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Schedule of Benefits
Your pre-travel policySilverGoldPlatinum
If you are unable to go on your tripYour chosen amountYour chosen amountYour chosen amount
If your scheduled airline fails before you leave home£2,500£5,000
Your travel policy   
If your arrival at your trip destination is delayed£600
If you miss your departure£300£1,000£1,500
If you miss your connection£1,500
If you decide to abandon your travel plansYour chosen amountYour chosen amountYour chosen amount
If you need emergency medical treatment abroad£5,000,000£10,000,000£10,000,000
If you incur additional emergency expenses abroad£1,000£2,500£5,000
If you are buried or cremated abroad£5,000£7,500£10,000
If you need to replace your prescribed medication£500
If you are in a public hospital or confined to your trip accommodation£250£750£1,000
If you need family support£2,000
If you need emergency treatment in your home country£2,000
If you have to cut your trip shortYour chosen amountYour chosen amountYour chosen amount
If your checked-in baggage is delayed£100£250£500
If your valuables are lost or stolen£400£1,000£2,000
If your electrical items & accessories are lost, stolen or accidentally damaged£400£1,000£2,000
If your gadgets are lost or stolen£1,000£2,000
If your gadgets are accidentally damaged£1,000£2,000
If your accessories are accidentally lost or stolen at the same time as your gadgets£250£500
If your e-wallet is used fraudulently£250£500
If your other possessions are lost, stolen or accidentally damaged£1,000£2,000£4,000
If your cash is lost or stolen£150£400£750
If you need emergency travel documents£250£500£750
If you are held legally liable for injury or damage£1,000,000£2,000,000£5,000,000
If you are killed, injured or disabled following an accident£10,000£15,000£25,000
If you are the victim of a criminal assault during your trip£2,500£5,000
If you need legal advice£10,000£25,000£50,000
If a force majeure event occurs while you are away£1,000£2,000
If you incur additional costs because your return to your home country is delayed£2,000
If your scheduled airline fails while you are on your trip£1,000£2,000
Excess per person£99£50Nil