Are you drinking more or less alcohol as you get older?

A recent survey found that the over-50s are increasingly turning to alcohol to cope with stress, retirement, bereavement and isolation. The survey is part a report called “Drink Wise Age Well – Alcohol Use and the Over 50s”.

Other reasons included loss of a sense of purpose, fewer opportunities to socialise and a change in financial circumstances.

Research shows the NHS spends more money on alcohol-related hospital treatment for 55-74 year olds than 16-24 year olds.

“One in three higher risk drinkers cite being down or depressed as a reason for drinking and 41 per cent say they drink because they are lonely or bored.”

On balance, some females find that less amounts of alcohol consumed during the menopausal years improves sleep quality and quantity, and have noticed their alcohol consumption has reduced and also their taste and appetite for alcohol has diminished as they have got older.

So what are your views?  Do you drink more regularly and in larger volume as you have got older? Or has your consumption remain unchanged?  Does medication mean you are not able to take alcohol now? Or do you just prefer not to drink alcohol at all?

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