poster made on 29th May 2020 13:03:54
Phew...quite some list....I will take a listen when I get back home. (Am having to go into the next town, not one part of me wants to go)...

Unfamiliar with any of them (currently)...but before I go, I am posting this... an American who left for South Africa in the 90's and changed her name to
Zerilya Zekkariyas. You may know her better as Sam Cooke's daughter Linda Womack.

Womack & Womack

Teardrops. (1988)

(I have really only played it in the last 8 years.)
27th May 2020 09:53:21 (Last activity: 28th May 2020 14:53:38)
Thanks for voting!
If we are in Gallic mode, my alltime great was Edith Piaf,
Mirielle Mattheau, Vanessa Paradis and Quebec-French, the iconic Celene Dion.

Edith Piaf - Milord -

Edith Piaf - Mon Dieu (My God) -

Edith Piaf: Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien -

Vanessa Paradis - Ces mots simples -

Vanessa Paradis - Mi Amor -

Mireille Mathieu - La vie en rose -

Pardonne-moi ce caprice d'enfant -

Celine Dion - Hymne à L'Amour -

The proble here bees, is that there are just so much wonderful music, once started, I find it difficult to stop.
Response from Yodama made on 28th May 2020 10:19:45
Invisibility seems to be rife lately, I think I am invisible.
Response from The_bees_knees Original Poster made on 28th May 2020 10:33:37
Response from The_bees_knees Original Poster made on 28th May 2020 10:48:25
I apologise,... I saw your list off links but never read the end bit directed towards me....I am guilty of 'doing' a John Gieilgud here .

I think Vanessa Paradis has a very nice daughter with Johnny Depp that does the Christmas Chanel adverts...
("No.5... my favourite number")

I am too unfamiliar with the rest to comment I'm afraid and MORE people need to get 'talking' about what they like...
It is very slow for response, I agree.

I would hope some take a listen to some of the links we post.....even if they never it is not a lost cause.

But at the end of the day keep playing our own tunes.....& keep the threads going.
Response from Yodama made on 28th May 2020 11:08:16 > @The_bees_knees
You say you are unfamiliar with the rest? Edith Piaf is a legend in France and around the world, the "Little Sparrow," born in a gutter and who suffered ill health, later sang for millionsm Kings and Queens included.
There have been those like Mirielle Mattheau who aspire to be like her, but there is only one Edith Piaf.

I have been amusing myself for a long time, just putting on music I like, jokes I like, serious posts, poems, stories and photo's and recipes..
As you so rightly say, many may be clicking on the links and posts, some reply but mostly there is nothing forthcoming, but I do wish they would.
Response from The_bees_knees Original Poster made on 28th May 2020 12:01:40
Of course, I do know who Edith Piaf is and what an important singer and force she was and still is. I am familiar with some (well probably only two songs....and know hers would be easily recognisable
As her songs if they were played to you... extraordinarily distinctive)
She is indeed an important singer and I am glad you filled me in a little.
I feel ashamed a little that my schooling did not stretch to the French language (only a little bit) I did.Spanish and Polish O level only. A bit of Latin, no french. So am not sure I could translate. (What kind of school splits the school years in two and gives one group one language and the other another, alternating it each year.?...a large one!)

.....Not to say Yodama, the amount of effort that goes into your posts. I know what it is like....I do mine all phone and infuriatingly, it gives you very little time to post links....on an Android...2 if you are lucky.
I have to say how admirable your persistence is! (Really) and I tug my forelock at the amount of 'upvotes' you have gained through this. Everyone reading this should acknowledge is uite some feat Yodama.
I do mean this....I speak as I find.

Hats off to Yodama!

Have a good day!

Response from spica made on 28th May 2020 14:53:38 > @Yodama
Loved the 'Gallic' Yodama. If not clear, you post, I listen. 🙂
... and, 'Yodama' (or 'Bees') and 'invisible' in the same sentence ... no, never !!
27th May 2020 10:23:03 (Last activity: 27th May 2020 10:33:41)
Thanks for voting!
Sorry typo its Karine POLWORT not Polworth
Response from The_bees_knees Original Poster made on 27th May 2020 10:33:41
Hi Auldquine,

I am going to give her 'a listen' as a she's a Scot and her band is Malinky?
I have a visitor a beautifully marked silver tabby who comes in the garden ....I have named 'Slinky Malinky' (after the children's book). He is slinky and small.
I scrolled down a bit further and found reference to an Inge Thompson...a percussionist who works with Karine Polwort. My daughter is also an Inge (I suppose more popular in Scotland)

I will listen to your link now...
27th May 2020 10:06:56
Thanks for voting!

This track was from Karine Polworth was playing in my head in the early hours........................
The_bees_knees Original Poster
26th May 2020 09:39:55 (Last activity: 27th May 2020 03:44:02)
Thanks for voting!
Or perhaps.....

Ah...anyone want to listen to Françoise Hardy?

Comment te dire adieu

I like to get ready in the mornings to this.....before starting out to hospital today (a bit of apprehension here... don't know what to expect but have some instructions by phone.....)

Catch y'later!

Response from spica made on 26th May 2020 13:14:21
Needed a little help with translation, more than a little help that is . . . great lyric, great music !

Sorry to hear you need to be anywhere near a hospital, bees.
Trust it all works out.
Response from The_bees_knees Original Poster made on 26th May 2020 14:17:48 > @spica
To Spica...across the other side of the world...(a different one, in English now)
This track makes me think of everyone I have known and for friends of long ago....I wonder what each are doing.....

Françoise Hardy

All Over The World

P...S My hospital visit was as an outpatient but my nursey called me back to postpone for tomorrow or the next day. Am waiting for a call.
Some Pharmaceutical 'absence'?
Thank you Spica.
Response from elgin52 made on 26th May 2020 17:26:44 > @The_bees_knees
It`s Francoise Hardy Day! I declare a national (sorry, Spica-world) holiday!

Here she is performing Tous Les Garcons Et Les Filles
Response from The_bees_knees Original Poster made on 26th May 2020 18:17:25 > @elgin52

To continue the theme...
A different Françoise Hardy version of...

Comment te dire adieui
Response from spica made on 27th May 2020 03:44:02 > @The_bees_knees
. . . . uummm, time to get busy, a couple of overdue emails !
The_bees_knees Original Poster
26th May 2020 07:33:45
Thanks for voting!
As befits the morning birdsong chorus.....

Minnie Ripperton

Loving you.

Always love hearing this....stops me in my tracks.
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