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10th Dec 2016 04:37:10
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The first thing I bought when I drew my pension down, was my ticket to world-wide holidays for the next 20'years. Then I bought a business that will generate enough income to make sure I can afford the flights! I've still got a bit left - not sure what I'm going to do with that yet.
15th Jan 2016 14:29:45
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What pension??
I actually got a line of credit to go to Europe over Christmas. I'm 50 and for the first time in my life I am in debt but it's something I had to do! I have a genetic condition that could cause me to end up in a wheelchair. I wanted to go to Europe while I could still walk on my own. Besides someone would have their work cut out for them pushing me up those steep cobblestone streets! I'm glad I did it. As soon as this trip is paid off I plan on going somewhere else. I plan to see as much of the world as I can before my health gets worse!
Response from ThatManViv made on 23rd Jul 2016 11:55:33
Well Done ... everyone should travel ... unless you're thick it definitely broadens your mind and helps a person appreciate what they have in life .. plus they can bore everyone else with their stories and photos ... hehehe ... be safe and enjoy it all xx
Response from Lionel made on 23rd Jul 2016 23:14:03
Good on yer girl. Do it all while you can. How about a postcard?
3rd Jul 2015 15:59:28
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Is that blowing your money, that's the way I look at it.
Living in a hut in Thailand for £18 a week doesn't sound like blowing money at all in my opinion 😉
Response from Wilf made on 4th Aug 2015 10:45:34
A hut for £18 per week now that does sound lie a bargin. I could make my savings go a long long way on that? Where is it and is it bookable online?
Response from ThatManViv made on 23rd Jul 2016 12:07:42
Yeah ... I like the sound of that ... Ive been to goa many many times, but accommodation in thailand has always looked expensive to me .... but I haven't found any huts ... obviously
Response from elkiton made on 23rd Jul 2016 17:37:04
I think that having moved abroad to Prague and living in a rented "palace" compared to what can be bought in the UK for the average retiree, I would say go live abroad, and use part of the money pot to start travelling around Europe. We elected not to do any more international travel, and find that Europe (from Spain to Poland and all countries 'between) offers enough to keep us busy for 3 lifetimes !
7th Feb 2015 13:55:51
Thanks for voting!
Response from Wilf made on 4th Aug 2015 10:46:59
I totally agree Margie. You need to enjoy like as much as you can. An old uncle of mine worked all his like looking forward to retiring at 65. He died at 66. Madness! Need to spend wisely but try and enjoy every day
Response from ThatManViv made on 23rd Jul 2016 12:03:29
no pockets in a shroud ! ! ! ..... where will people put their phones then ? ? ?
6th Feb 2016 11:29:34
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Done it already. Highly recommended.
30th Sep 2015 08:47:02
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What pension Fund !!
Life insurance payout to my children when I pass, I have paid for my funeral costs...and I can assure you its very basic! I LIVE on my state pension and what a measly lot they give to us! However, my savings? and with all other costs related to me popping my clogs so to speak? I am spending it travelling!!.
My children, look after their children financially, and their children will look after theirs and so on and so on. I have had three holidays this year, and oh! most likely another three next year, will I run out of money NO! my health may fail, or god may call my card. ..but I am ready when he is. Until then? I am looking to join a like minded travelling group of people, have fun, sun, lots of everything that some say is not 'good' for me? Lol. I am not looking for romance, my late husband would be a hard act to follow just, friends and companionship. To sum it up from my perspective? enjoy this last chapter of your earthly life, there is a clue right there ! Haha.
14th Aug 2015 10:17:57
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I actually am blowing my pension on travel.
Response from Silversurfers Editor made on 14th Aug 2015 10:37:24
Good for your SandraN ... where are you going? 😉
Response from SandraN made on 14th Aug 2015 10:44:42
We took early retirement 6 years ago and started house swapping, so we do 2 or 3 house swaps a year....we mainly stay in the UK for those but have also been to Dublin, Barcelona and Switzerland. Apart from that we usually stay in Europe, just because we can get more flights for our money. We love Italy, especially Venice where we'll be next month, but we also love Rome and the Italian lakes and since retiring have also been to Naples, Bologna, Florence and Sicily. We were in Mallorca for 18 days in June and are off to Nice in October. I could go on............We don't have huge pensions. I was a teacher and my husband was a builder but we are making the most of life while we can.
Response from Silversurfers Editor made on 14th Aug 2015 10:49:59
That sounds amazing and very inspirational! 🙂 Have a lovely time in Nice too 🙂
3rd Aug 2015 17:46:54
Thanks for voting!
I have cashed in 25% of my pension already and have plans to take a few small holiday breaks. Why not after working all of these years? I think the pension reforms was one of the best ideas for years giving us the right to manage our own pensions is just common-sense. I was always worried about annuities and how that would work and more importantly what value would I get for my pension. Don't worry about that any more
Response from Pete H made on 4th Aug 2015 10:25:18
I agree Wilf - I plan to do the same - may as well enjoy it while you can! Where are you off to?
Response from Wilf made on 4th Aug 2015 10:32:36
Hi Pete
Off to sunny Turkey beginning of October. Need to relax and chill out for a week. The weather is hot still and the crowds have all gone so we can actually have long lunches with superb Turkish food and enjoy ourselves without scores of people around us and the waiters rushing around like mad things.
Response from Pete H made on 4th Aug 2015 10:35:41
Sounds great Wilf - I'm off to Greece with a fistful of Euros!
Response from Wilf made on 4th Aug 2015 10:44:32
You will need it Pete-when we went to Lesbos in June nobody took credit only in all restaurants , bars everywhere. Couldn't even get cash out of a cash machine they were shut up!
Mo Moor
28th Oct 2014 19:39:45
Thanks for voting!
I say "go for it, pensioners"! If you have saved during your younger days for a pension, then as the latter chapters of your life approach, spend as you wish. Those responsible people with pension "pots" have most certainly worked hard all their lives bringing up families and maintaining jobs, and finding a budget for a pension. So, enjoy your remaining days, and you can only do that by choosing how you wish to spend your savings or otherwise. My husband and myself have our plans for our pending retirement days, and will do things which we could either not afford, or had no time to carry out in our earlier lives.......So, 60 years is the new 40 years?! but with additional funds. Cheers! Go for it...
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