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Would you volunteer to be euthanased?

If you were old and sick and pretty much brassed off with life, and if you were offered 'a way out' i.e, a shot in the arm, or a whiff of cyanide gas, and then peace, perfect peace. Would you go for it?

Created By on 17/08/2016

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27th Aug 2016 12:32:12
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Yes I believe in euthanasia and we should be able to choose. Loved ones shouldn't be prosecuted if they help.
27th Mar 2019 13:02:48
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Interesting this subject. Because most people say incapacity is one reason for euthanasis it rsther begs the question....who is to administer the means? And go through thr charge of causing your death?
17th Jan 2019 15:27:18 (Last activity: 24th Mar 2019 14:03:49)
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Yes indeed, I have looked at various methods and it appears that Argon gas is as peaceful a way as one can get, it seems your body does not notice that it is not getting normal air and therefore panic does not set in, I guess it just goes black or white as the brain gets starved of oxygen, let's be honest, if life has become rubbish and it will only get worse, than yes, put me out of it.
Response from Little3 made on 24th Mar 2019 14:03:49
That's probably my position too, Mike. Of course it's hypothetical, as things stand, so I don't altogether trust my own opinion
10th Feb 2019 12:56:52 (Last activity: 24th Mar 2019 14:00:41)
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I have asked my 3 children and my hubby that I don't want to be a burden so I'm not to be kept alive my any machine.
Response from Little3 made on 24th Mar 2019 14:00:41
I believe the thing to do is to complete a 'living will', Jane -
3rd Mar 2019 10:58:11 (Last activity: 3rd Mar 2019 15:43:20)
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Currently a person has to make that decision and go through with it while they are fit enough to travel and mentally able to understand and make the decision. That of course means that they need to end their life before they are at the point of suffering. I see no problem with a person being able to express the wish that they be helped to leave this world once all quality of life has ceased.

My concern really is how far reaching would this become? There is a tendency that these things become the norm and what is a choice today may not be one tomorrow and then we have the reverse situation, where people who would want to live regardless of their circumstances, no longer have the choice to do so. All a bit Stephen King 🙂
Response from jeanmark made on 3rd Mar 2019 13:15:52
Tr1sh, I think that is were a number of law makers are coming from, they fear the system may eventually be abused, however small the number. However, I believe that if a person is of sound mind, but terminally ill, they should be able to dictate how and when they die.
Response from Tr1sh made on 3rd Mar 2019 15:43:20
Hi Jeanmark, I agree with you in regards to terminally ill people being able to make that choice if they wish to. I would choose it myself if I were terminally ill or diagnosed with dementia or similar.

Providing there were very strict and clear guidelines, I think people should have the right to die if they are suffering from terminal and/or degenerative illnesses.
3rd Mar 2019 09:45:29
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No. I nursed both my parents in law at home. They both had cancer. (Fortunately not both at the same time). Neither ever asked to be bumped off. We were able to enjoy the days according to how they felt at any given time. Even before she had decent pain control my mother I law did not ask for this.
We are all looking at this from where we stand now. Life is precious and most people will hang on to it.
10th Feb 2019 15:00:13
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Yes I definately would use that option.I think if you are of sound mind,you should be able to legally write up something that allows you this option.We treat our dogs better don't we?Ridiculous! Quality of life is so important to me.If I became immobile,experienced loss of independance etc,then for me,living whilst suffering would NOT be an option.Its your life,it should also be your choice of death imho.
10th Feb 2019 08:52:25
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Yes, if under any of the following circumstances:
1. In a coma
2. In a lot of paiin
3. Terminally ill

I wouldnt want to be a burden to anyone.

If I am bedridden but can talk and/or write and I'm not in pain, then. i probably would explore options on how to make myself productive.

My life, my death, my choice.
18th Jan 2019 09:14:50
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I don’t think I can answer that truthfully. Currently I would say definitely not but I would refuse treatment that simply stopped me dying as opposed to making me better/improving my life. However, I would not allow someone to kill me before my allotted time was up.

However, that’s because I’m not in that place and so have no idea what I’d think if I was in long term constant pain or fully paralysed.
6th Aug 2018 10:41:16
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I have already informed my daughters that if I was brain damaged, had dementia, had no quality of life then I would want to be euthanased. I watch my father become violent with dementia, he did not know who I was, I had to make the decision that he had to go into residential care because I could not trust him with my Mother who just soldered on and wanted to look after him and it was on the advice of the GP. My Mother also now has the disease, also in residential care, fortunately Mum is has not become violent. She does not remember her brothers or sister, her parents, where she used to live, does not remember my father. Fortunately she does know who I am, does not know her granddaughters, gets disorientated, forgets to wash, forgot how to make a drink, etc. I do not want to end up like this. My mother will be 95 in December and sometimes says to be 'I don't want to be here, I have had enough'. How do you reply to that comment.
24th Mar 2018 08:03:37
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Yes, definitely for the shot in the arm but not sure cyanide gas is a good way to go. Have already given my next of kin instructions about Do Not Resusitate orders and not treating me with anything except palliative care in certain situations. I have watched both parents die after strokes. It was a slow and painful process and when I get to that stage I would be grateful if the process could be shortened. I visited a relative with dementia last weekend. I dont want to put myself or my family through what I have observed.
16th Mar 2018 16:27:17 (Last activity: 18th Mar 2018 02:01:25)
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This topic caught my attention immediately. I'm 57 and I've recently been diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis). I cannot believe at my age this is happening. My sister had is extremely aggressively. (It killed her in the end; she died in a house fire as she could not get out due to paralyzing MS). This has always been my biggest fear though after 50 I thought I was out of the woods. I do not, will not, be a burden to my son.
Response from jeanmark made on 17th Mar 2018 11:26:36
I'm so sorry to hear of your diagnosis and can understand your fears. However, you may not have the same aggressive form of the disease and management has changed dramatically in the last few years. Your age is irrelevant as

I have a friend of 83 who has had the disease for 30+ years and is still able to walk with crutches although accept she is limited and slow in moving. As a result she downsized into a small bungalow. Another has been in a wheelchair for 20+ years but is able to self transfer etc.

Please don't despair, it is early days. I am sure you are already aware of support groups but do contact them, it often helps to to find people in similar situations and to be able to discuss your fears in a comfortable and confidential way. One website is
Response from robbie2499 made on 18th Mar 2018 02:01:25
Thank you so much Jean. You have made me feel less alone. Your friend is 83! If that doesn't scream "hope" I don't know what does.
11th Mar 2018 13:15:20 (Last activity: 13th Mar 2018 12:01:53)
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Response from jeanmark made on 11th Mar 2018 18:13:42
I'm not sure you can compare donor donation with euthanasia. At the moment you may want your organs to being used, but once you are dead your relatives can override that wish even if you have signed a donor card. That is why the government are being asked to consider an opt out rather than an opt in system.

Euthanasia is a very difficult subject but we should be able to make our wishes known when in a position to do so. There will always be fears that it would be abused by a small number of people.
Response from jeanmark made on 12th Mar 2018 18:40:11
Jorid, as you must now be aware, I am not an advocate of conspiracy theories. In relation to organ donation you may have missed my point, it is the present system that is causing a problem. The Government has announced consultation on an organ donation opt-out system as a result of pressure for various transplant organisations. The consultation will propose changing the current law on organ donation consent whilst allowing people to opt out if they do not want their organs used. This means we will all have a choice. Without this consultation there would be many of you stating the Government were forcing something upon us.

You are certainly correct that many people who believe they would want to end their life under certain circumstance, do change their minds when those circumstances become a reality for them. That is were the dilemma lies.
Response from jeanmark made on 13th Mar 2018 12:01:53
I'm sorry you feel that way jorid, as we should be able to find a common ground. In the area of donor donation the current system isn't working despite the masses of information out there, which includes adverts etc. and thus people should be well aware of the problems. Signing a donor card doesn't guarantee your wishes will be met if your relatives disagree. That is a fact and is why the government are hoping to introduce an opt-out system instead. At present there is no way you can do that unless you have made that clear to your loved one and they comply with your wishes. An opt-out system means your organs can and will be used if you have not signed an opt-out clause. That would make a massive difference to transplantation. I'm coming from the direction of having worked in the areas of transplant surgery, A&E etc. and from personal experience.

As to euthanasia I think we are agreeing on the main issue, just coming from a slightly different direction. You are certainly right in stating no animal is allowed to suffer but that doesn't alter the fact that asking a doctor or even two, to make a decision to end someones life when their oath states to conserve it is a very difficult one. Many feel unable to do that. I don't know if you have ever been in a position where you have had to make a life or death decision in a split second - it is one of the worst things ever if the decision turns out to be wrong. The fears of many with regard to abusing such a system calls to mind the likes of Harold Simpson and even Beverly Allitt. Many believe making it lawful to be able to end someones life could lead us down a path we will regret.

I have certainly had many patients sign that they do not want to be resuscitated and those wishes are usually documented and followed. Even then some relatives have taken doctors to court for following the patients wishes. The whole issue of having the right to die when you want to remains a hot debate and I'm not sure will ever be resolved. Don't forget that it was only 1961 that The Suicide Act in the UK, decriminalised the act of suicide in England and Wales so that those who failed in the attempt to kill themselves would no longer be prosecuted. We have come some way I suppose.

If you have gotten this far, thank you for taking the trouble to read my views.
10th Aug 2017 19:37:39
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Life is precious, but only while you can enjoy living. I would like to be able to choose when I die, most people will not wish to continue on this earth with unbearable pain, infirmity, being dependent on family. Having seen loved ones suffer it fills me with dread at the thought of ending my days like they did.
26th May 2017 06:38:01
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My health is not great - and I haven't changed my mind about euthanasia. I want to be able to go at a time of my choosing. We let animals have a gentle death, we need the same for people,
25th Apr 2017 13:16:57
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We don't choose do be born but we should be allowed to choose when to complete our lives if we have little or no quality of life
25th Apr 2017 09:47:01
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I believe that as a human being in the 21st century you should have the right to end your life . If I was in uncontrollable pain and my quality of life was not as I would wish, then I would like to be able to take the decision th end my life
24th Mar 2017 21:20:34
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If my quality of life is not what I want, then I would not want to stay alive. I want my family to have happy memories of me, not one of a wasting and in pain lady.
24th Feb 2017 15:07:35
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It all comes down to a matter of choice. Everybody has a different threshold of what is acceptable to them. Nobody should be forced to stay alive to please others if they have decided the time if right for them to leave this earth. By the same token nobody should be made to feel they are becoming a burden if ill health strikes and they need extra care.
12th Jan 2017 21:25:41 (Last activity: 29th Jan 2017 16:44:36)
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At age 83 I have an incurable heart condition (cardio myopia) Several cardiologists have concluded that the only help would be heart transplant but this it not recommended due to my age. I can observe the steady decline of overall functioning --- no endurance, no energy or strength, and progressive mental deterioration. At some point I must deal with the quality of life issue. Euthanasia is definitely an option.
Response from Georgie Girl made on 29th Jan 2017 16:44:36
I wish you well TFrank, we live i a backward society, who are these people who dictate what we do with our own lives, just who are they!!! We have the right to choose, we should have the right to choose.
Best wishes to you.
Georgie Girl
7th Dec 2016 10:54:02 (Last activity: 7th Dec 2016 11:42:14)
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With regards to Euthanasia.

Without a doubt we should have a choice in our own life and death. Following two years of illness from a brain tumour, chemo etc., my friend died the most horrendous death in hospital in April this year, screaming, tearing at her self, this was the most barbaric end to anyone's life, it was also in an open ward where other patients were left sobbing uncontrollably, possibly leaving them in total fear for what may happen to them.
How dare the so-called powers that be dictate that we have to suffer this way. We are in the dark ages.
Response from Tyjen made on 7th Dec 2016 11:42:14
I witnessed my late husbands death and it was horrific and I still have nightmares about it. If he had of known what his death would have been like I know he would have wanted to be euthanised and not end his life in such a horrific way. 🙁
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