Are the school holidays too long?

Of course everyone needs a break: teachers, pupils, parents, all of us. And it’s lovely to press pause and spend time with the family, but is six weeks too long? 

Lengthy school holidays are an antiquated relic of the Victorian era – a necessity for the agricultural economy of the nineteenth century when schools needed long summer holidays so children could toil in the fields. So does this still apply now?

Nowadays, most families have two working parents, so childcare has become a huge issue during the summer holidays.  Grandparents are regularly relied upon to mind the little ones during the holidays.

Most children seem to thrive on routine and enjoy the stimulus of education.  Does a lengthy break in learning cause a negative impact on a child’s growth or is it more beneficial to have time out ?

What are your views?  Do you mind your grandchildren during the school holidays? Is the summer break too long or just about right in your opinion? Would you rather see the holiday breaks more balanced throughout the year?

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